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Blade of Fire (The Icemark Chronicles, Book 2)

by Stuart Hill

It's been 20 years since Queen Thirrin and her allies defended the Icemark against a brutal invasion, but now General Bellorum is back. Also, Thirrin and Oskans cold-hearted daughter Medea may be the downfall of the kingdom. Sequel to Cry of the Icemark.

A Blade of Grass

by Lewis Desoto

A story of two women's lives in the turmoil of Africa. Set on the border between South Africa and an unnamed country, A Blade of Grass tells the story of Marit Laurens, a young woman of British descent, recently orphaned and newly wed, who comes to live with her husband, Ben, on their new farm. As the days pass peacefully in this idyllic setting, the old traditions are maintained: Ben and Marit manage the farm, and their black workers cultivate the fields and tend the animals. But when guerrilla violence and tragedy visit their lives, Marit finds herself in a tug of war between the local Afrikaner community that surrounds the farm and the black workers who live on it. Frightened and confused, she turns to the only person who can offer her friendship, a person who is also alone in the world - her maid, Tembi. When Marit stubbornly determines to run the farm with Tembi's help, the encroaching civil war brings out their conflicting loyalties. The fight for the farm becomes a fight for their lives. As the novel proceeds to its devastating conclusion, it reveal a tale that is both terrifying and hopeful, offering a profound perspective on what it means to be black and white in a country where both live and feel entitlement. A Blade of Grass resonates with lyricism and deep insight, moving beyond its own time and place to become a universal story of the price of freedom.

Blade of Tyshalle

by Matthew Stover

Twenty-seven years ago, they said Hari Michaelson didn't have a chance. He was just a loser, a street criminal from a disgraced family. He'd never make anything of himself. They were wrong. He made himself into Caine: Killer. Superstar. Hero . . . THE BLADE OF TYSHALLE Six years ago, Ma'elkoth--a god of Overworld--held Pallas Ril in his merciless grip. Earth's ruling elite wanted her dead. Caine swore he would save her. They said he didn't have a chance. They were wrong. He sacrificed his career as Caine to crush Pallas Ril's enemies and bring her home. Now Hari Michaelson is the only man who stands between the soulless corporate masters of Earth and the green hills of Overworld. Caine's victory over Ma'elKoth opened a door between the worlds, and the faceless masses of Earth are killing everything he loves. Enemies old and new array themselves against him. And Hari's not even Caine anymore. He's just one man--alone, half-crippled, powerless. They say he doesn't have a chance. They are wrong . . .

Blade: Playing Dead

by Tim Bowler

A fourteen-year-old British street person with extraordinary powers of observation and self-control must face murderous thugs connected with a past he has tried to forget, when his skills with a knife earned him the nickname Blade.

Blade to the Keep

by Lauren Dane

Canny and ferocious, with the power of an ancient Goddess in her belly, Rowan Summerwaite is the only person who can renegotiate the fragile Treaty between the Vampire Nation and the Hunter Corporation, the last line of defense for humanity. A meeting of this Joint Tribunal, as well as her new status as Liaison, sends Rowan straight to the last place on earth she wants to be, the childhood home she'd escaped so many years before-The First's Keep.Raised at the knee of The First-the oldest Vampire and leader of the Vampire Nation-honed into a weapon by the Hunter Corporation, wielding ancient knowledge from the Goddess within, Rowan must navigate bloodthirsty Vampires and Hunters alike. And she's got to do it while managing a politically awkward but undeniably deepened romance with Scion Clive Stewart. Failure in her role as Liaison could mean all-out war, with humankind in the crosshairs. No pressure.Walking the path between her two lives has already made Rowan a pariah. The choices she'll have to make will mean she becomes something even more Other and as a result she may lose those last shreds of home she has left.See how Rowan's story began in Goddess with a Blade.72,000 words

Blades of Valor

by Sigmund Brouwer

Travel with Thomas from Jerusalem to England in this exciting conclusion to the Merlin's Immortals series. Thomas is finally in the Holy Land and reunited with Sir William, but is forced to travel on his own from the coast through Nazareth, and finally to Jerusalem. The road is a dangerous one--especially to a lone traveler. Bandits masquerade as slaves, traitors appear to be allies, and once again, Thomas doesn't know whom to trust. He must rely on his own resources to discern friend from foe, and to finally discover the final key to the Druids' master plan before returning home to expose them. Back in England, a final storm is brewing against Thomas, for the Druids are much more powerful than the Orphan King can even imagine.

Bladesinger (Forgotten Realms: Fighters #4)

by Keith Francis Strohm

They are the half-bloods, the broken, the unforgiven.They failed themselves and their people.They are outcasts.Then, in the bitter wilds of Rashemen, they receive a desperate plea they alone can answer. If they succeed, it could mean their redemption. But if they fail, a troubled past will be the least of their problems.About the Author Keith Francis Strohm is the current Chief Operating Officer of Paizo Publishing, LLC, and the Publisher of Dragon and Dungeon magazines. Prior to that, he was the Vice President of Pokemon®, the Director of the Roleplaying and Miniatures categories, and the Brand Manager for Dungeons & Dragons®--all at Wizards of the Coast. He is the author of the Greyhawk® novel The Tomb of Horrors, and he has written three short stories for the Forgotten Realms. This is his second novel.


by Murray Carter

Bladesmithing with Murray Carterprovides the reader with an in-depth look into traditional Japanese Cutlery forging techniques and their modern applications. A non-stop flow of inquiries to Murray has prompted him to reveal the secret techniques learned during 18 years in Japan, where he lived and worked as a village bladesmith. He now shares this wealth of information for the benefit of the curious reader and Japanese knife enthusiast alike. Owners of nearly 15,000 of Murray's knives will be delighted to see a comprehensive book written by the knives' creator. Features: 250+ dazzling, full-color images, including many by renowned photographer Hiro Soga. Unique and extremely rare insight into the Japanese culture through the (blue) eyes of a Japanese village bladesmith. Detailed explanations of Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing techniques that until now have been cloaked in mystery and myth. Enough detailed information to guide an aspiring bladesmith to become a successful smith in the Japanese style of blade making. About the Author Murray Carteris one of the most popular custom knifemakers at the annual BLADE Show, regularly conducts wildly popular seminars on shaving with a machete, and is known for standing at his booth sharpening knives while teaching the techniques to interested attendees. Carter lives in Vernonia, Oregon.

The Blair Reader: Exploring Issues and Ideas (7th Edition)

by Laurie G. Kirszner Stephen R. Mandell

A thematic reader with over 100 classic and contemporary readings and the themes include family, gender, education, language, and the environment. New focus topics include reading on texting and social networking.

Blair's Nightmare

by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

The Stanley children try to hide Blair's dog, Nightmare, from their parents. When the dog disappears and Blair goes off to find him, their plan falls apart.

Blaise Pascal: Thoughts, Letters, And Minor Works

by Blaise Pascal

A collection of works from Blaise Pascal, including: "Thoughts on Mind and Style," "The Misery of Man Without God," "Of the Necessity of the Wager," "Of the Means of Belief," "Justice and the Reason of Effects," "The Philosophers," "Morality and Doctrine," "Fundamentals of the Christian Religion," and others.

The Blame Game

by Ben Dattner Darren Dahl

FROM HIS YEARS OF EXPERIENCE CONSULTING to leading companies, psychologist Ben Dattner has discovered that at the root of the worst problems we confront at work is the skewed allocation of blame and credit. In so many workplaces, people feel they're playing a high-stakes game of "blame or be blamed," which can be disastrous for the individuals who get caught up in it and can sink teams and afflict whole companies. Dattner presents compelling evidence that whether we fall into the trap of playing the blame game or learn to avoid the pitfalls is a major determinant of how successful we will be. The problem is that so many workplaces foster a blaming culture. Maybe you have a constantly blaming boss, or a colleague who is always taking credit for others' work. All too often, individuals are scapegoated, teams fall apart, projects get derailed, and people become disengaged because fear and resentment have taken root. And what's worse, the more emotionally charged a workplace is--maybe our jobs are threatened or we're facing a particularly difficult challenge--the more emphatically people play the game, just when trust and collaboration are most needed. What can we do? We can learn to understand the hidden dynamics of human psychology that lead to this bad behavior so that we can inoculate ourselves against it and defuse the tensions in our own workplace. In lively prose that is as engaging as it is illuminating, Dattner tells a host of true stories of those he has worked with--from the woman who was so scapegoated by her colleagues that she decided to quit, to the clueless boss who was too quick to blame his staff. He shares a wealth of insight from the study of human evolution and psychology to reveal the underlying reasons why people are so prone to blaming and credit-grabbing; it's not only human nature, it's found throughout the animal kingdom. Even bats do it. He shows how our family experiences, gender, and culture also all shape the way we cope with credit and blame issues, and introduces eleven personality types that are especially prone to causing difficulties and illustrates how we can best cope with them. He also profiles how a number of outstanding leaders, from General Dwight Eisenhower and President Harry Truman to highly respected business figures such as former Intel CEO Andy Grove and Xerox CEO Ursula Burns, employed the power of taking blame and sharing credit to achieve great success. The only winning move in the blame game, Dattner shows, is not to play, and the insights and practical suggestions in this book will help readers, at any level of any organization and at any stage of their careers, learn to manage the crucial psychology of credit and blame for themselves and others.

Blame It on Babies

by Kristine Rolofson

BLAME IT ON TIMING...Jess Sheridan thinks marriage is the pits. Once was enough, and there's no way another woman is going to haul him down that aisle. But when a mysterious blonde arrives in Beauville, Texas, Jess feels more than a little attraction. Not only is Lorna Walters gorgeous, she's pregnant! Soon Jess is ready to throw out his rulebook and do the right thing. And who better to make things right than a single cowboy? BLAME IT ON LOVE... Why won't he take no for an answer? Lorna never expected to get a date in her condition, let alone a proposal! She's had a crush on Jess for years and he never knew she was alive. Then there was that one glorious night...but he doesn't remember. Marrying Jess would be the icing on the cake, but she can't...and she won't.

Blame It on Bath

by Caroline Linden

A marriage of convenience . . . or of destiny? Gerard de Lacey is determined to find the man who is blackmailing his family, but with his inheritance and status at risk, a hasty marriage to a wealthy bride also seems in order-just in case things take a turn for the worse. Charismatic and capable, Gerard knows he can win the hand of any lady he chooses. Still, he's not expecting a rich widow to find him and propose the very thing he wants: a marriage of convenience. Katherine Howe's first marriage was one of dreary duty. Now that she's being pressured to marry her late husband's heir, she's desperate for a better option. Gerard de Lacey, with his sinful good looks, charming manner, and looming scandal, fits her needs perfectly. The fact that she's nursed a secret affection for him only makes it better-and worse. Because Gerard will likely marry her for her fortune-but can he love her for herself, as she loves him?

Blame It on Paradise

by Crystal Hubbard

Blame It on Paradise by Crystal Hubbard

Blame It on Texas

by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Lewis McCabe fell for Lexie Remington long ago. But as a shy and awkward teenager he thought he had no chance with her. Now he's a successful business owner and ready to romance Lexie, who's back in their hometown of Laramie, Texas. However, Lexie, an image stylist to the stars, thinks Lewis is asking for her professional help. So in order to spend time with the woman of his dreams, Lewis agrees to a makeover. Lexie is determined to see Lewis as just a client, no matter how she's starting to feel. But Lewis has other plans-he wants Lexie to stay in Laramie for good. And he wants a lot more than just a new look. Whatever happens, they can blame it on Texas!

Blame It on the Dog: A Modern History of the Fart

by Jim Dawson

Did you know that James Joyce liked to smell his wife's farts? That some fish communicate by expelling gas? Or that the Pentagon is developing weapons of mass olfactory destruction (WMOD)? That's just a whiff of what's in store in this breathtaking follow-up to the best-selling fart history, WHO CUT THE CHEESE? In BLAME IT ON THE DOG, eminent fartologist Jim Dawson sniffs out the latest and greatest new items of the past century, from flatulent robot dogs and fart fetishists to poot-proof underwear and anti-stink pills. In fifty breezy chapters, he spills the beans about scientific (wind)breakthroughs, celebrity butt rumblings, and real-life fartistes like Flatulina Fontanelle Boutier, cyberspace entertainer the Queen of Farts, and Mr. Methane, England's Prince of Poots. Plumbing the nether regions of politics, pop culture, and the (f)arts, this stinker of a bathroom book will leave you gasping for air.

Blame It on the Rain: How the Weather Has Changed History

by Laura Lee

An amazing, enlightening, and endlessly entertaining look at how weather has shaped our world. Throughout history, great leaders have fallen, the outcomes of mighty battles have been determined, and the tides of earth-shattering events have been turned by a powerful, inscrutable force of nature: the weather. In Blame It on the Rain, author Laura Lee explores the amazing and sometimes bizarre ways in which weather has influenced our history and helped to bring about sweeping cultural change. She also delights us with a plethora of fascinating weather-related facts (Did you know that more Britons die of sunburn every year than Australians?), while offering readers a hilarious overview of humankind's many absurd attempts to control the elements. If a weather-produced blight hadn't severely damaged French vineyards, there might never have been a California wine industry. . . . What weather phenomenon was responsible for the sound of the Stradivarius? If there had been a late autumn in Russia, Hitler could have won World War II. . . . Did weather play a part in Truman's victory over Dewey? Eye-opening, edifying, and totally unexpected, Blame It on the Rain is a fascinating appreciation of the destiny-altering vagaries of mother nature-and it's even more fun than watching the Weather Channel!

Blameless: The Parasol Protectorate: Book the Third

by Gail Carriger

Quitting her husband's house and moving back in with her horrible family, Lady Maccon becomes the scandal of the London season. Queen Victoria dismisses her from the Shadow Council, and the only person who can explain anything, Lord Akeldama, unexpectedly leaves town. To top it all off, Alexia is attacked by homicidal mechanical ladybugs, indicating, as only ladybugs can, the fact that all of London's vampires are now very much interested in seeing Alexia quite thoroughly dead. While Lord Maccon elects to get progressively more inebriated and Professor Lyall desperately tries to hold the Woolsey werewolf pack together, Alexia flees England for Italy in search of the mysterious Templars. Only they know enough about the preternatural to explain her increasingly inconvenient condition, but they may be worse than the vampires -- and they're armed with pesto.

Blaming the Victims: Spurious Scholarship and the Palestinian Question

by Edward W. Said Christopher Hitchens

Crimes happen everywhere in this world, this book provides stories of the victims, what and how they have been through.

Blanche Cleans Up

by Barbara Neely

From the dust jacket: From the dust jacket: Blanche is back! Blanche White-first featured in Blanche on the Lam and Blanche Among the Talented Tenth-is a very black, middle-aged woman who cleans white people's houses for a living. Tart-tongued and shrewd, with a keen nose for trouble, she's also a queen-sized snoop-who sees at a glance what people are really up to-especially if it's criminal. And heaven help you if Blanche has taken against you! Most of the people Blanche doesn't like are the "haves" of this world- and in Blanche Cleans Up, this domestic-worker-bychoice will encounter some "haves" with a vengeance. The funny thing is, Blanche had just been thinking that her life had finally settled down. It's been three years since she had to grab the kids and scurry out of Farleigh, North Carolina. Now they've all settled into life in the Roxbury section of Boston, and Blanche herself is feeling like she may finally be free to enjoy life-at least a little. But before Blanche can say,"Breakfast is ready," she gets suckered into standing in as cook-housekeeper to one Allister Brindle, a Boston Brahmin politician, and his do-gooder wife. Blanche is quickly enmeshed in a festering canker of a scandal that moves from the Bundles' house (a.k.a. Prozac House) to her own black community as she tries to figure out the truth behind the swimming-pool death of a young black man who knew a little too much With life suddenly getting just a bit too interesting on both the home and work fronts, Blanche finds herself dealing with a love triangle with bent angles, teen pregnancy, phony spirituality, environmental skulduggery, homophobia, a letter she wishes she hadn't read, a friend whose life she might have saved, and at least one person who doesn't mean her any good. To protect herself and safeguard her family, Blanche will have to rely on her own hard-to-beat intuition-and call on her community network for information, her Ancestors for guidance, and above all, her own well-established ability to listen at doors for the poop on who has what on whom. This time, Blanche sees more than she ever wanted to. but she also cleans up-in more ways than one-and does so with humor, good sense, and her own sharp social commentary. ...

Blanche on the Lam

by Barbara Neely

It's hard enough making ends meet on the pittaful Blanche White earns doing day work for the Southern families of North Carolina. But when her fourth bad check lands her a jail sentence, Blanche goes on the lam. Inadvertently, she finds work at the summer home of a well to do family, the members of which have plenty of secrets of their own And when a dead body is discovered, Blanche finds herself the prime suspect. Using her wit and intelligence-not to mention the remarkably efficient old-girl network among domestic workers-she gets to work uncovering the real duller before she lands in more hot water.

Blanche Passes Go

by Barbara Neely

This is the fourth and final book in the Blanche series.

The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature

by Steven Pinker

The Blank Slate shows how many intellectuals have denied the existence of human nature by embracing three linked dogmas: the Blank Slate, the Noble Savage, and the Ghost in the Machine. Each dogma carries a moral burden, so their defenders have engaged in desperate tactics to discredit the scientists who are now challenging them.

The Blank-Verse Tradition from Milton to Stevens

by Henry Weinfield

Blank verse, unrhymed iambic pentameter, has been central to English poetry since the Renaissance. It is the basic vehicle of Shakespeare's plays and the form in which Milton chose to write Paradise Lost. Milton associated it with freedom, and the Romantics, connecting it in turn with freethinking, used it to explore change and confront modernity, sometimes in unexpectedly radical ways. Henry Weinfield's detailed readings of the masterpieces of English blank verse focus on Milton, Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats, Tennyson and Stevens. He traces the philosophical and psychological struggles underlying these poets' choice of form and genre, and the extent to which their work is marked, consciously or not, by the influence of other poets. Unusually attuned to echoes between poems, this study sheds new light on how important poetic texts, most of which are central to the literary canon, unfold as works of art.

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