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The Works of Rudyard Kipling (One Volume Edition)

by Rudyard Kipling

Verse and short stories by Rudyard Kipling.

Second Nature

by Alice Hoffman

A "magical and daring" (New York Times Book Review) novel by the bestselling author of At Risk and Second Heaven. Coping with a divorce-in-progress and a troubled teenaged son, Robin Moore surprises even herself when she impulsively rescues a strange, seemingly uncivilized man from a psychiatric hospital and takes him to her small-town home.

The Second Saladin

by Stephen Hunter

In the windswept sands of the middle east, Paul Chardy fought side by side with Ulu Beg: one, a charismatic, high-strung CIA covert warrior, the other a ferocious freedom fighter. Then Chardy fell into the hands of the enemy, and Beg was betrayed. Now the two men are about to meet again. Beg has come over the Mexican border under a hail of bullets -- determined to assassinate a leading American political figure and avenge his peoples betrayal. The CIA wants Chardy to stop the hit. Chardy wants to save Beg's life. Between the two men is a tragic past, a failed mission, and a woman who knew them in war -- and who knows their secrets now. Around both men is a conspiracy of lies and violence that reaches back to the cold war. But as Beg move4s in for his kill and as Chardy breaks loose from his handlers, a tragic truth begins to emerge: somewhere, someone wants both men to die.

The Four Million

by O. Henry

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Showing 26 through 50 of 100,000 results