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My Boy Willie

by Christina E. Pilz

Claustrophic and terrifying, this is the story of Barnabas' release from the coffin and his first few months at Collinwood, as seen by the man who released him into the 20th century, Willie Loomis.

My Boyfriend and Other Enemies

by Nikki Logan

Tempted by trouble...The moment Tash Sinclair sets eyes on family rival Aiden Moore she knows she's in trouble. His vendetta against her is bad enough, but the fact that she finds Aiden outrageously attractive makes everything a million times worse!Tash and Aiden clash immediately, but everyone knows that the line between love and hate is paper-thin. As the fireworks fly will Tash and Aiden spontaneously combust-or will Tash do the unthinkable and fall for her own worst enemy? After all, you should keep your friends close, but maybe your enemies the closest of all...!

My Boys Can Swim! The Official Guy's Guide to Pregnancy

by Ian Davis

Finally--A Pregnancy Book That Won't Put Men to Sleep. My Boys Can Swim! tells real men everything they really want to know about pregnancy, such as: How much is it going to cost? Why does your wife primp before seeing her doctor when she hasn't put a stitch of make-up on for you in months? And, most important, what's it going to do to your sex life? This rollicking, laugh-out-loud book is for expectant dads in search of bottom-line pregnancy information, without all that boring touchy-feely stuff you find in those books written for women. Inside you'll discover helpful--and hilarious--information and insights on such topics as: The Maternity Wardrobe: "A key part of the maternity wardrobe is maternity underwear--parachute-like undies big enough to fit an NFL defensive lineman." Baby Names: "Don't give your kids mockable names like Thaddeus, which is Greek for 'I'm a dork and should be beaten up.'" The Birth: "No one told me it's normal that babies' heads can be misshapen at birth. I was convinced that my wife gave birth to Veldar, the conehead."

My Brief History

by Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking has dazzled readers worldwide with a string of bestsellers exploring the mysteries of the universe. Now, for the first time, perhaps the most brilliant cosmologist of our age turns his gaze inward for a revealing look at his own life and intellectual evolution. My Brief History recounts Stephen Hawking's improbable journey, from his postwar London boyhood to his years of international acclaim and celebrity. Lavishly illustrated with rarely seen photographs, this concise, witty, and candid account introduces readers to a Hawking rarely glimpsed in previous books: the inquisitive schoolboy whose classmates nicknamed him Einstein; the jokester who once placed a bet with a colleague over the existence of a particular black hole; and the young husband and father struggling to gain a foothold in the world of physics and cosmology. Writing with characteristic humility and humor, Hawking opens up about the challenges that confronted him following his diagnosis of ALS at age twenty-one. Tracing his development as a thinker, he explains how the prospect of an early death urged him onward through numerous intellectual breakthroughs, and talks about the genesis of his masterpiece A Brief History of Time--one of the iconic books of the twentieth century. Clear-eyed, intimate, and wise, My Brief History opens a window for the rest of us into Hawking's personal cosmos.From the Hardcover edition.

My Brother the Gross Out

by Michael J. Pellowski

[from the back cover] "I'm a typical fifth grader--except for one little thing. My little brother, Gregory, is the grossest kid in the whole universe! He's always doing awful things to embarrass my friends and me. Painting and spiking his hair in art class was bad enough. Crawling across a table in the lunch room to catch a humongous fly for his dead bug collection was even worse. And watching him eat would make anybody barf! Now there's a new girl in my class who I really want to be friends with. Courtney's really cool. But she'll never want to be friends with me if she knows I've got Gregory for a brother. I've just got to keep her from finding out about ..."

My Brother's Keeper

by Marcia Davenport

In the late 1940s, the wealthy Holt brothers are found dead in the Manhattan brownstone where they lived for decades as recluses. The story of how this sad fate came to be theirs is unraveled bit by bit in this novel, as the brothers' grip on sanity loosens. As they attempt to overcome the psychologically damaging impact their domineering grandmother and their insane mother had on them, they cannot escape patterns deeply ingrained, which shapes the brothers' lives and interactions with the outside world.

My Circus

by Xavier Deneux

Another squeezably soft feast for the senses. Xavier Deneux turns another simple concept book into high art--this time treating readers to the wonders of the circus. Perfect for babies and toddlers, My Circus introduces clowns, magicians, trapeze artists, and many more familiar stars of the big top.

My Country: The Remarkable Past

by Pierre Berton

Berton brings Canada's past alive with true stories of mystery and romance, tragedy and heroism, from the piracy of Bill Johnston, scourge of the St. Lawrence, to the weird saga of Brother XII and his mystic cult on Vancouver Island.From the Trade Paperback edition.

My Cowboy Promises

by Z. A. Maxfield

A real man needs a real love... To become the man he's meant to be, one cowboy will have to be the man he never wanted anyone to know he was... Ryder Dent is a true-blue cowboy. A devoted son, husband and father, but one who is living a costly lie. When they were both young, Ryder and his closest female friend Andi thought they'd found the perfect solution to both their problems--she was single and pregnant, and he was secretly gay--so they got married and raised Jonas together. When Ryder gets hurt at a party, his son's new pediatrician comes to the rescue. The connection between Ryder and Dr. Declan Winters is sudden, powerful, and undeniable. Ryder loves Andi and the family they've created together--but they both need more. Can they pursue their hearts' desire without destroying the life they've built and losing the son they love? Praise for Z. A. Maxfield: "Z. A. Maxfield has a lyrical way of writing that makes it easy to escape into the world that she creates for her characters."--Night Owl Reviews "The thing that you managed to pull off that made [...] me happy was that ePistols at Dawn was also a damn good story and a hot, exciting romance."--Dear Author "Maxfield has written another gem and a winner. Run, don't walk, to get a copy of Stirring Up Trouble today." Z. A. Maxfield started writing in 2007 on a dare from her children and never looked back. Pathologically disorganized, and perennially optimistic, she writes as much as she can, reads as much as she dares, and enjoys her time with family and friends. If anyone asks her how a wife and mother of four manages to find time for a writing career, she'll answer, "It's amazing what you can accomplish if you give up housework." Her published books include My Cowboy Heart, My Heartache Cowboy, My Cowboy Homecoming, Crossing Borders, Epic Award finalist St. Nacho's, Drawn Together, ePistols at Dawn, Notturno, Stirring Up Trouble, and Vigil.

My Daddy was a Pistol and I'm a Son of a Gun

by Lewis Grizzard

Even while sharing the sorrows of life with his father, Grizzard always maintains his marvelous (make thatmaaaahhhhhvelous) humor. From mispronunciations of his name, (you wouldn't rhyme it with the chicken part, would you?) to ballgames and business trips, Grizzard pokes fun. His observations are poignant and rich. A delightful book.

My Dad's a Birdman

by David Almond

Join a young girl and her dad as they find their wings and take to the skies in a joyful, quirky, tender tale from a masterful author and illustrator. In a rainy town in the north of England, there are strange goings-on.

My Dark Places: An L. A. Crime Memoir

by James Ellroy

On 21 June 1958, Geneva Hilliker Ellroy left her home in California. She was found strangled the next day. Her 10-year-old son James had been with her estranged husband all weekend and was informed of her death on his return. Her murderer was never found, but her death had an enduring legacy on her son -- he spent his teen and early adult years as a wino, petty burglar and derelict. Only later, through his obsession with crime fiction, triggered by his mother's murder, did Ellroy begin to delve into his past. Shortly after the publication of his ground-breaking novel WHITE JAZZ, he determined to return to Los Angeles and with the help of veteran detective Bill Stoner, attempt to solve the 38-year-old killing. The result is one of the few classics of crime non-fiction and autobiography to appear in the last few decades; a hypnotic trip to America's underbelly and one man's tortured soul.

My Darling Melissa (Corbin #4)

by Linda Lael Miller

Devastated on her wedding day by a shattering revelation, Melissa Corbin turned to a stranger with a brazen bargain: she would take his name in exchange for the power of the Corbin empire. Quinn Rafferty was shockingly handsome and used to command. His bold, generous heart was quickly roused to laughter, to anger...and to white-hot desire for the head strong, sable-maned beauty. Quinn's caresses kindled blazing starlight in Melissa's pounding blood...and soon there was no turning back. But above their happiness loomed a bitter man's vengeance that could destroy all that Quinn most cherished. Now Melissa and Quinn would risk their very lives for the glorious heights of ecstasy....

My Darling Villain

by Lynne Reid Banks

Fifteen-year-old Kate becomes aware of the class consciousness of her middle class family and friends when she falls in love with a boy from a working class family.

My Daughter's Boyfriend

by Cydney Rax

Tracey Davenport was only seventeen when she had her daughter, Lauren, and has proudly raised her as a single mom. Now that Lauren is seventeen herself, Tracey is pleased to see that her daughter has taken her advice to heart: Lauren wants to wait instead of having sex with Aaron, a college student and her first real boyfriend. But Laurens decision causes a chain reaction that no one could have anticipated.

My Dead Body: A Novel

by Charlie Huston

Bestselling author Huston brings to a close a bloody and brilliant series with the final installment of his Joe Pitt novels.

My Deadly Valentine

by Valerie Hansen Lynette Eason

Dangerous Admirerby Valerie HansenSomeone's stalking Rachel Hollister. With suspects at every turn, it's deputy Jase Morgan's job to halt the menace shadowing her steps. As the most romantic holiday of the year approaches, can she trust this charming officer with her life. . . and her heart?Dark Obsessionby Lynette EasonHang-up calls, graffiti, break-ins at her shop right before Valentine's Day. . . Someone wants to scare Holly Maddox--and it's working. Her high school sweetheart, Eli Brody, comes To The rescue, but surely the handsome detective doesn'treallyplan to stay. There's nowhere for Holly to turn as danger--and heartbreak--start closing in.

My Dearest Enemy

by Connie Brockway

Breathtakingly romantic, startlingly original, Connie Brockway's novels have captured the hearts of readers and the raves of critics everywhere. Now she brings you a unique and unforgettable love story that begins with a series of letters between a world-weary adventurer and the woman whose love brings him home.Dear Mr. Thorne, I give you fair warning. I intend to do whatever I must to abide by your late uncle's will and win Mill House. Though I know he never expected me to succeed, and for whatever reasons is using me to shame you, I accept his challenge. For the next five years, I will profitably manage this estate. I will deliver to you an allowance and I will prove that women are just as capable as men. And at the end, I shall accept Mill House as my reward.Sincerely,Lillian BedeMy Dear Miss Bede, Forgive me if I fail to shudder. Pray, do whatever you bloody well want, can, or must. I shall look forward to making your acquaintance in my lawyer's office five years hence, when I take possession of Mill House.Avery ThorneFrom the Paperback edition.

My Dearest Mr. Darcy

by Sharon Lathan

Darcy is more deeply in love with his wife than everAs the golden summer draws to a close and the Darcys look ahead to the end of their first year of marriage, Mr. Darcy could never have imagined his love could grow even deeper with the passage of time. . . Lizzy is full of surprises. . . Elizabeth is unpredictable and lively, pulling Darcy out of his stern and serious demeanor with her teasing and temptation. Looking ahead and planning for celebrations and life events large and small, Lizzy can still catch Darcy unawares when he least expects it. . . But surprising events force the Darcys to weather absence and illness, and to discover whether they can find a way to build a bond of everlasting love and desire. . .

My Detachment

by Tracy Kidder

In an astonishingly honest, comic, and moving account of his tour of duty in Vietnam, master storyteller Tracy Kidder writes for the first time about himself. This extraordinary memoir is destined to become a classic. Kidder was a ROTC intelligence officer, just months out of college and expecting a stateside assignment, when his orders arrived for Vietnam. There, lovesick, anxious, and melancholic, he tried to assume command of his detachment, a ragtag band of eight more-or-less ungovernable men charged with reporting on enemy radio locations. He eventually learned not only to lead them but to laugh and drink with them as they shared the boredom, pointlessness, and fear of war. Together, they sought a ghostly enemy, homing in on radio transmissions and funneling intelligence gathered by others. Kidder realized that he would spend his time in Vietnam listening in on battle but never actually experiencing it. With remarkable clarity and with great detachment, Kidder looks back at himself from across three and a half decades, confessing how, as a young lieutenant, he sought to borrow from the tragedy around him and to imagine himself a romantic hero. Unrelentingly honest, rueful, and revealing, "My Detachment" gives us war without heroism, while preserving those rare moments of redeeming grace in the midst of lunacy and danger. The officers and men of "My Detachment" are not the sort of people who appear in war movies -- they are the ones who appear only in war, and they are unforgettable.

My Documents

by Alejandro Zambra Megan Mcdowell

Archived in a folder on award-winning author Alejandro Zambra's desktop are 11 stories of liars and ghosts, armed bandits and young lovers. Intimate, mysterious, and uncanny, these stories reveal a mind that is as undeniably singular as it is universal. Together, they constitute the debut short-story collection from Zambra, whose first novel was heralded as a "bloodletting in Chilean literature."Whether chronicling the return of a mercurial godson or the disappearance of a trusted cousin, the worlds of these stories are so powerful and deep that the works might better be described as brief novels. My Documents is by turns hilarious and heart-stopping, tragic and tender, but most of all, it is unflinchingly human and essential evidence of a sublimely talented writer working at the height of his powers.

My Dog and the Birthday Mystery

by David A. Adler

"My name is Jenny. This is my dog. My dog has four legs, two in the front and two in the back. She has white curly hair with lots of black spots. And she is really very smart. My dog solves mysteries. I couldn't think of a good name for my dog so I just call her My Dog." Other books by this author are available in this library.

My Dog Never Says Please

by Suzanne Williams

From the book jacket: It's a dog's life Ginny Mae thinks her dog, Ol' Red, has got it made. All day long, he lies in the sun, chasing cats and scratching an occasional itch. He eats with his mouth open, runs around barefoot, and leaves his stuff wherever he wants. Best of all, OF Red never, ever has to say please. Ol' Red's life is so easy that one day Ginny Mae decides to join her canine companion. And what follows is a hilarious story that will make readers sit up and beg to hear it again. "The broadly funny cartoon pictures capture the silliness of this tale." -Kirkus Reviews suzanne williams is a children's librarian and the author of several picture books, including Library LU. She lives with her husband, two children, and two dogs who never say "please." tedd arnold is the author/illustrator of a number of popular picture books, including No More Water in the Tub! and Green Wilma. Ages 4-9

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