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Grandmother Spider (Charlie Moon #6)

by James D. Doss

A lawman with a hardy appetite for life and an unshakable faith in the explicable, Southern Ute Acting Chief of Police Charlie Moon is not prepared to accept a purely supernatural explanation for the recent strange events of April 1. Nevertheless, something carried off Tommy Tonompicket and his unlikely drinking companion, research scientist William Pizinski, in the black chill of the Colorado night. And something ripped the head off a man outside a lonely cabin in the mountains...and left two large, fanglike punctures in his chest. And though Charlie's eccentric old aunt, the shaman Daisy Perika, claims the gargantuan avenging arachnid Grandmother Spider has risen up from the depths of Navajo Lake, the hulking, good-natured tribal policeman feels in his gut that this is murder, pure if not simple, and most probably by human hands.

Grandmothers are Like Snowflakes ... No Two are Alike

by Janet Lanese

When a child is born, a miracle happens -someone becomes a grandmother! For first-time grandmas, beloved veterans, or grandmas-in-waiting, this warm, wonderful book captures all the joy and humor of one of a woman's most life-altering experiences. Heartwarming observations from such famous names as Margaret Mead, Jane Russell, and Margaret Thatcher; poems to copy and stick on the refrigerator; words of advice to "accidentally" leave on a daughter-in-law's kitchen table, suggestions to smooth the rough times or increase the joy, it's all here to read and treasure. Don't miss. . . Special things only a grandmother can do Family history a grandmother can pass on A precious gift every child needs from a grandmother Secret satisfactions a grandmother feels How a grandmother can act even wiser than she is And more!

Grandmothers of the Light: A Medicine Woman's Sourcebook

by Paula Gunn Allen

Allen retells and interprets 21 stories from civilizations spanning North America, including Chippewa, Okonagon, Iroquois, and Lakota--stories that have, for centuries, guided female shamans toward an understanding of the sacred.

The Grandmother's Tale

by R. K. Narayan

There is no better introduction to R.K. Narayan than this remarkable collection of stories celebrating work that spans five decades. Characters include a storyteller whose magical source of tales dries up, a love-stricken husband who is told by astrologers he must sleep with a prostitute to save his dying wife, a pampered child who discovers that his beloved uncle may be an impostor or even a murderer. Standing supreme amid this rich assortment of stories is the title novella. Told by the narrator's grandmother, the tale recounts the adventures of her mother, married at seven and then abandoned, who crosses the subcontinent to extract her husband from the hands of his new wife. Her courage is immense and her will implacable -- but once her mission is completed, her independence vanishes.

Grandpa Fights an Ostrich and Other Stories

by Scholastic India

Grandpa Fights an Ostrich by Ruskin Bond; Kali and the Rat Snake by Zai Whitaker; The Cat and the Travellers by Asha Nehemiah; The Dolphin and the Hippocampus by Sampurna Chattarji; Owlie by Vijaya Ghose; and The Giraffe's New Neck by Anushka Ravishankar.

Grandparents as Parents, Second Edition

by Deborah Edler Brown Sylvie De Toledo

If you're among the millions of grandparents raising grandchildren today, you need information, support, and practical guidance you can count on to keep your family strong. This is the book for you. Learn effective strategies to help you cope with the stresses of parenting the second time around, care for vulnerable grandkids and set boundaries with their often-troubled parents, and navigate the maze of government aid, court proceedings, and special education. Wise, honest, moving stories show how numerous other grandparents are surviving and thriving in their new roles. Updated throughout, and reflecting current laws and policies affecting families, the second edition features new discussions of kids' technology use and other timely issues.

The Grandparents Handbook

by Elizabeth Laban

No longer content to sit on rockers and bake cookies, today's grandparents are involved in the lives of their grandchildren more than ever before. The Grandparents Handbook features dozens of activities that will guarantee hours of fun, educational quality time-from building dollhouses and catching fish to flying kites, baking bread, making your own mini golf course, creating a family newspaper, and much more. These illustrated instructions will lead grandparents down surprising paths of discovery as they teach the youngest generation about family, friendship, and the world around them. It's the perfect gift for any grandparent and grandparent-to-be!

Grandpa's Box: Retelling the Biblical Story of Redemption

by Starr Meade

"It was a wooden box, simply made. 'I guess you could call it my war chest,' Grandpa said. As the children peered into the box, they saw many small figures--animals, people, and objects of all kinds. A number of them were carved from wood."

Grandpa's Quilt

by Betsy Franco

Three children remake their grandpa's quilt so it will fit him better.

Grandpa's Teeth

by Rod Clement

Grandpa's expensive false teeth have been stolen! Grandpa suspects everyone. Where could his teeth have gone?

Grange House

by Sarah Blake

Every summer Maisie Thomas has come with her parents to Grange House, a hotel on the coast of Maine overseen by the elegant and inscrutable Miss Grange who resides in the topmost story.The enormous house had always thrilled Maisie, appearing to her like something from old novels.But in the summer of 1896, the seventeen year-old Maisie has arrived restless and longing for her life's story to be different from those she has found between the covers of many books.As if in answer, the secrets of Grange House and its attic inhabitant begin to wrest free of their silence.On the morning after Maisie's arrival, two drowned lovers are found clasped in each other's arms.Then it seems Maisie finds herself in the lovers' shadow as two very different young men, one an adventurous writer, the other an ambitious businessman from her father's company, start to pay court.Will Maisie's story be but a love story after all?Maisie finds herself drawn more and more to Miss Grange, even as Miss Grange begins to tell Maisie strange and wild tales from Grange House's past, insisting that the girl is the only one who sill understand, and charging her with finishing one of her unfathomable tales.But which of Miss Grange's stories are truth and which are fiction?Another death, a hidden diary, mismarked grave, an exchange of letters - and a ghostly apparition - all lead Maisietoward the center of an old story that becomes her own, as she uncovers the secrets of Grance House.Rich with the details, customs, and language of the era, Grange House is part family saga, part ghost story, part love story: a wonderfully atmospheric, page-turning novel of literary suspense and romance.It is the tale of the many stories - familial and literary - in the house of fiction that women's lives must unlock and abandon in order to inhabit their own."So many writers now shout loudly, demanding our attention, but Sarah Blake quietly and skillfully lures not only our attention but our amazement at her ability to create and sustain a lasting visual and spiritual impression.Her words seem to have been as carefully chosen as a pearl, a perfect shell, or a ripe fruit.But with all its polished, wonderful narrative, there is a strong and amazingly durable undertow, a quiet driving force.Ms. Blake wrote this beguiling suspenseful novel the old fashioned way, with her head and her heart directing her along with equal measures." -- Kaye Gibbons"What an impressive novel Sarah Blake has written.With its vivid characters, suspenseful plot and elegant period details, GRANGE HOUSE is completely transporting.I couldn't stop turning the pages and was sorry to see them dwindle." -- Margot Livesey"A lovely book that provides a read both intriguing and delicious." -- Elizabeth Strout, author of the bestseller AMY AND ISABELLE"Sarah Blake's elegant novel is a rare achievement; Jamesian in its ambiguities, GRANGE HOUSE is marvelously untainted by postmodern ironic gestures or quaintness.What Maisie knew, and indeed, what Maisie discovers, makes this a true page-turner that belongs on the shelf between THE WOMAN IN WHITE and REBECCA." -- Katharine Weber


by Morgan Llywelyn

Historical fiction about Grace O'Malley, an Irish chieftain in the late 1500's.


by Anthony Horowitz

Twelve-year-old Joe Warden isn't happy. Sure, he's rich, but his parents don't care about him. His grandmother should make everything better, except that Joe's granny is a nightmare. She's not just physically repulsive, she's horribly mean. Everyone thinks she's just a dotty old woman, but Joe knows the truth. He's seen behind her mask and glimpsed the wicked glimmer in her eyes--- she is pure evil. And now she's out to get Joe, unless he can stop her and her band of nasty grannies first.

The Granny Diaries

by Adair Lara Patricia Storms

This delightful guide gives new grandmas clear direction on how to navigate foreign territory. Celebrated columnist Adair Lara advises on how to choose a decent name (Oopsie? Boopsie?). She outlines how to give advice without getting a Dr. Sears guide chucked at the head. She offers wise counsel on how to stay on the parents' good side (hint: don't say anything, ever). Hilarious in its blunt truisms, The Granny Diaries steers around the shoals of grandma sentimentality. And yet, having fallen madly in love with her own grandchildren, Adair affirms that the years after the big G truly are golden.

Granny Doodle Day

by Eric Seltzer

Doodle Dog, King, and Bear set aside their artwork for the day to visit Granny Doodle. Once there, they get to eat Doodle Noodles, play, and give Granny a pretty present. Days with Granny are doggone fun!

The Granny Game (The Cul-de-Sac Kids #20)

by Beverly Lewis

Abby Hunter's two grandmothers show up to oversee her and her siblings for a weekend. Will the very opposite grannies be able to get along?

Granny Square Love

by Sarah London

Color your world with granny squares! The granny square is a classic crochet motif that has graced innumerable afghans. InGranny Square Loveauthor Sarah London breathes new life into this tried-and-true favorite by taking this motif out of the afghan so that you can use it throughout your home or make a quick gift for any occasion. Flip throughGranny Square Loveand find: · Clear, simple crochet instructions. Even if you've never held a crochet hook before, the step-by-step instructions in Chapter One will quickly teach you the skills to crochet to your heart's content. · 25 bright, beautiful projects for every room of the house. Try a traditional project like a potholder for your kitchen or a comfy cushion for your sofa or bed. If you're feeling bold, make a headboard for your bed, a Christmas stocking for your mantel or a handy pocket for your favorite apron! · Expert tips from Sarah on color and design. Let the color discussion accompanying each project encourage you to go forth boldly to experiment and ignite your work with color! Let Sarah London share her love of granny squares with you and transform your home into a colorful crochet dream.


by Jean Edward Smith

Ulysses S. Grant was the first four-star general in the history of the United States Army and the only president between Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson to serve eight consecutive years in the White House. As general in chief, Grant revolutionized modern warfare. Rather than capture enemy territory or march on Southern cities, he concentrated on engaging and defeating the Confederate armies in the field, and he pursued that strategy relentlessly. As president, he brought stability to the country after years of war and upheaval. He tried to carry out the policies of Abraham Lincoln, the man he admired above all others, and to a considerable degree he succeeded. Yet today, Grant is remembered as a brilliant general but a failed president. In this comprehensive biography, Jean Edward Smith reconciles these conflicting assessments of Grant's life. He argues convincingly that Grant is greatly underrated as a president. Following the turmoil of Andrew Johnson's administration, Grant guided the nation through the post- Civil War era, overseeing Reconstruction of the South and enforcing the freedoms of new African-American citizens. His presidential accomplishments were as considerable as his military victories, says Smith, for the same strength of character that made him successful on the battlefield also characterized his years in the White House. Grant was the most unlikely of military heroes: a great soldier who disliked the army and longed for a civilian career. After graduating from West Point, he served with distinction in the Mexican War. Following the war he grew stale on frontier garrison postings, despaired for his absent wife and children, and began drinking heavily. He resigned from the army in 1854, failed at farming and other business endeavors, and was working as a clerk in the family leathergoods store when the Civil War began. Denied a place in the regular army, he was commissioned a colonel of volunteers and, as victory followed victory, moved steadily up the Union chain of command. Lincoln saw in Grant the general he had been looking for, and in the spring of 1864 the president brought him east to take command of all the Union armies. Smith dispels the myth that Grant was a brutal general who willingly sacrificed his soldiers, pointing out that Grant's casualty ratio was consistently lower than Lee's. At the end of the war, Grant's generous terms to the Confederates at Appomattox foreshadowed his generosity to the South as president. But, as Smith notes, Grant also had his weaknesses. He was too trusting of his friends, some of whom schemed to profit through their association with him. Though Grant himself always acted honorably, his presidential administration was rocked by scandals. "He was the steadfast center about and on which everything else turned," Philip Sheridan wrote, and others who served under Grant felt the same way. It was this aura of stability and integrity that allowed Grant as president to override a growing sectionalism and to navigate such national crises as the Panic of 1873 and the disputed Hayes-Tilden election of 1876. At the end of his life, dying of cancer, Grant composed his memoirs, which are still regarded by historians as perhaps the finest military memoirs ever written. They sold phenomenally well, and Grant the failed businessman left his widow a fortune in royalties from sales of the book. His funeral procession through the streets of Manhattan closed the city, and behind his pallbearers, who included both Confederate and Union generals, marched thousands of veterans from both sides of the war.

Grant: A Biography

by William S. Mcfeely

From his boyhood in Ohio to the battlefields of the Civil War and his presidency during the Reconstruction, this Pulitzer Prize-winning biography traces the entire arc of Ulysses S. Grant's life.

Grant Writing for Dummies

by Bev Browning

Get the scoop on government grants, make multiple grant requests, use words that make funders say 'yes', recycle rejected proposals, and more!

The Granta Book of the American Short Story

by Richard Ford

Compilation of some of the best American short stories, with an introduction by the editor.

Granted: Big Sky Groom

by Carol Grace

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.... Tally James wished for a ranch of her own. What she got was a long, tall groom! But that didn't mean Tally didn't want sexy Jed Whitmore. She'd been secretly longing for him ever since prom night! She just never thought she had a chance with the baddest, richest bachelor in Harmony, Nevada. Until she married him.... Jed and Tally hadn't married for love--they both wanted more out of life than that. So what exactly was that look he saw in his new wife's eyes? Jed didn't know. He only wished his heart would stop thundering every time he kissed his bride....

Grantville Gazette Volume I

by Eric Flint

Grantville, formerly in West Virginia in the 20th century, now in Germany in the 17th century, is the most unusual town in the world and probably in any century. The mysterious cosmic phenomena which the former West Virginians call the "Ring of Fire" hurled the town back through time into the middle of the Thirty Years War. In spite of their advanced technology, the men and women of Grantville are greatly outnumbered and must deal carefully with the squabbling local tyrants, but they have no shortage of American courage and ingenuity. Eric Flint, a bright new star of science fiction and creator of the Ring of Fire universe, now presents a book of new fiction about the heroes of Grantville, as well as articles examining the problems of maintaining 20th century technology in the 17th century. (Can you make penicillin from bread mold? To conserve your limited supply of gasoline, can you use literal horsepower to run a dynamo? Can you make a radio using 17th century glassware and metallurgy?) The Grantville Gazette is a fascinating exercise in alternate history and imagination and will be a must-buy for everyone who read 1632 and 1633.

Grantville Gazette Volume II

by Eric Flint

FROM THE BACK COVER: Return to Grantville, the American town lost in time. A mysterious cosmic force, the "Ring of Fire", has hurled the town of Grantville from 20th century West Virginia back to 17th century Europe, and into the heart of the Thirty Years War. With their seemingly, magical technology, and their radical ideas of freedom and justice, the time lost West Virginians have allied with Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, to form the Confederated Principalities of Europe, changing the course of history, and making very powerful and dangerous enemies.

Grape Expectations

by Tamar Myers

Magdalena is a suspect in the murder of the new competition. Can she solve the mystery before it is official? A new Pennsylvania Dutch mystery

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