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Cold Case (Alan Gregory Series #8)

by Stephen White

the annals of unsolved crimes. The grisly double murder of two teenage girls who went out one crisp autumn evening--only to be found the following spring, their young bodies mutilated. A crime that left two families and a quiet mountain community irrevocably scarred. Now, more than a decade later, an organization calling itself Locard--an elite group of prosecutors, federal agents, forensic specialists, and others--is reopening the case at the request of one of the families. And one of its members, a retired FBI agent, has just summoned clinical psychologist Alan Gregory and his wife, Boulder County assistant district attorney Lauren Crowder, to Washington to join forces with them. With Lauren doing some local f/eldwork, Man is asked to create psychological profiles of the two dead girls. As he reconstructs the lives of Tami and Mariko, he discovers two girls basking in the glow of ripening adolescence yet shadowed by secrets they kept from their families and from each other. What began as an exercise in psychological detection evolves into a dangerous game of cat and mouse between Alan and Dr. Raymond Welle. A therapist turned U.S. congressman who has built an empire on the sheer force of his blustery will and fierce ambition, Welle has a damning connection to one of the victims. And his own life is not untouched by violence: Several years earlier, his wife was murdered on their Elk River Valley ranch by a suicidal patient.

Cold Case at Carlton's Canyon

by Rita Herron

Two officers' badges-and hearts-are on the line in Rita Herron's Cold Case at Carlton's Canyon Sergeant Justin Thorpe has dedicated his life to justice and won't stop until he finds the vicious serial killer who has already claimed ten innocent lives. He works solo-until he joins forces with Sheriff Amanda Blair. The Texas Ranger can't let his desire for his coworker keep him from his mission, especially when Amanda's life is threatened. Ten girls have vanished-one for every year since Amanda graduated from Canyon High. And as she tries to fight her attraction to a man as independent as she is, a trap is being laid to make Amanda the final victim in a killer's terrifying endgame....

Cold Case Cowboy

by Jenna Ryan

IS NICK LAW MAN ENOUGH TO SOLVE THE GREATEST MYSTERY OF ALL-THE HEART?For Nick, the case of the Snow Globe Killer had grown as cold as the snow-covered Colorado mountains. Then architect Sasha Myer came to town-fitting the profile of every victim.After an avalanche trapped her on the wrong side of Smoking Gun Pass, the willful woman wished she'd heeded Nick's warning. Especially with a murderer in their midst. Stranded in the biting wind and driving snow, Sasha and Nick generated their own heat that threatened to thaw the cowboy's heart. But Nick had to stay focused because he was all that stood between a cold-blooded predator and his doe-eyed prey....

Cold Case, Hot Bodies

by Jule Mcbride

REALTY LISTING: A Slice of New York's Naughtier History!Charming old building in Manhattan's historical 'Five Points' District. Former brothel complete with unsolved murder mystery and legend of missing jewels. Currently belongs to the Donato family, although ownership is being contested by Cassidy Case (who needs those jewels really, really badly). For more information, contact gorgeous top cop Dario Donato, who is babysitting the building due to tenant reports of supernatural activity. . . Call for a viewing today! Be warned, though--ever since their unintentional sex romp, Dario and Cassidy haven't come up for air. Maybe they'll come to some kind of 'arrangement. ' And yes, sex is likely involved!

Cold Case in Cherokee Crossing

by Rita Herron

A decades-old cold case is testing everything one Texas Ranger thought he knew about obtaining justice... A lot of men on death row profess their innocence. Those men are mostly just scared of dying. Jaxon Ward understands that, but as a Texas Ranger he needs to uphold the law. Yet the story Avery Tierney tells him... He's convinced her brother is awaiting execution while the real killer remains at large. Searching for the murderer opens old wounds for Avery, and now she has to face a past so traumatic she blocked it out. A past not so dissimilar to Jax's. Before long, the only comfort they find is in each other's arms. Avery's lost everything once before. And now, if she loses Jaxon, she fears she'll never recover.

A Cold Case of Murder (Meg Darcy Mystery #4)

by Jean Marcy

4th in the series. An old unsolved murder, a rampaging ex-cop and a romantic relationship running amok keep Meg busy in the fourth in the award-winning mystery series.

Cold Case Reunion

by Kimberly Van Meter

A passion that's anything but cold... Fifteen years ago, Mya Jonson thought her life had ended. Pregnant and alone, she found strength in her people and the beauty of the Pacific Coast reservation. Now her lover has returned, chasing a killer, and she doesn't dare trust him. For Angelo Tucker, every memory is proof of his failings. Not strong enough to lead the tribe, not smart enough to catch his brother's killer... Coming back was the last thing he wanted. Especially when he sees Mya-and feels a passion he'd long since set aside. But when a fellow FBI agent is murdered and Mya's life is in danger, Angelo knows he must track the killer whatever the cost. or risk losing Mya forever...

Cold Case Squad

by Edna Buchanan

"Like all things good and bad in the world, it began with a woman. . . "And so begins the first chapter of Edna Buchanan's Cold Case Squad, a new suspense novel that features a special homicide unit that breathes new life into old cases. A man and a woman are shot dead at a strip club in Miami Beach. A few hours later, an explosion in a garage rocks a child's birthday party and burns a father of three to death. The murders go unsolved and the fire is chalked up to an accident. But was it an accident? Twelve years later, a blonde walks in to the Miami Police Department's Cold Case Squad -- which Buchanan fans will remember from The Ice Maiden -- and complains that she's been seeing her husband everywhere she goes. Trouble is, he's been dead for twelve years. In Buchanan's characteristic voice, "Some guys just don't know when to let go. "As the Cold Case Squad unearths the details of the strip club deaths and the dead or missing father -- as well as the unsolved killings of a series of little old ladies -- readers get to know the three cops and their boss: veteran homicide detective Sergeant Craig Burch, whose marriage has turned into a case he can't solve; Detective Sam Stone, for whom the past will always be a mystery; Detective Pete Nazario, airlifted out of Cuba during "Operation Pedro Pan" in the 1960s; and Lieutenant K. C. Riley, for whom one case will never grow cold. Edna Buchanan has been thrilling readers since her Pulitzer Prize-winning stint as a crime reporter for The Miami Herald. The Chicago Tribune once raved that "few writers can touch Buchanan," to which The Washington Post Book World seemed to respond, "I doubt if anyone else is doing it better. " In Cold Case Squad, Edna Buchanan, the woman the Los Angeles Daily News calls "the Queen of crime," delivers unlikely killers, near-perfect murders, and her most suspenseful novel yet.

Cold Case (Tom Clancy's Net Force Explorers #15)

by Tom Clancy Steve Pieczenik Bill Mccay

Playing detective in a mystery simulation, Net Force Explorer Matt Hunter investigates the high-profile murder of a wealthy young socialite--last seen alive with the heir apparent to a political dynasty. But this mystery is based on reality, and someone will go to any length to keep the more than 40-year-old case closed.

The Cold Cash Caper (The Hardy Boys Mystery Story #136)

by Franklin W. Dixon

The Hardys look to put a gang of armed robbers on ice! Frank and Joe have volunteered to do undercover security work at the Bayport winter festival. Their main assignment is to act as bodyguards for the star performer, Olympic gold medal figure skater David Kennedy. Although put on for a good cause -- charity -- the festival is soon plagued by bad vibes. Money intended for the local children's hospital is ending up in the hands of masked, gun-wielding thugs, and the Hardys are committed to stopping the robbers cold. But the gunmen are just as determined to pocket the cash. Even if it means making a donation of their own to the local hospital. . . or morgue: Frank and Joe Hardy.

Cold Cereal

by Adam Rex

Cold Cereal Facts Serving size 1 chapter Number of servings 40 Primary human characters 3 Scottish Play Doe, aka Scottpossible changeling Erno Utz genius Emily Utz supergenius Magical creatures at least 3 Mick Leprechaun (or Clurichaun) Harvey Pooka (rabbit-man) Biggs indeterminate origin (hairy, large) Evil organizations 1 Goodco Cereal CompanyPurveyor of breakfast foods aspiring to world domination Adventure 75% Diabolical Schemes 40% Danger 57% Legend 20% Magic 68% Humor 93% Puzzles 35% Mystery 49% Not a significant source of vampires. May contain nuts. Daily values based on individual interest. Reader's estimation of value may be higher or lower, depending on your tolerance for this sort of thing.

Cold Choices (Jerry Mitchell #2)

by Larry Bond

Forget everything you've ever heard about submarine novels! The sub battles in "Cold Choices" will have you biting your nails, shaking in your shoes and gasping for breath.--David Hagberg, "USA Today"-bestselling author of "Dance with the Dragon."

A Cold Christmas (Police Chief Susan Wren Mysteries)

by Charlene Weir

...roasting on an open fire... It's a frigid December in Hampstead, Kansas, and as if the bitter chill isn't bad enough--the flu has taken out half of police chief Susan Wren's force. As she wrestles with a new job offer from her old San Francisco precinct, her silent prayers that the weather will put a freeze on crime are dashed when the body of a repairman is found stuffed in a basement furnace of struggling single mom Caley James. Though his head is burned beyond recognition, the identification found in the victim's wallet leads to a few dark surprises--and a disturbing connection to Caley's ex-husband. As the holiday blues, job indecision...and a deepening mystery with no shortage of suspects make the season more murderous than merry, Susan must harness all her street smarts to pull off her own Christmas miracle....

The Cold Cold Ground (Sean Duffy Trilogy #1)

by Adrian Mckinty

Spring 1981. Northern Ireland. Belfast on the verge of outright civil war. The Thatcher government has flooded the area with soldiers, but nightly there are riots, bombings, and sectarian attacks. In the midst of the chaos, Sean Duffy, a young, witty, Catholic detective in the almost entirely Protestant Royal Ulster Constabulary, is trying to track down a serial killer who is targeting gay men. As a Catholic policeman, Duffy is suspected by both sides and there are layers of complications. For one thing, homosexuality is illegal in Northern Ireland in 1981. Then he discovers that one of the victims was involved in the IRA, but was last seen discussing business with someone from the Protestant UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force). Fast-paced, evocative, and brutal, this book is a brilliant depiction of Belfast at the height of the Troubles and a cop caught in the cross fire.

Cold Comfort Farm

by Stella Gibbons

Flora Poste, orphaned at 19, chooses to live with relatives at "Cold Comfort Farm" in Sussex, where cows are named Feckless, Aimless, Pointless, and Graceless, and the proprietors, the dour Starkadder family, are tyrannized by Flora's mysterious aunt, who controls the household from a locked room. Flora's confident and clever management of an alarming cast of eccentrics is only half the pleasure of this novel. The other half is Gibbons's wicked send-up of romantic cliches, from the mad woman in the attic to the druidical peasants with their West Country accents and mystical herbs. Anne Massey's skillful rendering of a variety of accents will make this story more accessible to American audiences.

The Cold Commands

by Richard K. Morgan

With The Steel Remains, award-winning science fiction writer Richard K. Morgan turned his talents to sword and sorcery. The result: a genre-busting masterwork hailed as a milestone in contemporary epic fantasy. Now Morgan continues the riveting saga of Ringil Eskiath--Gil, for short--a peerless warrior whose love for other men has made him an outcast and pariah. Only a select few have earned the right to call Gil friend. One is Egar, the Dragonbane, a fierce Majak fighter who comes to respect a heart as savage and loyal as his own. Another is Archeth, the last remaining daughter of an otherworldly race called the Kiriath, who once used their advanced technology to save the world from the dark magic of the Aldrain--only to depart for reasons as mysterious as their arrival. Yet even Egar and Archeth have learned to fear the doom that clings to their friend like a grim shadow . . . or the curse of a bitter god.Now one of the Kiriath's uncanny machine intelligences has fallen from orbit--with a message that humanity faces a grave new danger (or, rather, an ancient one): a creature called the Illwrack Changeling, a boy raised to manhood in the ghostly between-world realm of the Grey Places, home to the Aldrain. A human raised as one of them--and, some say, the lover of one of their greatest warriors--until, in a time lost to legend, he was vanquished. Wrapped in sorcerous slumber, hidden away on an island that drifts between this world and the Grey Places, the Illwrack Changeling is stirring. And when he wakes, the Aldrain will rally to him and return in force--this time without the Kiriath to stop them.An expedition is outfitted for the long and arduous sea journey to find the lost island of the Illwrack Changeling. Aboard are Gil, Egar, and Archeth: each fleeing from ghosts of the past, each seeking redemption in whatever lies ahead. But redemption doesn't come cheap these days. Nor, for that matter, does survival. Not even for Ringil Eskiath. Or anyone--god or mortal--who would seek to use him as a pawn.From the Hardcover edition.

Cold Company

by Sue Henry

Multiple award-winning author Sue Henry takes us into the heart of America's last frontier with a gripping tale of suspense set in a rugged land that appeals to the adventurous and strong ... and to those who are drawn to darkness. Famed Alaskan "musher" Jessie Arnold thinks she's finally put her dark past behind her. But the excavations on her new cabin unearth a decades-old skeleton entombed in a crumbling basement wall -- along with a butterfly pendant necklace worn by the alleged victim of a brutal serial slayer who preyed on area women twenty years earlier. Pulled once more into a murder investigation against her will, Jessie fears a grim, half-forgotten nightmare has been reborn. For, in this stark and lonely place, in the first days of the all-too-brief Alaskan summer, another woman has disappeared without a trace. The signs suggest the unthinkable: an insatiable human monster has returned. And the clues she's uncovering hint that Jessie Arnold may well be his next victim.

Cold Copper (The Age of Steam #3)

by Devon Monk

In steam age America, men, monsters, machines, and magic battle to claim the same scrap of earth and sky. In this madness, one man struggles to keep his humanity, his honor, and his hell-bent mission intact. . . . Bounty hunter and lycanthrope Cedar Hunt vowed to track down all seven pieces of the Holder-a strange device capable of deadly destruction. And, accompanied by witch Mae Lindson and the capricious Madder brothers, he sets out to do just that. But the crew is forced to take refuge in the frontier town of Des Moines, Iowa, when a glacial storm stops them in their tracks. The town, under mayor Killian Vosbrough, is ruled with an iron fist-and plagued by the steely Strange, creatures that pour through the streets like the unshuttered wind. But Cedar soon learns that Vosbrough is mining cold copper for the cataclysmic generators he's manufacturing deep beneath Des Moines, bringing the search for the Holder to a halt. Chipping through ice, snow, and bone-chilling bewitchment to expose a dangerous plot, Cedar must stop Vosbrough and his scheme to rule the land and sky. . . . .

Cold Corpse, Hot Trail (Rogue Lawman #3)

by Peter Brandvold

Deputy U.S. Marshal Gideon Hawk gives some bounty hunters a lethal lesson in how reputations are made when a beautiful prostitute asks for his protection.

Cold Corpse, Hot Trail (Rogue Lawman #3)

by Peter Brandvold

Deputy U.S. Marshal Gideon Hawk gives some bounty hunters a lethal lesson in how reputations are made when a beautiful prostitute asks for his protection.

A Cold Dark Place

by Gregg Olsen

THE SEEDS OF EVIL ... In a secluded farm house in the Pacific Northwest, a family has been slaughtered-and a teenage son has disappeared. Single mother and cop, Emily Kenyon spearheads a dark hunt for a killer. But Emily's teenage daughter Jenna is one step ahead of her. ... Jenna knows the boy suspected of murdering his family and wants to help him-perhaps too much. Then another family is butchered, this time in Iowa. And on the heels of this brutal slaying, another follows in Salt Lake City. Eerie similarities link the crime scenes. But an even darker connection threatens to claim even more victims. ...

A Cold Dark Place

by Gregg Olsen

The Seeds Of Evil. . .In a secluded farm house in the Pacific Northwest, a family has been slaughtered--and a teenage son has disappeared. Single mother and cop, Emily Kenyon spearheads a dark hunt for a killer. But Emily's teenage daughter Jenna is one step ahead of her. . .Are Planted In. . .Jenna knows the boy suspected of murdering his family and wants to help him--perhaps too much. Then within days of the first murder, another family is butchered, this time in Iowa. And on the heels of this brutal slaying, another follows in Salt Lake City. Eerie similarities link the crime scenes. But an even darker connection threatens to claim even more victims. . . A Cold Dark PlaceAs Emily fits the puzzle pieces together, she realizes the danger surrounding her daughter is worse than she'd imagined. Now in a desperate race to save Jenna, Emily must match wits with the most cunning, diabolical killer she's faced yet in her career--a killer who's just placed her and her daughter at the top of his list. . .Praise for Gregg Olsen's A Wicked Snow. . ."Wickedly clever! Genuinely twisted."--Lisa Gardner"A real grabber."--Linda Lael Miller"An irresistible page-turner."--Kevin O'Brien"A top-notch thriller."--Donna AndersPraise for Gregg Olsen's A Cold Dark Place"Olsen does a nice job balancing past and present plots and subplots in this intricately layered story, keeping the tension taut and pages turning." --Publishers Weekly "A great thriller that grabs you by the throat and takes you into the dark, scary places of the heart and soul."--Kay Hooper "Dark, atmospheric, riveting suspense . . . Gregg Olsen is one of the best. You'll sleep with the lights on after reading Gregg Olsen's dark, atmospheric, page-turning suspense . . . if you can sleep at all. Suspense that grips you from the first page to the last."--Allison Brennan, New York Times bestselling author of Fear No Evil"A stunning thriller - a brutally dark story with a compelling, intricate plot. The rare bonus is a heroine so genuine and engaging you'll immediately connect and root for her against a dark, evil character who's bound to scare the hell out of you."--Alex Kava, New York Times bestselling author of Whitewash"A page-turner . . . Olsen brings his vast knowledge of the criminal mind to the fictional stage, deftly combining just the right mix of plot and characterization to create a work of dark, gripping suspense."--Anne Frasier, USA Today bestselling author of Garden of Darkness"This stunning thriller is the love child of Thomas Harris and Laura Lippman, with all the thrills and the sheer glued-to-the-page artistry of both."--Ken Bruen, Shamus Award-winning author of Priest

Cold Dawn

by Carla Neggers

From the bestselling author of "Cold River" and "Cold Pursuit" comes the third book in her popular Black Falls series. Original.

A Cold Day for Murder (Kate Shugak #1)

by Dana Stabenow

First in the Kate Shugak mystery series.

A Cold Day in Hell

by Stella Cameron

'Tis the season to be wary. . . Christmas is coming and all is far from calm in Pointe Judah, Louisiana. Newcomer Christian DeAngelo--Angel to his friends--is at his wit's end trying to manage Sonny, the hotheaded nineteen-year-old everyone believes is his nephew. In fact, Sonny is the orphaned son of a notorious mob boss, a protected witness. . . and Angel's responsibility. Angel has been commiserating with Eileen Moggeridge, whose lonely son Aaron has latched on to Sonny and gotten into deeper trouble than ever. But nothing could prepare Angel and Eileen for the boys' latest crisis: as they are horsing around in the swamp one afternoon, a shot rings out. Aaron is hit, but was the bullet meant for Sonny? Suddenly, goodwill toward men is in short supply and Angel doesn't know who's more dangerous: the hoodoo mystic with an eerie hold over the boys, the hit man roaming the bayou or Eileen's volatile ex-husband, Chuck.

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