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Fresh Talk, Daring Gazes: Conversations on Asian American Art

by Elaine H. Kim Margo Machida Sharon Mizota

Fresh Talk/Daring Gazes chronicles the blossoming of Asian American art and anticipates the growing democratization of American art and culture.

Fresh: The Ultimate Live-Food Cookbook

by Valya Boutenko Sergei Boutenko

Cookbooks need not--indeed, should not--involve cooking, say the authors of this authoritative, beautifully illustrated book. And they should know. Sergei and Vayla Boutenko bring fifteen years' experience to this collection of scrumptious, sophisticated recipes and comprehensive guide to the raw life. Fresh covers the whole range of recipes, including savory dishes, desserts, fermented foods, drinks, and wild foods. Techniques common to the recipes are introduced and clearly explained, including an inventory of uncommon fruits and how to handle and prepare them, as well as an immersion into the five basic flavors and the herbs, fruits, vegetables, and grains that help chefs bring out each flavor best. The authors introduce the three stages of adaptation to this lifestyle and provide a concise review of minimal equipment requirements and ideal appliance additions for the well-stocked raw kitchen.

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire

by Jim Cymbala Dean Merrill

The pastor of Brooklyn Tabernacle relates how prayer transformed their church from a tiny, struggling congregation into a large, dynamic church where thousands of lives have been changed in the heart of the inner city.

Freshman Affair (Freshman Dorm #20)

by Linda A. Cooney

Faith is falling fast for older man Eliot Potter. There's only one problem--Mrs. Eliot Potter. Kimberly's dreamy secret admirer reveals himself--and comes up short ... very short. Is Kimberly letting size stand in the way of love? KC has been a wreck since her father died. Will another brush with death bring her back to the real world?

Freshman Changes (Freshman Dorm #10)

by Linda A. Cooney

[From The Back Cover] KC and Peter are crazy about each other-until Peter accuses KC of getting too cozy With her gorgeous tutor. Will a desperate Lauren really move out of the dorm and into a sleazy off-campus apartment to save money? Kimberly lands a big dance solo in Faith's musical revue. It's a fabulous break, if she doesn't crack under the pressure!

Freshman Choices (Freshman Dorm #14)

by Linda A. Cooney

Faith can't say no to wild man Scott Sills. She's already on probation because of one outrageous night, but that's nothing compared to the disaster she's headed for now! Fame-hungry Liza is up for the lead role in a big campus play, but the only road to stardom leads right past the director's casting couch. And Will parents from two different worlds destroy the happiness Melissa and Brooks finally have found?

Freshman Christmas (Freshman Super #2)

by Linda A. Cooney

How many things can go wrong at the Angel Dude Ranch? Someone is setting the town against Mrs. Angeletti. First, one of the Tower Twins and a ranch hand open the gate so the horses run away. Everyone gets mad at Winnie for different reasons, there is a blizzard that cancels a lot of dinner reservations, and Mrs. Angeletti is facing large debts. Each of the girls, in her own way, triies to help, but it takes a near fatal disaster to turn things around. Will the Angel Dude Ranch fail?

Freshman, Class of '88 (Class of '88, #1)

by Linda A. Cooney

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was a time of wishes, hopes, hurts, fears, and loves. It was their first year of high school. Five friends. Nick the golden boy, Celia the beautiful, Sean the thinker, Allie the wild, Meg the brave Brand-new Redwood High holds a different promise for each of them. Celia could be popular for the first time in her life-if she stops being Allies friend. Nick could be a campus star-but only if he plays by someone else's rules... rules that don't include Sean. Meg has a chance to be a leader... and to be passed over by the boy she loves. Together, they could have faced anything. but after freshman year, they may never be together again.

Freshman Class of '89 (Class of '89 #1)

by Linda A. Cooney

The Class of '89. There's never been a class like them. And they couldn't hate each other more. Four girls. Friendly, good-hearted Bets. Laurel, lonely and unsure. Micki, who tries too hard. And Page, who has it much too easy. Micki wants to make her mark freshman year. She's pulling the class together and doing all the work. No wonder she can't stand it that gorgeous Page gets all the credit--without lifting a finger. Laurel's caught between two friends. One's the most popular girl in their class; the other's a boy who doesn't fit in--which one has to go? Bets just wants to be Doug's pal. ... She doesn't know what to do when he says they should be more than friends. Freshman year means they can be anyone they want to be. Why is it so hard to find out who they really are?

Freshman Dorm (Freshman Dorm #1)

by Linda A. Cooney

(From The Back Cover) K.C. Angeletti President, future business leaders, 1,2,3,4 . . .beautiful, cool, intense. Crystal ball: Business tycoon, president of the United States. Will anything stop her from getting ahead? Faith Crowley All American. .. . smart, everyone's best friend, sensible. Crystal ball: U. of S. with Brooks (class hunk), then happily ever after. How long can something so perfect last? Winnie Gottlieb "She'll try anything once." Boys, brains, trouble. Crystal ball: Men, men, men . . . Will win the nobel prize--then lose it. Dean's List . . . or dropout?

Freshman Dreams (Freshman Dorm #5)

by Linda A. Cooney

Winnie's summer love is in town. Can she choose between him and Josh? Faith is happy with her life, until her ex-boyfriend shows interest in her roommate. Lauren is taking her life into her own hands. Can she handle the responsibility? KC is thrilled to pose for the university calendar Will the Instant fame change her life? (The girls of Freshman Dorm are back in Freshman Dreams, the gripping fifth book in the new series about three best friends and their freshman year in college

Freshman Feud (Freshman Dorm #16)

by Linda A. Cooney

With Peter gone and her father suddenly ill, KC's world is crumbling. Marielle Danner promises she can cure KC's blues. Has KC's enemy really changed, or is she laying a dangerous trap? Kimberly has had it with Derek's jealous streak. It's time to take a stand--even if it means losing him. Lauren's breakup with Dash has left her with a broken heart. Will charming, mysterious Dimitri Broder help her mend it?

Freshman Flames (Freshman Dorm #13)

by Linda A. Cooney

Lauren and Dash face-off in a friendly debate that escalates Into a public battle. Will their red-hot romance suddenly turn ice-cold? KC finally says "I love you" to Peter-only to discover that he's planning to leave her. Bored with her good-girl image, Faith gets a fake ID. Will the beer-drinking bar crowd become her undoing? Melissa and Brooks are engaged,but they can't agree on anything. Brooks expects Melissa to use his last name, but Melissa says no way!

Freshman Fling (Freshman Dorm #11)

by Linda A. Cooney

Kimberly can't believe that her infuriating lab partner, Derek, is putting the moves on her. But the more she fights with him, the more she finds him irresistible. Soon it's not just their science experiments that are heating up. Winnie and Josh are on the verge of getting back together. Then Josh finds out Winnie has been his secret counselor at the crisis hotline. As far as he's concerned, it's the last straw! Is KC on her way to becoming a cover girl? Or is she just caught in a sleazy charm-school scam? Faith's pushy new roommate, Liza Ruff, is driving her crazy. Everywhere that Faith goes, Liza follows. How much does Faith have to take? THE HIT SERIES! Freshman Dorm

Freshman Follies (Freshman Dorm #17)

by Linda A. Cooney

Lauren's in love-- again! Gorgeous Dimitri Broder has swept her off her feet. But is Dimitri the poor student he claims to be-- or a con artist who uses gullible rich girls? The more KC parties with the fast crowd, the more she fights with her real friends. Can Faith and Courtney stop her before she goes over the edge?

Freshman for President

by Ally Condie

Tired of not being noticed, fifteen-year-old Milo decides to run for president of the United States, and through the course of the campaign, he discovers that he--and other teenagers--can make a real difference.

Freshman Games (Freshman Dorm #6)

by Linda A. Cooney

KC's a star in the university calendar. She can join any sorority, date any guy. Now that she can have just what she wants, can she make the right choices? Winnie's heart belongs to Josh, but Travis won't take no for an answer. Lauren's mother has cut her off financially, so she's got to get a job, and somehow, forget that she is still hung up on Dash. Faith is consumed with the details of preparing her play for production. And she's got to get used to her high school boyfriend dating Winnie's roommate.

Freshman Heartbreak (Freshman Dorm #15)

by Linda A. Cooney

If Josh knew about Winnie's fling, he'd flip out! But he doesn't have to find out, does he? When KC swears nothing will keep her from following Peter to Europe, is she inviting disaster? Lauren's still hoping for a reunion with Dash then she sees him with another girl... Liza seems determined to break every rule; roommate Faith has had enough. This is war!

Freshman Lies (Freshman Dorm #2)

by Linda A. Cooney

Faith has a crush on an older, already engage-to-be-married college student. KC is still trying to impress kids with more money than she has. Winnie is still trying to find a niche for herself in college. And Lauren is still rich, shy, and lonely.

Freshman Loves (Freshman Dorm #7)

by Linda A. Cooney

Melissa, Winnie's roommate, is in love with Brooks. She's never been happier until romance threatens the track scholarship she needs to stay in college. Will Melissa give up Brooks to stay on course? It's KC's second chance to join elite Tri Beta sorority, and she's determined not to blow it. But Marielle has different plans. Lauren's boyfriend Dash is full of surprises - including the fact that he's not exactly who he claims to be. Winnie's's been dumped by Travis, and Josh is seeing another girl. She couldn't make a bigger mess of things. Or could she? The girls of Freshman Dorm are back in Freshman Loves, the exciting seventh book in the new series about three best friends and their freshman year at college.

Freshman Nights (Freshman Dorm #4)

by Linda A. Cooney

Infatuated with Christopher Hammond, the big man on campus and the director of the campus play in which she is involved, beautiful, straight-A student Faith finally catches his eye, but has doubts that she is his one and only love. Now that Christopher has dumped his fiancee, Faith is finding out that two-timing wasn't his only deception. Can she love someone who refuses to tell the truth? Only K.C. knows just how much Christopher is hiding, If she tries to rescue Faith from heartbreak, will she lose a best friend?

Freshman Promises (Freshman Dorm #19)

by Linda A. Cooney

Will newlyweds Winnie and Josh make it to their one-month anniversary? When Kimberly discovers who her secret admirer really is, she may wish he had kept his secret! When Tri Beta president Courtney falls for Dash, will the fireworks burn Lauren?

Freshman Quarterback (Chip Hilton Sports Series #9)

by Clair Bee Randall Farley Cynthia B. Farley

As a member of the freshman football team at State University, Chip Hilton encounters cliques, rivalries, and a conspiracy by the Booster Association to favor some players over others.

Freshman Rivals (Freshman Dorm #12)

by Linda A. Cooney

When Winnie's absentee father shows up on campus, Winnie is won over by his charm, but Josh suspects he's nothing but a con man. Is Winnie headed for a family reunion-or a major heartbreak? Will Lauren and Dash's love survive another fierce battle? Melissa is stunned when Brooks asks her to marry him. She's definitely not ready to say yes, but Brooks won't take no for an answer. KC the most beautiful girl on campus, but now she wants to be the thinnest in order to make it as a model-even if it means starving herself!

Freshman Scandal

by Linda Alper Kevin Cooney

While Courtney grapples with sexual harassment in the workplace, Liza lands a TV role that could hamper her relationship, and Winnie copes with the idea of motherhood.

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