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The Danger of Desire

by Elizabeth Essex

An Unlikely Partnership and an Uncontrollable Desire . . . Naval Captain Hugh McAlden is accustomed to taking on deadly, high-stakes assignments-and being rewarded handsomely for his success at them. But to accomplish his latest mission, he'll need someone more inconspicuous among his own ranks. Someone like the larcenous beauty who just relieved him of his pocket watch under his very nose . . . Meggs Tanner's livelihood-as one of London's stealthiest thieves-depends on her remaining un-tethered and unnoticed. But when she is caught by an icy-eyed Scottish officer with an unusual proposition, she sees a chance to escape her life of crime forever. Ever wary, she accepts the job even as she plots her exit strategy, ready to cut and run at a moment's notice. But as Meggs and Hugh come nearer to the danger of their shared mission, thoughts of betrayal and distrust begin to dissolve...overshadowed by a passion worth any risk . . . Praise for The Pursuit of Pleasure'Intrigue, sensuality and romance collide. '- Jenna Petersen'Elegant, evocative, and absolutely dangerous to a good night's sleep. '- Courtney Milan

Danger On Midnight River

by Gary Paulsen

Slow learner Daniel Martin escapes peer teasing by spending most of his time outdoors. When a van crash plunges him and a gang of bullies into the river, Daniel must choose between saving himself and risking his life to save the others.

Danger on Parade

by Carolyn Keene

Nancy and Bess are thrilled when they get invited behind the scenes of the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York--until Nancy learns of a plot to sabotage the entire event!

Danger on Peaks

by Gary Snyder

We are proud to continue our project of publishing Deluxe Audio Editions of the poems of Gary Snyder, read by him. When first published in 2004, it was the poet's first new collection of poems in twenty years. Perhaps his most personal, autobiographical collection, it begins with the young poet ascending Mt. St. Helens in 1945, a climb accidentally timed with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He was 15 years old. Almost sixty years later, after the great Buddhas at Bamiyan Valley were bombed and with the victims of the World Trade Center also "turned to dust," the poet composed a prayer while at Short Grass Temple in Senso-ji, a pilgrim on the path of Kannon, Goddess of Mercy.This remarkable collection was greeted with broad praise, and as Julia Martin proclaimed, "Moving between relative and absolute ways of seeing, [Snyder] responds to the experience of global conflict and personal pain by reminding readers of the continuity of wildness, affirming the value of art, and invoking an ancient practice of wisdom and compassion."

Danger On The Railroad (The American Adventure #21)

by Susan Martins Miller

There's danger on the railroad. Charles Fisk likes to run risks with the trains on the railroad tracks outside Cincinnati. But when his sister Tina accidentally discovers that a friend's family is involved in the Underground Railroad, the two Fisks run into more trouble than either one had bargained for. When they see an escaping slave being followed by a slave catcher. Tina and Charles know they must help. But what can they do without raising the slave catcher's suspicions?

Danger on the Air (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #95)

by Franklin W. Dixon

Frank and Joe must catch a villain calling himself the Masked Marauder before he blows up a television station.

Danger on the Flying Trapeze

by Dave Jackson Neta Jackson

A Trailblazer Book. Casey convinces his family to join the circus but a terrifying accident leaves him paralyzed with fear. Through D. L. Moody, he learns that faith in Christ brings true courage.

Danger on the Great Lakes

by Carolyn Keene

THERE'S MORE EXCITEMENT ON THIS CRUISE SHIP THAN NANCY BARGAINED FOR! Nancy, Bess, and George are going on a cruise around the Great Lakes for a fantastic end-of-summer vacation! As soon as the girls set foot on the ship, though, they smell something fishy. Their new friend Amber is upset because her boyfriend, Craig, is neglecting her. After a little investigating on her friend's behalf, Nancy learns that Craig is really a detective. He's been busy hunting for a mastermind diamond thief who may well be on the ship. And it turns out Craig can use some help. Soon Nancy's hunting for clues on land and offshore. Where there's stolen diamonds, though, there's danger -- and Nancy and her friends are soon caught in the thick of it. Will Nancy be able to crack this case before her ship is sunk?

Danger on the Mountain

by Lynette Eason

After making a new life for herself and her infant daughter in Rose Mountain, widow Maggie Bennett thought they were safe. Getting caught in the middle of a bank robbery changes everything-and introduces her to policeman Reese Kirkpatrick. He seems to be everything her abusive late husband wasn't...just the man she needs to help her through the growing list of sinister occurrences. But Reese has his own baggage-and when a shocking betrayal puts Maggie at risk, Reese must decide if protecting his heart is worth losing a chance at love.

The Danger Quotient

by Annabel Johnson Edgar Johnson

Casey is an 18 year-old super-genius living in a small underground colony built after the earth's atmosphere was destroyed by nuclear war. The survivors of the colony are dwindling, mysteriously dying, and according to lifespan evaluations Casey will not survive to be 19. Another super-genius left Casey a recorded message as she was dying - she tells him that he must finish the time machine that she started to build, that he must go back to the past. The life of everyone in their complex depends on his doing this, although she doesn't have time to tell him why. Casey finishes the machine and makes several trips back in time where he becomes involved in the fate of one family as he visits members of three generations. He follows clues, trying to figure out where - or when - he is supposed to go, and just what it is he is supposed to do. When he finally does figure out the purpose behind his time traveling - to quote the book, it's "Like the one twist of string that unravels a whole ball into your lap..."

Danger Time (Give Yourself Goosebumps #41)

by R. L. Stine

A new, cool store at the mall, called It's About Time, is filled with all sorts of clocks, and a mysterious storekeeper named Chronos. He's a wizard who needs the reader's help in defusing a "time" bomb that will stop time forever if it explodes. Readers can choose from 20 spooky endings.

Danger to Self: On the Front Line with an ER Psychiatrist

by Paul R. Linde

The psychiatric emergency room, fast-paced as a combat zone with pressure to match, thrusts its medical providers into the outland of human experience where they must respond rapidly and decisively in spite of uncertainty and, very often, danger.

Danger: Truth at Work

by Osho Osho International Foundation

Danger: Truth at Work goes to the heart of our most fundamental human issues. Why can't we just live happily and be content? While we seem to have all the knowledge we need to solve our problems, we haven't. In this timely book, Osho explains that religious conditioning has held us back. Each chapter covers a different aspect of this conditioning, and, in gentle but persuasive language, shows readers how to transcend it. Individual chapters cover such subjects as The Nuclear Family: The Imminent Meltdown; Pseudo-Religion: The Stick-on Soul; They Say Believe, I Say Explore; and Ecstasy Is Now: Why Wait? and others. The enclosed DVD gives a firsthand experience of the process of spiritual renewal, which Osho calls a "dry cleaning of the mind." While Osho passed away in 1990, he left a rich legacy of video recordings that form the basis of this important book and video.

Danger: Twins at Work! (Sweet Valley Kids #76)

by Francine Pascal

In the words of 7-year-old Elizabeth Wakefield... My twin sister, Jessica, and I get to spend the day with our mom. She works in a big, fancy department store! I'm going to work hard. So is Jessica...I think. We can't get into too much trouble when Mom's around. Can we?

Danger (Undercover Girl #4)

by Christine Harris

Jesse Sharpe, child prodigy and secret agent, must find a bomb in a crowded railway station... before the unthinkable happens. Time is running out. Thousands of people could die, and Jesse is the only one who can save them. But the situation is even more deadly than Jesse realizes...

The Danger Within

by Valerie Hansen

TO: AL_CRANE@CSSENTINEL. ORGFROM: COLLEEN_MONTGOMERY@CSSENTINEL. ORGBoss, My reporter's nose smells a story brewing at the Double V Ranch. Word is that rancher Michael Vance has already lost several cows to a mystery ailment. This isn't the first odd thing to happen there, either --Michael's old foreman disappeared out of the blue, and his new one, Hector Delgato, is cagey. He bears watching. Meanwhile, Michael hired newcomer Layla Dixon as the housekeeper/vet while his injured housekeeper recovers, and the bohemian beauty is nothing like meat-and-potatoes Michael. I think romance might be in the air, but there is also something sinister starting up in Colorado Springs. . . .

Danger! Wizard at Work (Dragon Slayers' Academy #11)

by Kate Mcmullan

When Wiglaf and his pals from Dragon Slayers' Academy meet up with the wizard Zelnoc, all they ask is for is a little magic to help them get through the Dark Forest fast. But unfortunately, Zelnoc's spells always end with an "Oops! Sorry about that!" So, yes, the boys are able to travel much faster now... but that's because they have wings, can fly, and have been turned into dragons! And they become the newest students at Dragon Slackers' Academy, a school that teaches knight-slaying! This funny turnabout in which the kids from DSA suddenly see life from a dragon's point of view makes a wonderful addition to this popular series!

Danger Zone

by David Klass

When he joins a predominantly black "Teen Dream Team" that will be representing the United States in an international basketball tournament in Rome, Jimmy Doyle makes some unexpected discoveries about prejudice, racism, and politics.

Danger Zone

by Michele Martin Bossley

Jason loves playing for his Calgary hockey team, but everything changes when he accidentally checks an opposing player from behind. The player hits the boards hard and is seriously hurt, and Jason faces suspension from the league. Against tough odds, Jason must find a way to prove himself -- to his family, his friends, his teacher and to his team. Powerful and entertaining, Danger Zone follows the struggle of an underdog -- both on and off the ice.

Danger Zones

by Sally Beauman

Sex, drugs, and deadly secrets collide in this enthralling novel of passion and suspense--the second in Sally Beauman's addictive trilogy of thrillersAfter a wild night of partying, one teenage girl is dead and another has vanished. Dashing journalist Rowland McGuire thinks he knows who the culprit is, but his colleague Lindsay Drummond uncovers a connection that blows the case into something much bigger. With an innocent life on the line and an enraged killer on the loose, a love affair blossoms and a menacing plot unravels.Master storyteller Sally Beauman delivers a gripping and seductive novel in which no secret is safe . . . and the human heart can be the most dangerous place of all.


by Nora Roberts

Contains Risky Business; Storm Warning; The Welcoming

Dangerous. . .

by Tori Carrington

She'd be the death of him. . . When undercover FBI agent Lucas Paretti agreed to infiltrate the mafia, revenge was the only thing on his mind. So he never dreamed he'd come face-to-face, lip-to-lip, body-to-body with his first love, Gia Trainello. Years ago he'd fallen hopelessly in love with sexy Gia. But before they could plan a future, the situation got hot and Lucas had to run, leaving her behind. It was the hardest thing he'd ever done. Until now. . . Because Lucas still wants Gia -- madly, frantically. . . recklessly. And the scorching sex between them has only improved with age. It could have been so good. . . If only Gia wasn't the new Lady Boss of the crime family Lucas has vowed to bring down. . .


by Diana Palmer

Tall, lean and headstrong, FBI agent Kilraven lives by his own rules. And one of those rules includes keeping his hands off Jacobsville's resident sweetheart, Winnie Sinclair, no matter the temptation. Shy and innocent, Winnie couldn't handle a man like him-a merciless man with a haunted past. And this small town may hold not only the woman he fights to resist, but the answers to a cold case that is very personal to Kilraven....Winnie has had her own share of sorrow, and senses Kilraven's pain. Even though she tries to deny it, the gentle 911 operator feels a connection with the darkly handsome agent. As they combine forces in a dangerous investigation, the stakes rise ever higher. Winnie's life is on the line, and she'll need Kilraven more than ever. But if they are to have a future together, her ruthless Texan will need to confront his past and risk it all for their love.


by Millie Criswell

"She'd Never Forget." Hannah Louise Barkley had no intention of seeing Travis Bodine when she came back to Misery, Texas. Five years before, he had demanded she choose between her legal career and their love. Her answer had been to walk away, never forgetting the pain -- or the pleasure -- of his touch.<P>"He'd Never Forgive." Attorney Travis Bodine was in torment. His older brother Rafe was about to go on trial for murder, and Hannah was back in Misery. If anybody could save Rafe, it was Hannah. But the very thought of her made him burn with anger as hot as his passion. No desire had ever been more. "Defiant."<P>Hannah is willing to be Travis's partner -- at law. Soon they're clashing over a risky plan to clear Rafe's name. Now they must learn some fast lessons in love. For a good man's future is at stake -- not to mention their own last chance for happiness.<P>"No one blends home-spun humor, multidimensional characters, and sensuous fantasy like Millie Criswell! Her pen is skillful and sure, proving she's one of the best in the Western romance genre!" LITERARY TIMES.


by Jacquelyn Frank

"Jacquelyn Frank knows how to write an intense, rip-roaring good read " --Cathy Maxwell A body that won't quitClothes that are barely thereEyes that openly invite him to take what he wants Devon Candler is nothing like the helpless, vulnerable woman Liam expected when he agreed to provide security for her secluded Catskill Mountain estate. Yet her life is at risk. Her enemies monsters. Her secrets devastating. Liam Nash is a trained killer who takes no prisoners, fears no man. But to him this woman is seductively, devastatingly. . . Dangerous Praise for the novels of Jacquelyn Frank "Richly imagined. . . intense. . . erotic. " --"Publishers Weekly" (starred review) "Spicy. . . fascinating. . . fully charged. " --"Library Journal"102,000 Words

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