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Dictionary of Allusions

by Martin H. Manser

This volume nearly doubles an earlier one limited to classical and biblical allusions, drawing as well from Shakespeare, Norse and other mythology, literary texts, historical events, and popular culture including film and television. In addition to explaining what people usually mean when they use the word or phrase and its origin or possible origins, the articles provide an example of its use, a guide for pronouncing any but common English words, and often cross-references to other articles. There is no bibliography. Annotation ©2009 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Dictionary of American Folklore

by Marjorie Tallman

Discover the delightful tales, characters, and themes of classic American storytelling in this comprehensive Dictionary of American Folklore. Ever wonder the origins of the fairy tales, myths, and legends passed down from generation to generation throughout America's long history? From Paul Bunyan to Johnny Appleseed, Marjorie Tallman covers it all in an engaging voice sure to please readers of all ages.

Dictionary Of American History: From 1763 To The Present

by Peter Thompson

This comprehensive reference covers the history of the United States from the period immediately preceding the American Revolution to the present day. In easy-to-understand language, the dictionary brings the people, places, and events in American history to life. It covers not only key political, diplomatic, and military events and developments but also economic, social, and cultural matters. More than 1,200 A-to-Z entries provide biographical data, explanations of essential terms, and outlines of battles and key legislation. Several thematic articles also examine important aspects of the period in question. For example, a user can easily access key facts about the Battle of Gettysburg, then refer to an in-depth article on the Civil War-its causes, its course, and its outcome. The dictionary is a clear and accessible resource for high school and college students, researchers, and general readers. With thorough cross-references, an extensive subject index, and a further reading list, the Dictionary of American History is a superb single- volume guide to the vital and colorful pageant of America's past. AMONG THE PEOPLE, TOPICS, AND EVENTS COVERED ARE: · Abortion Affirmative Action · Babe Ruth · The Bay of Pigs Invasion · The Bill of Rights · Benjamin Franklin · The Battle of Gettysburg · Brown v. Board of Education · The Confederacy · Alexander Hamilton · The Iran Hostage Crisis · Presidential Elections · Prohibition · The Stamp Act · The Trail of Tears · Harriet Tubman · The Wall Street Crash · Yellow Journalism. Peter Thompson has been the Sydney Mayer Lecturer in Early American History at Oxford University since January 1993. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania before spending four years as a lecturer in American history at Princeton University.

A Dictionary of Animal Behaviour

by David Mcfarland

This dictionary covers every aspect of animal behaviour, from aggression to courtship, animal welfare to cognition. It is essential reference for students of the biological sciences and psychology, professionals, and the general reader with an interest in natural history and zoology. Features: a unique reference guide to the subject; multi-disciplinary - covers terms from the related fields of ecology, physiology and psychology; entries backed up by specific examples of behaviour in the animal kingdom; and includes an index of common and Latin animal names.

A Dictionary of Astronomy

by Ian Ridpath

Astronomy is expanding almost as rapidly as the universe itself, and the proliferating scientific jargon can sometimes baffle even the most dedicated amateur. Now, in some 4,000 concise, up-to-date entries, this dictionary cuts a clear path through the maze of complex technical language, offering full, clear definitions drawn from all aspects of astronomy. Compiled by Ian Ridpath, a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, and an expert team of contributors, A Dictionary of Astronomy contains the most recent entries from astrophysics and cosmology to galaxies and time. Here are succinct definitions for the Big Bang theory, comets, eclipses, Magellanic Clouds, Mars, quasar, relativity, and variable stars. Entries on telescopes and other measuring devices, observatories, space missions, and recently named Solar System objects show how astronomers have explored the universe. The Dictionary also provides biographical entries on eminent astronomers from Copernicus to Edwin Hubble. From black hole to white dwarf, and from spiral galaxies to solar waves, A Dictionary of Astronomy opens a window on the universe for amateur astronomers everywhere.

A Dictionary of Bible Plants

by Lytton John Musselman

This book describes and illustrates each plant mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments and the Apocrypha. Drawing on Lytton John Musselman's extensive field investigations from Beirut to Borneo and from the Atlas to the Zagros mountains, it also includes his original images of each plant. Incorporating new research on their use, reviews are made of recent analytical studies of plants used in materials and technology as well as ancient grains, beer production, medicine, tensile materials, soap and other articles. Based on these materials, Musselman provides several new plant identifications for controversial biblical passages. In addition, the book surveys the history of Bible plant literature from the time of the Greeks and Romans to the present, and reviews and correlates it with Bible plant hermeneutics. Extensive references for further study are provided, along with an index to all verses containing references to these plants.

A Dictionary of Biology

by Elizabeth Martin Robert S. Hine

Fully revised and updated for the sixth edition, this market-leading dictionary is the perfect guide for anyone studying biology, either at school or university. With over 5,200 clear and concise entries, over 300 of them new to this edition, it provides comprehensive coverage of biology, biophysics, and biochemistry. Features include biographical entries on key scientists and highlighted entries on important topics such as bioinformatics, genomics, molecular evolution, and protein structure, with further reading suggestions. Appendices include classification of the animal and plant kingdoms; geological timescale; major mass extinctions of species; model organisms and their genomes; and Nobel prizewinners - the last two new to this edition.

Dictionary of Biology (4th edition)

by Robert Hine

Aimed at high school students, this reference defines the basic principles and terms used in the field of biology. Approximately 300 new entries have been added to this fourth edition, including entries on beta-oxidation, cerebral nuclei, DNA fingerprinting, and rapid eye movement. Pronunciation symbols and new line illustrations have also been added. The appendices include charts of the animal and plant kingdoms and amino acids, as well as a list of online resources.

A Dictionary of Buddhism

by Damien Keown

A comprehensive dictionary of Buddhism is even now growing in the unconstrained dimensions of the Internet, notes Keown (historical and cultural studies, U. of London). By comparison, his effort is modest: a handy one-volume source for students and general readers seeking concise explanations of the various concepts, names, texts, and terms found in the Buddhist literature. The articles are highly cross-referenced. Appendices include maps, a pronunciation guide, a guide to Buddhist scriptures, and a chronology. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Dictionary of Christianity in America

by Daniel G. Reid Robert D. Linder Bruce L. Shelley Harry S. Stout

This single volume does what most libraries cannot-- it places at your fingertips the whole spectrum of individuals, traditions, institutions, denominations, events, and ideas that have influenced North American religion and culture.

A Dictionary of Creation Myths

by David A. Leeming Margaret A. Leeming

God made Heaven, and then, after measuring the space underneath with a ball of thread, he began to form the earth. A mole asked to help, and God gave him the thread to hold while he wove the patterns of the earth. Sometimes the mole would let out too much thread, and finally the earth grew too large for the space under heaven. The mole was so upset that he hid under the earth. God sent the bee to look for him; he wanted the mole's advice on what to do about the mistake. The bee found the mole and he just laughed at the idea of advising God. The bee, however, hid in a flower and overheard the mole mumbling to himself about what he would do if he were God. 'I would squeeze the earth,' he said. 'That would make mountains and valleys and make it smaller at the same time.' When the bee heard this, he went directly to God and told him. God did what the mole had said, and everything fit fine." The myth of Rumanian Creation in which God weaves the earth from a ball of thread is just one the many stories that make up the wondrous world of creation myths. In virtually every culture throughout the ages, creation myths have played a vital role in providing not only explanations of the origins of societies but also specific cultural identities--serving as a "projection of an aspect of a culture's soul." Covering thousands of years of intricate creation tales, A Dictionary of Creation Myths is the first and most comprehensive work devoted to creation myths from cultures throughout the world. With an easy-to-use A-Z format, this around-the-world tour provides access to information on the beliefs(both exotic and ordinary) of ancient civilizations from Sumeria and Babylonia to Egypt, Greece, and ancient Rome, from India and China to Japan and Indonesia, as well as the rich mythological history of Native Americans, the indigenous peoples of Australia, and many other cultures. We read of the creation myth of the Diegueno tribe of southern California in which the creator, Tu-chai-pai, made the earth female and the sky male and then formed mud into people; and the myth of Japanese creation in which Izanagei, and his sister Izanami, watch the first land form from ocean water dripping from Izanagi's spear. Alongside these ancient beliefs are the more modern, such as Darwin's theory of evolution and the big bang theory. Each entry identifies the culture associated with the myth, and each myth is retold in clear, eloquent prose, with extensive cross-referencing to guide readers to other entries. Throughout, the authors share insightful analyses of the surprisingly intricate relationship of certain myths across cultures, regions, and time. From cosmic eggs and the Garden of Eden to the Spider Woman and the Gaia Principle, from myths of the apocalypse and the great world religions to myths of love, rebirth, and science, this guide illuminates the phenomenon of creation from all aspects of the human experience. Richly illustrated,A Dictionary of Creation Myths is essential for anyone who has ever wondered how the world was created, where we came from, or why we are here at all.

Dictionary of Disaster Medicine and Humanitarian Relief

by S. William Gunn

The 2nd edition of the Dictionary of Disaster Medicine and Humanitarian Relief is an essential and practical reference for all those who work in humanitarian relief. This new, expanded edition presents more than 3000 definitions and acronyms covering the entire multidisciplinary scope of disaster medicine and humanitarian relief, as well as new fields such as climate change and bioterrorism. As natural disasters, humanitarian emergencies, and infectious disease epidemics increase in frequency and seriousness, this book is an important reference to assist international relief workers communicate with each other and with the media. The author has served as both the director of Emergency Humanitarian Operations of the World Health Organization, as well as the WHO's chief of scientific terminology. As the Director-General Emeritus of the World Health Organization says in the Foreword, "This new expanded edition comes as a timely essential aid against the growing threats of inhuman violence and destructive disasters."

A Dictionary of Economics (2nd edition)

by John Black

Up-to date, authoritative, and comprehensive coverage of 2,500 key economic terms explained in a jargon-free style. An indispensable reference work for all students of economics, professional economists, or those having to deal with economic data or writing.

Dictionary of Eye Terminology, 4th Edition

by Barbara Cassin Melvin L Rubin

This comprehensive reference has been written for the purpose of making ophthalmological terminology comprehensible to the person without a scientific background.

The Dictionary of Failed Relationships: 26 Tales of Love Gone Wrong

by Meredith Broussard

FROM A TO Z--26 WAYS TO LEAVE YOUR LOVER (OR HAVE HIM LEAVE YOU. . . ) When Meredith Broussard celebrated her 26th birthday and realized that she'd survived exactly 26 failed romantic entanglements, she reckoned it was high time to dissect this topic that had filled her life with so much . . . angst. With the help of 26 of today's hottest young female writers, Broussard gets to the heart of the matter. The Dictionary of Failed Relationships is a hip collection of stories, all shedding light on the wide range of emotions (from anger to melancholy to rage supreme) associated with love gone wrong. Ambivalence by Heidi Julavits * Berniced by Eliza Minot * Call-Hell by Amy Sohn * Dagenham by Anna Maxted * Etiquette by Thisbe Nissen * FAQ by Elizabeth Benedict * Green by Susan Minot * Honeymoon by Mary-Beth Hughes * Islands by Jennifer Macaire * Justice by Kathy Lette * Kid by Martha Southgate * LDR by Colleen Curran * Muay Thai by Rachel Resnick * Nightmare by Pam Houston * Orgasm by Darcey Steinke * Pain by Leslie Pietrzyk * Queer by Pagan Kennedy * Regret by Jennifer Weiner * Savage by Maggie Estep * Threesome by Dana Johnson * Underdog by Judy Budnitz * Vitriol by Shelley Jackson * Worship by Michele Serros * X by Suzanne Finnamore * Yuppie by Lucinda Rosenfeld * Zero by Erika Krouse. With tales both deliciously sassy and heartbreakingly true, The Dictionary of Failed Relationships will leave you laughing, crying, or asking that one key important question: Ain't love a bitch?

A Dictionary of Finance and Banking (4th edition)

by Jonathan Law

With over 5,100 entries on all aspects of finance and banking, this fully updated reference is definitely a worthwhile investment. Over 200 new entries have been added to this edition and it has been fully updated to reflect recent developments such as structured finance and the subprime lending crisis. The dictionary defines terms from personal and international finance--including money markets, private investments and borrowing, foreign exchanges, and public and government finance--and now offers expanded coverage of central banking, monetary policy, and financial institutions. Feature entries have been included in this edition for the fuller explanation of topical and complex areas, e.g. Financial Times Share Indexes, and bankruptcy law. Recommended up-to-date web links for many entries, accessed via the Dictionary of Finance and Banking companion website, provide valuable extra information that will be regularly updated. With clear and accessible definitions, this jargon-free dictionary is a perfect companion volume to the other financial titles in this best-selling series--A Dictionary of Business and Management, A Dictionary of Accounting, and A Dictionary of Economics--and provides accurate and valuable information for students, practitioners, private investors, and readers of the financial pages alike.

A Dictionary of Food and Nutrition (2nd edition)

by David A. Bender

"This clear and informative guide features entries on hundreds of different foods and dishes, explanations of the often baffling terms on food labels, and information on nutritional value. Ideal for consumers, cooks, students, and anyone else in the fields of catering, home economics, food technology, food science, nutrition, or health care."--BOOK JACKET. Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Dictionary of Food Ingredients

by Robert S. Igoe

The Dictionary of Food Ingredients is a unique, easy-to-use source of information on over 1,000 food ingredients and additives. Like the previous editions, the Fifth Edition provides clear and concise information on currently used additives, including natural ingredients, FDA-approved artificial ingredients, and compounds used in food processing. The dictionary entries, organized in alphabetical order, include information on ingredient functions, chemical properties, and uses in food products. This revised and updated fifth edition also features a new section, "Food Definitions and Formulations," a thoroughly expanded list of food ingredients approved for use in the European Union, with E numbers, as well as new information on existing and more recently approved ingredients.

A Dictionary of Genetics (7th edition)

by Robert C. King William D. Stansfield Pamela K. Mulligan

In addition to such words and acronyms as </nucleomorph, OMIM, chromosome walking, floral identity,/> and </zygotic lethal/>, included are nongenetic terms frequently encountered in genetics literature such as </Hoogsteen base pairs, LINEs,/> and </undersea vent community/>. A strong feature is inclusion of genera and species of plants and animals important to genetics, which are cross-listed to an appendix that shows them nestled in their taxonomic habitat. Other appendices provide the scientific names of common domesticated plants and animals, a chronology of discoveries (1590-2001), a list of genome sizes and gene numbers, and two appendices listing periodical and website sources. The 6,580 definitions do not contain pronunciation or derivation. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

A Dictionary of Geography

by Susan Mayhew

This unique new dictionary offers comprehensive coverage of words and terms encountered in both human and physical geography in a single volume. Each of the over 6,000 updated, clear, and concise entries provides an initial brief definition followed by a more in-depth explanation, making the book useful for novices and experts alike. This new edition also features a fact-finder with key economic and population statistics. Authoritative and completely accessible, A Dictionary of Geography, Second Edition covers a vast scope of subjects, including cartography, surveying, meteorology, climatology, biogeography, ecology, geology, geomorphology, population, migration, agriculture, industry, transportation, and development. There is also extensive discussion of the most recent advances in and information on topics such as plate tectonics, remote sensing, geographic information systems, and aerial differentiation. Wide-ranging and highly readable, this invaluable reference guide answers questions about all aspects,of geography quickly and effectively using the most recent advances in the field.

Dictionary of Gypsy Life and Lore

by Harry E. Wedeck

Through the centuries the Gypsies all over the world have been misunderstood, maligned, rejected. Outcasts of the countries in which they lived, they have wandered for centuries over the face of the earth. They have no homeland, no political unity, no recognition among nations. They have been alone, sundered, shunned, persecuted and banished. Until about a century ago, their original home has been a matter of dispute. Their language has been a source of puzzlement. Yet their conduct and their traditions, their feeling for music, dance and song, have all been acclaimed. Still they were not accepted and were forced to remain apart from conventional society. Here is their epic history, with its folktales and beliefs, its rites and customs. Here is the vast treasury of the Story of the Gypsies. Illustrated. Harry E. Wedeck was a linguistic, scholar of the classics, and observer of spheres beyond the norm. A native of Sheffield, England, Mr. Wedeck was chairman of the department of classical languages at Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn from 1935 to 1950 and then taught the classics at Brooklyn College until 1968. Afterward he lectured on medieval studies at the New School for Social Research, until 1974. Some of his excursions into the unusual remain available in reprint editions. They include Dictionary of Astrology, A Dictionary of Aphrodisiacs, A Treasury of Witchcraft and Triumph of Satan. They were originally written near the end of Mr. Wedeck's career, when he was steeped in the classics as an educator in the New York City school and college system.

A Dictionary of Hallucinations

by Jan Dirk Blom

A Dictionary of Hallucinations is designed to serve as a reference manual for neuroscientists, psychiatrists, psychiatric residents, psychologists, neurologists, historians of psychiatry, general practitioners, and academics dealing professionally with concepts of hallucinations and other sensory deceptions.

The Dictionary of Imaginary Places

by Alberto Manguel Gianni Guadalupi

Since the publication of the first Dictionary in 1980, Manguel (A History of Reading) and Guadalupi, a translator and editor, have accepted suggestions from readers and continued their own research. The result is this updated version--a book that includes imaginary terrains from ancient Greece to Harry Potter's Hogwarts. The authors have set a few limitations for inclusion: "no heavens or hells, no places in the future, none outside the planet Earth, no pseudonymous places such as Wessex or Manawaka." Even with those seemingly extensive restrictions, however, the dictionary runs over 700 pages. Each place is described in detail as if it physically existed outside the reader's imagination. Entries are cross-referenced and See references are provided, as well as illustrations and maps that are difficult to locate elsewhere. A valuable reference source to accompany fiction collections, this new edition is recommended for all school, public, and academic libraries. -Katherine K. Koenig, Library Journal

Dictionary of Indians: A Handbook Well Known Indians

by Girija Viraraghavan Chitra Shastri

A part of the General Knowledge series of books where the essential general knowledge facts covering a wide range of subjects, that arouse the curiosity of children, to know more about the world around them are presented. This book has a good collection of biographies, giving vital information about famous Indians.

Dictionary of Insurance Terms

by Harvey W. Rubin

Books in Barron's pocket-sized Business Dictionaries series list thousands of specialized terms alphabetically and present concise definitions. The authors of all books in this series are recognized authorities in their special fields.

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