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Danger in a Red Dress

by Christina Dodd

Home care nurse Hannah Grey is dedicated to her patient, an aging widow still tainted by the financial scandal her late husband perpetrated. She makes Hannah promise that upon her death, she'll right the family's wrongs, and gives Hannah her offshore account's access codes. But Carrick Manly will do anything to discover where his family's fortunes lie-- including kill his own mother. Fearing for her life, and desperate not to betray the widow, Hannah flees. And when Carrick's half-brother, Gabriel, tracks her down in Houston, Hannah must trust her own instincts--and her heart--to survive.

Danger in a Small Town

by Ginny Aiken

Someone had broken into Tess Graver's home and trashed the place. But this was no random robbery. The intruder was looking for something specific--but what? With her own secrets to keep hidden, Tess reluctantly turned to neighbor Ethan Rogers for help. The been-there, seen-that former DEA agent wanted nothing to do with the big-city crime from his old life. But Ethan wasn't about to let the dangerous thugs take over his small town. Or scare strong, sweet Tess into running away--not when he'd just found her.

Danger in Disguise (Nancy Drew Files #33)

by Carolyn Keene

Nancy finds a mystery while doing volunteer work for Councilman Tim Terry's reelection campaign. There seems to be some people with secret identities.

Danger in Plain Sight

by Marta Perry

Libby Morgan never wanted to return to Lancaster County. She'd made her own life in the city as a news photographer, leaving the slow pace of Amish country behind. She'd left love behind, too, when she fled the old-fashioned ways of Adam Byler. But when a friend in trouble beckons, Libby knows she has no choice. What she doesn't know is that something sinister awaits her....For Adam Byler, the traditional ways convey safety and order. As police chief of Springville, the former marine strives to keep the peace between the Amish and their modern "Englischer" neighbors-and he will not allow Libby's beauty to distract him from his duties. But when an innocent woman is attacked, they'll confront a danger more threatening than their growing passion.

Danger in Quicksand Swamp

by Bill Wallace

Ben and Jake battle alligators, quicksand, and a murderer when they search for buried treasure on an island in a swamp.

Danger in the Ashes (#8)

by William W. Johnstone

The bloody war continues against the hordes of subhuman cannibals infesting the urban wasteland. But Raines and his rebel forces encounter an even greater threat to their dreams.

Danger in the Desert

by T. S. Fields

Two brothers attempt to survive in the desert outside Scottsdale Arizona, after they are abandoned there following a carjacking.

Danger in the Desert

by T. S. Fields

Scott and Robbie always wanted candy and Root Beer for Dinner, but now they've got their wish and it doesn't sound so good. They've been kidnapped in their mother's station wagon and left in the brutally hot desert with no food or water. When night comes-darker than they ever thought night could be, bringing coyotes and snakes-the brothers, eleven and nine, have to face the possibility that they might not be rescued. It's up to them to survive, using only what they happen to have in the station wagon. How can a pair of shoes, a set of hubcaps, and the contents of their mother's shopping bags be used for desert survival? You won't be able to stop reading until you fond out.

Danger in the Fourth Dimension (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #118)

by Franklin W. Dixon

From the back of the book: A CALL TO ACTION LEADS THE HARDY BOYS ON A ROLLER COASTER RIDE OF TERROR! Frank and Joe have received an urgent message from their father: He needs their help on a case at the South Carolina sci-fi theme park, The Fourth Dimension. Soon after their arrival, however, the case takes a dark and shocking turn. Before the boys can even learn the details of their father's investigation, they learn that he's been kidnapped! But the Hardys enter The Fourth Dimension at their own risk. The search for their missing father draws them into a fight against an elusive enemy armed with rampaging robots, hurtling hovercraft, and deadly laser guns. Their only chance to solve the mystery is to execute a far-out, futuristic battle plan of their own! =============== From inside the book: Danger in the Fourth Dimension As the ride barreled down a steep decline, Joe saw the man in the alien costume crawling over the back of a roller coaster car toward him. Just then Frank slid into Joe's car and said, "We've got company." The masked alien lunged at Joe. One of the man's claws tightened around Joe's neck. Joe managed to choke out, "Frank . . . help!" Frank hurled himself forward and pushed hard against the alien's chest. "Get off him!" Frank growled. The alien's grip on Joe loosened. Suddenly the roller coaster entered a dark cavern. Joe felt a fist slam hard into his stomach. Breathless, he clutched his middle and sank to the seat of the car. Then he saw the alien elbow Frank in the stomach. "Hold on, Frank!" Joe cried out. Frank staggered backward. He'd lost his balance and was about to fall off" the speeding roller coaster!

Danger in the Palace (Circle of Magic 2, Book 4)

by Debra Doyle James D. Macdonald

When Randal and his best friend, Lys, are invited to join the theater troupe in the court of a kind and wealthy prince, they think they have it made! But Randal soon stumbles upon a plot against the prince and discovers that his wizardry skills are needed now more than ever. Can Randal expose the prince's enemies before it's too late?

Danger--Landslides! (Leveled Readers 4.6.2)

by Linda Hartley

Introduces children to landslides.

Danger on Her Doorstep

by Rachelle Mccalla

Her father's death didn't seem suspicious. Yet Maggie Arnold can't deny that there's something odd about the old Victorian house he was working on when he died. The house that Maggie has now inherited. All she wants is to finish the renovations, sell the house and leave Holyoake, Iowa. . . ;but that's easier said than done. The only handyman in town who steps up to help her is Gideon Bromley-a man no one in Holyoake wants to trust. And just beyond every corner hides the person determined to keep them both away from the house. . . ;for good.

Danger on Panther Peak

by Bill Wallace

When his sister gets sick, a young boy must go get help even though there is a panther prowling in the neighborhood.

Danger On The Railroad (The American Adventure #21)

by Susan Martins Miller

There's danger on the railroad. Charles Fisk likes to run risks with the trains on the railroad tracks outside Cincinnati. But when his sister Tina accidentally discovers that a friend's family is involved in the Underground Railroad, the two Fisks run into more trouble than either one had bargained for. When they see an escaping slave being followed by a slave catcher. Tina and Charles know they must help. But what can they do without raising the slave catcher's suspicions?

Danger on the Air (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #95)

by Franklin W. Dixon

Frank and Joe must catch a villain calling himself the Masked Marauder before he blows up a television station.

Danger on the Diamond (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #90)

by Franklin W. Dixon

When Joe leads his fellow baseball campers in a cheer at the day's end, the stands where they all are perched come crashing down. And that's just the first in a sinister chain of events at the camp.

Danger on the Flying Trapeze

by Dave Jackson Neta Jackson

A Trailblazer Book. Casey convinces his family to join the circus but a terrifying accident leaves him paralyzed with fear. Through D. L. Moody, he learns that faith in Christ brings true courage.

Danger on the Great Lakes

by Carolyn Keene

THERE'S MORE EXCITEMENT ON THIS CRUISE SHIP THAN NANCY BARGAINED FOR! Nancy, Bess, and George are going on a cruise around the Great Lakes for a fantastic end-of-summer vacation! As soon as the girls set foot on the ship, though, they smell something fishy. Their new friend Amber is upset because her boyfriend, Craig, is neglecting her. After a little investigating on her friend's behalf, Nancy learns that Craig is really a detective. He's been busy hunting for a mastermind diamond thief who may well be on the ship. And it turns out Craig can use some help. Soon Nancy's hunting for clues on land and offshore. Where there's stolen diamonds, though, there's danger -- and Nancy and her friends are soon caught in the thick of it. Will Nancy be able to crack this case before her ship is sunk?

Danger on the Mountain

by Lynette Eason

After making a new life for herself and her infant daughter in Rose Mountain, widow Maggie Bennett thought they were safe. Getting caught in the middle of a bank robbery changes everything-and introduces her to policeman Reese Kirkpatrick. He seems to be everything her abusive late husband wasn't...just the man she needs to help her through the growing list of sinister occurrences. But Reese has his own baggage-and when a shocking betrayal puts Maggie at risk, Reese must decide if protecting his heart is worth losing a chance at love.

Danger on Vampire Trail (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #50)

by Franklin W. Dixon

The Hardy boys and two friends take a camping trip to the Rocky Mountains in an attempt to locate a gang of credit-card counterfeiters.

Danger Overseas (Nancy Drew Girl Detective And Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers Super Mystery)

by Carolyn Keene Franklin W. Dixon

"Wow, Joe, I can't believe there are actually people out there who would mess around with all these awesome ancient ruins." Yeah, but Frank, it's because of them that ATAC sent us here to Rome, and nothing beats this Italian food.

The Danger Quotient

by Annabel Johnson Edgar Johnson

Casey is an 18 year-old super-genius living in a small underground colony built after the earth's atmosphere was destroyed by nuclear war. The survivors of the colony are dwindling, mysteriously dying, and according to lifespan evaluations Casey will not survive to be 19. Another super-genius left Casey a recorded message as she was dying - she tells him that he must finish the time machine that she started to build, that he must go back to the past. The life of everyone in their complex depends on his doing this, although she doesn't have time to tell him why. Casey finishes the machine and makes several trips back in time where he becomes involved in the fate of one family as he visits members of three generations. He follows clues, trying to figure out where - or when - he is supposed to go, and just what it is he is supposed to do. When he finally does figure out the purpose behind his time traveling - to quote the book, it's "Like the one twist of string that unravels a whole ball into your lap..."

Danger to Self: On the Front Line with an ER Psychiatrist

by Paul R. Linde

The psychiatric emergency room, fast-paced as a combat zone with pressure to match, thrusts its medical providers into the outland of human experience where they must respond rapidly and decisively in spite of uncertainty and, very often, danger.

Danger: Twins at Work! (Sweet Valley Kids #76)

by Francine Pascal

In the words of 7-year-old Elizabeth Wakefield... My twin sister, Jessica, and I get to spend the day with our mom. She works in a big, fancy department store! I'm going to work hard. So is Jessica...I think. We can't get into too much trouble when Mom's around. Can we?

Danger (Undercover Girl #4)

by Christine Harris

Jesse Sharpe, child prodigy and secret agent, must find a bomb in a crowded railway station... before the unthinkable happens. Time is running out. Thousands of people could die, and Jesse is the only one who can save them. But the situation is even more deadly than Jesse realizes...

Showing 63,976 through 64,000 of 147,196 results


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