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The Everything Pregnancy Book

by Paula Ford-Martin

You just got that positive pregnancy test and suddenly you feel lost in a sea of questions, concerns, what-ifs, and what-nows? To navigate this new world of body changes, blood tests, mood swings, and baby gear, you need a helpful guide that's with you from the first positive test to the last push. Luckily, this is the ideal guide for soon-to-be moms who are unsure of what to do after they get the big news. Completely revised and packed with even more information, this month-by-month resource walks you through the different phases of pregnancy and offers practical advice on: Understanding physical and emotional changes Selecting the right diet for you and baby Understanding prenatal tests and screenings Choosing the best labor and delivery options Budgeting for the new addition to the family This new edition also includes the latest information on nutrition, finding alternative care and treatments (yoga, anyone?), and checklists and worksheets to help parents-to-be plan for any occasion. This indispensable guide gives you the inspiration, support, and advice you need to get through your pregnancy--and beyond!

The Everything Pregnancy Nutrition Book

by Kimberly A. Tessmer

The Everything Pregnancy Nutrition Book gives mothers expert advice on how to: - Know which vitamins, supplements, and herbs are safe to take- Manage pregnancy weight gain- Measure carbs, protein, fat, and sugar intake- Start baby on a healthy diet

The Everything Pressure Cooker Cookbook

by Pamela Rice Hahn

Includes 300 expertly crafted pressure-cooker recipes, for everything from Hash Browns with Smoked Sausage and Apples to, Cranberry-Braised Turkey Breast, to Peanut Butter and Fudge Cheesecake!

The Everything® Private Investigation Book

by Sheila L. Stephens

Observe someone without being observed. Dig up long-buried dirt. Catch a cheating spouse. The Everything Private Investigation Bookshows you the basic research techniques and tricks the pros use. You'll learn how to get background information using a wide range of sources, including newspapers, court records, military files, and even the DMV. Written by experienced investigators, this guide helps you to: Use the Internet to get information on anyone and anything Conduct background checks for prospective employees or tenants Uncover hidden identities and assets Manage a physical or electronic surveillance Protect privacy and avoid identity theft Whether you're a journalist, an amateur genealogist, a business owner, a landlord, or just curious, you'll find essential information in this guide. In addition to being a valuable resource,The Everything Private Investigation Bookis also a fascinating read. Even "armchair detectives" will enjoy reading about famous real-life and fictional PIs and the little-known secrets professionals use to crack the case. Sheila L. Stephenswas the first female Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) special agent in the state of Alabama and one of the first in the nation. She recently graduated from Boston University with a master's degree in criminal justice. After leaving the ATF due to injury, Ms. Stephens opened a private investigation/security business. She is a criminal justice professor at Andrew Jackson University and a contributing writer and associate editor ofThe Agent, the newsletter of the National Association of Federal Agents (NAFA). Ms. Stephens lives in Bessemer, AL.

The Everything® Project Management Book

by Rick A. Morris Pmp

The Everything Project Management Book, 2nd Edition is the perfect resource to help you complete any type of job successfully and on time.

The Everything® Psychology Book

by Lesley Bolton Lynda L. Warwick

The Everything Psychology Book is an easy-to-follow guide to the experiments, theories, and principles that have shaped modern psychology and given us insights into human behavior.

The Everything® Psychology Book (2nd Edition)

by Kendra Cherry

What do dreams mean? How important is childhood, really? Why do you forget this--and remember that? There's nothing more fascinating--or frightening--than the ins and outs of the human mind. But understanding the complex links between your brain, your emotions, and your behavior can be challenging. The Everything Psychology Book, 2nd Edition unravels even the most arcane mysteries of psychology, including: The human drive for food, sex, and other desires; What happens when thinking and emotions go awry; Why you fall in love with one person and not another; How you can develop a strong sense of self; When traumatic events can change who you are. Scientific information is coupled with real-life examples to help you better understand the basic principles and theories of psychology. With this comprehensive guide you'll achieve a better understanding of yourself--and everyone else around you, too!

The Everything® Public Speaking Book

by Scott S. Smith

If you're afraid to speak in public, you're not alone. A well-known study showed that more people put fear of public speaking at the top of their list of fears, even above the fear of death! But armed with The Everything Public Speaking Book, you can conquer your fears and learn practical ways to: Reduce nervousness Set up a room for effective presentations Deal with hecklers "Wow" the audience with a motivating message and delivery Leave them begging for more This pocket guide is packed with practical tools for creating a focused presentation that holds the audience's attention. You'll gain confidence as you build the skills you need to deliver a crowd-pleasing performance-every time!

The Everything® Quick And Easy 30-minute, 5-ingredient Cookbook

by Linda Larsen

In today's busy working world, it's difficult enough to get your family to sit down and eat together, much less find the time to prepare an appetizing dinner every night. with the Everything Quick and Easy, 30-Minute, 5-Ingredient Cookbook, you will learn how to make delicious, quality meals and snacks in just half an hour! Tasty highlights include Turkey Amandine, Spicy Veggie Pizza, Grilled Orange Pork Tenderloin, Parmesan Cups with Cheesy Filling and more!

The Everything Quick Meals Cookbook (2nd Edition)

by Rhonda Lauret Parkinson

American families are busier than ever, and a nutritious dinner often falls to the bottom of the priority list. This cookbook shows them how easy it can be to prepare wholesome meals everyone will love. This second edition of an Everything® bestseller is packed with quick-cooking tips and 300 all-new, easy-to-follow recipes, including: 10-Minute Yogurt and Rice Pudding; Fast Frittata with Beans; Easy Skillet Zucchini Quiche; One-Dish Baked Chicken and Potatoes; Five-Ingredient Steak Diane; Foil-Wrapped Fish Fillets with Dill; Simple Rigatoni with Tomato Sauce; 5-Minute Chocolate "Mousse"; Fast Chicken Fajitas, and more. With these recipes, readers will learn how to make delicious, quality meals in minutes, not hours!

The Everything® Reiki Book

by Phylameana Lila Désy

For centuries, Reiki has been valued by Eastern cultures as a means for relieving pain and balancing the body's natural energies. This hands-on healing method is now gaining subscribers in the Western world who seek a mind-body approach to overall wellness. The Everything Reiki Book introduces you to basic Reiki techniques and teaches you how you can channel positive energy to reduce stress, enhance vitality, and strengthen the immune system. Packed with easy-to-follow instruction and helpful illustrations, The Everything Reiki Book is the perfect resource if you are interested in using this effective touch therapy in the comfort of your own homes. Written with the beginner in mind, The Everything Reiki Book is a practical approach to all-around wellness for the body, mind, and soul.

The Everything® Retirement Planning Book

by Judith B. Harrington Stanley J. Steinberg

No matter what your dream for retirement, you can make that dream come true. This down-to-earth handbook is full of checklists to help you make the decisions you need to make before retiring, including practical advice on topics like Social Security benefits, withdrawing funds from IRAs, life insurance and long-term care policies, and also covers the emotional and psychological issues surrounding retirement, along with the pros and cons of popular retirement destinations.

The Everything Robert's Rules Book

by Barbara Campbell

Have you ever been to a meeting that dissolved into utter chaos? Or attended a meeting that seemed unfocused and unproductive? Robert's Rules of Order have been the standard of parliamentary procedure for business and civic organizations since 1876. The Everything Robert's Rules Book fully explains Robert's Rules and shows you how to apply them to today's social and business meeting situations. Features clear explanations of: Types of meetings and their rules; Proper voting procedures; The rules of debate; When and how to use motions; Proper minute-taking; Standards for teleconferencing and e-mailing. The Everything Robert's Rules Book is your one-stop reference to holding productive, successful meetings. Barbara Cameron is a professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where she teaches business communication courses-one of which is focused on the principles of Robert's Rules of Order.

Everything Romance

by David Bordon Tom Winters Todd Hafer

Romance is always in season when you're in love. Ready to create romantic memories? If you're looking for new and unique ways to celebrate love, captivate the heart of your true love, or simply enjoy each other's company, Everything Romance offers all of this and much more. Inside you'll find... Ways to engage your loved one with conversation starters for couples; Fun and creative date and gift ideas for any budget; Heartwarming love stories and poems; Love busters and love boosters to add fun, zing, and zest; Trivia about the history of love and romance; Recipes to fan the heartflames.Why wait for a special occasion to share the joy of being in love? Opening Everything Romance is like opening a door to romantic adventure--any day, any time! Any moment is the perfect time for you as a couple to celebrate the beauty and wonder of love, especially when you're equipped with a treasure trove of creative ways to do so. With a rich array of romantic gems, Everything Romance abounds with all you need to show your adoration, revel in your relationship, and create a legacy of romance to last a lifetime.From the Hardcover edition.

The Everything® Running Book

by Carlo De Vito Dstephen Pribut

Statistics show that people who run regularly are thinner, have lower cholesterol, and live longer, healthier lives. But, as you know, getting a running regimen started isn't as easy as picking up a pair of sneakers and shooting out the door. The Everything Running Book -- written by a longtime marathon runner, a podiatrist, and a publishing professional -- is a quick and easy guide to getting started on a running program that works for you. This thorough book covers everything you need to know -- from eating right, stretching, and treating common injuries to strapping on the right pair of sneakers and hitting the track or treadmill. Book jacket.

The Everything Running Book

by Randy Brown Eileen Myers

Running can help you lose weight, create a healthy body image, and boost your self-esteem. No matter your fitness level, you too can enjoy the benefits of this sport! With this book, you'll gain the knowledge and tools you need to run a 10K, a marathon, or just a lap around the block! The new edition includes: Cutting-edge information on hugely influential trends in natural running, including ChiRunning, barefoot running, and cross-training with yoga and meditation Information on how to select the right gear and manage your nutrition, including details on new diets favored by endurance athletes A dedicated section on running for women, including specific nutritional and physical concerns Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this book has everything you need to maximize your running potential--from start to finish!

The Everything® Saints Book

by Jenny Schroedel

In The Everything Saints Book, 2nd Edition, you'll learn about the fascinating lives (and sometimes untimely deaths) of more than 85 saints-and the miracles ascribed to them.

The Everything® Sewing Book

by Sandra Detrixhe

This step-by-step guide walks you through the basics while providing instructions for completing various projects with a minimum of fuss. From selecting the right needle and thread to choosing fabrics, reading patterns, and working with a machine, The Everything Sewing Book provides you with all you need to learn this rewarding craft.

The Everything® Sex Signs Book 2nd Edition

by Constance Stellas

Lower your voice to seduce a Scorpio. Kiss the Bull's neck to make him see red. Start a fling with a Cancer at the new moon. Every sun sign has its match--in and out of bed. In this hot new edition of the classic bestseller, you'll learn the sensual secrets of the zodiac, including how to:Find their sexual soulmate using the author's sign compatibility quiz Act and dress to attract any sign Ravish that special someone with sign-specific sexual techniques Determine the best (and worst) sun-sign matchesWith in-depth quizzes and descriptions of the sexual characteristics, favorite fantasies, and compatible matches of each sign, this entertaining guide is guaranteed to heat up any couple's sex life--one heavenly body at a time!

The Everything Slow Cooking for a Crowd Cookbook: Features 300 Appetizing Home-Cooked Recipes

by Katie Thompson

Cooking for guests can be tedious and time consuming, but withThe Everything Slow Cooking for a Crowd Cookbookyour job as host just gotten easier! With a slow cooker, you can create delicious appetizers and sumptuous entr'es for lots of people in no time. Packed with 300 tasty recipes,The Everything Slow Cooking for a Crowd Cookbookis your one-stop resource planning and coordinating party menus. Includes recipes for: Pork Stew with Dumplings Soy and Chestnut Chicken Peppery Southwestern Beef Seafood and Sherry Chowder Cinnamon Apple Pheasant Pecan Rhubarb Bread Lemony Apple Pudding Fixing the perfect dish to suit any special occasion has never been simpler'or faster! WithThe Everything Slow Cooking for a Crowd Cookbook, you can cook a feast for your guests without spending hours in the kitchen and still have time to eat and entertain!

The Everything Small Dogs Book

by Kathy Salzberg

If you live in a compact apartment or don't have much of a yard, a small dog may be just right for you. Weighing in at under 25 pounds and no taller than 16 inches at the shoulders, these smaller breeds are often better suited to today's living spaces. In fact, according to the AKC, more people than ever are buying small dogs for these very reasons. But with so many breeds to choose from, how do you pick the one that's right for you? The Everything Small Dogs Book is the ultimate guide to help you navigate a plethora of breeds and how to care for them. Packed with all the breed and dog-care basics you need, The Everything Small Dogs Book will help you pair up with the right pooch!

The Everything® Soup Cookbook

by B. J. Hanson

The Everything® Soup Cookbook serves up 300 delicious traditional and creative soup recipes, providing you with simple step-by-step-instruction for each.

The Everything Spanish Grammar Book

by Julie Gutin

The everything(r) spanish grammar book provides readers with simple instructions for mastering the rules of the Spanish language. Complete with exercises, verb charts, and glossaries, it's the perfect reference for students of any skill level or native speakers who wish to improve their grammar. The Everything(r) Spanish Grammar Book includes: Keys to mastering grammar, syntax, and sentence structure Tips on usage and pronunciation Thorough review of verb constructions Methods to build vocabulary.

The Everything® Spanish Phrase Book

by Cari Luna

A quick reference for any situation

The Everything Spanish Phrase Book for Health Care Professionals

by Saskia Gorospe Rombouts Courtney Barbetto

This book is the perfect guide for doctors, nurses, and other health care personnel who treat Hispanic patients who speak little or no English. It includes more than 1,400 useful lists of phrases and words that are most likely to be used in a medical setting. Readers can flip quickly to the appropriate section for help in asking and answering questions. This handy reference helps medical and administrative staff to: Make appointments Collect medical history and insurance information Describe procedures Ask about symptoms and pain Reassure and comfort patients This pocket-sized guide even features the basics of Spanish grammar and punctuation. Complete with Spanish and English glossaries, and is all health care workers need to communicate effectively with their Hispanic patients and family members.

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