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Texas Noon

by Leonard Sanders

An unforgettable Texas family ripped apart by a lust of power... bound forever by desire. The Spurlocks founded Fort Worth with the same courage and daring that made Spurlock Oil a powerful American dynasty. Mow with patriarch Brod Spurlock dead, his iron-willed wife, JOANNA SPURLOCK, was going to fight for control of a family and a fortune. But her quest for power would pit her against more than just ruthless men. CRYSTELLE SPURLOCK, a reckless beauty with a heart of ice, was a woman who always got what she wanted. And she had come back to Fort Worth to get Spurlock Oil-- any way she could. For two turbulent decades, Texas Noon follows the descendants of Travis Spurlock, hero of the best-selling Fort Worth, from boardroom to bedroom-- in an epic of love and money as big, hot, and magnificent as Texas itself.

Texas on the Rocks

by Daniel Da Cruz

In 2008, when the Russians ruled most of the world and the US was suffering from a catastrophic drought, most everybody went to bed a little hungry at night.

Texas Outlaws: Jesse

by Kimberly Raye

WANTED: A Red-Hot Rebel Ever since his father's famous bank robbery years ago, rodeo cowboy Jesse James Chisholm has been the bad boy of Lost Gun, Texas. A rule breaker. A heartbreaker. But he's still haunted by his history, and the only girl who could match his wildness with her own-until she ditched her own bad-girl ways in favour of respectability.... But mayor-elect Gracie Jones isn't quite the upstanding role model she projects. Underneath those conservative skirts and blouses? Very naughty underthings. Jesse's return has stirred not only her long-slumbering wild side, but an insatiable hunger for this rugged, sexy cowboy. And this Texas town is going to see a side of the Wild West they never expected.

Texas Passions

by Rosanne Bittner

Sequel to Texas Embrace. (see long synopsis)

The Texas Polygamist Raid: Religious Freedom versus Child Welfare

by Katie Marsico

The book provides comprehensive information on the Texas polygamist raid and the differing perspectives accompanying it.

The Texas Rancher's Family

by Cathy Gillen Thacker

This land is not for sale!The Triple Canyon Ranch isn't just land to single mom Erin Monroe. It's a place her family has called home for generations, a place to raise her kids, a place where she's known love and loss. She's not about to hand it over to outsider Mac Wheeler, no matter how good the city slicker looks in those custom boots she made for him. He can find some other place for his wind farm!Years ago, tragedy made Erin close off a part of her heart for good. Mac, with his smooth talk and smoother kisses, can't possibly be the one to heal that hurt. But as Erin learns more about Mac's past, she realizes there's more to him than meets the eye. Which makes holding on to the ranch more important than ever....

The Texas Rancher's Marriage

by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Few people in Laramie, Texas, know that Merri Duncan is actually the biological mother of her late sister's twins. Even fewer know that Chase Armstrong, and not his late brother, is their biological father. It's even news to Chase-and when he returns from military duty, he's determined to do the right thing by Merri, who's been raising the twins alone on the Broken Arrow ranch. It's time for a walk to the altar, for the sake of the children.There's just one problem. Merri and Chase are, as they always have been, just friends-nothing more. Without love, their marriage can never be truly complete. Sticking it out may mean sacrificing their chances for future happiness. But maybe faith, hope and desire can bring these two newlyweds what they truly need. After all, it is the season of miracles.

The Texas Rancher's Vow

by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Jen Carson made a promise to herself: no more powerful, controlling husbands.So why is she letting herself be tempted by Matt Briscoe, surely the most alpha male in Laramie County? She only agreed to stay at the Triple B to create a series of commemorative bronze plaques for Matt's father. Not end up sharing taboo kisses with six feet four inches of irresistible cowboy.A cowboy who also happens to be her client's son. Talk about mixing pleasure with business! And now Jen's suddenly the reluctant keeper of a Briscoe family secret. Which thrusts her into an even more heated conflict with Matt. No matter how strong her feelings for the studly rancher, Jen has so many good reasons to keep him from becoming a permanent part of her life.Too bad her heart won't listen to her head....

The Texas Ranger

by Bradford Scott

THE HEAT OF BATTLE Hatfield moved back to the center, where the woods were thickest. He was confident now that some of the Yaquis were far enough forward to be well within the curve of the arc. "Forward!" he roared out, and, deserting his shelter behind a tree, he dashed ahead to lead the rest. From the very instant of that charge, the character of the battle changed, and the men lost contact with each other. It was every man for himself. Yet, their formation broken, they were all united in their one objective-to let nothing live that came in their way. -From "The Lone Star Peril"

The Texas Ranger

by Diana Palmer

This time there's more at stake than just his heartWhen Texas Ranger Marc Brannon returns to the line of duty, a high-profile murder mystery pits him against the vibrant-and vulnerable-junior investigator from his past. Years ago, Josette Langley made no secret of the fact that she was desperately in love with the rugged lawman, and despite their differences, the rough-hewn loner became drawn to the innocent young woman. Yet Marc and Josette parted on explosive terms when she made a shocking accusation that shattered both their lives. Now they are back together again....And this time a lot more is at stake than just their hearts. For the woman Marc cherished is being targeted by a corrupt political figure who will stop at nothing to bury the truth. Can Marc and Josette set aside their stormy discord and see justice served? Or will they both be caught in the cross fire...?

Texas Ranger Dad

by Debra Clopton

Everyone in Mule Hollow can see the resemblance between former Texas Ranger Zane Cantrell and Rose Vincent's son. The same gold-flecked amber eyes. The same smile. Not that Zane is smiling. He's in shock! How could Rose have kept their child a secret from him? Rose reminds Zane thathe'sthe one who walked away. He has to make her see he had no choice. But Rose is as prickly as the cactus jelly she makes. And that's where their hopeful son and the Mule Hollow matchmakers come marching in.

A Texas Ranger's Christmas

by Rebecca Winters

Life can get complicated for a single father working undercover. No one knows that better than Caige Dawson, currently posing as an employee of the Texas Forest Service. He's there to investigate a fellow forester with a missing husband, and to determine whether she's a suspect. Five years ago, Blaire Farley's world imploded. But ever since she met Caige and his sweet, lovable eight-year-old son-the survivor of a tragic accident-she's ready to start reclaiming her life. And the first order of business is giving Josh the best Christmas any little boy ever had. Blaire may be a person of interest, but Caige believes in her innocence. His code of honor prevents him from getting too close until he can come clean about his identity. But he needs Blaire's help to solve the case. He only hopes it will give her the closure she needs-and the future all three of them deserve.

The Texas Ranger's Daughter

by Jenna Kernan

Outlaws don't become rangersOr even suitable husbands for proper young women like Laurie Bender, the daughter of a Ranger. Big, bad Boon should know this-he once rode with the most notorious outlaw in Texas! To redeem himself, and have a shot at a coveted Texas Ranger's star, he must now rescue this feisty little lady from his former gang.Laurie represents everything a dangerous man like Boon can never have: she's beautiful, honorable... And when they share a stolen kiss, Boon starts dreaming the impossible.

The Texas Ranger's Twins

by Tina Leonard

Texas Ranger Dane Morgan wasn't planning to get married any time soon, but he's been lured home by his father's ultimatum: become a family man or forfeit his inheritance. Suddenly, sticking around the family ranch is looking better and better to this roving cowboy. . . especially when he meets the new live-in housekeeper. Suzy Winterstone will do anything to give her twin toddler daughters a name--except marry Dane Morgan! He wants to play house for a year to appease his father, who longs for grandbabies to spoil in his golden years. But Suzy yearns for the real thing. True Love. While the sassy single mother is as tempting as she is sweet, no Ranger worth his salt can be forced into marriage by a meddling matchmaker!Can he?

Texas Ransom

by Amanda Stevens

He was a man with connections. . . Wealth, power and the perfect life. That's what Graham Hollister thought he had with his beautiful wife, Kendall. He'd almost lost her in a deadly car crash, but since then he'd reveled in their renewed marriage. Until one Texas night changed everything. She was a woman with a past. . . A brutal crime cartel came to abduct Kendall. Only the kidnappers didn't want just ransom--they were out for revenge. But as Graham raced against time and all odds to rescue his wife, everything he thought he once knew about her was now in question. Would the dark, dangerous secrets she harbored destroy them both?

Texas Rich (Texas #1)

by Fern Michaels

This is the captivating story of four generations. Moss, living in the shadow of a father whose obsession with power overshadows the needs of his only son; Jessica, doomed mother who gave up everything to become a perfect Coleman wife; Moss and Billie's children desperately trying to live up to insurmountable expectations and the grandchildren, heirs to a tarnished empire who just might fulfill their dreams. Most of all this is the triumphant story of Billie Ames Coleman, a woman of courage and strength who holds them all together-- in a tale as magnificent as the land that inspired it.

The Texas Rodeo Showdown (Hannah's Island Series)

by Eric Wiggin

Hannah and Walt Parmenter are a home-schooled sister and brother whose family runs a tourist lodge on an island in Moosehead Lake, at the edge of a Maine wilderness. Adventure is the operative word when kids join Hannah and Walt in solving mysteries that often get a little more dangerous than they had planned. A wild adventure takes Hannah and Walt on a trip to Texas and leads to some very tough decisions.

Texas-Sized Secrets

by Elle James

At five months pregnant, Mona Grainger was facing danger on all fronts. With cattle rustlers driving her ranch to ruin, she needed a man ready for long hours and hard work. Enter Reed Bryson, who could ride, rope, kiss. . . and certainly handle a gun. His new boss may have depended on him more than she'd liked, but Reed wasn't hired to do her dirty work. She could do that herself. He was there to defend her land and cool down the hot-headed sheriff, whose advances threatened everything Mona held dear. Now the lone cowboy had more than his honor to uphold--he had a petite, pregnant powerhouse running his senses wild.

Texas Standoff (Home on the Ranch #7)

by Ruth Alana Smith

HOME ON THE RANCH Romancing the West! Cheyenne Moon Ranch in the Texas Hill Country The Cowgirl and the City Slicker She's all Texas spunk and sass. Her love is the land-her father's legacy. Nothing else can catch her eye until he washes in on a Texas flash flood. He's the cousin of the man she almost married. Smart, savvy, sexy. He's also the only man who can save her land. Elise Zoe Winston and Colin Majors, brought together by a night of passion-bound together by a murder that sets central Texas on its heels.

A Texas State of Mind

by Ann Defee

When bodies start washing up on the Gulf beach, Police Chief Lolly LaTullipe's world is turned upside down. She's sexy, blond and a single mom, and these aren't ordinary bodies-they belong to the bad guys of the Houston drug world. Enter Christian Delacroix, a dark and dangerous undercover narcotics cop, and you can bet there'll be sparks. As Lolly and Christian deal with the problems and joys associated with the folks of this beach community, they discover the best of all possible worlds-true love.

Texas Sunrise (Texas #4)

by Fern Michaels

Billie Coleman Kingsley is dying. What is to be done with her internationally known fabric design company? The family is spread across the world from Japan to Hawaii, Texas, and Vermont. But now each member must deal with individual family trouble and with problems that will result from Billie's impending death.

Texas Tender

by Leigh Greenwood

A quintessential romance of the Old West, complete with rustlers, land grabbers, frustrated lovers, and a hard-riding cowboy hero.

The Texas Terror

by Bradford Scott

The air rocked to a crashing report . . . Slade drew his guns with a blur of motion and whirled sideways to face the outlaws. Their guns were out and they were shooting with both hands. Bullets stormed past The Hawk, but his big Colts boomed again and again and again. Blood streamed down his face, his left sleeve was in ribbons. Slowly he lowered his guns and peered through the smoke fog at the two forms sprawled on the ground.

A Texas Thanksgiving

by Margaret Daley

A frozen turkey dinner is just fine for former soldier and widower Evan Paterson. But his five-year-old daughter deserves better. So when she invites her best friend and her single mother to the Double P ranch for the holiday meal, Evan agrees. But not to a fix-up. Social worker Julia Saunders knows as much about heartache as he does, but Evan isn't ready to love again. Until a duo of pint-sized matchmakers show two stubborn grown-ups what being thankful truly means.

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