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Blind Justice (Sir John Fielding Mystery #1)

by Bruce Alexander

First in the Sir John Fielding mystery series. A death takes place in a library with the door locked on the inside and blind magistrate Sir John with young Jeremy's help unravels the mystery.

A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You

by Amy Bloom

Here are characters confronted with tragedy, perplexed by emotions, and challenged to endure whatever modern life may have in store. A loving mother accompanies her daughter in her journey to become a man, and discovers a new, hopeful love. A stepmother and stepson meet again after fifteen years and a devastating mistake, and rediscover their familial affection for each other. And in "The Story," a widow bent on seducing another woman's husband constructs and deconstructs her story until she has "made the best and happiest ending" possible "in this world."

The Blind Man of Seville

by Robert Charles Wilson

During Easter week, a restauranteur is found bound, gagged and murdered, sitting in front of a TV, where he was forced to watch unendurable images.

The Blind Man of Seville

by Robert Wilson

Called to a gruesome crime scene, Inspector Javier Falcón is shocked and sickened by what he finds. Littered like flower petals on the victim's shirt are the man's own eyelids, evidence of a heinous crime with no obvious motive. When the investigation leads him to read his late father's journals, he discovers a disturbing and sordid past. Meanwhile, more victims are falling. While Falcón struggles to solve the case, he finds the missing section of his father's journal-and becomes the murderer's next intended victim.Combining suspenseful storytelling with a thoughtful exploration of the human psyche, The Blind Man of Seville confirms bestselling and award-winning author Robert Wilson as one of the greatest literary mystery writers working today.

Blind Man Running: A Product of the Ozark Mountains - The Story of a Blind Man's Quest for the Joy of Life

by Michael Mcintire

Autobiography of a blind man's journey through life as a traveling musician

Blind Man with a Pistol

by Chester Himes

New York is sweltering in the summer heat, and Harlem is close to the boiling point. To Coffin Ed Johnson and Grave Digger Jones, at times it seems as if the whole world has gone mad. Trying, as always, to keep some kind of peace-their legendary nickel-plated Colts very much in evidence-Coffin Ed and Grave Digger find themselves pursuing two completely different cases through a maze of knifings, beatings, and riots that threaten to tear Harlem apart."The word is out on the street, and the hopheads and whores and flimflam artists are running scared: Coffin Ed Johnson and Grave Digger Jones are back in print."-- Newsweek.

Blind Man’s Alley

by Justin Peacock

A concrete floor three hundred feet up in the Aurora Tower condo development in SoHo has collapsed, hurling three workers to their deaths. The developer, Roth Properties (owned by the famously abrasive Simon Roth), faces a vast tangle of legal problems, including allegations of mob connections. Roth's longtime lawyers, the elite midtown law firm of Blake and Wolcott, is assigned the task of cleaning up the mess. Much of the work lands on the plate of smart, cynical, and seasoned associate Duncan Riley; as a result, he falls into the powerful orbit of Leah Roth, the beautiful daughter of Simon Roth and the designated inheritor of his real estate empire. Meanwhile, Riley pursues a seemingly small pro bono case in which he attempts to forestall the eviction of Rafael Nazario and his grandmother from public housing in the wake of a pot bust. One night Rafael is picked up and charged with the murder of the private security cop who caught him, a murder that took place in another controversial "mixed income" housing development being built by... Roth Properties. Duncan Riley is now walking the knife edge of legal ethics and personal morality. Blind Man's Alley is a suspenseful and kaleidoscopic journey through a world where the only rule is self- preservation. This taut, topical, and socially alert thriller delivers on that promise.

A Blind Man’s Map of Mumbai

by Vivek Tandon

This is about Mumbai, its immigrants from different corners of India and the world due to its cosmopolitan culture.

The Blind Masseuse

by Alden Jones

Through personal journeys both interior and across the globe, Alden Jones investigates what motivates us to travel abroad in search of the unfamiliar. By way of explorations to Costa Rica, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Cuba, Burma, Cambodia, Egypt, and around the world on a ship, Jones chronicles her experience as a young American traveler while pondering her role as an outsider in the cultures she temporarily inhabits. Her wanderlust fuels a strong, high-adventure story and, much in the vein of classic travel literature, Jones's picaresque tale of personal evolution informs her own transitions, rites of passage, and understandings of her place as a citizen of the world. With sharp insight and stylish prose, Jones asks: Is there a "right" or "wrong" way to travel? "The Blind Masseuse" concludes that there is, but that it's not always black and white.

The Blind Men and the Elephant

by Lillian F. Quigley

In this Indian Folk Tale six blind men learn how to share their impressions to make a whole.

The Blind Men and the Elephant

by David A. Schmaltz

If you work, you probably manage projects every day-even if "project manager" isn't in your official title-and you know how frustrating the experience can be. Using the familiar story of six blind men failing to describe an elephant to each other as a metaphor, David Schmaltz brilliantly identifies the true root cause of the difficulties in project work: "incoherence" (the inability of a group of people to make common meaning from their common experience). Schmaltz exposes such oft-cited difficulties as poor planning, weak leadership, and fickle customers as poor excuses for project failure, providing a set of simple, project coherence-building techniques that anyone can use to achieve success. He explains how "wickedness" develops when a team over-relies on their leader for guidance rather than tapping their true source of power and authority-the individual. The Blind Men and the Elephant explores just how much influence is completely within each individual's control. Using real-world stories, Schmaltz undermines the excuses that may be keeping you trapped in meaningless work, offering practical guidance for overcoming the inevitable difficulties of project work.

The Blind Outlaw

by Glen Rounds

This is the story of how a boy who couldn't speak trains and gentles a blind wild horse known as the outlaw.

The Blind Pony (Pony Pals #15)

by Jeanne Betancourt

The Pony Pals learn to take care of ponies with special needs by helping a friend whose pony is gradually becoming blind.

The Blind Preschool Child

by Berthold Lowenfeld

This book is a collection of papers presented at the National Conference On The Blind Preschool Child on March 13-15, 1947.

Blind Rage

by Terri Persons

A string of troubled, young women committing suicide haunts the Twin Cities. But FBI Agent Bernadette St. Clare has a hunch that these women didn't die by their own hand but were killed by a fetishistic serial killer. It's a big leap to take and Bernadette's going to need some serious evidence to back it up. There is the English professor who teaches a course on Suicide in Literature who has got uncomfortably close to one of the victims. And then there is the uncooperative psychiatrist who treated two of the dead girls. Both of them know more than they are saying. Saint Clare is going to have to use unorthodox methods to unlock their secrets. With a cast of characters including a partner who's no longer among the living and a handsome boss who's available, this is the most unique psychological thriller you're bound to read all year. In her second novel featuring Agent Bernadette Saint Clare, Terri Persons delivers a thriller with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the last page

Blind Rage (Bernadette Saint Clare #2)

by Terri Persons

In her second novel featuring FBI Agent Bernadette Saint Clare, Terri Persons delivers enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the last page. Young women committing suicide is haunting the Twin Cities--but FBI Agent Bernadette Saint Clare has a hunch that these women didn't die by their own hand... It's a big leap to take, and Bernadette's going to need some serious evidence to back it up. Unfortunately, her best lead is an uncooperative psychiatrist, and when Saint Clare resorts to using her second sight, she'll discover dark secrets in the doctor's past as complex as they are disturbing. With a cast of characters including a partner who's no longer among the living and a handsome boss who's available, this is the most unique psychological thriller you're bound to read all year.

Blind Side

by William Bayer

Blind Side (Connor Westphal Mystery #5)

by Penny Warner

DEAD FROGS CAN'T JUMP On the eve of Calaveras County's annual frog-jumping contest, is the suspicious death of Buford, the county's prizewinning amphibian, sabotage or murder? Feisty local newspaper publisher Connor Westphal ponders the irony of this untimely tragedy-- made suddenly more alarming when poor Buford's handler, Dakota Webster, is found floating in Critter's Creek surrounded by dozens more dead frogs. Connor is more than curious when the frog of a rival competitor is discovered stuffed in the dead man's mouth, and worried when the prime suspect is Jeremiah "Miah" Mercer, one of her closest friends. Determined to clear Miah's name, Connor navigates a sordid mess of toxic waste, embezzlement, prescription drug scams and cold-blooded murder ... taking a dangerous leap of her own in a race to catch a killer.

Blind Sight

by Meg Howrey

This spellbinding story introduces the unforgettable seventeen-year-old narrator, Luke Prescott, who has been brought up in a bohemian matriarchy by his divorced New Age mother, a religious grandmother, and two precocious half-sisters. Having spent a short lifetime swinging agreeably between the poles of Eastern mysticism and New England Puritanism, Luke is fascinated by the new fields of brain science and believes in having evidence for his beliefs. "Without evidence," he declares, "you just have hope, which is nice, but not reliable." Luke is writing his college applications when his father--a famous television star whom he never knew--calls and invites him to Los Angeles for the summer. Luke accepts and is plunged into a world of location shooting, celebrity interviews, glamorous parties, and premieres. As he begins to know the difference between his father's public persona and his private one, Luke finds himself sorting through his own personal mythology. By the end of the summer Luke thinks he has found the answers he's been seeking, only to discover that the differences between truth and belief are not always easy to spot, and that evidence can be withheld: when Luke returns home, his mother reveals something she knows will change everything for him. With Blind Sight, Meg Howrey gives us a smart, funny, and deeply moving story about truth versus belief, about what we do and don't tell ourselves--with the result, as Luke says, that we don't always know what we know.From the Hardcover edition.

Blind Sight (Bernadette Saint Clare #3)

by Terri Persons

"Persons has shattered the thriller mold."--John Sandford A deer hunter tracking his wounded prey through the Minnesota woods gets much more than he bargained for when he makes the grisly discovery of a young girl's body. The condition of the corpse is shocking: The girl had been pregnant, but the fetus was removed from her womb and an inverted pentagram drawn on her forehead. After the girl is identified as the daughter of a high-powered Senator, the FBI is called in to find the murderer--and the missing baby. The case becomes increasingly complex as Bernadette and Tony's personal relationship heats up, and the investigation is hampered by the many lies that lead them on a circuitous--and deadly--route to the truth. Through dogged police work and Bernadette's unique powers of second sight, they close in on the killers on a frigid night in the snowy woods in an effort to save the tiny victim of the toughest crime they've ever solved.

Blind Sight: A Novel

by Terri Persons

Persons takes her third thriller featuring FBI agent Bernadette St. Clare to a whole new level, as she brings spine-tingling suspense together with elements of the supernatural in a murder investigation that's as chilling as a Minnesota winter.

Blind Sighted

by Peter Moore

Kirk, a creative misfit who is in trouble at high school because he is bored with his classes, learns to deal with his alcoholic mother, new friends, and life with the help of a blind young woman who hires him to read to her.

Blind Spot

by Terri Persons

Bernadette Saint Clare is an FBI agent with a difference: she sees through the eyes of killers. . . but her ability makes her a dangerous maverick in the Federal Bureau of investigations. Her reward is a backwater posting to Minnesota, but on her very first day a mutilated body is found: the killing is the work of a vigilante killer intent on settling old scores. Soon more bodies appear up and down the Mississippi. All are evildoers who have preyed on the innocent -- the murderer is literally interpreting the Old Testament's injunction, 'a life for a life'. He will take as many as he can and quickly as he can before he can be stopped. Forensic investigation is too slow for the dizzying sequence of events that now take place. Bernadette is catapulted from the heart-stopping sequence of slayings into a chase where stalker and prey swap places and where her visions will take her to the very brink of sanity

Blind Spot

by Stephanie Kane

Cold, hard evidence--a prosecutor's dream, a defense attorney's nightmare Criminal defense lawyer Jackie Flowers got what she wished for...a high-profile murder case. While defending entrepreneur Aaron Best in the grisly slaying of a millionaire's trophy wife, Jackie turns FBI profiling upside down and uncovers a string of killings that could either free or hang her client. But Jackie has one big secret of her own--and it might make her the killer's next target.Someone is stalking women along the Rocky Mountain Front Range, and posing their beheaded bodies in bizarre ways. Will Jackie's unique courtroom talents enable her to strip away the killer's facade--or will her own blind spot expose her? Either way could lead a murderer straight to her door.From the Paperback edition.

Blind Spot (Bernadette Saint Clare #1)

by Terri Persons

Introducing a heroine unlike any other... FBI Agent Bernadette Saint Clare's gift of sight allows her to see things others can't. But some things are better left unseen. Not always easy to work with, Agent Bernadette Saint Clare has been assigned and reassigned to FBI offices all over the country. Not long after she's placed at a desk in the basement of the off-site St. Paul office, she's called on to do what she does best: use personal effects found at a crime scene to see through a killer's eyes. In some cases her sight has been astoundingly accurate; in others it has been less than perfect. The agent in charge of this case, Tony Garcia, aware of Bernadette's spotty record, is unsure if he should follow her lead, and the tension between them makes for an uneasy alliance. To make things more complicated, she becomes involved with her new upstairs neighbor. But there's something about him she can't quite put her finger on--especially when he offers her a key clue to the killer's identity. A complex novel filled with quirky characters on the right and wrong sides of the law, Blind Spot reminds us that life is filled with leaps of faith both great and small.

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