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A Gathering of Gargoyles (The Darkangel Trilogy, Book 2)

by Meredith Ann Pierce

A Gathering of Gargoyles is a 300 page conventional fantasy novel first published in 1984 and written by Meredith Ann Pierce, an author highly acclaimed for her striking imagination. This novel is the second volume in Pierce's Darkangel Trilogy; the first volume is Darkangel, and the third is The Pearl of the Soul of the World. The summary by Magic Carpet Books reads as follows: Aeriel's love has transformed the darkangel and rescued him from his mother, the dreaded White Witch. But though Aeriel and Irrylath are free, the rest of Avaric is not. The White Witch grows ever stronger. Her evil magic blights the land, and her other darkangel sons are growing more bold in their attacks as her power increases. Worse yet, the White Witch has not wholly relinquished her claim on Irrylath-her plans require all seven of her sons, and she will not give up Irrylath so easily. If Aeriel is to save her world, she must track down and defeat Irrylath's bloodthirsty darkangel brothers-and confront his terrifying mother face-to-face.

A Gathering of Ghosts

by Roy Lewis

Arnold, a city-planning officer's interest in ancient buildings leads him to discover that an old barn scheduled for demolition to make way for an amusement park is actually the work of a legendary medieval craftsman. When his attempts to save the barn provoke a strange resistance from a number of people, he turns detective. He learns about a love triangle that ended in heartbreak forty years ago and ignited a feud between farmers that is ongoing. The farmer whose land is thriving is against the development which will disturb his livelihood and destroy the rural atmosphere of the land. His neighbor, bitter and unable to succeed on his farm, wants the cash the developers offer which will enable him to abandon his run down farm for an easier life elsewhere. When a vocal participant in the land usage debate is murdered and Arnold is suspected of the crime, he overcomes his shyness and dread and actively seeks to understand the reason that the smoldering feud has become deadly.

A Gathering of Heroes: A Personal Memoir of the Los Angeles Riots

by Gregalan Williams

On April 29, 1992, Baywatch actor GregAlan Williams walked into the midst of the South Los Angeles riot and rescued a nearly lifeless Japanese motorist amidst a shower of verbal abuse and debris. An African American, Williams reflects on the obligation we bear when confronted with the mindless face of violence.

A Gathering of Old Men

by Ernest J. Gaines

Set on a Louisiana sugarcane plantation in the 1970s, A Gathering of Old Men is a powerful depiction of racial tensions arising over the death of a Cajun farmer at the hands of a black man. "Poignant, powerful, earthy...a novel of Southern racial confrontation in which a group of elderly black men band together against whites who seek vengeance for the murder of one of their own."--Booklist "A fine novel...there is a denouement that will shock and move readers as much as it does the characters."--Philadelphia Inquirer

Gathering of Pearls

by Sook Nyul Choi

"It is easy to fall in love with this gentle girl. . . . Readers who share in this emotional journey with Sookan will grow along with her in wisdom. "-School Library Journal "Just as oysters make pearls out of grains of sand, women create something precious from their suffering. Preparing to face life alone, Sookan gathers her strength-her pearls-and resolves to succeed. "-Kirkus Reviews As Sookan Bak, the heroine of Year of Impossible Goodbyes and Echoes of the White Giraffe, travels the long distance between Seoul, Korea, and New York City, she is consumed by questions about her future. What will her life in America be like? Will she be able to communicate and fit in? Will she do well in her studies? And has she been selfish in her decision to leave her family and pursue her own dreams? Here is the compelling, often surprising story of Sookan's first year in a very foreign country-a joyful, overwhelming, and exhilarating time.

A Gathering of Saints: A True Story of Money, Murder and Deceit

by Robert Lindsey

The story begins with mysterious explosions and two violent deaths. On the morning of October 15, 1985, bombs claim the lives of Kathy Sheets, the faithful wife of one of the Salt Lake City Mormon community's most prosperous businessmen, and Steve Christensen, her husband's former business partner. Rumors of corporate fraud, mafia hit men, and religious death squads sweep the city as police gear up for what will become the largest criminal investigation in the history of Utah. The next day, a third bomb detonates, leaving Mark Hofmann, an eccentric document dealer, gravely injured. Could his "accident" and the two previous murders be related to Hofmann's uncanny serious of recent discoveries--documents that throw the very foundation of the Mormon church into question? Or does the answer lie in the financial collapse of Coordinated Financial Services, where Salt Lake City's richest investors find effective ways to lower their tax payments? Robert Lindsey follows the case and tracks the murderer through the never-before-observed enclaves of the Mormon hierarchy; the world of millionaire document dealers and their eager clients; and the intersecting worlds of the police, the politicians, the churchmen, and the suspects. Piece by piece, from one exciting revelation to the next, he unravels one of the most intricate, diabolical plots in the annals of American crime.

Gathering of Waters

by Bernice L. Mcfadden

Selected as a Go On Girl! Book Pick"100 Notable Books of 2012" -New York Times"50 Best Books of 2012" -Washington Post"McFadden works a kind of miracle -- not only do [her characters] retain their appealing humanity; their story eclipses the bonds of history to offer continuous surprises . . . Beautiful and evocative, Gathering of Waters brings three generations to life . . . The real power of the narrative lies in the richness and complexity of the characters. While they inhabit these pages they live, and they do so gloriously and messily and magically, so that we are at last sorry to see them go, and we sit with those small moments we had with them and worry over them, enchanted, until they become something like our own memories, dimmed by time, but alive with the ghosts of the past, and burning with spirits."--New York Times Book Review"Read it aloud. Hire a chorus to chant it to you and anyone else interested in hearing about civil rights and uncivil desires, about the dark heat of hate, about the force of forgiveness."--Alan Cheuse, All Things Considered, NPR"McFadden combines events of Biblical proportions--from flooding to resurrection--with history to create a cautionary, redemptive tale that spans the early twentieth century to the start of Hurricane Katrina. She compellingly invites readers to consider the distinctions between 'truth or fantasy' . . . In McFadden's boldly spun yarn, consequences extend across time and place. This is an arresting historical portrait of Southern life with reimagined outcomes, suggesting that hope in the enduring power of memory can offer healing where justice does not suffice."--Publishers Weekly"The rich text is shaped by the African American storytelling tradition and layered with significant American histories. Recalling the woven spirituality of Toni Morrison's Beloved, this work will appeal to readers of mystic literature."--Library Journal"McFadden makes powerful use of imagery in this fantastical novel of ever-flowing waters and troubled spirits."--Booklist"In this fierce reimagining, the actual town of Money, MS narrates the story about the ghost of Emmett Till and his from-the-other-side reunification with the girl he loved as a child in Gathering of Waters by Bernice L. McFadden."--Ebony MagazineGathering of Waters is a deeply engrossing tale narrated by the town of Money, Mississippi--a site both significant and infamous in our collective story as a nation. Money is personified in this haunting story, which chronicles its troubled history following the arrival of the Hilson and Bryant families.Tass Hilson and Emmett Till were young and in love when Emmett was brutally murdered in 1955. Anxious to escape the town, Tass marries Maximillian May and relocates to Detroit.Forty years later, after the death of her husband, Tass returns to Money and fantasy takes flesh when Emmett Till's spirit is finally released from the dank, dark waters of the Tallahatchie River. The two lovers are reunited, bringing the story to an enchanting and profound conclusion.Gathering of Waters mines the truth about Money, Mississippi, as well as the town's families, and threads their history over decades. The bare-bones realism--both disturbing and riveting--combined with a magical realm in which ghosts have the final say, is reminiscent of Toni Morrison's Beloved.

The Gathering Place (Cape Light Novels #3)

by Katherine Spencer Thomas Kinkade

Now that the Cape Light election is over, Mayor Emily Warwick can finally focus on her burgeoning relationship with Sara-the daughter she gave up for adoption twenty years ago. Seeing her after all these years has stirred up some conflicting feelings for Emily. While she is grateful to have Sara back in her life, she can't help but regret their years apart. Typically she would turn to Reverend Ben for guidance, but turmoil within his own family has inspired a crisis of faith for the minister, making him question whether he is qualified to counsel his congregants. And then there's the fact that Emily is slowly falling for newspaper publisher Dan Forbes, who'd been all set to leave for an extended sailing trip until an accident dashed his plans-giving him and Emily more time to develop their bond. But with two grown children of his own, would Dan ever want to start another family? Emily hopes so-because she's eager for a second chance at life...

The Gathering Storm

by Brian Kelleher

America's top test pilots try to sneak America's newest weapon- the F-86 Sabre Jet into the skies over Korea.

A Gathering Storm

by Rachel Hore

Photographer Lucy Cardwell has recently lost her troubled father, Tom. While sifting through his papers, she finds he'd been researching an uncle she never knew he'd had. She visits her father's childhood home, Carlyon Manor, and meets an old woman named with an extraordinary story to tell, about growing up in the 1930s; the families that will be swept up in the cataclysm of events that follow the dark cloud of war-- and how the ramifications reach down the generations.

Gathering Storm

by Don Pendleton

STONY MANReady to respond to any threat against America, her allies or world stability, Stony Man is a strictly off-the-books operation whose orders come straight from the Oval Office. Now it's a war situation for Stony Man, and the countdown has begun for a plot aimed at fullblown destabilization of the Middle East-and pure terror unleashed in the heart of the West.WINDS OF WARThe enemy: Iraq's former ruling regime and loyal fedayeen soldiers. Their mandate to reclaim control in Iraq is to inflict as much devastation as they can on specified Western targets and create total anarchy in the Middle East. They've got the means, money and power in high places-and to prove it, they just blew up a town in Texas. All that stands between freedom and the unthinkable is a group of diehard warriors who specialize in pulling off the impossible.

Gathering Together

by Sami Lakomaki

Weaving Indian and Euro-American histories together in this groundbreaking book, Sami Lakomäki places the Shawnee people, and Native peoples in general, firmly at the center of American history. The book covers nearly three centuries, from the years leading up to the Shawnees' first European contacts to the post-Civil War era, and demonstrates vividly how the interactions between Natives and newcomers transformed the political realities and ideas of both groups. Examining Shawnee society and politics in new depth, and introducing not only charismatic warriors like Blue Jacket and Tecumseh but also other leaders and thinkers, Lakomäki explores the Shawnee people's debates and strategies for coping with colonial invasion. The author refutes the deep-seated notion that only European colonists created new nations in America, showing that the Shawnees, too, were engaged in nation building. With a sharpened focus on the creativity and power of Native political thought, Lakomäki provides an array of insights into Indian as well as American history.

A Gatlin Wedding

by Kami Garcia Margaret Stohl

Does it always come down to Destiny? The Wheel of Fate? Who's behind that Wheel? What kind of idiot is doing the driving around here?The day has finally arrived: Mitchell Wate and Lillian English are getting married. Everyone has come together--Ethan and Lena, John and Liv, even Link is back in town--and there's enough pie to make Amma proud. But despite the joyous occasion, Ethan can't help but worry that something Siren-turned-Hybrid Caster Ridley blows into town unannounced, Ethan's suspicions are confirmed. And it's worse than he imagined: Silas Ravenwood is coming for them, and no one in Gatlin is safe. Has the Wheel of Fate finally caught up to them, or can the Casters and Mortals come together to stop it in its tracks?#1 New York Times bestselling authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl reveal Gatlin's destiny in this not-to-be missed final installment of Beautiful Creatures: The Untold Stories. Word Count: ~13,000 words

The Gatling Gun

by Johnny Shumate Peter Smithurst

A unique chapter in the history of firearms, the multibarrel, hand-cranked Gatling gun was one of the first practical rapid-fire weapons ever to be used in battle. It changed warfare by introducing the capability to project deadly, high-intensity fire on the battlefield, and portended the devastation that automatic weapons would wreak in World War I. During its 40-year career, it saw widespread service with US, British, and other forces on a host of battlefields through conflicts in Zululand and the American West, to the Spanish-American War. Although it saw widespread use in the hands of industrialized nations against various groups of indigenous native warriors, it was famously left behind by Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn, where some argue it could have made all the difference. Featuring full-color artwork plus contemporary and close-up photographs, this engaging study investigates the origins, development, combat use, and lasting influence of the formidable Gatling gun.

Gator Bowl (Biscuit Bowl Food Truck #1)

by J. J. Cook

From the national bestselling author of the Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mysteries comes a tasty prequel novella to J.J. Cook's new series featuring Zoe Chase, a Southern food truck chef who serves justice on the side. After quitting her job, the first thing Zoe Chase has to do is to drive out to the swamp to see her Uncle Saul. He still has the old Airstream trailer he once used for his own restaurant many years before, and Zoe is sure she can convince him to let her make a food truck out of it. After making the perilous journey from Mobile, Alabama into the backcountry, Zoe finds her uncle embroiled in a cook-off with his neighbor--with the life of Saul's albino alligator, Alabaster, in the balance. Once again, the gator has eaten chickens that didn't belong to her. So Saul and his neighbor will each prepare a meal for a church social, and if Saul wins, the gator lives. Now it's up to Zoe to prove herself in the kitchen and come up with something no one has seen before--the biscuit bowl! Praise for Death on Eat Street "Fast, fun and so foodworthy!"--Victoria Abbott, author of the Book Collector mysteries "An eclectic cast of characters and a great new cozy heroine."--Deb's Book Bag "A fantastic new culinary cozy...a feisty, determined protagonist."--Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries and Meows INCLUDES RECIPES INCLUDES A TEASER FOR THE NEXT BICUIT BOWL FOOD TRUCK MYSTERY FRY ANOTHER DAY J. J. Cook is a pseudonym for a married couple who writes mysteries, mostly set in the South, with a touch of paranormal and romance.

Gator Prey (Against the Odds)

by Todd Strasser

When their plane crashes in the Everglades, Justin, his mom Sara, Bill and his daughter Rachel must stick together or they won't survive the dangers of a swamp filled with alligators, mosquitoes, quicksand, and worse.

Gatsby Girls

by F. Scott Fitzgerald

GATSBY GIRLSShe was an impulsive, fashionable and carefree 1920s woman who embodied the essence of the Gatsby Girl -- F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife, Zelda. As Fitzgerald said, "I married the heroine of my stories." All of the eight short stories contained in this collection were inspired by Zelda.Fitzgerald, one of the foremost writers of American fiction, found early success as a short story writer for the most widely read magazine of the early 20th century -- the Saturday Evening Post. Fitzgerald's stories, first published by the Post between 1920 and 1922, brought the Jazz Age and the "flapper" to life and confirmed that America was changing faster than ever before. Women were bobbing their hair, drinking and flirting shamelessly, and Fitzgerald brought these exciting Gatsby Girls to life in the pages of the Post. A foreword by Jeff Nilsson, archivist for the Post, adds historical context to this wonderful, new collection, which is highlighted by an introduction written by Fitzgerald himself. Each story is accompanied by the original illustrations and the beautiful cover images from the Post. Read the stories that made F. Scott Fitzgerald one of the most beloved writers in America -- and around the world -- still today.

Gattu and Chikootichoo

by Esther David

Chickootichoo the squirrel and the little boy Gattu become friends when Gattu is in the garden. They liked each other very much and Gattu gave him nuts and Chickootichoo started visiting the courtyard of the house.

Gattu and Tooi

by Esther David

A parakeet visited Gattu's house and became his friend. Gattu named him Tooi. Tooi remembered the friendship and the food given by Gattu and came to his house every day even after having its own family.

Gattu and Whoop Ha Ha

by Esther David

Baa and Gattu planted a rose plant in their courtyard. They enjoyed the rose flower. One day Langoor monkeys came and ate the rose flower. Baa told Gattu they are our ancestors and they also like the rose flower.

Gatwick Bear and the Secret Plans

by Anna Cuffaro Anna Anguissola

"My son aged 6 reviewed this for me and he loved it! The writing holds your attention, zips along and is funny! The author suggests probably 7-12 is the right reading age for the book but at 6 and 30-something we loved it too!" Becky Goddard-Hill, Book Reviews for Mums. This was really cute. An entertaining book for kids and definitely unique. An espionage crime thriller about bears! :) Tara Clark, Putnam Science Academy Gatwick's story I'm nothing like any other bear. First of all, I have an unbearable name. You might have already seen me stomping around the airport named after me. (Or, was I named after the airport?) Whatever! If you've never seen me, you need to look around more carefully next time you're in departures - I might be there! You'll recognise me because my fur is mega-ruffled at the back and super-tidy at the front. Oh, yes, also I have a navy-blue waistcoat sewn on me like those once worn by old-fashioned bears. Until I was spotted over the CCTV system by security I had quite a boring little life at the airport. But all that changed suddenly when I boarded a plane while being hunted down by the vicious Miss Acid, the Head of Security. And, soon after, I got caught up in the dangerous world of top secret agents. Will I go back to living the sorry life of poverty at Gatwick Airport, or am I made for grander things? Read my story to find out!

Gaudenzia, Pride of the Palio

by Marguerite Henry

Georgio wanted nothing more than to be a fantino in the great Palio of Siena. But being a peasant farmer's son, and living in Montecello, his dreams were just that - dreams. But this is the story based on true accounts of Giorgio Terni's chances to become a famous fantino, and of the Palio, of the race of centuries' traditions, and of dreams and fate. It is also the story of a mare, a half Arabian, born as a cart horse, who with the right training, kind hands, and a willing heart became one of the most famous horses to win the Palio, and win it four times.

Gaudí Afternoon

by Barbara Wilson

Professional translator and amateur detective Cassandra Reilly travels to Barcelona in search of a missing man--but finds much more than she bargained for in this mystery, hailed by the New York Times as a "high-spirited comic adventure"American but with an Irish passport, the itinerant translator Cassandra Reilly is living in London when she receives an unexpected phone call. The voice on the other end belongs to Frankie Stevens, a San Francisco transplant with an unusual request. Her husband, Ben, has gone missing--presumably in Barcelona--and Frankie needs a translator to help her find him. Not one to pass up a well-paying gig or a free trip to Barcelona, Cassandra takes the job. But she quickly realizes that all is not as it seems.Frankie's charm is matched only by her guile. As Cassandra chases down leads in search of Ben, she becomes increasingly tangled in a web of half-truths--and caught between former flames Ana and Carmen.Winner of the British Crime Writers' Award for Best Mystery Based in Europe and the Lambda Literary Award for Best Lesbian Mystery, Gaudí Afternoon is the first book in the Cassandra Reilly Mystery series, which continues with Trouble in Transylvania and The Death of a Much-Travelled Woman, and concludes with The Case of the Orphaned Bassoonists.

Gaudy Night

by Dorothy L. Sayers

Back at Oxford for her reunion, Harriet Vane, Lord Peter's beloved, finds herself in mortal danger [Description] Since she graduated from Oxford's Shrewsbury College, Harriet Vane has found fame by writing novels about ingenious murders. She also won infamy when she was accused of committing a murder herself. It took a timely intervention from the debonair Lord Peter Wimsey to save her from the gallows, and since then she has devoted her spare time to resisting his attempts to marry her. Putting aside her lingering shame from the trial, Harriet returns to Oxford for her college reunion with her head held high--only to find that her life is in danger once again. The first poison-pen letter calls her a "dirty murderess," and those that follow are no kinder. As the threats become more frightening, she calls on Lord Peter for help. Among the dons of Oxford lurks a killer, but it will take more than a superior education to match Lord Peter and the daring Harriet. Gaudy Night is the 12th book in the Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries, but you may enjoy the series by reading the books in any order. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Dorothy L. Sayers including rare images from the Marion E. Wade Center at Wheaton College.

The Gauntlet

by Max Brand

FIRST TIME IN PAPERBACK! Max Brand's novels and stories-certainly among the greatest in Western fiction-are always peopled with true, realistic characters and marked by a sense of authenticity few other authors could match. Three of the best examples of this are the short novels found in this collection, each painstakingly restored to Brand's original version. The opening novel tells the tale of a legendary friendship between two men who could take on a whole saloon of tough frontiersmen, but who run into trouble with beautiful Kate Malone. "The King of Rats" features the man known as Reata, a master of the rawhide rope, a man caught between his sense of duty and his love for a gypsy girl. And in the title novel, Joseph Larrimee finally makes a gold strike that would prove his worth to his family . . . but he's willing to give it all up to rescue a mysterious woman from a gang of hardcases.

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