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Major Crush

by Jennifer Echols

Marching to the beat of a different drum... Tired of the beauty-pagean circuit, Virginia Sauter tosses her tiara, pierces her nose, and auditions for the most unlikely of roles -- drum major of the high school marching band. Virginia wins, but is forced to share the title with Drew, whose family has held the position for generations. Sure, Drew is hot, but because of his superior attitude, he and Virginia are constantly arguing. That is, until they share more than just their half-time salute... But as the drum major's heated competition turns to sizzling romance, explosive rumors threaten everything -- including the band's success. Love seemed to be a sure hit, but Virginia and Drew may be marching straight into disaster.

Major League Dad

by Kathleen Y'Barbo

Christian romance

The Major Religions: An Introduction with Texts

by T. Patrick Burke

This popular introduction to the world's major religions provides a comprehensive survey of the major traditions together with selected primary readings. A new edition of this popular introduction to the world's major religions Provides a comprehensive survey of the major religious traditions together with selected primary readings Focuses on the beliefs and values that animate each religion, helping students to understand what makes them meaningful to their followers Includes new material on Sikhism and additional material on each religion's ethics and their encounter with the modern world Features chapter-by-chapter discussion and test questions, summaries, and suggestions for further reading Improved visual design, with extensive student aids including revised maps, timeline and charts. The book is accompanied by a website at http://www. blackwellpublishing. com/burke

Major Themes of the Qur'an

by Fazlur Rahman

Mr. Rahman introduces the student to the Qur'an. Subjects covered are God, man, nature, sin, heaven and other subjects. It is not an easy read because of the scholarly nature.

Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism

by Gershom Scholem

A collection of lectures on the features of the movement of mysticism that began in antiquity and continues in Hasidism today.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Major Washington

by Michael Kilian

Decades before the American Revolution, George Washington sparked a war that would change the world On May 28, 1754, the colonial militia surrounded a party of French-Canadian soldiers. With 15 minutes of rifle fire, the colonists slaughtered the French, then allowed Indian guides to take the corpses' scalps. Observing this grisly scene was a towering young major named George Washington. In the aftermath of the Battle of Jumonville Glen, Washington retreated to Fort Necessity, where he was soon forced to surrender, signing a document claiming responsibility for the assassination of French troops. The result would be the Seven Years' War--the greatest international conflict the globe had ever seen. It would also be the making of a statesman. In this rousing historical novel, Michael Kilian reconstructs the events in Washington's life that led to that pivotal day at Jumonville Glen and molded the man who would create a country.

Majoring in Murder: A Murder, She Wrote Mystery

by Donald Bain Jessica Fletcher

Mystery writer Jessica Fletcher is teaching a class at an Indiana college when a tornado strikes and one of two professors who didn't seek emergency shelter is soon discovered dead. Jessica doubts the death was accidental, instead suspecting foul play. As she investigates, Jessica becomes embroiled in campus politics.

The Majors

by W. E. B. Griffin

Dien Bien Phu. Saigon. Hanoi. In 1954, they were only exotic names from a French campaign halfway around the world. But now American fighting men--proven on the bloody beaches of Normandy and in the minefields of Korea--are summoned to help beat back the guerilla forces of Ho Chi Minh. To some, the "secret" war in Indochina was the depth of folly. To others, like the Majors, it pointed to the heights of glory. . . .

Make: 3D Printing

by Anna Kaziunas France

The 3D printing revolution is well upon us, with new machines appearing at an amazing rate. With the abundance of information and options out there, how are makers to choose the 3D printer that's right for them? MAKE is here to help, with our Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing. With articles about techniques, freely available CAD packages, and comparisons of printers that are on the market, this book makes it easy to understand this complex and constantly-shifting topic. Based on articles and projects from MAKE's print and online publications, this book arms you with everything you need to know to understand the exciting but sometimes confusing world of 3D Printing.

Make a Mind-Controlled Arduino Robot

by Tero Karvinen Kimmo Karvinen

Build a robot that responds to electrical activity in your brain--it's easy and fun. If you're familiar with Arduino and have basic mechanical building skills, this book will show you how to construct a robot that plays sounds, blinks lights, and reacts to signals from an affordable electroencephalography (EEG) headband. Concentrate and the robot will move. Focus more and it will go faster. Let your mind wander and the robot will slow down. You'll find complete instructions for building a simple robot chassis with servos, wheels, sensors, LEDs, and a speaker. You also get the code to program the Arduino microcontroller to receive wireless signals from the EEG. Your robot will astound anyone who wears the EEG headband. This book will help you: Connect an inexpensive EEG device to Arduino Build a robot platform on wheels Calculate a percentage value from a potentiometer reading Mix colors with an RGB LED Play tones with a piezo speaker Write a program that makes the robot avoid boundaries Create simple movement routines

The Make-a-Pet Mystery

by Carolyn Keene Macky Pamintuan

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew are out to solve the case of a stolen stuffed animal.River Heights has gone gaga over Make-a-Pets! Nancy and her friends are excited to make their own cuddly stuffed animals--and play the online game Petopia that goes along with Make-a-Pet animals.But when Nancy's friend, Violet, discovers that Hoppity, her Make-a-Pet, is missing, the Clue Crew is called on to help find the missing bunny. It seems there are a few possible suspects--including Violet's best friend, Sonia, who claims Violet stole the idea about Hoppity from her. Could Violet's best friend be the culprit? Or is the real thief even more of a surprise?

Make a Scene

by Jordan Rosenfeld

Write Scenes that Move Your Story Forward In Make a Scene, author Jordan E. Rosenfeld takes you through the fundamentals of strong scene construction and explains how other essential fiction-writing techniques, such as character, plot, and dramatic tension, must function within the framework of individual scenes in order to provide substance and structure to the overall story. You'll learn how to: Craft an opening scene that hooks readers and foreshadows supporting scenes Develop various scene types - from the suspenseful to the dramatic to the contemplative - that are distinct and layered Tailor character and plot around specific scene types to better convey the nuances of your storyline Create resonating climactic and final scenes that stay with readers long after they've finished your work

Make a Wish (Dora the Explorer)

by Sarah Wilson Eric Weiner

Dora and Boots spy the first little star of the evening and begin making their wishes. But suddenly a comet knocks Little Star out of the sky, and she falls to the ground. Join Dora and Boots as they try to get Little Star home so that everyone can make a good-night wish.

Make a Wish for Me (Beany Malone Series, #6)

by Lenora Mattingly Weber

Just as Beany has settled into a pleasant friendship with Andy Kern, Norbett Rhodes first sends her a charm for "their" bracelet, then calls with a frantic request for her to meet him at the airport. He has come home but swears Beany to secrecy and won't even tell her what his mission is. Meanwhile, another girl seems to be in Norbett's life, a brash, self-assured girl named Dulcie with hair the color of burnt sugar. But Beany soon learns the hard exterior hides a soft heart. How interested is Dulcie in Norbett? For that matter, does Beany prefer Norbett or the more easygoing Andy? And will Beany's budding friendship with Dulcie hurt her own standing at school, where the other girls dislike the newest student? Lots of questions in this episode.

Make a Wish (The Hidden Diary Book 2)

by Sandra Byrd

Book 2 in The Hidden Diary series. Lucy and Serena decide to act out what they're reading in the diary they've found. But when a threat arrives before they can host a summer party, they girls must decide what they should do.

Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot

by Michael Margolis

<p>Building robots that sense and interact with their environment used to be tricky. Now, Arduino makes it easy. With this book and an Arduino microcontroller and software creation environment, you&#8217;ll learn how to build and program a robot that can roam around, sense its environment, and perform a wide variety of tasks.</p>

Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets

by Tero Karvinen Kimmo Karvinen

Want to build your own robots, turn your ideas into prototypes, control devices with a computer, or make your own cell phone applications? It's a snap with this book and the Arduino open source electronic prototyping platform. Get started with six fun projects and achieve impressive results quickly. Gain the know-how and experience to invent your own cool gadgets. With Arduino, building your own embedded gadgets is easy, even for beginners. Embedded systems are everywhere--inside cars, children's toys, and mobile phones. This book will teach you the basics of embedded systems and help you build your first gadget in just a few days. Each learn-as-you-build project that follows will add to your knowledge and skills. Experiment with Arduino, the popular microcontroller board Build robots and electronic projects with easy-to-follow instructions Turn your ideas into working physical prototypes Use Android phones as remote controls in your projects Work with an uncomplicated programming language created for artists, designers, and hobbyists Get everyone involved, with projects that even beginners can build

Make: Basic Arduino Projects

by Don Wilcher

This companion book to MakerShed's Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack provides 26 clearly explained projects that you can build with this top-selling kit right away--including multicolor flashing lights, timers, tools for testing circuits, sound effects, motor control, and sensor devices.With the Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack, you'll find everything from common components such as resistors and capacitors to specialized sensors and actuators like force-sensing resistors and motors. The kit also features the Arduino Uno Microcontroller and a MakerShield, the definitive prototyping shield for Arduino. Build 26 cool mini Arduino projects and gadgets Work on projects that are both instructive and have practical application Get circuit diagrams and detailed instructions for building each project Understand circuit design and simulation with easy-to-use tools

Make Believe

by Susan Beth Pfeffer

When her best friend's parents separate, a seventh grader struggles to keep their friendship alive When Carrie and Jill are alone together, they can be anyone in the whole world. Whether they're pretending to be movie stars, environmental activists, or the leaders of the free world, there is one thing they don't have to imagine: They are as close as any friends could be. Going into seventh grade, there is a lot that Carrie is afraid of, but she knows Jill will be by her side forever--until, suddenly, she's not. When Jill's father announces that he wants a divorce, it puts a distance between the two friends that never used to be there. As Jill's life falls apart around her, Carrie must find a way to talk to her friend again and save her from a problem that's anything but make-believe.

Make Believe

by Susan Beth Pfeffer

It's not just families that are affected by divorce; it's friendships, too. Jill and Carrie have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Their dads were roommates in college; their moms run a business together, and they've collected dolls, played make-believe, and shared every secret. Then Jill's father suddenly wants a divorce, and both families are devastated. What Carrie doesn't anticipate, though, is how this news changes her relationship with Jill. She begins to realize that not even the most imaginative make-believes can restore their friendship to what it used to be. And it's not until after a scene in the school gym, a smashed cherry pie, and some honest talking before the girls--tentatively--reconcile. With humor and insight, Susan Beth Pfeffer explores how hard it can be on a friendship when parents divorce.

Make-Believe Cowboy

by Terry Mclaughlin

Fitz Kelleran is headed to Montana to film his latest blockbuster. Ellie Harrison, the ranch owner and a widowed mom, is trying to save her land by renting it out, Hollywood-style. The on-screen cowboy and the real-life rancher aren't the likeliest pair, but they definitely have chemistry. And when a series of disasters results in Ellie having to sell her ranch, Fitz decides to be her hero and buy it. But Ellie is no damsel in need of rescuing, and his saving her home means he's taking everything she's worked so hard to keep. Now this make-believe cowboy has to do all he can to save his one chance at "real" love.

Make Believe Engagement

by Day Leclaire

Taylor Daniels wanted to be vice-president of her father's firm. She'd do anything to get there. Even hire a fiance. Luckily fate arrived in the form of J. T. Richmond. The man was perfect - tall, dark, attractive - and it seemed he was prepared to do anything for money!J. T. Richmond knew that the notorious Daniels Corporation meant trouble! Well, he was going to stick pretty close to Taylor. . . and she'd offered him the ideal way to do it. But had J. T said 'I do' to a perfect stranger only to find he wanted more than a make-believe bride?

Make-Believe Family

by Elizabeth Duke

Their engagement was just a game&#133 It was also a game of high stakes. If Sarah didn't pose as Kane Brody's intended bride, he risked losing his daughter forever, and Sarah couldn't bear to see little Bambi hurt. However, there was an even bigger problem: Kane was a most desirable pretend-fiancé, and it was all Sarah could do to remember that her perfect new family wasn't for keeps, and her fairy-tale engagement was in fact...only make-believe!

Make Believe Love

by Lee Gowan

A stalker, a journalist and a librarian converge in small-town Saskatchewan in this brilliantly quirky and entertaining novel of love, obsession and the pursuit of fame.Broken Head has only one famous resident, and Joan Swift, the local librarian, is about to find out all about him. Darwin Andrew Goodwin hails from nearby Venus, Alberta, and is renowned for stalking Stephanie Rush, a Canadian-born starlet who lives in L.A. with her movie director husband. We learn all about Goodwin's obsession from Joan, and when Joan begins her own sultry affair with Jason Warwick, a new arrival from Toronto who is a reporter for the local newspaper, The Standard, the stage is set for a story filled with surprises.To spice up small-town life even more, Joan, who bears a striking resemblance to Stephanie Rush, agrees to impersonate the starlet as part of Jason's plan to write a book. Their hope is to entice Goodwin into telling his side of the story to the look-alike. And when Goodwin is charged and Joan shows up in court dressed as Stephanie, the town starts to buzz with rumour and speculation, and Goodwin's own extraordinary tale of love is told.From the Hardcover edition.

Make-Believe Mistress

by Katherine Garbera

School headmistress Grace Stephens never thought her private fantasies could become public. But millionaire businessman Adam Bowen was used to getting what he wanted, when he wanted. And he wanted Grace to act out every word of the previously secret, suddenly missing steamy love story she'd written all about them. Adam held her future-and every part of her body-in his hands. Leaving Grace no choice but to go from his make-believe mistress to his very real one.

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