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The Christmas Scrapbook: A Harmony Story

by Philip Gulley

From the book jacket: IT'S AUTUMN IN HARMONY, AND Pastor Sam Gardner has vowed to be ready for Christmas. Determined to redeem a dreadful history of gift giving, Sam enrolls in a scrapbooking class to make a Christmas gift his wife will never forget. However, Sam's absence from their home every Wednesday night, coupled with his fishy alibi of attending a men's group, raises her suspicions. Meanwhile, Sam struggles in the class and must attempt to complete his project with only the help of his faithful secretary, Frank. As Christmas fast approaches and rumors of Sam's Wednesday night absences swirl along with the snow, a series of mishaps leads to a Christmas no one will soon forget.

The Christmas Secret

by Julia London

When Eireanne O'Conner returns to Ballynaheath, her home in Ireland, for Christmas, she finds that her brother has married, her new sister-in-law's family is ever-present, and her friends, the Hannigan twins (Year of Living Scandalously) are up to their usual tricks. During the twelve days of Christmas, there are secrets and surprises that will either sink Eireanne deeper into the scandals that have surrounded her family, or send her to London to find a titled husband who will hopefully add some dignity to a family who can't seem to keep away from scandal!know who is the author and who is the intended love interest. Once again, Eireanne and Mr. Bristol dissect the sequence of events, looking for clues. She finds Mr. Bristol very charming and witty. He does not seem to care about her reputation. He talks about America and his family's estate in New York, and she is enchanted with his descriptions of his life there. When a third letter is found, the author declares that he can no longer stay away and will come to openly voice his esteem at the Twelfth Night celebration Declan and Keira plan to host. All of County Galway is on tenterhooks on the Twelfth Night. When a final letter is found, Mr. Bristol claims he wrote it for Eireanne. No one believes him (it was too poorly written for an educated man), but he insists it is true. He has fallen in love with Eireanne. They are married that night. As it turns out, Molly and Mabe guessed at Mr. Bristol's esteem for Eireanne and, without his knowledge, concocted the dropped love letters to put them together--their Christmas Secret. When they confided Mr. Bristol in their scheme, he was appalled and insisted they tell Eireanne the truth. But love won out and he saw the opportunity for himself and was persuaded to make a grand gesture, and of course Eireanne loves him just as much. And Molly and Mabe happily live on to mess in other people's lives.

A Christmas Secret

by Anne Perry

December 1890:Eleven days before Christmas, Clarice and her husband, Reverend Dominic Corde, arrive in the idyllic village of Cottisham to watch over the Reverend Wynter's flock, whilst he takes a richly deserved holiday. With its village green and thatched cottages, Cottisham is a far cry from the bleak London parish they've left behind. But Clarice can't shake the feeling that the welcoming smiles of the locals are hiding dark secrets. When a shocking discovery confirms her suspicions, Clarice can't resist investigating. Could it be that the Reverend is not all that he seems? Are there black sheep in the fold?One thing is certain: Clarice is determined to uncover the truth. Even if it means putting her own life in danger.

A Christmas Seduction

by Amanda Browning

The millionaire... Being forced to spend Christmas with his godfather's mistress was not Quinn Mannion's idea of fun. Laura Maclane might be beautiful, but Quinn had no doubt she was a heartless gold digger. Why else would his godfather have left money to an attractive younger woman? ...and the mistress Laura had never wanted money--she'd just wanted to get to know her father. Unfortunately, now that he was dead, who would believe she was his daughter? Certainly not Quinn. Infuriated, Laura decided to play up to his expectations of her--and soon Quinn wanted her as his mistress...

The Christmas She Always Wanted

by Stella Bagwell

Single mom Angie Malone left Christmas wishes to her daughter. After all, Santa couldn't fix the broken heart Angie'd had since Jubal Jamison married another woman. She had never seen Jubal again. . . not even to say she was carrying his child. But now a miracle might happen for Angie and her little girl. With Jubal hired as the vet for the Sandbur Ranch, there was a chance for father and daughter to find each other. And with Christmas just around the corner, perhaps Jubal and Angie could finally forgive the past--and become the family they'd always wanted to be. . . .

The Christmas Shoes (Christmas Hope, Book 1)

by Donna Vanliere

Many lives are wound around this wonderful story of a boy's love for his mother.

The Christmas Snowman

by Margery Cuyler Johanna Westerman

Two weeks before Christmas, Kevin and Sally decide to build a snowman. One night they look out the window and are amazed to see Mr. Snow-their snowman-making snow angels, sledding, and even skating on the pond. But when the weather warms up just before Christmas and Mr. Snow starts to melt, Kevin and Sally come up with a plan to save their friend by imploring the help of Santa Claus. Johanna Westerman's elegant drawings compliment Margery Cuyler's touching story to create a book that is perfect for children and parents to share during the holiday season. Ages 4-8.

A Christmas Sonata

by Gary Paulsen

A young boy and his mother spend Christmas 1943 with relatives in northern Minnesota while his father is fighting in the war in Europe. They take a long journey by train to a snowy land of vast frozen lakes, deep and sparkling cold, and the most magical Christmas tree the boy has ever seen. He knows this will be the last Christmas he will spend with his cousin, who is dying. The boy's uncle overhears the two cousins say there is no Santa Claus, and in a grand gesture that is nothing short of a Christmas miracle, he restores the children's faith in the spirit of the season.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Christmas Spirit

by Rebecca York

Dead bodies. Mysterious gunmen. Eerie voices rising from the mist. When Chelsea Caldwell returned to run her aunt's B & B in Jenkins Cove, she hadn't counted on being swept into a strange and frightening mystery. Something was wrong in the old Victorian house--and it started with the arrival of one guest: Michael Bryant. Michael shadowed her, probed her past and turned up at the deadliest moments. But Chelsea couldn't resist his sexy swagger and dark good looks. Though Michael promised to protect her, she sensed that he had secrets. . . dark secrets that could get her killed.

A Christmas Spirit

by Joel Osteen

In his first holiday book, Joel Osteen offers uplifting and inspiring true stories of family and friends celebrating Christian traditions during Christmastime. In his bestselling books, It's Your Time and Become a Better You, and in his weekly worship services at Lakewood Church in Houston, Joel Osteen offers hope to millions through his belief in the power of faith and the goodness of God. The Christmas season has become a bustling period for many, filled with distractions and anxiety. Osteen will help readers return to the essence of the holiday, by practising the principles taught by the Child born that day, and by reminding all of what is truly important in life. In the tradition of bestselling books that share Christmas memories and stories to celebrate the essence of the season - the birth of Christ and the hope and love of His message - Osteen's collection of unique stories will illuminate the importance of family and faith, and set readers on the path to a hopeful, peaceful holiday filled with Christian spirit. As always, his words and his practical faith-based advice will be inspiring and insightful, a welcome light in the lives of the faithful at a very special time of year. Influential in the Christian community around the globe, Joel Osteen is a major source of inspiration and an initiator of change for the millions to whom he preaches. This new book of stories from family and friends about Christmas will be cherished by readers everywhere.

The Christmas Spirit

by Joel Osteen

For many, the Christmas season can be filled with distractions and anxiety rather than the joy and peace it is supposed to bring. In The Christmas Spirit, his first holiday book, Joel Osteen offers uplifting and inspiring stories of family and friends celebrating Christmas traditions that will help readers return to the essence of the holiday by practicing the principles taught by our Savior, Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate that day. With these stories, Joel reminds us all of what is truly important in life. Filled with humorous and compelling holiday memories from Joel's family and friends, this heartwarming collection will inspire and amuse readers while enhancing their faith in God's goodness and eternal wisdom. The stories in The Christmas Spirit reflect that this Christian holiday is a celebration of family: God's family, our own, and the diverse global family. Friends and families from near and far share faith and Christmas traditions: They laugh together. They grieve together. They support each other. They offer proof that the best way to overcome hurt and loneliness is to reach out to others who may be hurting and lonely, too. Joel's unique stories and memories will encourage readers to savor their own Christmas memories, to share them with loved ones, and to create new memories and traditions that will be passed down for generations to come. For those feeling stressed, hurt, or lacking direction this holiday season, these heartwarming stories will serve as a healing balm and a guiding light to a more hopeful and peaceful holiday. Over the past decade, Joel Osteen has been called the Most Influential Christian in America by numerous publications and, in 2006, was named one of Barbara Walters's Most Fascinating People. Hailed as "America's voice of hope," Joel Osteen is one of the most respected pastors in America. Each week 43,000 people attend his worship services at Lakewood Church in Houston, and his weekly inspirational program is seen by more than 7 million television viewers across America, along with tens of millions more in 200 nations throughout the world. This new book of stories from family and friends about Christmas will be cherished by readers everywhere.

Christmas Spirit

by Amy Garvey

Deck the haunted halls for a romantic holiday starring one shy writer and a cynical journalist. . . and oh yes, a ghost. . . . Snow on the roofs and wreaths on the doors and chains on the tires. . . isn't Christmas in New England wonderful? But Charlotte Prescott is too busy taking in super-sexy reporter Sam Landry to notice the nip in the air. Make that the nip in the air alternating with the scorching heat that rises whenever she and Sam are alone together. Charlotte would be happy to forget the supernatural third wheel who seems to be staying for the season in the quaint old house she inherited. It is real. Someone's slurping down all the good eggnog. And something is drawing Charlie and Sam together under the mistletoe--not to mention everywhere else. Happy holidays! Directions for mixing Fabulous Christmas Cocktails included! Fast-paced, cleverly humorous romance. --Romantic Times on Hot Date, four and half star reviewsAmy Garvey delivers! --Donna Kauffman

The Christmas Spirit

by Elisabeth Fairchild

An Earl gets his Christmas spirits lifted in this original Signet Regency Romance from Elisabeth Fairchild. NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED For Christmas, Kirkland Fleming, Earl of Copeland, promises his guests a fortnight of eating, drinking, and hunting ghosts at Broomhill Hall. Though he fears his ill health may soon turn him into a ghost himself, he hopes to find a pleasurable diversion in holiday cheer. But icy roads prevent his guests from arriving--all but the one he did not invite... Though the beautiful Miss Belinda Walcott has arrived for her own mysterious purpose, the magic of the season soon casts a spell on them that may even be strong enough to revive Kirkland's flagging Christmas spirit.

Christmas Spirit: Two Stories

by Robert Westall

These two Christmas stories especially appealing to middle school girls and boys are set in England. The first story begins with a boy's eager description of the Christmas celebrations with his family, including the gory and glorious details. He tells about flinging the toy robin on the Christmas cake so hard it flies across the room and watching in fascination as his Nana pulls the pink and brown coils and greeny, oval gall bladder out of the as yet unplucked Christmas bird. He reveals that if men at the Chemical factory where his father works aren't careful they can be roasted, boiled or fried. On the other hand, he remembers thinking that the strolling carolers he heard in bed at night were angels singing. On Christmas Eve as he takes lunch to his father, he believes he sees Santa in the elevator. The workers believe this is a sign that a worker will die. The boy is determined to communicate with the hatless Santa so he can prevent disaster. In the second story a lonely upper class girl staying with her uncle, a churchman nobody likes, forms a friendship with a poor boy. Together they rescue a cat and her kittens. She discovers it's the mean housekeeper who has turned everyone against her uncle. Protecting the cat becomes part of her plan to get rid of the nasty housekeeper so people will come to her uncle's church again, and on Christmas Eve, one good thing leads to another.

Christmas Spirits

by Lynn Kurland Elizabeth Bevarly Casey Claybourne Jenny Lykins

The Three Wise Ghosts by Lynn Kurland; Keeping Faith by Casey Claybourne; Only Fifteen Shopping Days Left by Elizabeth Bevarly, The Ghost of Christmas Present by Jenny Lykins

Christmas Stalking

by Margaret Daley

Bodyguard Ellie St. James has one objective: protect her client...without letting her know. Pretending to be Rachel "Winnie" Winfield's assistant lets Ellie stay close, but there's an unexpected complication-Colt Winfield. Winnie's grandson wasn't in on the plans, and the suspicious marine biologist isn't easy to fool. When the truth comes out, so do more threats to Winnie's life. Trapped on a Colorado mountain, Ellie and Colt must trust each other to guard Winnie and find the stalker. Before this Christmas becomes their last.

Christmas Star

by Roz Denny Fox

Starr Lederman. She was named after the Christmas star. She's a woman who knows her own mind and heart, a woman who values family and family traditions. So she's determined to giver her almost-adopted daughter, SeLi, the most wonderful Christmas possible.SeLi, who's nine years old and wise beyond her years, knows what she wants for Christmas. A dad. Which means a husband for Starr-whether Starr wants one or not! In fact, SeLi's already got a man picked out. Now she's going to wish extra-hard on the Christmas star, and the name she'll whisper is Clay McLeod.Clay McLeod. He's a rancher with a soft spot for children and animals. He believes in family. But he's not interested in marriage-especially to a woman as headstrong as Starr. A woman he believes is having an affair with his brother. His married brother.At Christmastime, though, things have a way of working out.

A Christmas Star

by Thomas Kinkade

A Christmas light shines bright in the midst of the darkest winter. With Christmas only a few weeks away, Sam and Jessica Morgan look forward to celebrating the joyous day together. But when they?re awakened by the smoke alarm in the midst of one quiet night, they barely make it outside before their beloved house is engulfed in flames. Meanwhile, single mom Julie Newton and her seven-year-old daughter appear on Jack Sawyer?s doorstep, thanks to bad weather, a broken-down car, and a dead cell phone battery. And though Jack, still mourning the loss of his wife, feels none of the holiday spirit, he can?t turn them away. As Sam and Jessica become perpetual guests in others? homes, trying to piece their future back together, and Jack finds his frozen heart melting day by day, it soon becomes clearer than ever that miracles can happen even in the humblest of settings. .

The Christmas Star

by Ace Collins

Robert Reed gave his life for his country in the early days of World War II. His sacrifice was honored when his widow and son were presented with the Congressional Medal of Honor. Each Christmas the final decoration Madge Reed hangs on the family's tree is that medal. Rather than being a symbol of honor for young Jimmy Reed that shining star represents loss, pain, and suffering. Yet a letter delivered by one of Robert's fellow soldiers and a mystery posed in that letter put a father's sacrifice and faith into perspective and bring new meaning to not just the star hanging on the Christmas tree but the events of the very first Christmas. Then, when least expected, a Christmas miracle turns a final bit of holiday sadness into a joy that the boy has never known.

Christmas Stars

by David G. Hartwell

[from the back cover] "Joy to the world and throughout the universe! Christmas is a time for miracles, scientific and otherwise, and for amazing surprises that can only occur at this very special time of the year. But what marvels will the holidays bring to the far future--and alien worlds light-years from the North Pole? In this celebratory collection, many of today's finest writers of fantasy and science fiction unwrap startling visions of the future of Christmas: A father's gift opens up the universe for all humanity. A very unusual Christmas spirit brings confusion-and romance-to a modern young woman. And a devout researcher uncovers the shattering secret of the original Star of Bethlehem. These and other stories shine like sparkling, unearthly ornaments on a fresh green tree of holiday traditions. 'Twas the night before tomorrow, and all through the galaxy, nothing burns as bright as...Christmas Stars

A Christmas Stocking Story

by Hilary Knight

In this poem, eight animals, who are friends, find that there has been a mix-up in their Christmas stockings and presents from Santa. The friends trade presents and stockings until everyone is delighted with the right gifts.

Christmas Stories for Those Who Pray

by Editors of Adams Media

What a joyous time of year! And as a reminder of the joy and cheer the holidays bring, Christmas Stories for Those Who Pray is a selection of uplifting tales and prayers that celebrate the season. You will feel the warmth and bliss of these holy days as you ready for your holiday celebrations. Merry Christmas and enjoy!

Christmas Stories from Georgia

by Dorothy Dodge Robbins Kenneth Robbins

[from inside flaps] "Penned by distinguished and emerging writers, the works in Christmas Stories from Georgia span over two centuries of the state's storytelling. From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the seaport Savannah, the landscapes, characters, and holiday traditions described by these writers are uniquely Georgian. Waiting to be unwrapped are scenes of Georgia Christmases past and present. Lillian Smith practices "peace on earth and good will to all" in her memoir of a Depression-era Christmas dinner shared with men from the local chain gang. Toni Cade Bambara's "Christmas Eve at Johnson's Drugs N Goods" seeks the true spirit of the season in the most commercial of settings, while Erskine Caldwell casts a darker shadow across the season of lights in "We Are Looking at You, Agnes." Christmas magic works its spell in a number of tales. Jack Slay, Jr., wakes the dead with a discordant holiday marching band in "The Education of Edie Mac." Karen Schwind's "Healing the Sick" revives the living with a powerful laying on of hands. Santa Claus navigates a dry landing in Jason Taylor's "Yule Tides and Water Buffalo," but faces youthful doubters in an excerpt from Ferrol Sams's Christmas Gift! The Civil War provides the backdrop for holiday tomfoolery in Joel Chandler Harris's "A Conscript's Christmas." Scarlett O'Hara, icon of Southern womanhood, welcomes Ashley Wilkes home on a holiday furlough in an excerpt from Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind. The renowned Georgia wit and its accompanying wisdom are present in "Little Things Mean a Lot to Little Ones" by Lewis Grizzard. Additional pieces by Raymond Atkins, Laura Dabundo, Janice Daugharty, Jim Hendricks, Kenneth Robbins, and Philip Lee Williams complete this holiday collection."

Christmas Stories from Grandma's Attic (Grandma's Attic Companion Volumes)

by Arleta Richardson

Christmas stories from the popular Grandma's Attic series

Christmas Stories from Ohio

by Dorothy Dodge Robbins Kenneth Robbins

[from inside flaps] "With the first Christmas tree in American history, the creation of the candy cane as a Christmas icon, and the production of one of the most popular Christmas gifts of all time, the Etch A Sketch, Ohio can boast of a remarkable seasonal heritage. Christmas Stories from Ohio documents this heritage in fiction and memoir and celebrates the many moods of yuletide in the Buckeye State. With selections from some of Ohio's most highly regarded classic and contemporary authors, these tales span the generations, offering readers unique geographical, historical, and cultural perspectives on winter holiday traditions. The selections explore time-honored themes of Christmas: family, compassion, wonder, and the human desire for connections and reconnections. Their charm and wit recall the fun of Christmases past, while still looking to the yuletide magic yet to happen. Dorothy Dodge and Kenneth Robbins have compiled the perfect Christmas gift. Christmas Stories from Ohio is sure to delight readers who live in Ohio, as well as former residents with cherished memories of Christmas in the Buckeye State. Contributors include: Rane Arroyo, Ambrose Bierce, Kay Boyle, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Scott Geisel, Nikki Giovanni, William Dean Howells, Langston Hughes, Randy McNutt, Wendell Mayo, Robert Miltner, Harriet Beecher Stowe, James Thurber, Jane Ann Turzillo and Mary Turzillo, Julia Duffy Ward and Eric Wasserman Dorothy Dodge Robbins is a professor of English at the Louisiana Tech University. Kenneth Robbins is director of the School of Performing Arts at Louisiana Tech University. They are the editors of Christmas Stories from Georgia, Christmas on the Great Plains, and Christmas Stories from Louisiana."

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