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The Ghost in the Gallery (Dana Girls Mystery #17)

by Carolyn Keene

A ghostly figure, a walking suit of armor, and a gargoyle in the prompter's box confront Jean and Louise Dana and their Starhurst classmates as they rehearse for a musical at Mozart Hall. The owner, a retired singer, and the watchman assure the performers there is nothing to worry about. The students wonder whether their imaginations are playing tricks on them. Or are spooky things actually happening each time they visit the opera house? A contest is held for an original song to be used in the play. The Danas' music is stolen but they make a copy and submit it. When their song is chosen as one of the winners, a listener says she has heard it before! Can the Danas' solve the mystery of Mozart Hall and their song? Picture descriptions and captions added.

Over Her Head

by Gail Gaymer Martin

Christian romance.

Reconstruction After the Civil War

by John Hope Franklin

Reconstruction after the Civil War has been praised for cutting through the controversial scholarship and popular myths of the time to provide an accurate account of the role of former slaves during this period in American history.

Surya Mukheer Swapna (Longing for Sunshine)

by Syed Abdul Malik Pradip Acharya

Set against the backdrop of a typically backward Assamese village, Dalim, this novel depicts the life of the poor peasants there, their occupation, their customs and manners, their joys and sorrows.

Xeuji Pator Kahini (The Partings)

by Rasna Barua Mrinal Miri

Set in Assam, the story juxtaposes the morally oppressive life in a typical Assames village and the life of the tea garden workers, which, even if marvelously free from the moral pretensions of a small village community, is harsh and unrelenting.

John the Balladeer

by Manly Wade Wellman

John the Balladeer appeardd in fantasy magazines for over two decades. He is one of the most enigmatic and down-to-earth heroes in the fantasy genre. He is just a wandering minstrel with a silver-stringed guitar who wandrs the hills and valleys of rural America and finds magic there.

The Road Home (Guardians of the Flame, Book #7)

by Joel Rosenberg

This is part of a long series of books written in the same universe. This series is well-written and appeals to young adults as well as young older people.

Bounty Bride

by Emily Bradshaw

Romance and adventure set in the Arizona Territory in 1870.

Family for Keeps

by Margaret Daley

Love inspired Christian romance set in Colorado.

Atlantic High: A Celebration

by William F. Buckley Jr.

William F. Buckley Jr.'s account of his voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in the sailboat Sealestial, Atlantic High is a work that everywhere evidences Buckley's love for sailing and good companionship. Infused with his inimitable wit and supported by a rich fund of anecdotes and observations, Atlantic High is truly a one-of-a-kind work.

Section 504 and the ADA: A Resource Guide for Educators

by Council of Administrators for Special Education

This book provides an overview of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 for educators.

Amber Brown is Not a Crayon

by Paula Danziger

A great read for kids.

The Blind Colt

by Glen Rounds

Moving story of a mustang colt who was born blind and eventually adopted and trained by a ten-year-old boy. Story based on author's own experience as a youth with a blind wild colt on the family's ranch.

Woman at the Well

by Dale Sams Rogers

The growing up years and family life of Dale Evans Rogers.

Isaac's Universe: The Diplomacy Guild (vol #1)

by Martin Greenberg

Short stories by various authors based on a Universe invented by master science fiction author Isaac Asimov

Her Home or Her Heart

by Kasandra Elaine

Christian romance set mostly on a cruise ship on the Mississippi River.

Rumpole of the Bailey

by John Mortimer

Horace Rumpole, barrister-at-law, takes on a violent robbery, a drug deal, a rape, a divorce, a safe-cracking and a murder in these 6 stories.

Dangerous to Love

by Melanie George

Romance set in Scotland

The Case of the Backward Mule

by Erle Stanley Gardner

[from the back cover] "Clane closed the bedroom door and looked at the woman. She was wearing nothing but a slip. Her blond hair was uncombed. A cigarette dangled from her lower lip. "What the hell do you want?" she spat out. What Clane wanted--and fast--was the answer to one question: Who killed Horace Farnsworth? But to get the truth he had to handle this tough babe just right. She was as touchy as a trainload of nitroglycerine. One wrong move on Clane's part and she might blow his case so high he could never find the pieces again... just out of pure, overdeveloped viciousness!"

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