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Bad Grrlz' Guide to Reality

by Pat Murphy

Two novels of adventure: One set in the hills of the Old West, the other across the Bermuda TriangleIn Wild Angel, Sarah sits by the river with her mother, watching her father pan for gold. The calm of the California hills is broken by a rifle shot, the start of an ambush that leaves Sarah's parents murdered and scalped and forces the three-year-old to flee into the woods. Hungry, cold, and terribly lost, she is rescued by a she-wolf named Wauna, who feeds Sarah as if she were one of her own pups. As Sarah grows up among the wolves, she will tame the wilderness, and her adventures--chronicled by a writer named Max Merriwell--will make her a legend of the frontier.Unlike the hero of Wild Angel, the women of Adventures in Time and Space with Max Merriwell do not expect danger when they set off on their journey. But when Pat and Susan's cruise ship sails into the Bermuda Triangle, reality begins to twist. As supernatural creatures menace the ship, these two would-be vacationers will have no choice but to hang on for the ride.

The Bad Guys Won

by Jeff Pearlman

Once upon a time, twenty-four grown men would play baseball together, eat together, carouse together, and brawl together. Alas, those hard-partying warriors have been replaced by GameBoy-obsessed, laptop-carrying, corporate soldiers who would rather punch a clock than a drinking buddy. But it wasn't always this way ...In The Bad Guys Won, award-winning former Sports Illustrated baseball writer Jeff Pearlman returns to an innocent time when a city worshipped a man named Mookie and the Yankess were the second-best team in New York. So it was in 1986, when the New York Mets -- the last of baseball's live-like-rock-star teams -- won the World Series and captured the hearts (and other select body parts) of fans everywhere.But their greatness on the field was nearly eclipsed by how bad they were off it. Led by the indomitable Keith Hernandez and the young dynamic duo of Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry, along with the gallant Scum Bunch, the Amazin's won 108 regular-season games, while leaving a wide trail of wreckage in their wake -- hotel rooms, charter planes, a bar in Houston, and most famously Bill Buckner and the eternally cursed Boston Red Sox. With an unforgettable cast of characters -- Doc, Straw, the Kid, Nails, Mex, and manager Davey Johnson (as well as innumerable groupies) -- The Bad Guys Won immortalizes baseball's last great wild bunch of explores what could have been, what should have been, and thanks to a tragic dismantling of the club, what never was.

Bad Guys (Zack Walker #2)

by Linwood Barclay

"Fans of the crime caper will rejoice" that Linwood Barclay is back with the hilarious follow-up to his "riotously funny and irreverent" debut, in which paranoid pop Zack Walker plotted to transplant his city-savvy wife and two teenage kids to the tranquillity of the burbs-where planned communities prevail and fathers rest easy. Well, not quite...and now the Walkers have moved home only to find themselves living in the precarious crosshairs of urban sprawl once again, and Zack can't help but be worried-really worried-that just around the corner lurks the presence of some really bad guys. Zack is back, and much to his family's relief, the work-at-home science-fiction writer has left the house to take a job as a features writer for the city paper. But now that Zack's incessant plotting can no longer be hatched from the comforts of his own home, he must be ever more vigilant to outwit the evil at large, whether in the suburbs, the city, or his own imagination. Zack is ready...or so he thinks. While researching his first feature article, Zack stumbles upon a real-life crime scene, but what seems like an ordinary hit-and-run may actually be a homicide linked to a gang that's been burglarizing Crandall's high-end shops. Suddenly Zack finds himself at the center of a violent crime wave and destined for a confrontation with Barbie Bullock, an unsettling figure infamous in the crime syndicate for his ruthless business tactics and peculiar proclivity for collecting dolls. And all is not quiet on the home front either. Zack's protective instincts launch into overdrive when he discovers that his daughter's rejected suitor has been tracing her every step and may harbor a much more ominous motivation than winning a Saturday night date. Nor does his son's strange behavior and recent friendship with a creepy computer recluse inspire joy in a father's heart. As worlds begin to collide and boundaries between family and foe blur, Zack goes on the attack, and heaven help the bad guys when this resourceful father comes to make good on a deal gone bad.

Bad Hair Day

by Carrie Harris

Kate Grable is geeked out to shadow the county medical examiner as part of her school's premed program. But after he's arrested for murder, she's left with the bodies. And when Kate's brother, Jonah, stumbles upon a dead gamer girl, Kate realizes that the zombie epidemic she cured last fall was only the beginning of the weirdness taking over her town. Someone--or something--is murdering kids. Something really hairy. And strong. Possibly with claws.Could it be werewolves, like Jonah and his dorktastic friends think? Kate's supposed to be a butt-kicking, zombie-killing genius . . . but if she can't figure out what's behind the freakish attacks, the victims--or what's left of them--are going to keep piling up.

Bad Housekeeping: A Novel

by Julie Edelson

Cee has moved from NYC to North Carolina where she has divorced her husband for carpeting their Victorian home (surprise!) in orange shag. Now she has accepted a job painting a mural in a bar to try to help her daughter's wayward friend, Fawne (who wants to be called "Fauve"), and ends up getting less help and more trouble than she bargained for. The bough breaks when the truth is discovered, that Cee's daughter Ariel is neck-deep in alcoholism. The girls' troubles are more poignant for Cee because she was helped through her own teenage crises by the brazen eccentricities of her old Brooklyn girlfriend, Elspeth, who makes an appearance at the end of the novel, resembling "a tonsured mole."

A Bad Idea I'm About to Do

by Chris Gethard

Chris Gethard has often found himself in awkward situations most people, including you, probably would have safely avoided. The good news is now, thanks to this book, you can enjoy the painfully funny consequences of his unfortunate decisions at a safe distance. A Bad Idea I'm About to Do invites readers to join Chris as he navigates an adolescence and adulthood mired in hilariously ill-fated nerdom, and to take comfort in the fact that - as his experiences often prove - things could always be much, much worse.

Bad Influence

by Susanne Mccarthy

Breathless... That was how Jake Morgan's kisses made Georgia feel. But, as a levelheaded businesswoman, Georgia had managed to avoid relationships for twenty-seven years. She couldn't start now. Notorious... It was the only word to describe Jake! He had come to her aid when she'd needed him most, but rescuing naked blondes was an occupational hazard as far as he was concerned. He was a playboy, pure and simple. Indiscreet... Yet locked in his arms, Georgia seemed to forget all reason. Behaving badly had never seemed like such a good idea!

Bad Intent: A Maggie Macgowen Mystery

by Wendy Hornsby

Maggie MacGowen, who sees sharply into the complexities of life and often solves crimes through the viewfinder of her video camera, is back in Los Angeles. Waiting for her is LAPD detective Mike Flint--and a case that will take her into the urban war zone of South Central L.A. There, a cop killing solved years before has reverberated through the lives of the three black children who witnessed it, one the son of the man convicted of the murder. Fifteen years later the long-dead case comes back to life, exploding in the media with a bang. A ruthless politician has decided to get the minority vote by claiming the police coerced the children into pointing a finger at Charles Conklin, an innocent man. Conklin's son, deprived of a father's guidance, has ended up in Juvenile Hall charged with a murder of his own. It is a situation sure to ignite sparks of protest in a tinderbox city--and bring Mike Flint's career down in flames. With her dreams newly joined to Mike's, Maggie begins her own campaign to clear his name, and the gutsy, prize-winning filmmaker is taking her camera and sleuthing skills into the heart of an embattled city. But beneath the smoggy L.A. skies, layer after layer of lies make the truth look out of focus around the edges. With her video running, Maggie captures the stark faces of shattered lives.

Bad Intentions

by Lauren N Sharman

Diesel and Kady were childhood friends before being forced to marry in a shotgun wedding ceremony. When Diesel decided he needed to prove to himself he could be more than what he was, he left Kady behind, breaking her heart. Neglected by her family, Kady had been close to Diesel since he saved her life when she was ten. When a misunderstanding made them man and wife, she thought she'd gotten her happily ever after. Five years a bounty hunter has changed everything about Diesel except his love for Kady. When an old dream reoccurs, warning him she's in danger, he heads home to protect her. The Diesel Kady had known has been replaced by a man's-man that took her breath away. But she's still hurt; afraid to believe he won't leave again. When he tells her about the dreams, she realizes learning to trust him again is the only way she's going to survive.

Bad Justice

by Frank Leslie

SCARS RUN DEEP Colter Farrow's branded face is a constant reminder of why he's been on the run for so long. But his plan to return home and confront his past backfires when he's framed for the murders of two men. Men who turn out to be U. S. Deputy Marshals. Resigned to living on the lam, Colter heads to Utah Territory, where a desperate town marshal offers him a job as--of all things--a lawman. What better way for a man to hide from the law than to become part of it? Regardless of which side of the law he stands on, Colter makes enemies quickly. But Colter doesn't plan on letting them stay above ground for long. ... .

The Bad Kid

by Sarah Lariviere

Claudeline Feng LeBernardin learns what it really means to be bad in this colorful and hilarious mystery reminiscent of Harriet the Spy.Claudeline Feng LeBernardin is very good at being bad. Her Grandpa Si was a real-life gangster, and Claude always thought she'd take over the family business when he was gone. Instead, Claude's dad is in charge--and she's sure he's running things into the ground. She wants to step in, but her parents are keeping secrets and her partner in crime, Fingerless Brett, is suddenly on the straight and narrow. Then, when a very strange character by the name of Alma Lingonberry shows up in the neighborhood, Claude gets closer to the crime life than ever. Before long, she's swept up in a maddening mystery that's got her wondering: What does it really mean to be bad?

Bad Lands (A Holmes and Storm Mystery, #1)

by Selina Rosen Laura J. Underwood

Maggie Holmes, a retired forensic pathologist, is obsessed with the paranormal activity surrounding crime scenes. She has written one fairly scientific book and is working on her second titled Bad Lands, when she runs into a roadblock. The heirs to Knight Island, site of two mass-murders, deny her access to the mansion unless she can pay them one hundred thousand dollars. When the greedy Knight clan allows the reality show Chicken Out to film on the island, Maggie plays the long shot and signs herself and her neurotic, bartending, psychic friend Vivian Storm up for the show, and when they are chosen to play the game which challenges the players to stay in the "haunted" house the longest Maggie drags Vivian kicking and screaming to the island. But Maggie never gets to do the research she wants to do because no sooner do they settle into the haunted mansion with the rest of the "cast" than the murders start. Maggie must use all her knowledge, and Vivian must tap into her "gift" to try to survive and unmask the killer, but will it be enough? And how can they hope to survive if the killer isn't human at all? Violence and strong language.

Bad Leadership

by Barbara Kellerman

How is Saddam Hussein like Tony Blair? Or Kenneth Lay like Lou Gerstner? Answer: They are, or were, leaders. Many would argue that tyrants, corrupt CEOs, and other abusers of power and authority are not leaders at all--at least not as the word is currently used. But, according to Barbara Kellerman, this assumption is dangerously naive. A provocative departure from conventional thinking, Bad Leadership compels us to see leadership in its entirety. Kellerman argues that the dark side of leadership--from rigidity and callousness to corruption and cruelty--is not an aberration. Rather, bad leadership is as ubiquitous as it is insidious--and so must be more carefully examined and better understood. Drawing on high-profile, contemporary examples--from Mary Meeker to David Koresh, Bill Clinton to Radovan Karadzic, Al Dunlap to Leona Helmsley--Kellerman explores seven primary types of bad leadership and dissects why and how leaders cross the line from good to bad. The book also illuminates the critical role of followers, revealing how they collaborate with, and sometimes even cause, bad leadership. Daring and counterintuitive, Bad Leadership makes clear that we need to face the dark side to become better leaders and followers ourselves. Barbara Kellerman is research director of the Center for Public Leadership and a lecturer in public policy at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Bad Love (Alex Delaware #8)

by Jonathan Kellerman

It came in a plain brown wrapper, no return address--an audiocassette recording of a horrifying, soul-lacerating scream, followed by the sound of a childlike voice chanting: "Bad love. Bad love. Don't give me the bad love. . . ". For Alex Delaware the tape is the first intimation that he is about to enter a living nightmare. Others soon follow: disquieting laughter echoing over a phone line that suddenly goes dead, a chilling act of trespass and vandalism. He has become the target of a carefully orchestrated campaign of vague threats and intimidation rapidly building to a crescendo as harassment turns to terror, mischief to madness. With the help of his friend LAPD detective Milo Sturgis, Alex uncovers a series of violent deaths that may follow a diabolical pattern. And if he fails to decipher the twisted logic of the stalker's mind games, Alex will be the next to die. Taut, penetrating, terrifying, Bad Love is vintage Kellerman. Also available on BDD Audio Cassette.

The Bad Luck Charm (Malcolm in the Middle)

by Pam Pollack Meg Belviso

An Original Story by Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso based on the award winning TV series created by Linwood Boomer. Could a stuffed animal make a monkey out of Malcolm?

The Bad Luck Filly (Thoroughbred #42)

by Joanna Campbell

Melanie has her hands full. . . Melanie Graham can't help herself--she's fallen in love with the high-spirited black filly, Perfect Image. More than anything, Melanie wants to help train the filly and be the first one to race her. Despite her name, Image is anything but perfect. The filly has been spoiled by her own doting owner since birth, and is impossible to handle. In fact, her trainer wants to give up and turn Image into a broodmare, hoping her foals will have better sense than she does. But Melanie is sure that Image was born to win. Will Melanie fight for the horse she loves?

Bad Luck Girl

by Sarah Zettel

Fans of Libba Bray's The Diviners will love the blend of fantasy and jazz-hot Chicago in this stylish series.After rescuing her parents from the Seelie king at Hearst Castle, Callie is caught up in the war between the fairies of the Midnight Throne and the Sunlit Kingdoms. By accident, she discovers that fairies aren't the only magical creatures in the world. There's also Halfers, misfits that are half fairy and half other--laced with strange magic and big-city attitude. As the war heats up, Callie's world falls apart. And even though she's the child of prophecy, she doubts she can save the Halfers, her people, her family, and Jack, let alone herself. The fairies all say Callie is the Bad Luck Girl, and she's starting to believe them.A strong example of diversity in YA, the American Fairy Trilogy introduces Callie LeRoux, a half-black teen who stars in this evocative story full of American history and fairy tales.Supports the Common Core State Standards.Praise for Bad Luck Girl:"All the powers that be want to use Callie's magic to win the war for their side, and nobody cares what happens to Callie, Jack or the Halfers, raising the stakes to frighteningly high levels. Callie and Zettel bring this stellar trilogy to a satisfyingly sentimental conclusion." --Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review"[Zettel's] strong characterizations, historical detail, and carefully constructed fantastic elements create a high-energy literary fusion that fans will devour." --SLJFrom the Hardcover edition.

Bad Luck In Berlin

by Tom Wood

Victor has been out of the game for six months - but he's as deadly as ever. He's in Berlin, preparing for his first assignment as a CIA contractor: taking out the scout of a notorious crime lord. No one is supposed to die - not yet - but as Victor tracks his target, he realises he's not the only one interested in the scout . . . and if Victor is going to do his job, he has to stop someone else doing theirs. Packed with roaring action and breathless suspense, this specially priced, exclusive short story is perfect for fans of Tom Wood - and for readers who have yet to discover him.

Bad Medicine

by Eileen Dreyer

Summer is supposed to be the season of homicides, not suicides. Unfortunately some St. Louis lawyers have other ideas. A surprising number are arriving at Grace Hospital's emergency room, dead by their own hands. And while the trend inspires great jokes among the staff, the rising body count is no laughing matter for trauma nurse and death investigator Molly Burke. As Molly finds out what links the victims beyond their bar association, she learns the hard way that some very powerful people want to keep her quiet, making her more determined and more paranoid. In the meantime, she has to deal with the betrayal of friends and seek out the assistance of enemies-and uncover the truth before the next D.O.A. has her name on its toe tag.

Bad Men

by John Connolly

John Connolly, author of the internationally bestselling novels featuring detective Charlie Parker, offers his first stand-alone thriller, set on an island off the coast of Maine that harbors a violent and bloody past.In 1693, the settlers on the small Maine island of Sanctuary were betrayed to their enemies and slaughtered. Since then, the island has known 300 years of peace.Until now. Four men are descending on Sanctuary, their purpose--to hunt down and kill the wife of their leader and retrieve the money that she stole from him. All that stands in their way are a young rookie officer, Sharon Macy, and the island's strange, troubled policeman, the giant known as Melancholy Joe Dupree. But Joe Dupree is no ordinary policeman. He is the guardian of the island's secrets, the repository of its memories. He knows that Sanctuary has been steeped in blood once and that it will never again tolerate the shedding of innocent blood. Now a band of killers is set to desecrate Sanctuary and unleash the fury of its ghosts upon themselves and all who stand by them.On Sanctuary, no one is safe from the past...

Bad Men Do What Good Men Dream: A Forensic Psychiatrist Illuminates the Darker Side of Human Behavior

by Robert I. Simon

This book offers an examination of a wide range of frightening and repellent psychopathologies--rape, stalking, serial murder, among others. Simon (psychiatry, Georgetown U.) goes beyond glib characterizations of people as "good" or "bad," discussing the ordinary psychological processes that can result in extreme behavior. The book may shed some light for clinicians, but it's also accessible to the wide audience of lay people who are curious, or fascinated; there's no pretending that the morbid case histories aren't riveting. Annotation ©2008 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Bad Monkeys

by Matt Ruff

Jane Charlotte has been arrested for murder. She tells police that she is a member of a secret organization devoted to fighting evil; her division is called the Department for the Final Disposition of Irredeemable Persons-"Bad Monkeys" for short. This confession earns Jane a trip to the jail's psychiatric wing, where a doctor attempts to determine whether she is lying, crazy-or playing a different game altogether. What follows is one of the most clever and gripping novels you'll ever read.

Bad Monkeys

by Matt Ruff

When arrested for murder, Jane Charlotte tells the police that she is a member of a secret organization ("Bad Monkeys" for short) devoted to fighting evil. As she undergoes a series of sessions with a psychotherapist, the doctor attempts to determine whether she is lying, crazy or playing an entirely different game.

Bad Moon Rising

by Ed Gorman

The murder of a wealthy young woman sparks a backlash against the hippie commune that has recently arrived in Black River FallsA hippie commune has invaded Black River Falls. While the majority of the townspeople believe that the bohemians have to right to stay--despite how bizarre some of their ways can seem--as always there is a minority that constantly accuses them of everything from criminal activities to Satanism. As usual, lawyer and private investigator Sam McCain finds himself in the middle of the controversy, especially when the teenage daughter of Paul Mainwaring, one of the town's wealthiest men, is found murdered in the commune's barn. A deeply troubled young man (and Vietnam vet) named Neil Cameron is immediately charged with the crime but Sam has serious doubts. In this lively and atmospheric new mystery novel, Ed Gorman offers readers his richest portrait yet about Black River Falls and its people.

Bad Moon Rising

by Jonathan Maberry

One of the best supernatural thrillers of recent years. --John Connolly A new master of terror reigns supreme. And in his most horrifying novel yet, the clash between good and evil explodes in an apocalyptic showdown few will survive. . . From A Funfest. . . Each year, the residents of Pine Deep host the Halloween Festival, drawing tourists and celebrities from across the country to enjoy the deliciously creepy fun. Those who visit the small Pennsylvania town are out for a good time, but those who live there are desperately trying to survive. . . To A Bloodfest For a monstrous evil lives among them, a savage presence whose malicious power has grown too powerful even for death to hold it back. Only a handful of brave souls stand against the King of the Dead and a red wave of destruction. Daylight is fading and a bad moon is rising over Pine Deep. Keep watching the shadows. . . "Maberry will scare you!"--John Lutz "Maberry has the chops." --Bentley Little "Get ready to be totally hooked." --Steve Hamilton *on Ghost Road Blues

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