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Care Planning in Children and Young People's Nursing

by Sonya Clarke Doris Corkin Lorna Liggett

Care Planning in Children and Young People's Nursing addresses a selection of the most common concerns that arise when planning care for infants, children and young people within the hospital and community setting. Clear and detailed, this text reflects both the uniqueness and diversity of contemporary children's nursing and utilizes images and case studies to provide a holistic insight into the practice of care planning through the reporting of best available evidence and current research, policy and education.Divided into sections for ease of reference, Care Planning in Children and Young People's Nursing explores both the theory and practice of care planning. Chapters on the principles of care planning include issues such as managing risk, safeguarding children, ethical and legal implications, integrated care pathways, interprofessional assessment, and invaluable parent perspectives. Additional chapters on the application of planning care examine the practical aspects of a wide range of specific conditions including cystic fibrosis, obesity, cardiac/renal failure and HIV/AIDS. Each chapter is interactive, with questions, learning activities and points for discussion creating an engaging and enquiry-based learning approach.Care Planning in Children and Young People's Nursing is a definitive resource, reflecting innovative practice which is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate nurse education.

Care To Make Love In That Gross Little Space Between Cars?

by Patton Oswalt The Believer Judd Apatow

The Believer magazine presents a compendium of advice from producers, writers, and actors of The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreation, Late Show with David Letterman, The Hangover, and The Colbert Report, along with other musicians, cartoonists, New Yorker writers, and those similarly unqualified to offer guidance. Here Amy Sedaris describes the perfect murder for unwanted hermit crabs--you will need a piece of meat and a brick. Simon Rich explains how to avoid being found dead in your underwear by firemen--buy some long johns. Zach Galifianakis provides insight into how he changed his name without a social security card--he just started calling himself Adam Zapple, and it stuck. Bob Saget finally illuminates what "friends with benefits" really means--a nonsexual relationship wherein your ex makes monetary deposits into your bank account. Contributors include: Rob Baedeker, Anne Beatts, Elizabeth Beckwith, Jerri Blank, Roz Chast, Louis C.K., Mike Doughty, Dave Eggers, Rich Fulcher, Zach Galifianakis, Dan Guterman, Anthony Jeselnik, Julie Klausner, Lisa Lampanelli, Nick Hornby, Sam Lipsyte, Liam Lynch, Merrill Markoe, Rose McGowan, Misc. Canadian rock musicians, Laraine Newman, The Pleasure Syndicate, Bob Powers, Simon Rich, Bob Saget, George Saunders, Kristen Schaal, Paul Scheer, Amy Sedaris, Allison Silverman, Paul Simms, Brendon Small, Jerry Stahl, Scott Thompson, Fred Willard, Cintra Wilson, Weird Al Yankovic, and Alan Zweibel

The Career Adventure: Your Guide to Personal Assessment, Career Exploration, and Decision Making (4th edition)

by Susan M. Johnston

Focused solidly on "doing" rather than on "explaining," this book gets right to the heart of career decision making: It will 1) walk you through the process of self-knowledge and self-discovery, 2) encourage you to believe in yourself and in your own ability to influence outcomes and achieve career goals, and 3) guide you in working with various job/career-search and development tools. This edition offers expanded use of electronic and internet resources, an update of Maslow's Hierarchy, and a new perspective on decision-making, as well as covers the topics of self-assessment, exploring the world of work, and organizing the job search. Comprehensive appendices offer sample resumes and cover letters, as well as other job search resources. An excellent and valuable guide for all those involved in a job search or a career change.

Career, Aptitude And Selection Tests: Match Your IQ, Personality & Abilities To Your Ideal Career

by Jim Barrett

If you enjoy a particular sport or activity, it's most likely that you are good at it. The same applies to work. If you enjoy your job you will be better motivated and, as a result, perform better. Finding out which is the right job for you, though, is not easy. Career, Aptitude and Selection Tests is designed to help you assess your strengths and weaknesses - in terms of aptitude, motivation, skills and personality - and match them to the type of job or career to which you would best be suited. Giving clear and practical guidance, Jim Barrett shows you how to understand: *what motivates you - what you want to do; *what specific aptitudes you have - what you do best; *your personality - how you do it. By working through the aptitude tests and detailed motivation and personality questionnaires, you can then use the 'Profile Matching' section to see what particular occupation your personal characteristics best match - whether it's bus driver or zoologist!

Career Choices: A Guide for Teens and Young Adults: Who Am I? What Do I Want? How Do I Get It?

by Mindy Bingham Sandy Stryker Robert Shafer Itoko Maeno Janice Blair Diana Lackner

According to the dictionary, success is "the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted." Since your desires and plans are very personal and are not exactly like anyone else's, you will need to define success for yourself. Throughout this book we will be talking about success. As you read about and ponder this concept, make sure to keep your own definition in mind.

Career Counseling

by David Capuzzi Mark D. Stauffer

This text provides the beginning counseling student with a comprehensive overview and discussion of the practical application of career counseling skills. Based on the view that counselors must be prepared in a holisitic manner, it covers the historical and theoretical foundations of career counseling, the skills and techniques needed for career counseling, and contextual perspectives on career and lifestyle planning. Important material that is often overlooked in introductory texts is included, such as career and lifestyle planning with clients in mental health, rehabilitation, and couples and family counseling settings; gender issues; and working with LGBT and minority clients. Throughout the text, case studies, informational sidebars, and experiential activities make for a more engaging learning experience and encourage additional contemplation of chapter content. This new edition features new, updated, and expanded content throughout; the division of career counseling in schools into separate chapters for K-8th grade, high school, and college, including traditional, hybrid, and online campuses; and an online instructor's manual with student resources, offering material to enhance the pedagogical features of the text.

Career Counseling: Applied Concepts Of Life Planning

by Vernon G. Zunker

This successful and popular book has been completely updated to give you the most recent information on emerging theories, recent research, and current computer-assisted guidance programs in career counseling! Whether you are a counselor or a counselor-in-training, you'll appreciate the way Vernon Zunker presents practical techniques and real-life examples as he patiently helps you understand the theoretical models of career counseling and how to effectively counsel clients about career issues. In the Sixth Edition, you'll find Zunker's clear writing style and interesting exercises, as well as: *Five career counseling models with case illustrations *A new Chapter 8, "Self-Assessment and a Model for Using Assessment," which discusses the rationale for using self-assessment tools *A new Chapter 15, "Career Counseling for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Clients," which helps familiarize you with the issues and needs of this client population *Theories of career development and counseling models-summarized in tables to help you study and prepare for the licensing examination *Web site information that points you to additional, reliable information online *And much more!

Career Counseling for People with Disabilities: A Practical Guide to Finding Employment

by Karen E. Wolffe

A text for use in courses in rehabilitation counseling, educational psychology, and special education, also useful for practicing counselors and educators. Section I introduces the field, types of clients, theories, and legislation. Section II details five key career counseling content areas, and Section III addresses disability- specific considerations. Section IV describes local, state, and national resources and lists helpful phone numbers. Includes chapter-opening vignettes and application activities, and five appendices of reproducible handouts to use with clients. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Career Counselor's Handbook

by Richard Nelson Bolles

With more than sixty-five combined years of experience in the career development field, Howard Figler and Richard Nelson Bolles are the undisputed authorities when it comes to helping people find meaningful work. In this revised and updated second edition of their classic guide for career counselors, Figler and Bolles show aspiring counselors how to break into the business, and give experienced counselors ideas for improving effectiveness and recharging their practice. Outlining tools, problem-solving tips, and ethical values for today'¬?s career counselor, THE CAREER COUNSELOR'¬?S HANDBOOK features new information about performing the Annual Career Checkup, choosing Essence over Ego, and using the Internet-while celebrating the fact that even career counselors need counsel once in a while.

Career Courage

by Katie C. Kelley

What do you want to be when you grow up? That question nags at us long after childhood. Why is it so hard to figure out? Because finding your true calling takes courage. It means conquering fears, shedding misguided ideas, and mustering the strength to let go of a safe job and stage your next act.Career Courage serves as a personal coach through the soul-searching and planning process ahead, whether you're a college grad contemplating choices, a seasoned professional seeking new directions, or a stay-at-home mom preparing to reenter the workplace. Packed with exercises and stories of inspiring second acts, the book poses tough questions about motivation, confidence, character, risk tolerance, and more. The answers will power your journey forward as you learn to:Clarify what really mattersExpress your point of viewBuild strong relationships and a robust networkStay focused on financesThink like an entrepreneurPrioritize a truly fulfilling lifeAnd moreA career that seemed promising can feel like a dead end today. Career Courage helps you break free and create your own brand of success.

Career Coward's Guide to Interviewing

by Katy Piotrowski

Helps readers sell their qualifications without "bragging," develop courageous responses to tough questions, and have the guts to ask for a better salary offer.

Career Development and Counseling

by Steven D. Brown Robert W. Lent

Praise for Career Development and Counseling: Putting Theory and Research to Work, Second Edition"This volume is an essential resource for the library of anyone interested in the field of career development, assessment, and counseling and should also prove invaluable for graduate students interested in immersing themselves in some of the best work being done today in the field of career development and counseling."-Nancy E. Betz, PhD, Professor, Department of Psychology, The Ohio State University"In this second edition, Drs. Brown and Lent continue to shape career development discourse and illustrate the ongoing significance of the fields of career development and counseling in the twenty-first century. This edition will help both researchers and practitioners alike to better understand, investigate, and promote the role of work in people's lives."-Angela Byars-Winston, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Wisconsin-MadisonComplete coverage of leading career theories and practicesFilled with the latest empirical and practical evidence, this new edition features:A new introductory chapter that defines and discusses the importance of career counseling in the twenty-first century, and offers a brief history of the fieldNew chapters on gender, race/ethnicity, social class and poverty, sexual minority identity, disability status, personality, and relational factorsMajor theories of career developmentCoverage of the assessment of important career constructs and occupational information systemsInterventions for working with career issues across the life spanEdited by two of the leaders in the field of career development, and featuring contributions by many of the most well-regarded specialists in the field, Career Development and Counseling, Second Edition is the one book that every career counselor, vocational psychologist, and student of career development and counseling must have.

Career Development and Planning: A Comprehensive Approach (Fourth Edition)

by Robert Reardon Janet Lenz James Sampson Gary Peterson

An aid to help the students solve their career problems and come up with viable career decisions.

Career Development and Services: A Cognitive Approach

by Gary W. Peterson James P. Sampson Robert C. Reardon

The purpose of this text is to enable practitioners and future practitioners to establish career development services that will assist clients in developing their abilities to use self-knowledge and career information to solve career problems and to make decisions wisely. The text is based on cognitive information processing theory, a comprehensive paradigm derived from a rapidly expanding theoretical and research base in cognitive psychology. The book was written expressly to join theory and practice by taking a comprehensive psychological theory and logically extending its implications to the theory and practice of career development. We have made a concerted effort to design a book that can be used as a classroom text as well as a field guide for practice.

Career Development Interventions In The 21st Century

by Joann Harris-Bowlsbey Spencer G. Niles

Organized around the National Career Development Association's competencies and the American Counseling Association 's Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, this top-selling text presents theories, assessments, planning tools, resources, and technologies relevant to modern career development. <P><P> With four chapters devoted to career development in educational settings, this book analyzes the aspects of career development interventions for the elementary, middle and high school, higher ed, and community audiences. Also provided are strategies for implementing career counseling techniques and creating and designing career development programs. Also available with MyCounselingLab® This title is also available with MyCounselingLab-an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with the text to engage students and improve results. Within its structured environment, students see key concepts demonstrated through video clips, practice what they learn, test their understanding, and receive feedback to guide their learning and ensure they master key learning outcomes. <P>Note: This is the bound book only and does not include access to MyCounselingLab®. To order MyCounselingLab® packaged with the bound book, use ISBN 0134297318.

Career Development Interventions in the 21st Century

by Joann Harris-Bowlsbey Spencer G. Niles

This book presents strategies and suggestions for teaching career development as well as strategies for helping with career choices. Includes case studies and a bibliography.

Career Essentials: The Resume

by Dale Mayer

In our current economic conditions, job hunters are struggling to attain the 'perfect' job. The Internet has made job hunting easier, but has made getting the job actually harder. It's so easy to apply for jobs today that employers are overwhelmed, often receiving thousands of applications per job opening.omehow, you have to make sure your application rises to the top of this pile. How? Through your résumé - it's the single most powerful marketing tool you have to showcase your skills and accomplishments. hat's what this book is all about. It shows you how to create the best résumé for you and the job you are applying for. There are chapters on the different résumé formats and how to choose the appropriate one for your situation. There's a chapter showing you what belongs in each section of the resume and there's even a chapter on how to showcase your skills in the most powerful way.There is a section on mistakes to avoid and tips for dealing with any problematic areas. Underqualified? Overqualified? Each of these issues and many more are addressed in this book, as is a rarely discussed security issue from posting your resume all over the is also a chapter on the power of words that will help you to maximize your writing to make your résumé the most powerful selling tool possible. Even better all this information is presented in a straightforward style that makes this book easy to read and the instructions even easier to follow.Isn't it time you seek out the next step in your life?This books has been recently revised and released on April 18, 2012.

The Career Fitness Program: Exercising Your Options

by Diane Sukiennik Lisa Raufman William Bendat

This text goes beyond facts and figures by offering critical questions that help students focus on, 'What's in it for them', to discover their best career fit. The organization follows the standard sequence of the decision-making process and career search process - Personal Assessment, The World of Work, and The Job Search - which enables use in short term courses or workshops while still giving students a comprehensive text for reference, and is easily customizable.

Career Girl in the Country

by Fiona Lowe

Dynamic city surgeon Poppy is at the top of her game - and can't believe she's been sent to work in a rural Outback town! Her colleague, brooding emergency doctor Matt, seems to thrive on the small-town solitude, but Poppy knows he's hiding from something and she's determined to draw him out of his shell and make him face his secrets.

The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People, Fourth Edition

by Carol Eikleberry Carrie Pinsky

A practical career guide for creatively inclined job seekers of all ages, with tips and counsel on how to use their independent and innovative talents and passions to make money, express themselves, and find a job they love.This new edition of the popular guide for individuals seeking work that suits their unique skills has been completely revised and updated to reflect the freedom offered by the new work order, delve more deeply into freelancing as a career, explore social media as it relates to creative job searches, provide new success stories, and bring all salary information up to date. It also includes descriptions of more than 270 creative jobs, from the mainstream (architect, web designer) to the unexpected (crossword-puzzle maker, police sketch artist). With knowledgeable career guidance, real-life success stories, and eye-opening self-evaluation tools, the fourth edition of The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People helps unique individuals find work that supports and compliments their personalities and passions.

Career Match: Connecting Who You Are with What You'll Love to Do

by Shoya Zichy Ann Bidou

For some, a job is just a way to pay the bills. For others - those whose careers fit their passions and personalities - it is a source of great satisfaction and success. Career Match is designed to help people discover their ideal work. Using the author's revealing ten-minute self-assessment, the book helps readers determine their personality style, then walks them through the range of career choices best for them. This indispensable guide will enable anyone to: * identify the type of work that will inspire and exhilarate them * recognize the type of boss and work environment they need to thrive * confirm the rightness of the path they are on - or help them find a better one * speed up their job search The book includes in-depth chapters for each personality type, detailed explanations of career options, and inspiring real-life stories of people who have found fulfillment in work that suits their personality. This invaluable resource will help anyone in need of direction match who they are with what they should do - for a lifetime of gratifying work and greater success.

Career Math (Practical Practice Math Series)

by Remedia Publications Staff

Watch math skills improve as students work through more than 100 real-life math word problems! Career Math is the perfect way to build students' math skills while helping them gain a true appreciation for math in everyday living. Students are introduced to 27 different careers ranging from air traffic controller to zookeeper. They then solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division word problems pertaining to each career. A real, practical application of math!

Career Perspectives: Interviews with Blind and Visually Impaired Professionals

by Marie Attmore

Interviews and advice from blind and visually impaired professionals about education and breaking into the job market.

Career Quest: A Practical And Spiritual Guide To Finding Your Life's Passion

by Mary Rose Remington

"Everyone is entitled to work they love!" ...states Mary Rose Remington, author and career expert who has helped thousands of clients find their true calling in life. Career Quest is packed with practical tips, emotional support and spiritual techniques for readers employed or unemployed-seeking meaningful, energizing work. This book shows you how to: *Overcome fear *Unlock your higher purpose *Discover hidden talents *Build a financial foundation to support change *Tap dreams, intuition and angels for guidance *Set tangible goals and overcome barriers.

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