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From Foraging to Farming in the Andes: New Perspectives on Food Production and Social Organization

by Tom D. Dillehay

Archeologists have always considered the beginnings of Andean civilization from c. 13,000 to 6,000 years ago to be important in terms of the appearance of domesticated plants and animals, social differentiation, and a sedentary lifestyle, but there is more to this period than just these developments. During this period, the spread of crop production and other technologies, kinship-based labor projects, mound-building and population aggregation formed ever-changing conditions across the Andes. From Foraging to Farming in the Andes proposes a new and more complex model for understanding the transition from hunting and gathering to cultivation. It argues that such developments evolved regionally, were fluid and uneven, and were subject to reversal. This book develops these arguments from a large body of archaeological evidence, collected over 30 years in two valleys in northern Peru, and then places the valleys in the context of recent scholarship studying similar developments around the world.

From Fourier Analysis and Number Theory to Radon Transforms and Geometry

by Hershel M. Farkas Robert C. Gunning Marvin I. Knopp B. A. Taylor

A memorial conference for Leon Ehrenpreis was held at Temple University, November 15-16, 2010. In the spirit of Ehrenpreis's contribution to mathematics, the papers in this volume, written by prominent mathematicians, represent the wide breadth of subjects that Ehrenpreis traversed in his career, including partial differential equations, combinatorics, number theory, complex analysis and a bit of applied mathematics. With the exception of one survey article, the papers in this volume are all new results in the various fields in which Ehrenpreis worked . There are papers in pure analysis, papers in number theory, papers in what may be called applied mathematics such as population biology and parallel refractors and papers in partial differential equations. The mature mathematician will find new mathematics and the advanced graduate student will find many new ideas to explore. A biographical sketch of Leon Ehrenpreis by his daughter, a professional journalist, enhances the memorial tribute and gives the reader a glimpse into the life and career of a great mathematician.

From Friend to Father

by Tracy Wolff

Twin boys, a baby girl and Sarah, their gorgeous mother. It's a dream family. Too bad it doesn't belong to Reece Sandler. Correction. Part of it does belong to him. But he's not ready to be a single father and he needs Sarah Martin more than ever. Funny thing, when he and his late wife asked Sarah to be their surrogate, he never imagined he'd raise that child with her. And the situation is complicated by his growing attraction to her. She's vivacious, captivating and the kind of parent he only hopes to be. How can he resist her? Now to convince her to think of him as more than a friend.

From Friends to Forever

by Karen Templeton

Tony Vaccaro had been part of Lili Szabo's life since she was a lovesick teenager with a major-league crush. Now the high school athlete was a widowed single dad with a trio of energetic little girls relying on him--and no time for romance. Little Lili had grown up! Fourteen years ago, she was like a cute kid sister. Now she had the potential to be so much more. But a shocking secret was about to split Tony's world apart. The question was, could he count on Lili to pick up the pieces?

From Front Porch to Back Seat: Courtship in Twentieth-Century America

by Beth L. Bailey

An insightful and scholarly study of interest to, among others, parents, professionals who work with adolescents, marriage counselors, readers with an interest in women's issues, and social historians.

From Geek to Goddess

by Cathy Hopkins

As if being a teenage girl isn't hard enough, Gemma's parents are sending her away to a posh boarding school, and she won't see her friends for ages.

From Generation to Generation: The Adaptive Challenge of Mainline Protestant Education in Forming Faith

by Charles R. Foster

Mainline Protestant congregations face a profound adaptive challenge. In the midst of significant social, cultural, and technological change, the denominations they represent generally abandoned a view of education capable of maintaining and renewing their faith traditions through their children and youth. New curriculum resources and innovative pedagogical strategies appropriated from the marketplace of religious education options have not met the challenge. A transformation of consciousness is required in congregations seeking a future through their children. It involves the exercise of an ecclesial imagination to reclaim a view of education rooted in the revitalization of their religious traditions in the past and re-envisioning the congregation as a catechetical culture of faith formation.

From Goods to a Good Life: Intellectual Property and Global Justice

by Madhavi Sunder

Most scholarship on intellectual property considers this law from the standpoint of law and economics. Under this conventional wisdom, intellectual property is simply a tool for promoting innovative products, from iPods to R2D2. In this highly original book Madhavi Sunder calls for a richer understanding of intellectual property law's effects on social and cultural life. Intellectual property does more than incentivize the production of more goods. This law fundamentally affects the ability of citizens to live a good life. Intellectual property law governs the abilities of human beings to make and share culture, and to profit from this enterprise in a global Knowledge economy. This book turns to social and cultural theory to more fully explore the deep connections between cultural production and human freedom.

From Grammar to Meaning

by Ivano Caponigro Carlo Cecchetto

In recent years, the study of formal semantics and formal pragmatics has grown tremendously showing that core aspects of language meaning can be explained by a few principles. These principles are grounded in the logic that is behind - and tightly intertwined with - the grammar of human language. In this book, some of the most prominent figures in linguistics, including Noam Chomsky and Barbara H. Partee, offer new insights into the nature of linguistic meaning and pave the way for the further development of formal semantics and formal pragmatics. Each chapter investigates various dimensions in which the logical nature of human language manifests itself within a language and/or across languages. Phenomena like bare plurals, free choice items, scalar implicatures, intervention effects, and logical operators are investigated in depth and at times cross-linguistically and/or experimentally. This volume will be of interest to scholars working within the fields of semantics, pragmatics, language acquisition and psycholinguistics.

From Gravity to Thermal Gauge Theories: The AdS/CFT Correspondence

by Eleftherios Papantonopoulos

The AdS/CFT correspondence is a powerful tool in studying strongly coupled phenomena in gauge field theories, using results from a weakly coupled gravity background studied in the realm of string theory. AdS/CFT was first successfully applied to the study of phenomena such as the quark-gluon plasma produced in heavy ions collisions. Soon it was realized that its applicability can be extended, in a more phenomenological approach, to condensed matter systems and to systems described by fluid dynamics. The set of tutorial reviews in this volume is intended as an introduction to and survey of the principle of the AdS/CFT correspondence in its field/string theoretic formulation, its applicability to holographic QCD and to heavy ions collisions, and to give a first account of processes in fluid dynamics and condensed matter physics, which can be studied with the use of this principle. Written by leading researchers in the field and cast into the form of a high-level but approachable multi-author textbook, this volume will be of benefit to all postgraduate students, and newcomers from neighboring disciplines wishing to find a comprehensive guide for their future research.

From Hardtack to Home Fries: An Uncommon History of American Cooks and Meals

by Barbara Haber

Culinary historian Barbara Haber takes a unique approach to the history of cooking in America, focusing on a remarkable assembly of little-known or forgotten Americans who helped shape the eating habits of the nation. As Curator of Books at Harvard University's Schlesinger Library, Haber has access to more than 16,000 cookbooks from which she has drawn inspiring and often surprising cooking stories from the 1840s to the present: a Confederate Jewish woman's ancestral chicken soup which helped improve institutional food overall; the well-groomed, upright "Harvey Girl" waitresses who helped civilize America's western frontier; and the Graham Cracker, which was created by a fanatic Seventh-Day Adventist trying to curb sexual appetites. With recipes throughout, Haber's fascinating survey adds a delicious new dimension to America's cultural heritage.

From Harvey River

by Lorna Goodison

"Throughout her life my mother, Doris, lived in two places at once: Kingston, Jamaica, where she raised a family of nine children, and Harvey River, in the parish of Hanover, where she was born and grew up. " When Doris Harvey's English grandfather, William Harvey, discovers a clearing at the end of a path cut by the feet of those running from slavery, he gives his name to what will become his family's home for generations. For Doris, Harvey River is the place she always called home, the place where she was one of the "fabulous Harvey girls," and where the rich local bounty of Lucea yams, pimentos, and mangoes went hand in hand with the Victorian niceties of her parents' house. It is a place she will return to in dreams when her fortunes change, years later, and she and her husband, Marcus Goodison, relocate to "hard life" Kingston and encounter the harsh realities of urban living in close quarters. In Lorna Goodison's spellbinding memoir of her forebears, we meet a cast of wonderfully drawn characters, including George O'Brian Wilson, the Irish patriarch of the family who married a Guinea woman after coming to Jamaica in the mid-1800s; Doris's parents, Margaret and David, childhood sweethearts who became the first family of Harvey River; and their eight children, Cleodine, straight-backed and imperious; serious Albertha, called "Miss Jo" because she was missing all sense of joviality; beautiful Howard, who dies an early death; Rose, whose loveliness inspires devotion but whose own heart is never fulfilled; taxi-man Edmund, who yearns for the freedoms of the big city; Flavius, who spends his life searching for the true church of God; large-hearted, practical-minded Doris, whose bottomless cooking pot often feeds more than just her family; and vivacious, hard-headed Ann, whose gift of reading hair tells her the future. In lush, vivid prose, textured with the cadences of Creole speech, Lorna Goodison weaves together memory and mythology to create a vivid tapestry. She takes us deep into the heart of a complete world to tell a universal story of family and the ties that bind us to the place we call home. From the Hardcover edition.

From The Heart

by Lee Miller

Excerpts from Native American speeches--by Moctezuma, Tecumseh, Cochise, Sitting Bull, and others--accompanied by commentary by non-Indian observers, provide an eloquent overview of five hundred years of fateful encounters between Europeans and Native Americans. Reprint. AB.

From Here to Eternity

by James Jones

Set in Hawaii in 1941, an epic tale of the brutal life of a soldier, portraying the courage, violence and passions of servicemen. A National Book Award winner.

From Here To Maternity

by Karen Rose Smith Tara Taylor Quinn Inglath Cooper

Motherhood doesn't always wait for the perfect moment.UNEXPECTING...AGAIN!When the daughter she gave up for adoption appears in her life eager to meet both her birth parents, Amelia Copperstone nervously agrees to track down a man she hasn't seen in thirty years. What she finds is rekindled passion-and, at age forty-eight, a very unexpected pregnancy.IMPERFECT TIMINGApril Renquist is riding the corporate fast track when pregnancy challenges her to sort out her priorities: from the fiancé she broke up with, to the fears that plague the dawning realization that perhaps life doesn't stop with motherhood.HOME AT LASTA couple shattered by the loss of their daughter opens their home to an orphaned Russian girl-unprepared for the emotion she unleashes. As guilt and grief war with the need to love a child again, the remarkable little girl offers healing and hope.

From Here to Paternity

by Christine Rimmer

When Charlene Cooper was eighteen, she turned to Brand Bravo in desperation. . . ;and he couldn't get away fast enough. And then ten years later, Charlene was forced to turn to him again-this time with a baby in her arms and a burning question in her heart: are you this little girl's father?At twenty Brand Bravo knew that he could never be the kind of man Charlene deserved. At thirty, he knew she was the love of his life, and he would do anything to get her back. Because, once again, she needed him, for herself and for the infant in her care. And this time, Brand wouldn't hesitate to be anything Charlene asked him to be. Husband. And father?

From Higher Aims to Hired Hands: The Social Transformation of American Business Schools and the Unfulfilled Promise of Management as a Profession

by Rakesh Khurana

"I have been waiting for years for someone to write the definitive institutional history of U. S. management education, and this is it. From the standpoint of most analytic definitions of 'professional,'the term 'professional manager' is enigmatic, even oxymoronic. Rakesh Khurana's thorough, insightful, provocative, and courageous history of business education explains how this term came to make practical and cultural sense to a generation of Americans, and how its logic has been undermined in the past thirty years. "From Higher Aims to Hired Hands" is an exemplary work of institutional analysis, combining first-rate historiography with outstanding social-science scholarship. It will be essential reading for business historians, students of management and organizations, and faculty, administrators, and thoughtful students at America's business schools. "--Paul DiMaggio, Princeton University" "From Higher Aims to Hired Hands" is a tour de force. With profound depth and sweeping scope, Rakesh Khurana analyses the rise and potential fall of a uniquely American institution--one that has influenced management education throughout the world. His book contributes significantly to explaining how managerial capitalism could go awry and how to restore the moral underpinnings that would make management the profession of leadership. In addition to offering fascinating history lessons based on exhaustive research, Khurana adds new twists to institutional theory and points to future directions for educational practice. "--Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School, author of "The Change Masters, Confidence," and "America the Principled: 6 Opportunities for Becoming a Can-Do Nation OnceAgain" "This panoramic portrait of the origins and ramifications of American business education is quite remarkable, rich in detail, powerful in the marshaling of evidence, and provocative in its claims. Khurana writes with confidence, authority, and erudition. "--Walter Powell, Stanford University "This is a wonderful and important book for anyone interested in business education. There is a tendency for those of us involved in business education to think that we understand the dynamics of our industry and that there is little new that we can learn. How wrong such a judgment would be. In providing a sociological understanding of the origins of business education and the professionalization of management, this book prompts deep reflection about the state of management today and offers real insight into the challenges of elevating the standards of this particular profession. "--Joel Podolny, dean of Yale School of Management

From Hire to Liar: The Role of Deception in the Workplace

by David Shulman

This book offers a sociological study of the rationales for, and methods of, workplace deception. The author begins by presenting an ethnographic analysis of private detectives' routine use of deception as an officially-sanctioned component of their work. He then uses interviews and case-studies to show how similar strategies are used in a variety of other work environments. The author discusses the justification and effects of workplace deception on both workers and employers.

From Homer to Helen Keller: A Social and Educational Study of the Blind

by Richard Slayton French

From Homer to Helen Keller, Homer stands for the greatest achievement of the blind in the times antecedent to their systematic education. He stands for all those bards, many of them blind or blinded, creators of literature and makers of our language, who through ballads, always of great vigor and sometimes of surpassing beauty, have handed down to us the glorious traditions of far-off heroic times. Miss Keller stands for the supreme achievement of education. The blind claim her, but the deaf can claim her, too, and modern education can claim her more than either--and all humanity claims her with the best claim of all. For she is the epitome of all that is best in humanity, all that is most spiritual; and all this through conscious aim and directed effort, through education in its best sense.

From Identity-Based Conflict to Identity-Based Cooperation

by Jay Rothman

Through proper engagement, identity-based conflict enhances and develops identity as a vehicle to promote creative collaboration between individuals, the groups they constitute and the systems they forge. This handbook describes the specific model that has been developed as well as various approaches and applications to identity-conflict used throughout the world.

From Jerusalem To Irian Jaya: A Biographical History of Christian Missions (Second Edition)

by Ruth A. Tucker

This is history at its best. From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya is readable, informative, gripping, and above all honest. From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya helps readers understand the life and role of a missionary through real life examples of missionaries throughout history. We see these men and women as fallible and human in their failures as well as their successes. These great leaders of missions are presented as real people, and not super-saints. This second edition covers all 2,000 years of mission history with a special emphasis on the modern era, including chapters focused on the Muslim world, Third World missions, and a comparison of missions in Korea and Japan. It also contains both a general and an 'illustration' index where readers can easily locate particular missionaries, stories, or incidents. New design graphics, photographs, and maps help make this a compelling book. From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya is as informative and intriguing as it is inspiring---an invaluable resource for missionaries, mission agencies, students, and all who are concerned about the spreading of the gospel throughout the world.

From Jesus to Christ

by Paula Fredriksen

In this exciting book, Paula Fredriksen answers these questions by placing the various canonical images of Jesus within their historical contexts. She provides fascinating insights into the content of Jesus's ministry, the circumstances of his crucifixion, and the social and religious problems facing the earliest churches.

From Judgment to Passion: Devotion to Christ and the Virgin Mary, 800-1200

by Rachel Fulton

How and why did the images of the crucified Christ and his grieving mother achieve such prominence, inspiring unparalleled religious creativity as well such imitative extremes as celibacy and self-flagellation? To answer this question, Fulton ranges over developments in liturgical performance, private prayer, doctrine, and art.

From Lance to Landis: Inside the American Doping Controversy at the Tour de France

by David Walsh

For eight years, the Tour de France, arguably the world's most demanding athletic competition, was ruled by two men: Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis. On the surface, they were feature players in one of the great sporting stories of the age-American riders overcoming tremendous odds to dominate a sport that held little previous interest for their countrymen. But is this a true story, or is there a darker version of the truth, one that sadly reflects the realities of sports in the twenty-first century?

From Logos to Trinity

by Marian Hillar

This book presents a critical evaluation of the doctrine of the Trinity, tracing its development and investigating the intellectual, philosophical and theological background that shaped this influential doctrine of Christianity. Despite the centrality of Trinitarian thought to Christianity and its importance as one of the fundamental tenets that differentiates Christianity from Judaism and Islam, the doctrine is not fully formulated in the canon of Christian scriptural texts. Instead, it evolved through the conflation of selective pieces of scripture with the philosophical and religious ideas of ancient Hellenistic milieu. Marian Hillar analyzes the development of Trinitarian thought during the formative years of Christianity from its roots in ancient Greek philosophical concepts and religious thinking in the Mediterranean region. He identifies several important sources of Trinitarian thought heretofore largely ignored by scholars, including the Greek middle-Platonic philosophical writings of Numenius and Egyptian metaphysical writings and monuments representing divinity as a triune entity.

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