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Educational Policy Innovations

by Sing Kong Lee Wing On Lee Ee Ling Low

This volume presents how high performing education systems over the world are constantly innovating their educational policies to nurture their citizens for the challenges of the future economy and the anticipation of the unknown. This volume includes a state-of-the-art review of the literature in this field, several commissioned focal chapters focusing on the distinctive case of Singapore and internationally commissioned chapters of several other accomplished education systems around the world. A comparative study of Singapore against other high performing education systems is included to provide greater insights to the possible applications to other education systems.

High-level Political Appointments in the Philippines

by Rupert Hodder

This book questions the belief that patronage explains poor governance and weak organizations. Its focus is on high-level political appointees in the Philippines, but its implications for development processes and policy are far-reaching. Patronage stimulates the emergence of democracy and welfare, and constitutes formal organizations. So intimately connected is it with the health of democracy and effective organizations that attempts to eradicate patronage only harm social, organizational and democratic life. In developed societies this has meant a growing Puritanism interspersed with bouts of corruption and moral panic; and, as they seek to maintain effective organizations and vibrant democracies, a mounting desire to project their own anxieties and imperfections onto developing countries.

One-Day, One-Problem

by Karen P.L. Goh Elaine Yew Glen O'Grady Henk Schmidt

One-day, one-problem is a unique adaptation of problem-based learning (PBL) pioneered at Republic Polytechnic, Singapore. Here students are challenged each day with a problem from their domain and attain the necessary learning outcomes in the process of responding to the problem. Throughout the day students would engage in small group discussions, self-directed learning and conversations with their teacher who plays the role of a facilitator. This approach to learning and instruction represents a new brand of constructivist learning in a more structured learning environment compared to conventional PBL. This book contains a series of chapters by authors with first-hand experience in the One-day,one-problem PBL approach. Unlike other books on PBL, the chapters are both research-informed and practical. Results of empirical studies into the factors of PBL such as quality of problems, tutor behaviours, scaffoldings, student learning and interest are discussed together with practical implications for the educator. The book begins with an overview of the one-day, one-problem process, providing a viewpoint from both the student and tutor. Republic Polytechnic's pedagogical philosophy and epistemological belief of education are introduced with the intent to share how the polytechnic designed and implemented a system that supports the philosophical beliefs. Results and practical implications of empirical studies on the various factors that influence students' learning in PBL are discussed. These include the quality of problems and the use of scaffoldings for students' learning, tutors as facilitators, preparation of staff for PBL, student assessment, how students learn in the process of PBL and student interest.

Total Scar Management: From Lasers to Surgery for Scars, Keloids, and Scar Contractures

by Rei Ogawa

The purpose of this book is to discuss available treatments for “scars” and analyze their mechanisms from an international perspective. “Scars” are now receiving considerably more attention internationally, because the topic of patients’ quality of life (QOL) of patients has gained in importance. Total Scar Management highlights many “new” and “practical” topics related to scars such as various treatments for post-burn scars, traumatic scars, keloids and hypertrophic scars, aesthetic management of scars, reconstructive surgery of scar contractures, basic researches, etc. Written by an international team of prominent experts in their respective fields, the book presents the latest and most helpful advances regarding “scars,” offering a unique resource for all plastic surgeons, dermatologists, aesthetic surgeons, wound surgeons, wound healing specialists, and general surgeons who are interested in the aesthetic outcomes of their work.

VLSI Design and Test: 23rd International Symposium, VDAT 2019, Indore, India, July 4–6, 2019, Revised Selected Papers (Communications in Computer and Information Science #1066)

by Rohit Sharma Virendra Singh Sudeb Dasgupta Anirban Sengupta Santosh Kumar Vishvakarma

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 23st International Symposium on VLSI Design and Test, VDAT 2019, held in Indore, India, in July 2019. The 63 full papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 199 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections named: analog and mixed signal design; computing architecture and security; hardware design and optimization; low power VLSI and memory design; device modelling; and hardware implementation.

Therapeutic Vaccines as Novel Immunotherapy: Biological and Clinical Concepts

by Hironori Nakagami

This book offers an excellent introduction to the use of novel therapeutic vaccines for common diseases based on their ability to induce antibody production. While the role of vaccines in the treatment of infectious diseases and cancer is well known, vaccines have also recently been developed for a variety of other conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension, diabetes, and spondyloarthritis. These therapeutic advances are fully and clearly documented by acknowledged experts in the field, who explain the relevant biology and highlight the challenges involved in deploying this treatment approach effectively and safely. In addition, recent progress in the construction and delivery of DNA vaccines is documented, and the process of developing new peptide vaccines is explored in depth. While the book will be particularly valuable for researchers and scholars interested in immunotherapy, it will also appeal to clinicians seeking effective new medicines to treat patients suffering from chronic diseases.

Barriers to Entry: Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Breakthroughs in a Chinese Workplace

by Paul Ross

This book offers a unique perspective on the challenges that non-Chinese employed by Chinese companies face and provides insight into the issues foreign employees working for Chinese management encounter. As its source of content the book analyzes the experiences of those currently working for Chinese companies both inside and outside China and in exploring the dimensions of that experience lifts the veil on the inner workings of a Chinese company. By supplementing this primary analysis with secondary research that encompasses a wide range of disciplines (cross-cultural relations, Chinese management philosophy and practice, human resource management, linguistics, and aesthetics, etc.) the book serves as an invaluable resource for those engaged in the study of Chinese enterprise culture and management, cross-cultural relations, international business and human resource management.

ULF Waves’ Interaction with Cold and Thermal Particles in the Inner Magnetosphere (Springer Theses)

by Jie Ren

This thesis focuses on ULF (Ultra-low-frequency) waves' interaction with plasmasphere particles and ring current ions in the inner magnetosphere. It first reports and reveals mutual effect between ULF waves and plasmasphere using Van Allen Probes data. The differences and similarities of different ring current ions interacting with ULF waves are extensively explored using Cluster data, which provides a potential explanation for O+-dominated ring current during the magnetic storms. Furthermore, this thesis finds a method to study the phase relationship between ULF waves and drift-bounce resonant particles, and proposes that the phase relationship can be used to diagnose the parallel structure of standing wave electric field and energy transfer directions between waves and particles. The findings in this thesis can significantly promote our understanding of ULF waves' role in the dynamics of inner magnetosphere.

China's Maritime Silk Road Initiative and Southeast Asia: Dilemmas, Doubts, and Determination (Palgrave Studies in Asia-Pacific Political Economy)

by Jean-Marc F. Blanchard

This book delves into the political-economy of China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative (MSRI), part of the larger Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), with a focus on Southeast Asia (SEA). It represents the second in a three-part book series on China’s MSRI. It discusses the state of the MSRI in various SEA countries such as Indonesia and Myanmar, highlights the international and domestic economic and political factors that shape individual SEA country’s embrace of China’s scheme, and examines the effects of China’s MSRI in individual SEA countries such as Cambodia and Malaysia. It also contemplates the role of third parties such as India and the United States on the behaviors of SEA countries and the implementation of the MSRI. It shows the MSRI is neither a boon nor bust and that the MSRI’s progress and effects are contingent on many factors requiring attention by those wanting to understand China’s mega initiative.

Prehistoric Maritime Cultures and Seafaring in East Asia (The Archaeology of Asia-Pacific Navigation #1)

by Chunming Wu Barry Vladimir Rolett

This book focuses on prehistoric East Asian maritime cultures that pre-dated the Maritime Silk Road, the "Four Seas" and "Four Oceans" navigation system recorded in historical documents of ancient China. Origins of the Maritime Silk Road can be traced to prosperous Neolithic and Metal Age maritime-oriented cultures dispersed along the coastlines of prehistoric China and Southeast Asia.The topics explored here include Neolithisation and the development of prehistoric maritime cultures during the Neolithic and early Metal Age; the expansion and interaction of these cultures along coastlines and across straits; the "two-layer" hypothesis for explaining genetic and cultural diversity in south China and Southeast Asia; prehistoric seafaring and early sea routes; the paleogeography and vegetation history of coastal regions; Neolithic maritime livelihoods based on hunting/fishing/foraging adaptations; rice and millet cultivation and their dispersal along the coast and across the open sea; and interaction between farmers and maritime-oriented hunter/fisher/foragers. In addition, a series of case studies enhances understanding of the development of prehistoric navigation and the origin of the Maritime Silk Road in the Asia-Pacific region.

Archaeology of Manila Galleon Seaports and Early Maritime Globalization (The Archaeology of Asia-Pacific Navigation #2)

by Chunming Wu Roberto Junco Sanchez Miao Liu

This book focuses on the archaeological and historical research on the seaport heritage of galleon navigation in Asia-Pacific region. It reconstructs the Manila Galleons’ era of early maritime globalization, established and operated by Spanish navigators from the 16th to 19th centuries. The galleons sailed across the Pacific via the hub seaports and trade centers of Manila in the Philippines and Acapulco in Mexico, forming a prosperous sea route connecting eastern Asia and New Spain on the American continent for more than 250 years. This pioneering navigation of the pan-Pacific regions promoted early global maritime trade along the new Maritime Silk Road between the East and the West.Written by archaeologists and cultural historians from America, Mexico, Japan, the Philippines, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, it presents the latest investigations and research on the galleon-affiliated seaports, including Acapulco and San Blas in Mexico, Guam, Manila in Philippines, Yuegang (Crescent Harbor), Xiamen (Amoy), Keelung and Macao in China, Nagasaki in Japan. This joint research sheds new light on the history of navigation and maritime trade between galleon-affiliated harbors; the origin, production, transport and trade of the galleon cargo; social cultural exchange along the new Maritime Silk Road in the pan-Pacific region; and the history of maritime globalization in last 500 years. It offers a new perspective on maritime archaeology and traces the different stages of the galleon trade and affiliated maritime history, including "Yuegang Outbound", "Manila Entrepotting" and "Bound for Acapulco", presenting a panoramagram of Spanish pan-Pacific trade and early maritime globalization.

Human Geoscience (Advances in Geological Science)

by Taikan Oki Yukio Himiyama Kenji Satake

This book is a product of the joint efforts of interdisciplinary academic fields under the integrative framework of human geoscience. Human geoscience is a new genre of geoscience concerned with the natural phenomena that occur on the surface of the Earth and their relations with human activities. It therefore has connections with many fields of geoscience, namely, physical geography, geomorphology, geology, soil science, sedimentology, seismology, volcanology, meteorology, climatology, oceanography, and hydrology. It also has strong links to the humanities, social sciences, agricultural sciences, and engineering related to disaster prevention or mitigation. All these disciplines are important fields for understanding disasters and global environmental problems and for evaluating the associated risks comprehensively, then proposing mitigation strategies.The volume is designed for those who may not necessarily have a geoscience background but have broad scientific interest in understanding the causes, mechanisms, and consequences of geo-disasters and global environmental problems and wish to make the world more sustainable on that basis. The book consists of six parts: I. Introduction, II. Earth Surface Realms, III. Natural Resources and Society, IV. Natural Hazards and Society, V. Global Environmental Problems, and VI. Global Sustainability Programmes and Human Geoscience, which discusses the contribution of this field of science to a new comprehensive framework for global sustainability.

The Metal Road of the Eastern Eurasian Steppe: The Formation of the Xiongnu Confederation and the Silk Road

by Jianhua Yang Huiqiu Shao Ling Pan

This book is one of the first to systematically explore cultural interactions between the Northern Zone of China and the Eurasian Steppe, with a focus on the formation process of the Xiongnu Confederation and the Silk Road. Combining partition and staging analyses, the authors adopt a broad perspective, viewing the Northern Zone as part of the Eurasian Steppe and combining history with culture by investigating the spread of bronze artifacts. In addition, with more than three hundred figures and color photographs, it offers readers a uniquely grand panorama of two thousand years of cultural interactions between the Northern Zone of China and the Eurasian Steppe.

The Proceedings of 11th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology

by Guan-Yuan Wu Kuang-Chung Tsai W. K. Chow

This book features selected papers from the 11th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology (AOSFST 2018), held in Taipei, Taiwan. Covering the entire spectrum of fire safety science, it focuses on research on fires, explosions, combustion science, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, risk analysis and structural engineering, as well as other topics. Presenting advanced scientific insights, the book introduces and advances new ideas in all areas of fire safety science. As such it is a valuable resource for academic researchers, fire safety engineers, and regulators of fire, construction and safety authorities. Further it provides new ideas for more efficient fire protection.

Chronic Kidney Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment

by Junwei Yang Weichun He

This book provides a comprehensive and systematic review of the latest findings in a wide spectrum of clinically important aspects of chronic kidney disease (CKD), focusing on clinical diagnosis and therapeutics. CKD is a global health problem with a rising morbidity and mortality. The last decade has seen significant improvements in determining the incidence, prevalence, and complications of CKD, mainly thanks to the definitions of CKD developed by the National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative (K/DOQI). However, increased recognition of CKD has led to awareness of the limitations of its clinical diagnosis and treatment, which are essential to patients’ wellbeing. This book is of particular value not only to nephrologists, but also to general practitioners and residents with an interest in CKD. It offers a well-organized exposition of the current knowledge base. Compared with previously published books on kidney disease and CKD, it has a smaller number of more concise chapters. As a result, readers can easily obtain an overview of the most important topics in CKD. We hope that practitioners will gain as much from reading this practical guide to clinical management of CKD as we have from editing it.

The Judicial Function: Fundamental Principles of Contemporary Judging

by Joe McIntyre

Judicial systems are under increasing pressure: from rising litigation costs and decreased accessibility, from escalating accountability and performance evaluation expectations, from shifting burdens of case management and alternative dispute resolution roles, and from emerging technologies. For courts to survive and flourish in a rapidly changing society, it is vital to have a clear understanding of their contemporary role – and a willingness to defend it. This book presents a clear vision of what it is that courts do, how they do it, and how we can make sure that they perform that role well. It argues that courts remain a critical, relevant and supremely well-adjusted institution in the 21st century. The approach of this book is to weave together a range of discourses on surrounding judicial issues into a systemic and coherent whole. It begins by articulating the dual roles at the core of the judicial function: third-party merit-based dispute resolution and social (normative) governance. By expanding upon these discrete yet inter-related aspects, it develops a language and conceptual framework to understand the judicial role more fully. The subsequent chapters demonstrate the explanatory power of this function, examining the judicial decision-making method, reframing principles of judicial independence and impartiality, and re-conceiving systems of accountability and responsibility. The book argues that this function-driven conception provides a useful re-imagining of some familiar issues as part of a coherent framework of foundational, yet interwoven, principles. This approach not only adds clarity to the analysis of those concepts and the concrete mechanisms by which they are manifest, but helps make the case of why courts remain such vital social institutions. Ultimately, the book is an entreaty not to take courts for granted, nor to readily abandon the benefits they bring to society. Instead, by understanding the importance and legitimacy of the judicial role, and its multifaceted social benefits, this books challenge us to refresh our courts in a manner that best advances this underlying function.

Econometrics in Theory and Practice: Analysis of Cross Section, Time Series and Panel Data with Stata 15.1

by Panchanan Das

This book introduces econometric analysis of cross section, time series and panel data with the application of statistical software. It serves as a basic text for those who wish to learn and apply econometric analysis in empirical research. The level of presentation is as simple as possible to make it useful for undergraduates as well as graduate students. It contains several examples with real data and Stata programmes and interpretation of the results. While discussing the statistical tools needed to understand empirical economic research, the book attempts to provide a balance between theory and applied research. Various concepts and techniques of econometric analysis are supported by carefully developed examples with the use of statistical software package, Stata 15.1, and assumes that the reader is somewhat familiar with the Strata software. The topics covered in this book are divided into four parts. Part I discusses introductory econometric methods for data analysis that economists and other social scientists use to estimate the economic and social relationships, and to test hypotheses about them, using real-world data. There are five chapters in this part covering the data management issues, details of linear regression models, the related problems due to violation of the classical assumptions. Part II discusses some advanced topics used frequently in empirical research with cross section data. In its three chapters, this part includes some specific problems of regression analysis. Part III deals with time series econometric analysis. It covers intensively both the univariate and multivariate time series econometric models and their applications with software programming in six chapters. Part IV takes care of panel data analysis in four chapters. Different aspects of fixed effects and random effects are discussed here. Panel data analysis has been extended by taking dynamic panel data models which are most suitable for macroeconomic research. The book is invaluable for students and researchers of social sciences, business, management, operations research, engineering, and applied mathematics.

Sustainable Crop Protection under Protected Cultivation

by P. Parvatha Reddy

This book focuses on pests (insect and mite) and diseases (fungal, bacterial, viral and nematode) in protected horticulture (fruits, vegetables and ornamentals) using physical, cultural, chemical, biological, host resistance, and integrated methods. It opens with chapters describing the setting in which integrated pest and disease control operates, i. e. , the greenhouse and its environment. Subsequent chapters present the basic strategies and tactics of different control methods including integrated control, with special reference to greenhouse crops. Further chapters include the different facets of biological pest and disease control - its scientific bases, its development in practice, its commercialization and quality control. The concluding chapters of the book highlight the present status of integrated pest and disease control for the most important greenhouse crops (fruits, vegetables and flower crops) worldwide. The book's final chapter explores future challenges for researchers assigned to identify non-pesticide methods and integrate sustainable pest management technologies that can contribute to increased productivity, such as breeding for durable resistance, biological control and devising integrated methods that will have minimal adverse environmental and social impacts. Among productivity-enhancing technologies, protected cultivation has a tremendous potential to increase the yield of vegetables and flower cro ps by several fold. Pests and diseases are one of the major challenges to protected cultivation. Year-round warm temperatures and relatively high humidity together with abundant food make the protected environment of greenhouses highly attractive to pests and diseases. Nevertheless, very little attention has been paid to the manipulation of greenhouse environments expressly to avoid disease epidemics and insect infestations, which together can easily account for 30% of crop losses. This book will be of immense value to all members of the scientific community involved in teaching, research and extension activities on protected horticulture. It also offers a useful reference guide for policymakers and practicing farmers, and can be used as a textbook for postgraduate courses.

Sociological and Philosophical Perspectives on Education in the Asia-Pacific Region

by Chi-Ming Lam Jae Park

This book demonstrates the value of approaching education from a sociological and philosophical perspective. Specifically, it addresses current and long-standing educational issues in the Asia-Pacific region, integrating sociological and philosophical insights with practical applications in four key areas: educational aims, moral education, educational policy, and the East-West dichotomy. It discusses educational aims in terms of rationality, philosophical thinking, and sustainable development and presents the literary, religious, and analytical approaches to moral education. Four educational policies are then considered: Hong Kong's language policy, Hong Kong's policy on the internationalization of education, East Asia's policies on English education, and Australia's policy on teacher education. Different aspects of the East-West dichotomy are analysed: Confucian rationalism versus Western rationalism, Confucian learning culture versus Western learning culture, and Asian research methodology versus Western research methodology. Taken as a whole, the book shows that issues in education are rarely simple, and looking at them from multiple perspectives allows for rich and informed debates. It presents a rare philosophical and sociological analysis of the cultures and experiences of education in the Asia-Pacific region, and promotes research that leads to more culturally rooted educational policies and practice.

Understanding the Nature of Motivation and Motivating Students through Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

by David Kember

This book is based upon three interrelated open naturalistic studies conducted to better characterise the motivational orientation of students in higher education. Open semi-structured individual interviews were conducted with undergraduates, students at community colleges and students in taught postgraduate courses in Hong Kong. The analysis used an exploratory grounded theory approach and resulted in a motivational orientation framework with six continua with positive and negative poles. On enrolment students had positions on the six facets of motivation, which shifted as they progressed through their degree according to their perceptions of the teaching and learning environment. The framework can, therefore, be used to explain both initial decisions to enrol and motivation to continue studying. The interviews included descriptions of teaching approaches and learning activities and their effects on motivation. This made it possible to describe a teaching and learning environment conducive to motivation, with eight supportive conditions. Each facet of the teaching and learning environment is illustrated with quotations from the three groups of students, resulting in a guide to configuring a teaching and learning environment conducive to motivating students. The emerging community-college sector in Hong Kong is used as a case study of the effects on student motivation of the expansion of the higher education sector through private colleges. Cultural issues are discussed, particularly the performance of Asian students relative to those in the West.

PBG based Terahertz Antenna for Aerospace Applications

by Rakesh Mohan Jha Balamati Choudhury Bhavani Danana

This book focuses on high-gain antennas in the terahertz spectrum and their optimization. The terahertz spectrum is an unallocated EM spectrum, which is being explored for a number of applications, especially to meet increasing demands of high data rates for wireless space communications. Space communication systems using the terahertz spectrum can resolve the problems of limited bandwidth of present wireless communications without radio-frequency interference. This book describes design of such high-gain antennas and their performance enhancement using photonic band gap (PBG) substrates. Further, optimization of antenna models using evolutionary algorithm based computational engine has been included. The optimized high-performance compact antenna may be used for various wireless applications, such as inter-orbital communications and on-vehicle satellite communications.

Youth Homelessness in Late Modernity

by David Farrugia

This book explores the identities, embodied experiences, and personal relationships of young people experiencing homelessness, and analyses these in relation to the material and symbolic position that youth homelessness occupies in modern societies. Drawing on empirical research conducted in both urban and rural areas, the book situates young people's experiences of homelessness within a theoretical framework that connects embodied identities and relationships with processes of social change. The book theorises a 'symbolic economy of youth homelessness' that encompasses the subjective, aesthetic, and relational dimensions of homelessness. This theory shows the personal, interpersonal and affective suffering that is caused by the relations of power and privilege that produce contemporary youth homelessness. The book is unique in the way in which it places youth homelessness within the wider contexts of inequality, and social change. Whilst contemporary discussions of youth homelessness understand the topic as a discrete 'social problem', this book demonstrates the position that youth homelessness occupies within wider social processes, inequalities, and theoretical debates, addressing theories of social change in late modernity and their relationship to the cultural construction of youth. These theoretical debates are made concrete by means of an exploration of an important form of contemporary inequality: youth homelessness.

An Introduction to Python and Computer Programming (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering #353)

by Yue Zhang

This book introduces Python programming language and fundamental concepts in algorithms and computing. Its target audience includes students and engineers with little or no background in programming, who need to master a practical programming language and learn the basic thinking in computer science/programming. The main contents come from lecture notes for engineering students from all disciplines, and has received high ratings. Its materials and ordering have been adjusted repeatedly according to classroom reception. Compared to alternative textbooks in the market, this book introduces the underlying Python implementation of number, string, list, tuple, dict, function, class, instance and module objects in a consistent and easy-to-understand way, making assignment, function definition, function call, mutability and binding environments understandable inside-out. By giving the abstraction of implementation mechanisms, this book builds a solid understanding of the Python programming language.

Poverty Reduction Policies and Practices in Developing Asia

by Almas Heshmati Esfandiar Maasoumi Guanghua Wan

This book looks at the major policy challenges facing developing Asia and how the region sustains rapid economic growth to reduce multidimensional poverty through socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable measures. Asia is facing many challenges arising from population growth, rapid urbanization, provision of services, climate change and the need to redress declining growth after the global financial crisis. This book examines poverty and related issues and aims to advance the development of new tools and measurement of multidimensional poverty and poverty reduction policy analysis. The book covers a wide range of issues, including determinants and causes of poverty and its changes; consequences and impacts of poverty on human capital formation, growth and consumption; assessment of poverty strategies and policies; the role of government, NGOs and other institutions in poverty reduction; rural-urban migration and poverty; vulnerability to poverty; breakdown of poverty into chronic and transitory components; and a comparative study on poverty issues in Asia and other regions. The book will appeal to all those interested in economic development, resources, policies and economic welfare and growth.

Cross-Cultural Management and Quality Performance: Chinese Construction Firms in Nigeria

by Sui Pheng Low Yomi Babatunde

This book explores China's global competitiveness in the building of infrastructures with a particular interest in the resource-rich African countries. The book begins with a comprehensive literature review on total quality management (TQM) and national culture, followed by reviews of the construction industries in China and Nigeria. This provides better understanding of the linkages between TQM, based on the International Organization for Standardization's ISO 9000 quality management systems (QMS), and national culture, based on Emeritus Professor Geert Hofstede's national cultural dimensions. Premised on the culture-specificity and bi-directionality relationships between TQM and national culture, this book investigates the construction industries in China and Nigeria including their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) as well as an appraisal of their historical and emerging relationships. In its conceptual approach, this book presents different models in the lead up to its primary theoretical contribution of a quality management assessment model (QMAM) that was adopted during the study's field work. The book also presents relevant lessons relating to cross cultural management and quality performance not only to the Nigerians but also other foreign players in Nigeria's construction industry.

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