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Christmas Eve Baby

by Caroline Anderson

Dr. Lucy Tremayne's title is about to change from doctor to mother! She knows she must tell Ben Carter he's going to be a daddy by Christmas, but she's running out of time. . . and stalling. She also realizes that when her secret gets out, it will destroy her father. As head of E. R. at St. Piran's Hospital, Dr. Ben Carter hasn't seen Lucy since that wonderful, perfect night they shared together. He's been warned to stay away, but now, as he arrives in the picturesque Cornish village of Penhally Bay, he is determined to fight for the woman he loves and their baby!

Christmas Eve Delivery

by Connie Cox

Pregnant mom on his doorstepSince returning from the army, Dr. Jordan Hart has isolated himself on his ranch-based medical practice, preferring to be left alone with his battleground ghosts.Then Nurse Deseré Novak comes to his sleep Texan town-pregnant and alone-weeks before Christmas. Reluctantly, Jordan discovers she raises all his protective instincts, and suddenly he's confronted with a different kind of torment-a beautiful brunette with a baby on board!

Christmas Eve: Doorstep Delivery

by Sarah Morgan

Bubbly midwife Hayley Hamilton has lost her heart to the intoxicating man she spent one magical night with--a man she has been completely unable to forget! so imagine her surprise when taking a job as a housekeeper leads her to exactly where she needs to be. . . . Obstetrician Patrick Buchannan hasn't been able to forget his night of reckless abandon with Hayley either, but he's the father to two young children and can't simply follow his heart on a whim. But a knock at his door on Christmas Eve and an unexpected delivery are about to change everything!

Christmas Eve Marriage

by Jessica Hart

A bride for the holidays...?The only thing Thea's looking for on her vacation on the Greek island of Crete is a little R and R-she certainly doesn't expect to find herself roped in to being Rhys Kingsford's pretend fiancée! It definitely isn't relaxing being around Rhys-in fact being with him is exciting, exhilarating...and everything Thea's ever wanted!Back home, Christmas is coming and reality sinks in. Perhaps it was just a holiday fling? Rhys is a single dad, and Thea's not sure there's room in his life for her. But Rhys has other ideas.

The Christmas Eve Mystery

by Joan Lowery Nixon

An old Irish legend says that horses talk at midnight on Christmas Eve, but when Susan and Mike stand watch at the local stable, they overhear robbers, not horses.

The Christmas Eve Mystery and Other Holiday Stories

by Eva Moore

Fourteen Christmas stories and poems about two sisters expecting nothing for Christmas, two boys who can't stop fighting, two children checking to see if animals talk on Christmas Eve, a music-loving mouse living in a church, Santa visiting a giant in a smelly castle and more! Each story is a gift. RL 3, Ages 8-10

A Christmas Fantasy

by Carolyn Haywood

From the Book jacket: This merry tale about the childhood of Santa Claus has a timeless quality that will make it a favorite Christmas book for years to come. In it Carolyn Haywood combines her sense of fun with the charm of make-believe to produce a fantasy that embodies the Christmas spirit. The story begins when a little boy called Claus mysteriously appears in his godmother's house one Christmas morning. Everyone loves the jolly fellow, although he has a strange habit. Claus never enters a house through a door, but always tumbles down the chimney. Before long Claus shows a desire to share his toys with his friends, and soon he is in the present business. Today boys and girls look forward to his visit once a year by way of the chimney on Christmas eve. The lavish illustrations enrich this new classic with a wealth of detail. Children will want to pore over them endlessly as they hear once again how Santa Claus came to be. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Carolyn Haywood was born in Philadelphia and now lives in Chestnut Hill, a suburb of that city. A graduate of the Philadelphia Normal School, she also studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where she won the Cresson European Scholarship. Her first story, "B" Is for Betsy, was published in 1939. Since then she has written books almost every year and has become one of the most widely read American writers for younger children. ABOUT THE ARTISTS Victor Ambrus was born in Budapest, Hungary, and Glenys Ambrus in London, England. Both are graduates of the Royal College of Art, in London, and are noted illustrators. Mr. Ambrus won the 1965 Kate Greenaway Medal in England for his picture book The Three Poor Tailors, and he has illustrated many books for older children as well. Mr. and Mrs. Ambrus collect antiques, particularly of the Victorian period, and some of the items in their collection were used as models for the illustrations in this story. They and their teenage son live in LEt Hants. England.

A Christmas Far from Home

by Stanley Weintraub

An anecdote-rich narrative of the 1950 holiday season during the Korean War, when, just after Thanksgiving, tens of thousands of US troops were surrounded in the Chosin reservoir area by hundreds of thousands of Chinese troops and began a terrible and difficult retreat, which finally ended on Christmas Day.

The Christmas Feast

by Peggy Webb

This Christmas, Jolie O'Banyon planned to impress her family with the feast of a lifetime. But just as she realized she could use a few cooking lessons, the world's sexiest man broke into her family's manor. Only, this hunk was no burglar. He was her sister's surprise guest-and he knew how to heat things up in the kitchen!When Special Agent Lance Estes showed up a little early at the O'Banyons', he wasn't expecting to have to make nice with an adorably inept chef-not that he minded. But a man who courted danger for a living had no business making promises to a woman. Especially a woman like Jolie, who deserved the best that a man had to offer....

A Christmas for Carrie

by Alison Packard

The very thought of Christmas is enough to darken Carrie Jones's day. "Jingle Bells" and eggnog? Not for this girl; not anymore. But running into a handsome old crush might make this year different...Home to celebrate with his parents, Nick Johnson loves the holidays and all that comes with them, from trips to the tree lot to the very last strand of tinsel. Stunned to bump into Carrie while on a coffee run, he realizes that his former study buddy has grown into a drop-dead-gorgeous woman. One with whom he'd like to share all the joys-and hidden pleasures-of the season.Spending time with Nick and his warm, close-knit family, Carrie can't help but feel the very beginnings of that elusive Christmas spirit. She's falling in love with all of them...until an unexpected visitor arrives. It will take putting her trust in Nick-and all her newfound happiness-to overcome the ghosts of Christmases past.32,000 words

Christmas from the Back Side

by J. Ellsworth Kalas

CHRISTMAS FROM A DIFFERENT ANGLE Take a look at Christmas from alternative angles. Using an approach similar to his other "BackSide" books, Kalas crafts new insights into the scriptures of the Christmas story by looking at them from the "back side" - ...taking unique starting points...creative re-telling from different views...examining the story through new "lenses"...or looking through the eyes of a not-so-familiar character. Book session titles include: The Scandal of Christmas Three Votes for an Early Christmas Christmas Comes to a Back Fence How the Government Helped the First Christmas Happen Celebrating Christmas in a Hotel Christmas Comes to a Church Christmas and the Impossible Dream

A Christmas Garland

by Anne Perry

"An annual treat," declared The Wall Street Journal of Anne Perry's Victorian-era holiday mysteries. Now she continues this magnificent tradition with A Christmas Garland, a yuletide tale set in exotic India. This time the mistress of mystery tells the story of a terrible crime that sets the stage for another: accusing an innocent man of murder. The year is 1857, soon after the violent Siege of Cawnpore, with India in the midst of rebellion. In the British garrison, a guard is killed and an Indian prisoner escapes, which leads to yet more British deaths. Cries for revenge are overwhelming. Despite no witnesses and no evidence against him, a luckless British medical orderly named John Tallis is arrested as an accomplice simply because he was the only soldier unaccounted for when these baffling crimes were committed. Though chosen to defend Tallis, young Lieutenant Victor Narraway is not encouraged to try very hard. Narraway's superiors merely want a show trial. But inspired by a soldier's widow and her children, and by his own stubborn faith in justice, Narraway searches for the truth. In an alien world haunted by memories of massacre, he is the accused man's only hope. The trial of John Tallis equals the white-knuckle best of Anne Perry's breathtaking courtroom dramas. And thanks to a simple Christmas garland and some brilliant detective work, Narraway perseveres against appalling odds, learning how to find hope within himself--and turn the darkest hour into one full of joy and light. PRAISE FOR THE CHRISTMAS NOVELS OF ANNE PERRY A Christmas Homecoming "Could have been devised by Agatha Christie . . . [Perry is] a modern master."--Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "Vastly entertaining . . . uplifting and thought-provoking by turns."--The Star-Ledger A Christmas Odyssey "[Perry] writes with detail that invades the senses."--Lincoln Journal Star A Christmas Promise "Poignant . . . should be on the Christmas stocking list of anyone who likes a sniffle of nostalgia."--The Washington Times A Christmas Grace "[A] heartwarming, if crime-tinged, complement to the holiday season."--Booklist A Christmas Beginning "Intriguing . . . Perry's use of period detail is, as always, strong and evocative."--The Seattle TimesFrom the Hardcover edition.

The Christmas Genie

by Dan Gutman Dan Santat

It's the last day of school before Christmas vacation and Alex, Chase, and the rest of Mrs. Walter's fifth-grade class couldn't wish more for that final bell to ring. But the day takes a crazy turn when a mysterious meteorite crashes through their classroom window and a genie pops out. He will grant just one wish for the whole class to share. Be careful what you wish for!

Christmas Getaway

by Anne Stuart Marion Lennox Tina Leonard

This Christmas, holiday getaway has an entirely new meaning. . . Take Eloise. First she's kidnapped by Santa, and now she's camping out in an abandoned lighthouse with the most infuriatingly intoxicating cop she's ever met. Is she sleeping with the enemy. . . or the man destined to make her Mrs. Claus? Meanwhile Jean is abducted to a remote ranch, stuck teaching a handsome Texas Ranger how to enjoy a little sensual Christmas cheer. And Molly? Her nuptials are shot up and her fianceacute;'s a no-show, but when she arrives at a supposedly private Australian hideaway to recoup, she's not alone. . . and the heat is enough to melt the mere memory of a white Christmas. Three women, connected by friendship and fate, are taking cover. . . with men sexy enough to unwrap!

The Christmas Ghost (Sweet Valley Twins and Friends Super Chiller #1)

by Jamie Suzanne

From the back cover: "Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are looking forward to the most glorious Christmas ever. The tree is trimmed, the presents are wrapped, and movie star Beau Dillon is coming to town! The actor, who'll be in Sweet Valley to publicize his new movie, has agreed to help Elizabeth raise money for the children's wing of the local hospital. But when the teen star arrives at the Wakefields' house, it's Jessica, not Elizabeth, he meets. What's the harm in pretending to be your twin? No harm, Jessica thinks-until strange things start happening and three ghostly visitors appear on Christmas Eve. Is Jessica's imagination working overtime or have the spirits of Christmas past, present, and future come to teach Jessica the lesson of a lifetime?" Look for more books set in Sweet Valley with the twins Elizabeth and Jessica in the Bookshare Library.

The Christmas Gift

by Francisco Jiménez Claire B. Cotts

With honesty and grace, award-winning author Francisco Jiménez shares his most poignant Christmas memory in this beautifully illustrated picture book. As Christmas approaches, Panchito can't wait to see what present he gets. But on Christmas Day, he is disappointed when all he gets is a bag of candy, until he sees the gift his father gives his mother. Panchito then realizes that gifts of the heart are the most precious of all.

A Christmas Gift

by Glendon Swarthout

In the tradition of The Cat Who Came for Christmas and A Child's Christmas in Wales, a wonderful story about the true meaning of love and family. Swarthout is the million-copy bestselling author of Bless the Beasts and the Children. Illustrated.

Christmas Gift: A Family

by Barbara Hannay

He's discovered he's a father... Happy with his life as a wealthy bachelor, Hugh Strickland is stunned to discover he has a daughter! And-although he wants to bring his daughter, Ivy, home-he's absolutely terrified. Hugh hardly knows Jo Berry, but he pleads with her to help him become the father that his motherless child deserves... Now he needs to find the courage to be a family... Now, as father and daughter become even closer, Jo realizes that she'll soon no longer be needed. But surely the ideal solution would be if they could give each other the perfect Christmas gift: a family...

Christmas Gifts

by Gail Gaymer Martin Brenda Minton

Small Town Christmas by Gail Gaymer Martin When seven-year-old twins act up in temporary teacher Amy Carroll's class, she meets their very apologetic widowed father, Mike Russet. The handsome man has his hands full-but can two mini matchmakers and holiday cheer open his heart to Christmas romance? Her Christmas Cowboy by Brenda Minton After being jilted a week before her wedding, Elizabeth Harden attends a bull-riding event for her dad, where she tries-unsuccessfully-to avoid bull fighter Travis Cooper, a too-handsome heartbreaker. But could her first impression of Travis be mistaken? A Christmas wedding just might be in her future, after all....

Christmas Gold

by Cheryl St. John Elizabeth Lane Mary Burton

Colorado Wife by Cheryl St. JohnFinding two orphans on her doorstep, Rosalyne Emery is determined to make local tycoon Sam Calhoun responsible for them. But the mismatched pair soon find themselves trapped in a pretend engagement that might just become a reality. . . . Jubal's Gift by Elizabeth LaneJubal Trask is out to kill Thomas Curry, The man who deserted him during the war. But finding Thomas's two children and their aunt Tess, The girl who has always loved Jubal, The scarred soldier struggles to learn the power of love and forgiveness before it's too late. Until Christmas by Mary BurtonLaura Butler wants to sell her grandfather's silver mine, move back east and forget all about mining! Mine manager Roman Maddox has other plans, but he has only until Christmas to win Laura's hand in marriage.

Christmas--The Good,The Bad, And The Ugly

by Richard B. Wilke

focuses on people in the story of Christ's birth.

A Christmas Grace

by Anne Perry

In the sixth of Anne Perry's charming Christmas novellas, a community learns to come to terms with a terrible event from its past. Emily Radley's Christmas plans are shattered when she learns that her aunt is dying. Although estranged from her, Emily decides that she must journey to Susannah's home in Ireland to assist her in her final days. When she reaches Connemara though, it is evident that Susannah has more on her mind than her health. Then Daniel, the lone survivor of a ship wrecked in a violent storm, seeks refuge in Susannah's house. Determined to understand why the village is not welcoming its new arrival, Emily discovers strange parallels with the unsolved death of another young man, Connor, many years before. Susannah, desperate to find out what happened to Connor before she dies, urges Emily to investigate. And as she does, Emily learns that some people will do anything to keep their secrets safe.

The Christmas Groom

by Deb Kastner

After years in the navy, Colin Brockman gets his chance to cut loose while studying to be a chaplain. He's finally enjoying the freedom to live by his rules and nobody else's. But his footloose lifestyle is soon turned upside down when he meets beautiful grad student Holly McCade. Holly never expects to be charmed by the scruffy student she calls "Mr. Late. " Will he turn out to be Mr. Right? Original.

Christmas Guardian

by Delores Fossen

ONE TEXAS CHRISTMAS CHANGED EVERYTHING. . . Despite his dark past and dangerous edge, Jordan Taylor fell for the helpless infant left on his Texas doorstep with a frantic plea for help. The millionaire security agent had built a fortress around baby Gus. . . or so he thought until Kinley Ford showed up at Christmas fourteen months later. Kinley wanted only to see her son; instead she'd led the killers on her heels straight to Gus. Killers who wouldn't hesitate to use him as the ultimate pawn. Kinley got to Jordan's heart, and after a lifetime of loss, he vowed to sacrifice everything to protect his surrogate son and the woman who'd ensnared him. Everything. Even his life.

A Christmas Guest

by Anne Perry

Anne Perry has dazzled readers for decades with her gripping Victorian novels and has won new fans with her acclaimed World War I series. Perry's thrilling Christmas novels, recent additions to her unique repertoire, are set in the most joyous season of the year. In A Christmas Guest, Mariah Ellison, better known as the vinegar-tongued Grandmama from the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series, makes a stunning appearance in a bracing story full of devious delight . . . and certain death. For Grandmama Ellison, Christmas is no reason to celebrate. And when her daughter and son-in-law plan a Christmas vacation to Paris sans hers truly, the cantankerous Grandmama is forced to stay elsewhere-and travels to the chilly, windswept Romney Marshes to spend the holiday with Charlotte Pitt's parents, Caroline and Joshua Fielding. Grandmama is immediately miserable. For starters, Christmas with the Fieldings is nothing like the cultured life to which she's accustomed, and the Romney Marshes are unbearably provincial. When Joshua's cousin Maude Barrington arrives, Grandmama is at her wit's end. Although Maude is well traveled and friendly, Grandmama thinks she's improper and strange. But when Maude is found lifeless in bed, Grandmama senses foul play and takes it upon herself to assume the role of amateur detective-uncovering not only the truth about Maude Barrington but some startling truths about herself as well. Enlivened with bold characters and vivid, witty writing, A Christmas Guest is yet another holiday novella with the perfect combination of mystery and murder mixed with a generous helping of yuletide cheer. From the Hardcover edition.

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