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Tales from the Bed

by Jenifer Estess

Jenifer Estess is a woman on the verge: She's about to launch her own company; she's looking buff and dating vigorously; she's driving in the fast lane -- with the top down. At the age of thirty-five, Jenifer dreams of falling in love and starting a family. Then she notices muscle twitches in her legs. Walking down a city block feels exhausting. At first, doctors write off Jenifer's symptoms to stress, but she is quickly diagnosed with ALS, a fatal brain disease that is absolutely untreatable. Max out your credit cards and see Paris, suggests one doctor. Instead of preparing to die, Jenifer gets busy. She dreams deeper, works harder, and loves endlessly. For Jenifer, being fatally ill is not about letting go. It's about holding on and reaching -- for family, friends, goals. Jenifer's girlhood pact with her sisters Valerie and Meredith -- nothing will ever break us apart -- guides them as Jenifer faces down one of the most devastating illnesses known to humankind. That same enduring pact inspires the creation of Project A. L. S. , a movement started by the sisters that changes the way science and medicine approach research for ALS and the related diseases Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, and which has already raised more than $18 million. Will Project A. L. S. help scientists discover medicine in time for her?Jenifer answers these questions and others in this beautifully written and wholly inspiring memoir that celebrates a life fuelled by memory. Tales from the Bed forces us to reconsider society's notion of "having it all," and illustrates, more than anything, the importance of endurance, hope, and, most of all, love.

Tales from the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters Weird

by Vivian Vande Velde

Presents thirteen twisted versions of such familiar fairy tales as Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel, and the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Tales from the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters Weird

by Vivian Vande Velde Brad Weinman

Welcome to the fairy-tale world where Hansel and Gretel are horrible children who deserve to be baked and where Beauty is dismayed when her beloved Beast turns human. In the realm of the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters Weird, when the sky really does fall, Chicken Little becomes the leader of a religious movement, gets her own TV show, collects millions of dollars to build a theme park, and then makes off with the money. These tongue-in-cheek interpretations of more than a dozen favorite fairy tales will have readers in stitches.

Tales from the Captain's Table

by Keith R. A. Decandido

In this follow-up to the bestselling Captain's Table series of books, nine new Star Trek® captains belly up to the bar to tell their tales of adventure and romance, of triumph and tragedy, of duty and honor, of debts paid and prices exacted, including: Jonathan Archer of the Starship Enterprise , as told by Louisa Swann Chakotay of the U. S. S. Voyager , as told by Christie Golden David Gold of the U. S. S. da Vinci, as told by John J. Ordover Kira Nerys of Deep Space 9 , as told by Heather Jarman Klag, son of M'Raq, of the I. K. S. Gorkon, as told by Keith R. A. DeCandido Jean-Luc Picard of the U. S. S. Stargazer, as told by Michael Jan Friedman William T. Riker of the U. S. S. Titan, as told by Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels Elizabeth Shelby of the U. S. S. Trident, as told by Peter David Demora Sulu of the U. S. S. Enterprise -B, as told by David R. George III From the weekly episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise to the monthly adventures of S. C. , from the bestselling novel Serpents Among the Ruins to the bestselling series New Frontier, from the past tales of Stargazer to the new stories of Titan, from the glorious exploits of I. K. S. Gorkon to the post-finale chronicles of Deep Space Nine and Voyager, come nine new stories from the nine newest members of Star Trek's finest and bravest shipmasters.

Tales from the Dyke Side

by Jorjet Harper

From the Table of Contents: Breakfast Cereal Monogamy Sex in monogamous relationships has a finite shelf life. If the Shoe Fits Was Cinderella a broom-closet Lesbian? Northern Exposure Is Santa Claus a very special fairy? Animal Crackers Coming out to mom-a long process. Going by the Book Halloween costumes and gays in the Bible. When reading this book, be prepared to laugh--out loud--and to think; to ponder and to enjoy.

Tales From the Flat Earth: The Lords of Darkness

by Tanith Lee

Three-volume series of fantasy.

Tales from the Left Coast: True Stories of Hollywood Stars and Their Outrageous Politics

by James Hirsen

When Barbra Streisand sends Dick Gephardt a personal fax, it makes headline news. When international relations expert Sean Penn leads his own "tour of peace" in Baghdad, every news desk across the country reports it. It's no secret that Hollywood has a leftward tilt when it comes to politics. But what the celebrity-fawning media fail to show is how Hollywood's liberal bias affects actors, movies, and even public policy. In Tales from the Left Coast, author and political commentator James Hirsen digs deep into the liberal underbelly of Hollywood to reveal how biased politics have corrupted the entire entertainment industry. Through extensive research and scores of interviews, Hirsen uncovers some of the most ridiculous, infuriating, and damning political stunts pulled by celebrities of yesterday and today, and he traces the tangled web of influence the Hollywood elite have over politicians in Washington, D.C.

Tales from the Tao

by Solala Towler

An inspiring collection of the best stories from the Taoist masters, Chuang Tzu and Lao Tzu--all presented in a beautiful volume with over 100 black-and-white photographs. For thousands of years, students of the Tao have gleaned inspiration and illumination from its parables, and these thought-provoking examples discuss topics ranging from dignity in the face of challenge, to judging character, to how to deal with loss. Whether solidifying a spiritual truth, unraveling a puzzle for contemplation, or providing a moment of humor, these tales are a mainstay of Eastern philosophy. Brief poems and intriguing quotations round out the anthology.

Tales from the Teachers' Lounge: What I Learned in School the Second Time Around -- One Man's Irreverent Look at Being a Teacher Today

by Robert Wilder

From the critically acclaimed author of "Daddy Needs a Drink" comes a series of irreverent, wickedly observant essays about what it really means to be a teacher today. By turns heartwarming, eye-opening, and uproariously funny, these pitch-perfect essays offer priceless lessons in life.

Tales from the Thousand and One Nights

by N. J. Dawood

"The folk-tales which have collectively survived in what is known as The Thousand and One Nights owe their origin to three distinct cultures: Indian, Persian, and Arab. They can be regarded as the expression of the lay and secular imagination of the East in revolt against the austere erudition and religious zeal of Oriental literature generally. Written in a simple, almost colloquial style, and depicting a unique world of all-powerful sorcerers and ubiquitous jinn, of fabulous wealth and candid bawdry, these tales have little in common with the refined didacticism of Classical Arabic literature and have therefore never been regarded by the Arabs as a legitimate part of it. Yet it is a remarkable paradox that to the non-Arab world, and particularly to the West, the Nights is today the best known and most widely read book of Arabic authorship, while the more serious works of Classical Arabic literature, for the most part untranslatable verse, remain quite unfamiliar. In fact, in the course of the past two centuries the Nights has attained, mainly through the medium of translation, the status of a universal classic and has come to be recognized as such. This is not surprising. The tales themselves are masterpieces of the art of story-telling." Introduction

Tales from the Torrid Zone

by Alexander Frater

Alexander Frater was born to a family of Scottish expatriates on the tiny island of Irikiki in the South Seas. Following his dreams of being a writer, Frater left home, but the call of the tropics compelled him to return again and again. Join him as he dines with the Queen of Tonga; makes his way through two civil wars; visits the spots where surfing and bungee jumping originated; and expresses his love for the region where he is at once a tourist, explorer, adventurer, and native son. From Tahiti to Thailand, Mexico to Mozambique, Frater gives us a richly described, endlessly surprising picture of this diverse, feverish, languorously beautiful world.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Tales from the Underground: A Natural History of Subterranean Life

by David W. Wolfe

In this first paperback edition of a 2001 book, Wolfe (plant ecology, Cornell U. ) eclectically views the increasingly endangered biodiversity of backyard habitats and beyond through such lenses as paleobiology, molecular biology, and Darwin's research on earthworms. The book includes b&w illustrations and 187 references. Annotation c. Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

Tales From the White Hart

by Arthur C. Clarke

Humorous science fiction stories told in a mythical bar, the white hart. A classic.

Tales from Watership Down

by Richard Adams

Watership Down was one of this century's best-loved works of imaginative literature. Now Richard Adams returns, to tell us what happened to the rabbits after their defeat of General Woundwort.Tales From Watership Down begins with some of the great folk stories well known to all rabbits. Then we listen in as Dandelion, the rabbits' master storyteller, relates the thrilling adventures experienced by Al-ahrairah, the mythical rabbit hero, and his stalwart, Rabscuttle, during the long journey home after their terrible encounter with the Black Rabbit of Inlé (as narrated in Watership Down). Finally, in the principal part of the book, we are told eight enchanting stories about the rabbits of the Down-- Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig, and their companions--including the impact on the warren of the obsessive doe Flyairth, and the appointment of Hyzenthlay as a female Chief Rabbit and partner to Hazel.All readers-- the millions who remember Watership Down with the deepest affection, and also those for whom this volume will be their first encounter with the rabbits-- will find these nineteen tales utterly compelling, the fruit of Richard Adam's spellbinding narrative power and ability to conjure up a world that is at the same time both real and unreal.From the Hardcover edition.

Tales from Wrescal Lane

by Mick Foley Jill Thompson

Come one, come all, to Wrescal Lane. It's the bestest place to see your favorite WWE Superstars as kids like you and me! First there's young Mick Foley, with missing teeth and dirty shirt. One look at him will tell you he's not afraid of getting hurt! Kurt Angle thinks he's brave and strong; he's really quite the boaster -- till he visits Mr. McMahon's new theme park and sees the roller coaster! Triple H calls himself The Game; he's good at any task. Kane's a real big, scary kid. Why does he wear that mask? Check out Lita and Matt Hardy, always leapin' before lookin'. And The Rock keeps shouting for everyone to smell what he is cookin'! Say hi to Stacy Keibler; she's cute and easy to like. But what's up with Al Snow and that doll's head on his bike? Look, there's Stephanie McMahon, selling some of Dad's old things. Uh-oh, those mean ol' Dudley Boys gave Shane a bruise that stings! These kids still have a lot to learn about playing nice and sharing. Perhaps we can learn with them to become a bit more caring! Now get ready for lots of fun, come shine or come rain, as you read over and over these Tales from Wrescal Lane!

Tales of a Dead King

by Walter Dean Myers

2 teenagers uncover a plot to rob the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh.

Tales of a Female Nomad: Living at Large in the World

by Rita Golden Gelman

For years Rita Golden Gelman felt she lived someone else's life. She and her husband had a privileged existence, but she wasn't happy. When she suggests they separate for a couple of weeks, she is at first horrified when he suggests a couple of months, 'so they can be free to see other people'. Then Rita decides to fulfill a long-held dream-- to travel the world. Fifteen years later, Rita is still traveling. This is the story of her journey and personal transformation. From her first tentative trip to Mexico, swept off her feet by a Latin lover; to work as a tour guide in The Galapagos Islands; to live in a royal palace Bali; to New Zealand where she 'adopts' a school- full of children, Rita takes us on her many adventures. Spending days in some places, years in others, Rita captures the joys of connecting with people everywhere and celebrates her glorious transformation from an unfulfilled suburbanite to a liberated and incredibly self-assured woman of the world. More than simply a travel memoir, TALES OF A FEMALE NOMAD is the story of a woman's rebirth.

Tales of a Helicopter Pilot

by Richard C. Kirkland

Richard Kirkland is legendary for his P-38 Lightning missions in the South Pacific theater during WWII. After the war, he realized the potential of Igor Sikorsky's new flying machine, and he traded in his fighter-pilot wings for rotors. The nerve-racking chopper missions he has flown are the stuff of legend: scrambling to evacuate president Harry Truman after an unthinkable "code red one" alert comes over his red phone; bantering with the real "Hawkeye" at a MASH unit before flying into North Korea to rescue wounded soldiers. Equally riveting are his accounts of a medevac pilot in Vietnam who lands a ten ton CH-46 "Frog" in the jungle at night, with no lights, under fire, with only a soldier's cigarette lighter for reference; and an aerial tour pilot who routinely pulls people out of the water above, below, and right before Niagara Falls.

Tales of a New America

by Robert B. Reich

The Harvard political economist argues that Americans must rethink some important cultural myths and self-definitions if the U. S. is to retain its dominant role within the emerging global economy.

Tales of Adam

by Daniel Quinn Michael Mccurdy

Ever since the publication of Ishmael in 1992, readers have yearned for a glimpse into a dimension of spiritual revelation the author only hinted at in that and later books. Now at long last they have it in seven profound but delightfully simple tales that illuminate the world in which humans became humans. This is a world seen through animist eyes: as friendly to human life as it was to the life of gazelles, lions, lizards, mosquitos, jellyfish, and seals -- not a world in which humans lived like trespassers who must conquer and subdue an alien territory. It's a world in which humans have a place in the community of life -- not as rulers but as equals -- with the paths of all held together in the hand of god.This is not an ancient world or a lost world. It exists as surely today as it ever did -- for those who have eyes to see it. Tales of Adam, delightfully illustrated by Michael McCurdy, is a book that will come to be shelved alongside The Prophet, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and The Alchemist.From the Hardcover edition.

Tales of Christmas from Near and Far

by Herbert H. Wernecke

[From the front dust jacket flap:] "If anyone doubts the universality of the Christmas festival, let him become acquainted with this book, fifth in a delightful series collecting songs, customs, and stories of Christmas from all over the world (see back of jacket). The present volume is especially noteworthy, for it provides considerably more material of American background than have any of the previous volumes. Almost half of the total thirty-three selections are representative of a wide variety of nationality groups and regions in the United States. From Boston to the far West, from Alaska to the Deep South, come such stories as "An Indian's Christmas Gift," "A Bohemian Christmas in Chicago," "An Amish Christmas," "For the Children from Possum Run," "A Swedish Christmas on the Delaware," and many more of equal charm. Other stories with European and Asiatic settings wear such intriguing titles as "The Holy Lake," "God's Christmas Gift to Rare Coral," "The Little Clock- maker," "Christmas in the Philippines," "Jenny Lind's Yuletide"--fourteen different countries represented in all. The author list is a distinguished one, including Ludwig Bemelmans, Marguerite de Angeli, Alice Geer Kelsey, Elizabeth Allstrom, Ruth Sawyer, Grace Noll Crowell, and of another generation- Edward Everett Hale." Another fascinating, entertaining, uplifting book by this author is in the Bookshare collection. Look for, Christmas Customs around the World, with more by this author/editor to come.

Tales Of Edgar Allan Poe

by Edgar Allan Poe Tony Napoli

Abridged versions of horror stories by Poe. Includes The Fall of the House of Usher, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Pit and the Pendulum, and more.

Tales of Famous Americans

by Peter Roop Connie Roop

A perfect introduction to some of the people who built, changed, and challenged the U.S.A., Tales of Famous Americans will delight young readers. Thrilling childhood stories about people from Pocahontas and Ben Franklin to Yo-Yo Ma and Mia Hamm lead into exciting accounts of their incredible accomplishments as adults. With lively art and lots of fun facts, this book is sure to inspire the next generation of famous Americans!

Tales of Gotham, Historical Archaeology, Ethnohistory and Microhistory of New York City

by Meta F. Janowitz Diane Dallal

Historical Archaeology of New York City is a collection of narratives about people who lived in New York City during the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries, people whose lives archaeologists have encountered during excavations at sites where these people lived or worked. The stories are ethnohistorical or microhistorical studies created using archaeological and documentary data. As microhistories, they are concerned with particular people living at particular times in the past within the framework of world events. The world events framework will be provided in short introductions to chapters grouped by time periods and themes. The foreword by Mary Beaudry and the afterword by LuAnne DeCunzo bookend the individual case studies and add theoretical weight to the volume. Historical Archaeology of New York City focuses on specific individual life stories, or stories of groups of people, as a way to present archaeological theory and research. Archaeologists work with material culture--artifacts--to recreate daily lives and study how culture works; this book is an example of how to do this in a way that can attract people interested in history as well as in anthropological theory.

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