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Just Friends (Clearwater Crossing, #5)

by Laura Peyton Roberts

Bonfires, pep assemblies, and football: Spirit week has kicked into high gear at Clearwater Crossing High! All Nicole can think about is getting Jesse to take her to the homecoming dance, but he's not in a partying mood. Nothing matters now that he's off the Wildcats.... Everything matters to Jenna these days. Dealing with her sisters, earning good grades, getting over Miguel...more than ever, Jenna needs a friend she can count on. She needs Peter. But has her best friend in the world found someone he likes better? Ben is on a mission--to fit in! He thought being part of Eight Prime would solve all his problems, but he's still invisible at school, and his new friends don't really seem to accept him. Then Ben hits on a plan. If everything goes right, he'll be the toast of CCHS....

Just Friends to...Just Married

by Renee Roszel

GETTING JAX BACK! Kimberly Albert has always yearned for stability. Her boyfriend's just walked out and she's craving the one man who's always been there for her: her best friend, Jaxon Gideon. Jax has loved her forever yet he's had to stand by and watch her live her life without him. Now he has decided that if he can't have Kim in his life, he wants her out of it! But Kim is starting to see a new side to Jax...a much more irresistibly sexy side...and she likes what she sees! Kim just has to prove to Jax that their friendship could be so much more....

Just Give Me Jesus

by Anne Graham Lotz

Anne Graham Lotz encourages us to become closer to Jesus by learning who He is through eyewitness accounts.ts

Just Give Me Jesus

by Anne Graham Lotz

After two pressure-filled, life-changing years of professional exhaustion and personal turmoil, Anne Graham Lotz found herself with only one heart-cry, "Please, just give me Jesus." In this faith-inspiring book, she stares intently at the realities of life with her Savior. To those needing a fresh start, to those still searching for happiness, to those in need of forgiveness, to the suffering and the self-righteous alike, Jesus was, is, and will always be the answer.

Just Give Me the Damn Ball!: The Fast Times and Hard Knocks of an NFL Rookie

by Keyshawn Johnson Shelley Smith

The Jets drafted me as the number-one player in the NFL draft. But that first day, the day of the draft, was one of the happiest days in my life, because I knew I was ready to make things happen in the league and help turn things around for the sorry-ass Jets. But what a nightmare! Week after week, loss after loss. The Jets went in with a loser reputation, and they were earning it all over again. We had no emotion, no energy, no hunger. The media tried to cover it all. Rich Kotite tried to explain the disasters away. But nobody outside the team knew the real truth of what really went on. This book is going to change all that.

Just Going to the Dentist

by Mercer Mayer

When Little Critter goes to the dentist, he has some unusual experiences. He sees a girl with wires all over her teeth; he sits in a chair that reminds him of a spaceship; and a grown-up asks him to spit! An excellent book for parents and children to read together before a first trip to the dentist.

Just Good Business: The Strategic Guide to Aligning Corporate Responsibility and Brand

by Kellie Mcelhaney

Every major company has a corporate strategy based on business objectives and competencies of the firm. Most major companies claim to have a corporate social responsibility strategy, most of which are not linked to business objectives of the firm.

Just Good Business: The Strategic Guide to Aligning Corporate Responsibility and Brand

by Kellie A. Mcelhaney

Every major company has a corporate strategy based on business objectives and competencies of the firm. Most major companies claim to have a corporate social responsibility strategy, most of which are not linked to business objectives or competencies of the firm. These companies are adopting CSR practices, but aren't reaping the benefits of these initiatives because A) they aren't strategic and B) they're failing to communicate them effectively. Fortunately, closing the CSR story-telling gap can represent great opportunity for savvy companies who want to seize it. Just Good Business shows leaders and managers how to develop a unifying strategy for guiding their CSR work. She walks readers through the process of connecting their CSR efforts to the company's core corporate strategy, business objectives, and core competencies. She then shows with her 7 Principles of Branding & CSR why it's critical to embed CSR initiatives into larger corporate strategy, and to tell their CSR story.

Just Grace

by Charise Mericle Harper

The third-grader Grace Stewart gets stuck with the name "Just Grace" when she tries to distinguish herself from the three other Graces in her class. Grace is plenty different, though. She has a "teeny-tiny superpower," for instance--she can tell if someone is unhappy and often tries to fix it. When she concocts an elaborate scheme to help her neighbor Mrs. Luther feel less lonely, however, her good intentions backfire rather dramatically. Headlines such as "What Happened At Home That Was Completely Surprising" and "Spying For A Good Reason Is Not Bad" keep things lively, as do various lists ("Boy Things," "Rooms You Can Jump In"), comic strips, and the author's cartoonish spot art. A funny glimpse into a third-grader's madcap world of dashed hopes, perceived enemies, possible friends, cats, and sandwiches. Don't miss the Just Grace website with its superpower quiz, podcasts, excerpts, and downloads . . . or the other books in the Just Grace series: Still Just Grace, Just Grace Goes Green, Just Grace Walks the Dog, Just Grace and the Snack Attack, Just Grace and the Terrible Tutu, and Just Grace and the Double Surprise! This book features a teaser chapter from Just Grace and the Flower Girl Power.

Just Grace and the Double Surprise

by Charise Mericle Harper

In this seventh installment in the Just Grace series, any day now Grace's best friend in the whole world, Mimi, is going to be getting a brand-new sister. Grace is really excited, plus nervous, plus worried, plus happy all mixed together. But both Grace and Mimi are in for a surprise when they find out that Mimi's family is not adopting a brand-new sister--and instead she is getting a brand-new brother. (Oh, brother!) And to heighten the excitement even further, Grace is in for another big surprise!

Just Grace and the Snack Attack

by Charise Mericle Harper

After reading this new book about Just Grace you will know how to . . . 1. turn your favorite potato chips into a tasty chipwich.2. draw and fold up your very own zine, which is a cool little book made from only one piece of paper.3. look for and use the special powers of the wish chip. This book will not help you know how to . . . 1. do fancy hairstyles for your cat.2. make a flower garden in your room.3. bake a four- or even five-layer cake. But this book might make you feel a little bit hungry, and if it does, then you will know you are having a "snack attack" just like Grace! Move over Judy Moody, Amber Brown and Clementine, there's a new spunky third grader on the block! Learn more about Just Grace at This book features a teaser chapter from Just Grace and the Flower Girl Power.

Just Grace and the Terrible Tutu

by Charise Mericle Harper

In this sixth installment in the Just Grace series, Grace and Mimi have a secret . . . Mimi is going to be a big sister. Then when Lily, a visiting four year old, turns into the Terrible Tutu, Grace can't escape her, and Mimi can't wait to be with her. Using all her empathy powers Grace shows Lily and Mimi the creative path towards a new friendship.

Just Grace and the Trouble with Cupcakes

by Charise Mericle Harper

It's time for the school fair, and Just Grace's class has chosen a cupcake theme. But the fair's highlight, a cupcake competition, causes quite a stir when Grace gets paired with dreadful Owen 1 and not with her best pal, Mimi. Grace is devastated. And just when she thinks things can't get worse, her team votes down her idea to build a cupcake Eiffel Tower in favor of building Spiderman. It's a challenging time for Grace. Will she be able to overcome her disappointment and lead her team onward? Will Grace's team ever figure out how to make a Spiderman out of cupcakes? Visit Just Grace's website at to find all sorts of fun things, including videos, quizzes, and information about all the Just Grace books.

Just Grace Gets Crafty

by Charise Mericle Harper

Grace has lots of new and exciting things to share in the latest addition to the Just Grace series! There's a new crossing guard in town named Marie who needs a bit of help making friends, a fun substitute teacher for Miss Lois, and most exciting, Grace and Mimi are going to have their own table at the craft fair! They are going to make lots of crafts to sell--and hopefully save up enough money to go to the county fair. There is one small problem, though#8212;Mimi is a sewing natural, but when it comes to crafting, Grace doesn't know what to make. Leave it to Grace to come up with a great idea for the fair that is a big success, and even helps the new crossing guard find a friend.

Just Grace Goes Green

by Charise Mericle Harper

Grace can do a lot of things...but can she save the planet???? Or at the very least, can she help her best friend Mimi get her favorite stuffed animal back?Lots of exciting things are happening to Grace and her friends. Most exciting of all, Mimi's older cousin Gwen is coming to stay with Mimi, and Miss Lois's class is GOING GREEN! For their "green" project, Grace and Mimi aim to inspire their friends and classmates to conserve plastic bottles. But a far more important issue is that Gwen has taken a strong liking to Mimi's favorite stuffed toy, Willoughby. Just Grace uses her empathy superpower to figure out ways to make her best friend feel better, and she makes a difference for the environment too. Yard sales, toy owls, decorated plastic water bottles, flaming onion rings, and a very entrepreneurial Sammy Stringer make this another winning entry in the JUST GRACE series.

Just Grace Walks the Dog

by Charise Mericle Harper

Things you learn in this book: 1). Sometimes it is o.k. to be sneaky if you don't get caught.2). How to do flashlight morse code.3). What happened at school that was exciting: nothing.4) How it feels to walk into your class after going to the principal's office!5) Many other things, most importantly, how to convince your parents to MAYBE let you get a dog. A real one, not one made of cardboard.

Just Grandma and Me

by Mercer Mayer

Spend the day with Me and Grandma.

Just Grandpa and Me

by Mercer Mayer

Grandpa and me went to the city to get a new suit.

Just Here Trying to Save a Few Lives: Tales of Life and Death From the ER

by Pamela Grim

An account that will profoundly move you and, like Oliver Sacks's An Anthropologist on Mars, forever change the way you look at medicine, Just Here Trying to Save a Few Lives introduces a passionate, eloquent new voice. Author and emergency room physician Pamela Grim not only takes you into her dramatic life-and-death world but, in unforgettable prose, shows us the almost unbearable decisions and the heartbreaking conflicts of a woman who just might someday save your life.Here is life on the front lines of medicine, from modern, well-stocked American ERs to third-world clinics devoid of even the most basic equipment. Here a newborn fights for his life, a would-be suicide arrives with a dozen prescription bottles, a teenager lies bleeding with gunshot wounds to the chest, a hundred needy children wait for treatment in a makeshift hospital in Bosnia, and a thousand more people, desperate and dying, hope for some relief in sub-Sahara Africa. Here sleep-deprived doctors perform heroic procedures only to see patients die ... yet they still manage to pull off miracles. As she opens the doors to this adrenaline-fueled environment, Dr. Grim also bares her soul and describes her own personal journey ... including her struggle with burnout and the crisis of faith that drove her to practice medicine in countries ravaged by infectious diseases, poverty, and war.More relentlessly compelling than any medical thriller, Just Here Trying to Save a few Lives has the power to leave you richer. It will lead you to appreciate the resilience of the human body and human spirit as never before, and will make you forever grateful that there are doctors like Pamela Grim. More relentlessly compelling than any medical thriller, Just Here Trying to Save a few Lives has the power to leave you richer. It will lead you to appreciate the resilience of the human body and human spirit as never before, and will make you forever grateful that there are doctors like Pamela Grim.

Just How Good Could You Be?: Grow Your Personal Capital

by Hilarie Owen

Momentum is a completely new publishing philosophy that revolves around one thing: you.In print and online, it's the force behind your personal development, your talent, your skills, your career, your effectiveness, your work and your life.

Just In Case

by Meg Rosoff

David Case never questions his ordinary suburban life -- until one fateful day, a brush with death brings him face to face with his own mortality. Suddenly, everywhere he looks he sees catastrophe, disaster, the ruin of the human race, the demise of the planet. . . not to mention (to pinpoint the exact source of his anxiety) possible pain and suffering for himself. So he changes his name, reinvents his appearance, and falls in love with the seductive Agnes Bee -- in the hope that he'll become unrecognizable to Fate and saved from his own doom. With his imaginary greyhound in tow, Justin Case struggles to maintain his new image and above all, to survive in a world where twists of fate wait for him around every corner.

Just-in-Time Accounting

by Steven M. Bragg

Praise for Just-in-Time AccountingHow to Decrease Costs and Increase EfficiencyThird Edition"Most books on business accounting focus only on the accounting process?and never address the operational issues that impact it. Steve Bragg has delivered the rest of the story-the valuable insight and detailed information accountants need to help?them not only properly account for business activities, but to streamline and improve the overall process. Whether the practitioner is just starting up or is working with a well-established business, the information in this book offers real benefits to both."-Joanie C. Mann, Executive Vice President, InsynQ e-Accounting; Business Development Consultant, The Sleeter Group"Mr. Bragg delivers another essential reference for every CFO's bookshelf. Just-in-Time Accounting is full of specific guidance you can use right now to save money, improve processes, and make you more effective."-Luella Schmidt, President, Fine Point Consulting LLC"Just-in-Time Accounting is the 'go-to' accounting department transaction and streamlining reference. Process improvement begins here."-Geoffrey Garland, Controller, Staco Systems"Just-in-Time Accounting is an incredible toolkit for streamlining and simplifying the accounting process. Practical but intelligent approaches to the whole accounting cycle make this book so effective and unique that it is a must-read for accounting clerk and CFO alike, regardless of the company and accounting department size or the industry you are in. -Shan Staka, MBA, Controller, PGP International"One of the critical goals for the CFO is to develop a Lean Finance Factory that is efficient, on time, reliable, and accurate. Steve Bragg's Just-in-Time Accounting does exactly that and more. It not only teaches how to set up a system that delivers, but also teaches how to optimize it and, as such, is a great resource for both new and established CFOs. In today's world of information and data overload, this book is invaluable in teaching how to focus on the urgent and important."-Arif Iqball, Executive Director and Board Member, Avon Products Co. Ltd., Japan"The underlying theme of the book is working in a consistent and efficient manner. Topics discussed and suggestions presented often have a 'lean' feel to them. These methodologies and practices lead to higher efficiency, the elimination of waste, and an increase in quality. The examples on Value-Added Analysis are prime examples of 'lean' thinking. In a time when global competition requires faster response times and lower prices, having an accounting system in place to accurately and effectively support business operations is extremely important. Operational efficiencies lead to lower operating costs and higher operating margins, and Just-in-Time Accounting helps identify many potential candidates for increasing efficiency."-Chip Nickolett, MBA, PMP, Director, Consulting Services-Americas, Ingres Corporation;former president, Comprehensive Solutions (U.S. and UK)

Just in Time! Baptism Services, Sermons, and Prayers

by Kenneth H. Carter Jr.

Few services are more important in the life of the congregation than the service of baptism. Part of the Just in Time! series, Baptism Services, Sermons, and Prayers provides prayers, litanies, sermon ideas, and other resources designed to render baptism meaningful to the entire congregation. It also includes ideas for special baptismal services, such as those associated with confirmation and youth retreats.

Just in Time! Children's Sermons

by Anne E. Streaty Wimberly

Ready-to-use biblically based children's sermons for busy worship leaders. Children's Sermons Just in Time! offers preachers and worship leaders a ready resource for children's sermons with stories and object lessons. These children's sermons are geared to spark interest and attention and teach children about the Christian faith. * 54 easy-to- understand messages with Scripture references including: Let Everything that Breathes Praise the Lord God Created Everything: And God Saw It Was Good God is Read Where is God? Specially Made by God When Sad Things Happen Jesus is the Bread of Life Jesus Call Us to Come (and Go) Why We Read the Bible Holy Cummunion We are God's Family Bethlehem Bakery Baptism: A Gift from God Talking to God * Themed sermons for all seasons including: Valentine's Day WOW for Moms Living What We Learn Blessing for Father's Day What God Wants A Cloud of Witnesses Doxology for Thanksgiving Build up the Body of Christ for Easter A Highway for God for Advent

Just in Time! Communion Services

by Robin Knowles Wallace

The Just In Time! series offers brief, practical resources of immediate help for pastors at an affordable price. This book introduces the practice of Communion and offers a collection of Communion prayers and ready-to-use resources for worship. Included is information on Communion elements, vessels, and methods with answers to commonly asked questions. Rev. Knowles Wallace gives four possible orders of Communion, various ways to offer Communion, and prayers and resources for specific seasons and holy days in the church year from Advent through Thanksgiving. Also includes: Communion prayers for special occasions such as: commissioning services, weddings, funerals, and Confirmation. Services in this book are appropriate for use at hospitals, camps, retreats, and shut-ins' homes, as well as more traditional worship settings.

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