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by Kathleen V. Kudlinski

Describes the physical characteristics and life cycle of this plant, originally brought to America by English settlers to grow in their gardens.

Dandelions in a Jelly Jar (Lake Emily Series Book 2)

by Traci L. Depree

The young Morgan family continues to struggle to hold the farm together and Virginia tries to help Jessie and her father through difficult times. Things will never be the same in peaceful Lake Emily, Minnesota. School-board cutbacks prompt flamboyant art teacher Trudy Ploog to wage war on the foundation of small-town life---high school sports! Meanwhile, Peter and Mae Morgan grieve a loss . . . and learn to see with the eyes of grace.

Dandelions on the Wind

by Mona Hodgson

Tattered relationships and broken hearts, like a quilt, can be pieced together by God's love. When Maren Jensen took a job on Elsa Brantenberg's St. Charles, Missouri farm, she never expected to call the place her home. As she grows to love Mrs. Brantenberg and her granddaughter, Gabi, Maren is transformed from a lonely mail-order bride-without-a-groom to a beloved member of the Brantenberg household. But when Gabi's father, Rutherford "Wooly" Wainwright, returns to the farm unexpectedly, everything changes for Maren. Despite the failing eyesight that caused her suitor to reject her, she can see that Wooly desperately needs to reconnect with the family he abandoned when his grief sent him running toward the army--and into the Civil War. She also senses there could be something more between the widower and herself, if either can move beyond their past hurts. Comforted and counseled by the wisdom of the women in her beloved quilting circle, Maren begins to discover the cost such decisions demand of her heart. Are her choices in obedience to God, or is she running from His plan? Is it too late for love to be stitched into the fabric of her life?

Dandelions: Stars in the Grass

by Mia Posada

Rhyming text presents the dandelion, not as a weed, but as a flower of great beauty. Includes information about the flower, a recipe, and science activities.

Danger After Dark (Creative Girls Club Mystery #1)

by Ellie Mcdonald

"This is a bad idea, Alex," Lily said, her voice shaking. The abandoned mansion loomed above them in the dark night. Wait! Did she just see a flicker of light coming from a window? Who could be lurking inside the mansion in the middle of the night? Someone looking for the lost treasure hidden on the estate? "We have to see who's inside the mansion," Lily said. Alex gulped loudly, then said, "You're right. Let's do it!" The girls gripped hands tightly together, crouched down and scuttled toward the intruder with the flickering light.

Danger at Every Turn

by Devon Vaughn Archer

When retired FBI forensic psychologist Spencer Berry breaks up a scuffle between gang members, a chase ensues, leading Spencer to a creek where he discovers the nude remains of a young woman. Deidre Lawdrence, who lives behind this creek, finds herself drawn to Spencer Berry as someone she could have a real future with assuming they can get past disturbing events that threaten to come between them.

Danger at Her Door

by Beth Cornelison

Megan Hoffman was desperate to keep her past hidden. She'd moved to a small town, started a new job and changed her name. A fresh start couldn't erase the danger she'd left behind. Or heal the scars fear had branded on her soul. But she was making it, one day at a time. Until Jack Calhoun moved in next door. The crack reporter had an instinct for rooting out lies--and an overprotective urge honed as a single dad. With her enemy still lurking, Megan found trusting Jack with her secrets meant trusting him with her life. And Jack's deadline was looming. . . .

Danger at Sea (Gospel Time Trekkers #3)

by Maria Grace Dateno FSP

In this third volume of the Gospel Time Trekkers series, children ages 6-8 are taken on a journey that imaginatively Jesus welcoming the child Rebecca into a gathering with his disciples.

Danger at Snow Hill (Dog Watch #3)

by Mary Casanova

Something in the woods is threatening the freedom Pembrook's dogs enjoy. Dog Watch is on the case.

Danger at the Dieselworks (Thomas & Friends)

by Golden Books Rev W. Awdry

Those sneaky Diesels are planning something devious--and Thomas is on their track! This full-color storybook, which is based on the new Thomas & Friends direct-to-DVD movie, Day of the Diesels, issure to thrill little boys ages 3-6.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Danger at the Fair

by Peg Kehret

Ellen receives a spirit message during a séance at the county fair, warning that her brother Corey is in danger and that she must rescue him.

Danger at the Zoo: A Kit Mystery

by Kathleen Ernst

KIT lands a summer job with her local newspaper.. As she noses around the zoo gathering facts for a kids' column, Kit stumbles into some strange monkey business. Her reporter's instincts tell her that she's onto something worth investigating--and she's determined to get the story!

Danger Becomes You

by Annette Broadrick

RUNNING FROM HIS PASTDelta Force agent Jase Crenshaw knew no one would be looking for him in the remote cabin. The solitude suited him fine. No prying family, no concerned colleagues...and no one to point a deserving finger of blame. His physical wounds would heal. His soul was another story.RUNNING FOR HER LIFEThough the waiflike creature on his doorstep was clearly in trouble, Jase vowed to offer only shelter from the storm. Leslie O'Brien's innocence and tenderness were more than he deserved. But their unexpected encounter could save them both....

The Danger Box

by Blue Balliett

From the "New York Times"-bestselling author of "Chasing Vermeer" and "The Calder Game" comes an all-new mystery featuring a boy in a small town who has a different way of seeing, a mischievous girl who won't stay in one place, and a mysterious notebook.

Danger Canyon

by Margo Sorenson

Calvin and Rob decide to go on a long hiking trip. Soon they are trapped in a narrow gorge with two prison camp escapees and a hungry mountain lion on the loose.

The Danger (Dive Series, Book 3)

by Gordon Korman

In 1965, a British vessel named the Griffin sank with a priceless amount of gold on board.Now, centuries later, four kids are trying to raise the Griffin's treasure from the sea. Kaz, Dante, Adriana, and Star must take the biggest risk of their lives...and discover that they won't be able to trust anybody-even themselves.

Danger, Dolphins and Ginger Beer

by John Vigor

While their father is at a medical conference in New York, Sally, Peter, and Andy Grant are enjoying a taste of independence on Crab Island in the Caribbean. Though the hotel manager will keep an eye on them, they are camping on their own at the edge of the lagoon, fishing and sailing the Redwing, their dinghy. All three of them are first-class sailors who have been assisting their father in sailing their yacht around the world since their mother died nearly two years earlier. Just when they are beginning to really enjoy the camp, some unsettling events occur--Jan and Jon, twins sailing in their catamaran, Gemini, challenge the Grants to clear out of what they consider their campsite. And then they are all horrified to encounter a cruelly wounded dolphin in the lagoon. Who could do such a heartless thing? Sally, who is trying to live up to what her mother would have wanted her to be, goes all out to rescue the dolphin with the help of her younger brothers. Finally, they witness a shocking boat accident in which two adults, inexperienced sailors, nearly succeed in blowing themselves up, along with their boat. What Sally, Peter, Andy, and Jan and Jon eventually discover about these two people provides mystery, suspense, and adventure.

Danger in a Red Dress

by Christina Dodd

Home care nurse Hannah Grey is dedicated to her patient, an aging widow still tainted by the financial scandal her late husband perpetrated. She makes Hannah promise that upon her death, she'll right the family's wrongs, and gives Hannah her offshore account's access codes. But Carrick Manly will do anything to discover where his family's fortunes lie-- including kill his own mother. Fearing for her life, and desperate not to betray the widow, Hannah flees. And when Carrick's half-brother, Gabriel, tracks her down in Houston, Hannah must trust her own instincts--and her heart--to survive.

Danger in a Small Town

by Ginny Aiken

Someone had broken into Tess Graver's home and trashed the place. But this was no random robbery. The intruder was looking for something specific--but what? With her own secrets to keep hidden, Tess reluctantly turned to neighbor Ethan Rogers for help. The been-there, seen-that former DEA agent wanted nothing to do with the big-city crime from his old life. But Ethan wasn't about to let the dangerous thugs take over his small town. Or scare strong, sweet Tess into running away--not when he'd just found her.

Danger in Disguise (Nancy Drew Files #33)

by Carolyn Keene

Nancy finds a mystery while doing volunteer work for Councilman Tim Terry's reelection campaign. There seems to be some people with secret identities.

Danger in Plain Sight

by Marta Perry

Libby Morgan never wanted to return to Lancaster County. She'd made her own life in the city as a news photographer, leaving the slow pace of Amish country behind. She'd left love behind, too, when she fled the old-fashioned ways of Adam Byler. But when a friend in trouble beckons, Libby knows she has no choice. What she doesn't know is that something sinister awaits her....For Adam Byler, the traditional ways convey safety and order. As police chief of Springville, the former marine strives to keep the peace between the Amish and their modern "Englischer" neighbors-and he will not allow Libby's beauty to distract him from his duties. But when an innocent woman is attacked, they'll confront a danger more threatening than their growing passion.

Danger in Quicksand Swamp

by Bill Wallace

Ben and Jake battle alligators, quicksand, and a murderer when they search for buried treasure on an island in a swamp.

Danger in the Ashes (#8)

by William W. Johnstone

The bloody war continues against the hordes of subhuman cannibals infesting the urban wasteland. But Raines and his rebel forces encounter an even greater threat to their dreams.

Danger in the Desert

by T. S. Fields

Two brothers attempt to survive in the desert outside Scottsdale Arizona, after they are abandoned there following a carjacking.

Danger in the Desert

by T. S. Fields

Scott and Robbie always wanted candy and Root Beer for Dinner, but now they've got their wish and it doesn't sound so good. They've been kidnapped in their mother's station wagon and left in the brutally hot desert with no food or water. When night comes-darker than they ever thought night could be, bringing coyotes and snakes-the brothers, eleven and nine, have to face the possibility that they might not be rescued. It's up to them to survive, using only what they happen to have in the station wagon. How can a pair of shoes, a set of hubcaps, and the contents of their mother's shopping bags be used for desert survival? You won't be able to stop reading until you fond out.

Showing 63,976 through 64,000 of 147,226 results


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