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Tommy Trouble and the Magic Marble

by Ralph Fletcher

Five-year-old Bradley tries to help big brother Tommy earn enough money to buy a magnificent marble for his collection.


by Anthony Bozza Tommy Lee

I am Tommy Lee, born Thomas Lee Bass in Athens, Greece, on October 3, 1962, and raised in a suburb of California by an American father and a Greek mother. At seventeen, I joined MÖtley CrÜe and we became one of the baddest-ass rock bands in history. We sold over 40 million albums, we wreaked havoc, we scared parents, and we titillated too many fathers' daughters. I've been married three times: once for just a few days to a Penthouse Pet, for seven years to Heather Locklear, and then for five years to Pamela Anderson, with whom I have two beautiful sons. I've gotten into a lot of fights and I've been to jail a few times.But this book isn't your typical journey in a straight line from day one to day now. I'm more interested in revealing what's most important about my life, like how I cook my steaks; what I think of the tabloids, the truth, my ex-wives, my ex-band, my music; and what an innocent observer might find hanging around my house any given Sunday. You'll get plenty of facts and I'll tell you a story, but my real mission here is to paint you a picture of my life. I want to show you how my memories smell.I'd like to get into it now, so please take your seats. I advise you to keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times. If you have a pacemaker, a heart condition, or if you are pregnant or too damn short to reach the safety bar, I ask that you turn back immediately. Those with weak stomachs, strict morals, or chronic indigestion should put the book down now. For the rest of you, there's one truth that's real across the board: What you send out is what you get back. Send out the good, people, and it will come back to you. There's another thing I've learned over the years, in court, in fights, and in arguments with people I love: There isn't one truth, there are many. This book is my truth.NOTE: THE EBOOK DOES NOT INCLUDE PHOTOGRAPHS THAT APPEAR IN THE PRINT EDITIONS.

Tomo: I was an Eighth-Grade Ninja

by Andrew Simmons Rob Corley

Hana's arrival in America places her in the two worlds of attending school by day and battling as a ninja at night. Although young, she begins to learn about the great role she will play in this first book of the manga-style Tomo series written by Andrew Simmons and Rob Corley with illustration by Ariel Padilla.


by Graham Swift

From Graham Swift, Booker Prize-winning author of Last Orders, comes a masterful and compassionate novel of rare emotional power and narrative skill.On a midsummer's night, Paula lies awake beside her sleeping husband. She and Mike have been married for twenty-five years, a good marriage; they have two teenage children, Nick and Kate, peacefully sleeping in their own nearby rooms. But Paula's eyes won't close: the next morning she and Mike have to tell the children something that will redefine all their lives.Recalling the years before and after her children were born, Paula begins a story that is both a glowing celebration of love possessed and a moving acknowledgement of the fear of loss, of the fragilities, illusions and secrets on which even our most intimate sense of who we are can rest. As day draws nearer, Paula's intensely personal thoughts seem to touch on all our tomorrows.Brilliantly distilling half a century into one suspenseful night, as tender in its tone as it is deep in its resonance, Tomorrow is a magical exploration of coupledom, parenthood and individuality, and a unique meditation on the mysteries of happiness and belonging.It's a week past your sixteenth birthday. By a fluke that's become something of an embarrassment and that some people will say wasn't a fluke at all, you were born in Gemini. I'm not an especially superstitious woman. I married a scientist. But one little thing I'll do tomorrow-today, I mean, but for a little while still I can keep up the illusion-is cross my fingers. Everything's quiet, the house is still. Mike and I have anticipated this moment, we've talked about it and rehearsed it in our heads so many times that recently it's sometimes seemed like a relief: it's actually come. On the other hand, it's monstrous, it's outrageous-and it's in our power to postpone it. But 'after their sixteenth birthday', we said, and let's be strict about it. Perhaps you may even appreciate our discipline and tact. Let's be strict, but let's not be cruel. Give them a week. Let them have their birthday, their last birthday of that old life.You're sleeping the deep sleep of teenagers. I just about remember it. I wonder how you'll sleep tomorrow.--from TomorrowFrom the Hardcover edition.

Tomorrow and Always

by Barbara Bretton

The world Andrew McVie had known since birth no longer seemed familiar. This was the reason he'd been drawn to this place, at this moment in time. Moments ago his future had seemed as bleak as the skies overhead. Now, in the blink of an eye, he found himself filled with hope for the first time in years. His life here was over and his new life in the future was about to begin. . . . Beautiful, wealthy Shannon Whitney has survived the heartache of a broken marriage. Though she longs for a brave, honorable man, Shannon doubts such a man exists . . . but then she meets Andrew McVie.

The Tomorrow Code

by Brian Falkner

"The end of the world started quietly enough for Tane Williams and Rebecca Richards. . . . " Tane and Rebecca aren't sure what to make of it--a sequence of 1s and 0s, the message looks like nothing more than a random collection of alternating digits. Working to decode it, however, they discover that the message contains lottery numbers . . . lottery numbers that win the next random draw! More messages follow, and slowly it becomes clear--the messages are being sent from Tane and Rebecca's future. Something there has gone horribly wrong, and it's up to them to prevent it from happening. The very survival of the human race may be at stake! "[A] terrifying SF page-turner!"--Booklist "A tautly constructed plot. Fast-paced and all-too-realistic. This technothriller offers gearhead ecowarriors everything, including a hugely satisfying ending. "--Kirkus Reviews A Top 10 Kid's Indie Next Winter Pick A Junior Library Guild Selection

Tomorrow Girls #4: Set Me Free

by Eva Gray

In a terrifying future world, four girls must depend on each other if they want to survive. Maddie is ready for action. Louisa, Evelyn, and Rosie helped rescue her from the Alliance's grasp, and she's learned an enormous, game-changing secret: her mother is the leader of the Resistance! But reuniting with her long-absent mother is not going to be easy. As Maddie and her friends set out to find the Resistance headquarters, they are relentlessly pursued by the Alliance. Worst of all, members of their group have gone missing in the middle of rubble-strewn Chicago. Maddie and her friends have earned their battle scars, courage, and strength. But at this darkest hour, will they be able to make it back to their families . . . and freedom?

Tomorrow I'll Miss You (Aloha Cove Series)

by Theresa Kelly

Sixteen-year-old Cass Devane and her stepsister, Tabitha, have settled into their year at school. Cass is dating Logan and Tabitha is dating Micah. But letters in the mail soon change everything. Tabitha receives letters from her mother, who has not been in contact with her since she deserted Tabitha when she was four. Tabitha is torn between her allegiance to her father and the deep desire to know her mother better. Cass struggles to maintain a close friendship with Janette from Tennessee, but her friend just seems to be drifting away. What will she do?

Tomorrow Is For Ever

by E. V. Thompson

For Alan Carter the greatest personal sacrifice of the Great War of 1914-18 is being called-up after only one week of marriage. Leaving his new bride is even more painful than the wound that, months later, interrupts his war at sea and sends him to Cornwall to convalesce. For, there, he has time to think about Dora and about the career as a writer that he secretly nurtures. A career that seems possible when he finds himself accepted by the established colony of Newlyn artists. There is one artist in particular - Vicky Hazleton - who encourages Alan's leanings towards the arts. And she stirs other feelings: inappropriate and impossible ones. For Vicky and her set inhabit a different world from Alan. He, as one of Vicky's friends makes clear, belongs to London's East End - and to Dora . . .

Tomorrow, Maybe

by Brian James

From the author of "Pure Sunshine" comes this startling, heartfelt novel. Fifteen-year-old Chan runs away from home, with no intention of ever going back. She doesn't care about anyone or anything -- until ten-year-old Elizabeth comes into her life.


by Michael Cart

From humor and drama to fiction on the edge, ten award-winning authors invite readers to view the future through stories with themes as diverse as love, hate, the environment, disease, and the fate of the human race.

Tomorrow's Alphabet

by George Shannon

"B is for eggs... D is for puppies...Z is for countdown..." A delightful new twist for learning the ABCs.

Tomorrow's Baby

by Tara Taylor Quinn

Brian Glory and Moira Hampshire have been friends since their days in the Peace Corps. Now back in the States pursuing separate lives, they come together to help the victims of disasters. But one night, Moira and Brian see each other in a different light--and their lives will never be the same again.

Tomorrow's Bride

by Alexandra Scott

Yesterday's secrets... Five years ago Leigh had loved Patrick and lost him. Now he was back in her life, and, this time around, Leigh was determined to become Patrick's bride. So all she had to do was persuade Patrick that their wedding day would be the happiest day of their lives together. But Leigh soon discovered that her task was just a tad more difficult.... Trouble was, while Patrick might be prepared to marry Leigh, he wasn't prepared to tell her that he loved her!

Tomorrow's Children

by Isaac Asimov

This book of sci-fi tales is edited by acclaimed writer Isaac Asimov, and features children. One of Asimov's own appears at the end of the book.

Tomorrow's Dreams

by Heather Cullman

Beautiful singer Penelope Parrish--the darling of the New York stage--never forgot the night her golden life ended. The man she loved beyond all reason, handsome businessman Seth Tyler, hurled wild accusations at her and walked out of her life. She did not know that Seth, left in a church vestibule as an infant, had uncovered a secret about his past so horrifying that he could never marry her. Instead, he decided to protect her by making her hate him. Years later, when Penelope and Seth meet again amid the boisterous uproar of a Denver dance hall, Seth is on a quest for vengeance for the wrongs done to him as a child. And Penelope is fighting for survival in the West. Suddenly all their repressed passion struggles to break free once more, and Penelope and Seth discover their love is too strong and too wonderful to deny. ...

Tomorrow’s God

by Neale Donald Walsch

Something extraordinary is about to happen on this planet. Humanity is about to create a new form of spirituality. This New Spirituality will allow humans to express their natural impulse toward the Divine without making one another wrong for the way in which they are doing it, and without killing one another in the name of it. When the New Spirituality is embraced by humanity, it will, of course, change everything. And that is exactly what is needed now. This book contains an astonishing prediction. And that prediction comes from an astonishing source. Author Neale Donald Walsch says it comes directly from God. Whether you believe that or not, you will find it difficult not to be swept up in the startling and profound vision of our near future contained here. Tomorrow's Godsays, point-blank, that humanity will soon re-create its experience of God in such a way that our experience of one another will be healed at last. You may agree or disagree with the contents of this book, but you will never forget having read it.

Tomorrow's Magic

by Pamela F. Service

Originally published in two volumes in the 1980s, this creative, futuristic spin on the Camelot legend is now back in print, and will appeal to Arthurian purists and fantasy lovers alike.

Tomorrow's Man

by Sue Peters

Another Knight in Tarnished Armor?Now a widow, artist Kit Fielding was "finished with men." Her experience with her unfaithful, irresponsible husband, Paul, had left her content to live a quiet life alone. She felt no desire to risk love or marriage again-ever.That was why Brook disturbed her from the moment they met. He was too attractive...and too sure of himself, too ready to take charge. But he wasn't like her husband-not at all-as Kit discovered when a work assignment brought them together.Two months in the Caribbean with Brook could change her mind about men. But could it change his? Could it make him forget the faithless wife who'd betrayed him-just as Paul had betrayed Kit?

Tomorrow's Promise

by Sandra Brown

New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown offers a poignant tale of courage, commitment and the strength of love in the face of life's greatest uncertainties. It happened the way attraction happens best: suddenly, passionately, unforgettably. High above the ground on a crowded flight to Washington, D. C. , radio personality Keely Preston felt the irresistible pull of Congressman Dax Devereaux, and nothing would ever be the same. They were speaking at the same congressional hearing about Vietnam soldiers listed as MIA. Keely's husband was among the missing soldiers. He had been her childhood sweetheart, her future, and then, the unanswered question Keely dedicated her life to solving. Until there was Dax. And a new future. But could Keely allow herself to love again, and still honor her past?

Tomorrow's Promise (Heartland #10)

by Lauren Brooke

When Amy meets Daniel, she is stunned by his defensive nature. But she soon comes to realize it's because he doesn't care what others say about his horse, and Amy begins to like his attitude.

Tomorrow's Treasure

by Linda Lee Chaikin

Raised by her aunt and uncle at the rectory in the small English village of Grimston Way, lovely Evy Varley remembers little of her missionary parents and nothing of South Africa, the land where she was orphaned during the Zulu War of 1878. But when Sir Rogan Chantry, the arrogant and handsome son of the local Squire, accuses Evy's mother of stealing the infamous Kimberly Black Diamond, Evy sets out to prove the rogue wrong and clear her mother's name. Secrets abound, however, from the diamond mines of South Africa to the halls of her own beloved rectory. Strangers come to Grimston Way for their own mysterious purposes, a stunned Evy finds that her own aunt and uncle may have concealed disturbing truths about her family, and the dashing Sir Rogan has his own reasons to seek the missing diamond. Yet despite Rogan's seemingly rakish ways and the class differences that render a romance between them impossible, Evy finds herself drawn to the man who was once her childhood friend and now holds the keys to her heart. Faced with a dangerous past and an uncertain future, Evy must draw upon her wits and her faith to pursue Tomorrow's Treasure. A story of faith, danger and romance, Tomorrow's Treasure is a masterpiece of historical suspense fiction.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Tomorrow's World

by Davie Henderson

In a world on the verge of environmental catastrophe, supercomputers have determined that the only way to sustain life is to run communities logically by rationing every resource and monitoring every action to make sure it is in accordance with the Common Good. Amidst a division between Names (naturally born people) and Numbers (those created through genetical engineering), detective Ben Travis and his Number partner Paula are on the case of a murdered plant prospector. They end up discovering a fatal corruption that leads Ben to uncover a random emotional error in his partner: a belief in love. On the run in the ruins of a world that has been abandoned for 60 years, Ben and Paula encounter other survivors and rediscover the reverence for nature, life, and love.

Tom's Midnight Garden

by Philippa Pearce

A mesmerizing tale of a boy's journey across the boundaries of reality, this Carnegie Medal winner has the appeal of such works as Indian in the Cupboard and Behind the Attic Wall. If I were asked to name a single masterpiece of English children's literature . . . it would be this outstandingly beautiful and absorbing book. Sent to his boring uncle and aunt to escape the measles, Tom's worst nightmares were confirmed. A poky little flat, food that was too rich for any sensible boy, and nowhere to play. And worst of all, a crotchety old landlady whom one must avoid at all costs. Because of the rich food, Tom finds it difficult to get to sleep at night, and when the temperamental old grandfather clock, which never strikes the right hour anyway, strikes 13, the house seems to be holding its breath, waiting for him to discover its secrets. Just to prove it wrong, Tom steals down in the dead of night, and, opening the door into the poky back yard, he discovers instead a garden. A beautiful garden in the middle of summer, and instead of it being night, it's daytime here. Looking back into the house, he finds that it has stealthily changed. Now, instead of the horrible unwelcoming musty hallway, there is a gracious hallway, and a housemaid who can't hear or see Tom and who just vanishes. Tom spends every night in the garden, discovering a playmate, and a gardener who clutches his bible every time he comes near. As the summer progresses, Tom battles to understand the secrets of the garden, which, by day, is gone, and tries to find a way of staying there forever. And even when all is lost, something beautiful happens to make Tom realise that his nightly adventures were not just a dream. He even gets a souvenir to take back with him to remember those lovely adventures of the midnight garden.

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