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On Being and Having a Case Manager: A Relational Approach to Recovery in Mental Health

by Jerry Floersch Paul M. Kubek Jeffrey Longhofer

On Being and Having a Case Manager stresses the importance of the process of building relationships in helping clients realize independent lives. Based on a two-year study of Marilyn and her case managers, this book emphasizes the intentional exchange of attention and information between case managers, clients, and others within the caring network and clearly outlines a practical method for all service providers, clients, family members, and close friends to follow. Throughout the day, from moment to moment, relationships fluctuate among doing for, doing with, standing by for support, and doing for oneself. By observing Marilyn and her case manager, the authors prove the value of mutually and continuously monitoring these fluctuations within three primary domains-feeling, thinking, and acting-while carrying out daily activities. These findings show that managers are often stuck in doing-for modes of relating. Indeed, this may be one of the factors that contribute most to case manager and client burnout. While some clients with severe and persistent symptoms may, in fact, frequently require others to do-for, some like Marilyn may not require as much. They may need more doing-with and standing-by to encourage mastery and the internalization of confidence.

On Being Catholic

by Thomas Howard

Catholic apologist discusses various aspects of being Catholic, the Catechism, and why things are done the way they are in the Roman Catholic Church.

On Being Rich and Poor

by Jacques Ellul Willem H. Vanderburg

One of the most original thinkers of the twentieth century, Jacques Ellul (1912-1994) was a French law professor, sociologist, lay theologian, and self-described "Christian anarchist." Collecting Ellul's lectures on the Bible, On Being Rich and Poor contains his prescient meditations on some of the most important theological questions of the modern age. In this volume, a follow-up to the Ellul lectures collected in On Freedom, Love, and Power, Ellul asks how it is that Christianity can justify abandoning the poorest, weakest, and most vulnerable members of society, depriving the next generation of a liveable future, and participating in an unprecedented wave of environmental destruction.In these talks, Ellul observes that some of the harshest language in the Jewish and Christian Bibles is reserved for those who are rich and powerful, and thus able to bend others to their will. Through his analysis of the prophetic vision of Amos and the epistle of James, Ellul exposes the gap between the principles of Christian life and the practices of the modern world. Critiquing a world that values domination over collaboration, he offers an alternative path.Transcribed from the original recordings and translated by Willem H. Vanderburg, a student and long-time colleague of Ellul's, On Being Rich and Poor is an unprecedented look at how one of the twentieth century's foremost thinkers grappled with some of today's most challenging issues.

On Bicycles

by Amy Walker

Once the quaint province of European cities such as Amsterdam, daily cycling is currently exploding in North American cities. People ride folding bikes to the train, slip through traf?c on tricked-out ?xed-gears, and carry children and groceries on their utility bikes. Commuters are giving up their cars Monday through Friday, bike lanes and bike parking are sprouting up all over, and Talking Head David Byrne has designed arty bike racks for various New York City neighborhoods. It's healthy for riders and clean for the environment, but is it fun? Amy Walker, who has been at the forefront of the urban cycling trend, knows that the answer is yes. She presents stories by a diverse group of cycling enthusiasts and activists that, accompanied by the illustrations of bike culture artist Matt Fleming, show readers why. They say you never forget how to ride a bike; this collection helps us remember why we ride.

On Blindness: Letters Between Bryan Magee and Martin Milligan

by Bryan Magee Martin Milligan

On Blindness asks fascinating questions about the world of the blind, including: How can the born-blind know they are blind? Can a blind person play a game of snooker? How does a blind person dream? On Blindness open the eyes of the sighted to the world as experienced by the blind, offering a unique opportunity to explore the challenges, frustrations,joys--and extraordinary insights--experienced in discovering the world without sight. What difference does sight--or its absence--make to our ideas about the world? What begins as a philosophical exchange between the noted philosopher and broadcaster Bryan Magee and the late Martin Milligan, activist and philosopher--blind almost from birth-- develops into an intense and personal discussion of the implications of blindness. The debate is vigorous and often heated; sometimes contentious, it is always stimulating. They discuss the whole spectrum of blind-experience, including the born-blind, those who lose their sight, and those forced to come to terms with the shock of gaining a sight they had never possessed. This extraordinary book casts new light on one of the most fundamental aspects of human experience. It will make fascinating reading for anyone interested insight and blindness from a personal, practical, or philosophical point of view.

On Board

by Paul Ignatius

Insights into important events of the twentieth century are provided in this memoir by a former secretary of the Navy and participant in many of the events he describes. The Great Depression of the 1930s, World War II, the Cold War, the Korean War, and Vietnam are recalled from the author's perspectives, first as a teenager in the 1930s, then as a naval officer in the 1940s, a defense department consultant in the 1950s, and a Pentagon official for eight years in the 1960s. There are new details on Robert McNamara's managerial innovations, the growth of the Army under President Kennedy, and the enormous effort to provide construction, supplies, and ammunition for the Vietnam War. The book includes vivid accounts of McNamara, Clark Clifford, Cyrus Vance, General Creighton Abrams, Admiral Thomas Moorer, and many others, There are high moments when Medals of Honor are awarded, low moments when the USS Pueblo is capture by the North Koreans, and perplexing moments over whether to praise or damn Admiral Hyman Rickover. Other significant events covered are the Pentagon Papers case, the illegal strike of the air traffic controllers, and controversial efforts to deregulate the airlines, the Arab oil embargo of the 1970s, and President Carter's attempt to lessen U.S. dependence on middle-eastern oil. Ignatius also offers intimate glimpses of his family life, including the period when his college-aged children were totally opposed to the Vietnam War, and his Armenian heritage, including memories of his grandfather's poems of freedom that forced him to leave his ancestral home. In the final chapter, Ignatius looks at the civil rights movement and efforts to gain equality for women as events of lasting importance to him.

On Boxing

by Joyce Carol Oates

A reissue of bestselling, award-winning author Joyce Carol Oates' classic collection of essays on boxing.

On Boxing

by Joyce Carol Oates

A reissue of bestselling, award-winning author Joyce Carol Oates' classic collection of essays on boxing.

On The Bright Side, I'm Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson #2)

by Louise Rennison

Georgia Nicolson has started dating the Sex God (aka Robbie). So life should be perfect... except in Georgia's life, nothing is ever perfect. Her cat, Angus (the size of a small Labrador), is terrorizing the neighborhood. Her sister, Libby (who is slightly mad), hides her pooey knickers at the bottom of Georgia's bed. Her mother is clearly devoted to making Georgia's life miserable, and even her best friend, Jas, is "half girl, half turnip." Then the Sex God breaks it off because she's too young. It's time for a plan. It's time for a Red Herring. It's time for Georgia to become a "heartless boy magnet!"

On Call in Hell: A Doctor's Iraq War Story

by Thomas Hayden Richard Jadick

The author tells his experiences of working in Fallujah at one of the bloodiest battles in Iraq.

On Canaan's Side

by Sebastian Barry

From the two-time Man Booker short-listed author of The Secret Scripture comes a magnificent new novel that is the story of the twentieth century in America. Told in the first person, as a narrative of Lilly Bere's life over seventeen days, On Canaan's Side opens as Lilly mourns the loss of her grandson, Bill. Lilly revisits her past, going back to the moment she was forced to flee Ireland at the end of the First World War, and continues her tale in America, a world filled with both hope and danger. At once epic and intimate, Lilly's story unfolds as she tries to make sense of the sorrows and troubles of her life and of the people whose lives she has touched. Spanning nearly seven decades, from the Great Depression to World War II and the Vietnam War, it is the heartbreaking story of a woman whose capability to love is enormous and whose compassion, even for those who have wronged her, is astonishing.

On Cats

by Doris Lessing

Doris Lessing's love affair with cats began at a young age, when she became intrigued with the semiferal creatures on the African farm where she grew up. Her fascination with the handsome, domesticated creatures that have shared her flats and her life in London remained undiminished, and grew into real love with the awkwardly lovable El Magnifico, the last cat to share her home. On Cats is a celebrated classic, a memoir in which we meet the cats that have slunk and bullied and charmed their way into Doris Lessing's life. She tells their stories--their exploits, rivalries, terrors, affections, ancient gestures, and learned behaviors--with vivid simplicity. And she tells the story of herself in relation to cats: the way animals affect her and she them, and the communication that grows possible between them--a language of gesture and mood and desire as eloquent as the spoken word. No other writer conveys so truthfully the real interdependence of humans and cats or convinces us with such stunning recognition of the reasons why cats really matter.

On Ceasing to Be Human

by Gerald L. Bruns

The philosopher Stanley Cavell once asked, "Can a human being be free of human nature?" On Ceasing to Be Human examines philosophical as well as literary texts and contexts, in which various senses of Cavell's question might be explored and developed. During the past thirty or so years, the very concept of "being human" has been called into question within such fields as cybernetics, animal-rights theory, analytic philosophy (neurophilosophy in particular). This book examines these issues, but its main concern is the link between freedom and nonidentity that Cavell's question implies, and which turns out to be a major concern among the thinkers Bruns takes up in this book: Maurice Blanchot, Emmanuel Levinas, Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, and Jacques Derrida. Each of these is, in different ways, a philosopher of the "singular" for whom the singular cannot be reduced to concepts, categories, distinctions, or the rule of identity.

On Chesil Beach

by Ian Mcewan

In 1962, Florence and Edward celebrate their wedding in a hotel on the Dorset coast. Yet as they dine, the expectation of their marital duties weighs over them. And unbeknownst to both, the decisions they make this night will resonate throughout their lives. With exquisite prose, Ian McEwan creates in On Chesil Beach a story of lives transformed by a gesture not made or a word not spoken.From the Trade Paperback edition.and independence. On Chesil Beach is another masterwork from McEwan--a story of lives transformed by a gesture not made or a word not spoken.

On Children and Death

by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

On Children and Death is a major addition to the classic works of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, whose On Death and Dying and Living with Death and Dying have been continuing sources of strength and solace for tens of millions of devoted readers worldwide. Based on a decade of working with dying children, this compassionate book offers the families of dead and dying children the help -- and hope -- they need to survive. In warm, simple language, Dr. Kübler-Ross speaks directly to the fears, doubts, anger, confusion, and anguish of parents confronting the terminal illness or sudden death of a child.

On Christian Doctrine

by Saint Augustine

"Since the dawn of the fifth century, theology students, religious scholars, and ordinary Christians have turned to this volume for instruction. Written by one of the foremost leaders in the development of Christian thought, it offers clear guidance on how to read the Bible and understand the true meaning of scripture."

On Christian Teaching

by Editor Augustine Of Hippo R. P. H. Green (translator

On Christian Teaching (or De Doctrina Christiana) is one of Augustine's most important works on the classical tradition. Undertaken at the same time as the Confessions, it was written to enable Christian students to be their own interpreters of the Bible. In so doing Augustine provides an outline of Christian theology, a detailed discussion of ethical problems, and a fascinating early contribution to sign theory. He also makes a systematic attempt to determine what elements of traditional `pagan' education are permissible for a Christian.

On Christianity

by Edward Gibbon

A candid but rational inquiry into the progress and establishment of Christianity may be considered as a very essential part of the history of the Roman empire. While that great body was invaded by open violence, or undermined by slow decay, a pure and humble religion gently insinuated itself into the minds of men, grew up in silence and obscurity, derived new vigor from opposition, and finally erected the triumphant banner of the cross on the ruins of the Capitol.

On Christmas Eve

by Ann M. Martin

It is on a Saturday in early December when I decide that I am going to see Santa for myself--the real one, not a department store Santa. . . . And I am going to see him in our own living room during the time of enchantment that I am sure begins at midnight on Christmas Eve.

On Civic Friendship: Including Women in the State

by Sibyl A. Schwarzenbach

Women have performed the vast majority of often unpaid friendship labor for centuries. Embodying the freedom, equality, and ideals of the Constitution, civic friendship emerges as a necessary condition for genuine justice. Through a critical examination of social and political relationships from ancient times to today, Sibyl Schwarzenbach develops a truly innovative, feminist theory of the democratic state. Beginning with an analysis of Aristotle's notion of political friendship, Schwarzenbach brings the philosopher's insights to bear on the social and political requirements of the modern state. She elaborates a conception of civic friendship that, with its ethical reproductive praxis, functions differently from male-centered notions of fraternity and, with its female participants, remains fundamentally separate from generalized, male-inflected claims of Marxist solidarity. Schwarzenbach also distinguishes civic friendship from feminist calls for public care, arguing that friendship, unlike care, not only is reciprocal but also seeks to establish and maintain equality. Schwarzenbach concludes with various public institutions-economic, legal, and social-that can promote civic friendship without sacrificing crucial liberties. In fact, women's entrance into the public sphere en masse makes such ideals realistic within a competitive, individualistic society.

On Communitarian Divinity: An African Interpretation of the Trinity

by A. Ogbonnaya A. Okechukwu Ogbonnaya

The Trinity has long been considered an enigma within Western Christendom because the worldviews from which it has been apprehended have not been compatible with the worldview of the persons who developed the doctrine.

On Conflict

by J. Krishnamurti

On Conflict considers two of the most vital issues of our time--violence and conflict. Krishnamurti shows that the origins of these divisive experiences lie in confusion and turmoil and teaches that "inward activity dictates outer activity. "

On Core Mathematics, Middle School Grade 7

by Holt Mcdougal

NIMAC-sourced textbook

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