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Reteaching and Practice Workbook (Grade 1)

by Pearson Education

Offers math practice lessons to improve on what students have already learned.

Rethink HIV: Smarter Ways to Invest in Ending HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa

by Bjørn Lomborg

Thirty years after the identification of the disease that became known as AIDS, humanitarian organizations warn that the fight against HIV/AIDS has slowed, amid a funding shortfall and donor fatigue. In this book, Bjørn Lomborg brings together research by world-class specialist authors, a foreword by UNAIDS founding director Peter Piot and perspectives from Nobel Laureates and African civil society leaders to identify the most effective ways to tackle the pandemic across sub-Saharan Africa. There remains an alarming lack of high-quality data evaluating responses to HIV. We still know too little about what works, where and how to replicate our successes. This book offers the first comprehensive attempt by teams of authors to analyze HIV/AIDS policy choices using cost-benefit analysis, across six major topics. This approach provides a provocative fresh look at the best ways to scale up the fight against this killer epidemic.

Rethinking Michigan Indian History

by Patrick Russell Lebeau

Rethinking Michigan Indian History is a teaching tool that honors the Chippewa, Ottawa, and Potawatomi and the twelve federally recognized tribes of Michigan by recognizing their role and place in Michigan history-- exploring what most people know (or do not know) about them. Each lesson includes a background narrative, a set of hands-on, tactile activities, and provides easily understood and visual resources. Rethinking Michigan Indian History explores large issues of Indian stereotypes, the narrow focus on "great" Indian men, the lack of knowledge about treaties and treaty rights, and the role of maps to mislead or distort thinking about how history unfolds and the complexities of land ownership. The lesson exploring Indian stereotypes identifies their existence not only in U.S. consumer culture but also in K-12 classrooms. The goal, however, is not to rebuke the consumer for having bought Big Chief Sugar or the teacher for having young students construct one-dimensional canoes, paddles and Indians out of paper and glue but to use those activities as a demonstration of what most people know about Indians. From this point, a foundation of facts can begin to replace stereotypes in the learning process. Demonstrating further how popular influences can control knowledge, the lesson on "great" Indian men shows how the popular preference for biographies of famous Indian warriors, like Pontiac and Tecumseh or individual women, like Pocahontas and Sacagawea, narrows an understanding of Indians to symbolic representations and issues and ignores their ongoing culture. The lesson on Indian treaties and maps explains and visually shows the reason the Chippewa, Ottawa, and Potawatomi lived in Michigan in 1760 and live in Michigan today in roughly the same places. Treaties are explored in a manner understandable to fourth graders through adults.

Rethinking the East Asian Miracle

by Joseph Stiglitz Hashid Yusus

Articles analyzing the progress of East Asia.

Rethinking the Future

by Rowan Gibson Michael Porter Stephen Covey C K Prahalad Charles Handy

The world's foremost business thinkers look at how organizations can be redesigned to survive and thrive in tomorrow's hypercompetitive global environment, giving readers a framework for understanding the big picture. Essential reading for anyone concerned with business success beyond the next quarter, Rethinking the Future gives a panoramic perspective in an accessible context.

Rethinking the Wineskin: The Practice of the New Testament Church

by Frank Viola

Frank Viola's Rethinking the Wineskin is part of a long, distinguished line of expositions portraying the way of life that characterized the New Testament church and its effect on us today.


by Keith Laumer

This novel and collection of stories have previously appeared in parts in "Envoy to New Worlds, Galactic Diplomat, " and "Retief's War. " Exploring the origins of the Corps Diplomatique, the background of Retief is told for the first time.

Retire Early? Make the SMART Choices

by Steven A. Silbiger

Are You Considering Early Retirement? Do You Know Someone Who Is Considering This Momentous Decision? With Retire Early? Make the SMART Choices, Steven Silbiger, CPA, offers a short guide to the big issues of retirement planning--packed on every page with detailed, step-by-step advice. Choosing when to retire is one of the most important--and overlooked--decisions we will make about our lives. Silbiger, author of The Ten-Day MBA, has written the first guide that untangles the complicated issues surrounding early retirement, based on careful research about the money pitfalls retirees and near-retirees face. He delivers an understandable roadmap that demystifies the confusion about Social Security benefits, and clarifies the choices for anyone considering when and how to retire. Are you thinking about getting the early Social Security check? It can be tempting, but for many this can be a foolhardy decision. For others, it makes perfect sense. Making the smart choice about when to retire can make a $100,000 difference for an individual and $200,000 for a couple.Silbiger guides readers through the key variables that affect the decision to elect early Social Security retirement benefits: What are your early benefits and penalties? How's your health?Are you married? Are you planning on working while retired? What are your cash needs during retirement? By getting a grip on how to manage our investments, cash flow, and real estate, Silbiger shows how we can put thousands of dollars more into our pockets every year. He addresses vital questions about money and retirement that include: Tapping your nest egg for retirement--how to make ends meet? Which retirement investments are for you? Are you prepared to fend off scam artists? Through it all, you'll meet everyday people who have faced the early retirement question and learned how to make the smart choices. Silbiger provides the tools, worksheets, and assessments to avoid costly mistakes, take charge of your financial future, and choose the path to a secure, happy retirement, happy retirement.

Retire with a Mission

by Richard G. Wendel

YOUR PLAN FOR A HEALTHY, HAPPY, AND MEANINGFUL RETIREMENT. Retirement is not an ending: It's the beginning of an entirely new phase of life, one that requires new activities, renewed relationships, and, most important, a way to find value and worth without going to work every day. Saving tons of money does not guarantee a happy retirement - you also need to know how you want to live the rest of your life. Writing a mission statement can help you craft an action plan for spending your time and money in the most fulfilling and joyful ways possible.

Retirement: Different by Design

by Rick Steiner

Transforming Retirement One Building Block at a TimeRetirement is more than the absence of work--it's a different way of life requiring new vision, new purpose, and new life perspectives. You see, retirement is too important to leave to luck or circumstance; we have to plan and make them happen--our way.Retirement: Different By Design, your bridge to the "other side of work," presents two dynamic and innovative templates for moving seamlessly into retirement and beyond--"Retirement's Ages and Stages" and "Retirement's Six Fundamental Building Blocks." Providing practical strategies and answers, not more questions, each chapter delivers insights, tools, narratives, and models for making retirement the best years of the rest of our lives. And, it's not always about the money.Indeed, we all can live socially rich, emotionally balanced, intellectually nourishing, healthful, and physically active retirements no matter the size of our bank accounts--this is the new retirement reality that Retirement: Different By Design offers the soon-to-be and the already retired.RETIREMENT'S SIX FUNDAMENTAL BUILDING BLOCKS* Physical and Emotional Health and Well-Being* Financial Security and Continuity* Life Transition and Acceptance* Intergenerational Life Engagement* Intellectual and Physical Pursuits, Interests, and Activities* Spirituality, Meaning, Family, and LegacyFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

Retirement Heist: How Companies Plunder and Profit from the Nest Eggs of American Workers

by Ellen E. Schultz

It's no secret that hundreds of companies have been slashing pensions and health coverage earned by millions of retirees. Employers blame an aging workforce, stock market losses, and spiraling costs-a perfect storm of external forces that has forced them to take drastic measures. But this so-called retirement crisis is no accident. Award-winning investigative reporter Ellen E. Schultz reveals how large companies and the retirement industry-benefits consultants, insurance companies, and banks-have all played a huge, hidden role in the death spiral of American pensions and benefits. A little over a decade ago, most companies had more than enough set aside to pay the benefits earned by two generations of workers, no matter how long they lived. But by exploiting loopholes, ambiguous regulations, and new accounting rules, companies essentially turned their pension plans into piggy banks, tax shelters, and profit centers. Drawing on original analysis of company data, government filings, confidential memos, and more, Schultz uncovers decades of deception during which employers have exaggerated their retiree burdens while lobbying for government handouts, secretly cutting pensions, tricking employees, and misleading shareholders. She reveals how companies siphon billions of dollars from their pension plans to finance downsizings and sell the assets in merger deals; overstate the burden of rank-and-file retiree obligations to justify benefits cuts while using the savings to inflate executive pay and pensions; hide their growing executive pension liabilities, which at some companies now exceed the liabilities for the regular pension plans; purchase billions of dollars of life insurance on workers and use the policies as informal executive pension funds; preemptively sue retirees after cutting retiree health benefits and use other legal strategies to erode their legal protections. This is a scathing exposé of one of the most critical and least understood crises of our time.

Retiring Wealthy

by Gordon Pape

"If you make a commitment and put together a carefully structured plan, you can indeed be among the few Canadians who will retire genuinely wealthy.<P> Make no mistake. It will require time, effort and, maybe, some sacrifice.<P> But then, what in life that's worthwhile does not?<P> Any time you feel your resolve weakening, think about the ultimate reward. Twenty, thirty, maybe even more years of living the way you want, free and independent. A home by the sea, a trip around the world, time with your family, a second career - all are possible and achievable.<P> It's in your hands now!"

Retold American Classics

by Perfection Learning

The anthology of classic American short stories for reluctant readers in grades 6-12. Includes "The Man Without a Country," The Lottery," "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," and others.

Retold American Classics, Vol. 1

by Kathy Myers Beth Obermiller

This book presents a collection of eight adapted classics. All the colorful, gripping, or comic details of the original stories are here. But longer sentences and paragraphs in the stories have been split up.

Retold: Classic Myths, Volume 1

by PLC Editors Staff

"You see the references everywhere. Look at great artwork like the Venus de Milo. Or classic literature such as James Joyce's Ulysses. Then think about our language, which is filled with words like typhoon and panic. You can even see them in ads for FTD Florist and Atlas moving company. What do all these things, from art to ads, have in common? They're based on Greek and Roman classic myths. We call something classic when it is so well loved that it is saved and passed down to new generations. Classics have been around for a long time, but they're not dusty or out of date. That's because they are brought back to life by each new person who sees and enjoys them."

The Retreat 2: Men After God's Own Heart

by Dijorn Moss

The Four Brothers of God are back! Quincy, Chauncey, Jamal, and Will have become inseparable as a result of last year's men's retreat, but will the very same event that brought them together be the event that drives them apart?Quincy and Karen have come a long way since the affairs that nearly cost their marriage, but will their daughter's sudden departure from school drive their marriage to the brink?Chauncey is determined to find a wife, but his exploration of online dating and the social networks just might lead him astray. Chantel and Jamal have postponed their wedding to enroll in premarital counseling, but as old issues resurface, they are questioning whether they have made the right decision. Finally, Will is fighting desperately to gain custody of his younger brother. Will he be able to save his brother from a toxic environment?Once again these men are at a crossroads and will have to lean on God and each other to survive; but instead, they just might allow pride to drive a wedge between them.

Retreat, Hell! (The Corps, Book 10)

by W. E. B. Griffin

Book 10 of the Corps. Set in 1950 it is the sequel to 'Under Fire' and tells of the continuing search for 'Pic Pickering'.


by Jilliane Hoffman

When an elite prosecutor faces the most lethal predator she's ever encountered, it all comes down to a choice between justice...and retribution Prosecutor C.J. Townsend is a talented state prosecutor in Miami, well-known within law enforcement and judicial circles for her ability to handle even the most horrific cases - without losing her cool. Her experience in prosecuting violent sex-crimes has resulted in her to rise to second-in-command at the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office where she has a reputation for going strictly 'by-the-book'. For the past year, C.J. has been involved in the investigation of a series of shocking murders that have taken place in Miami. When a speeding motorist is pulled over and police discover the mutilated body of a young woman in the trunk of the car, it appears that the case is finally solved. Despite the maelstrom of publicity, she begins to build her court case, piece by careful piece. But C.J. has personal demons that she's never revealed to the world. Now, when she needs to be at the top of her game, a terrible incident from her past is resurfacing. As she battles the evil incarnate in court, she is also fighting the devil inside - struggling to resolve the conflict between the events of her past and her duty and integrity as a prosecuting attorney. On top of everything else, the lead detective on the case is one who has hinted that he has begun to care for her as much as more than just a colleague. And everything is riding on her ability to put this killer behind bars. . !


by Sandra Tatara

George Remington is six months shy of early retirement as chief of police in a small, Midwest town. He and his wife are looking forward to having more time to spend with their grown daughter, a divorced single mother, and their eight-year-old granddaughter. Too bad you don't always get what you want. Annie Johnson is just the crazy old woman who lives down the lane, but Chief Remington has a soft spot for the woman who has the gift of sight. Not everyone believes in Annie's gift, but George knows from experience to take Annie's visions seriously. But this time Annie's visions are personal for George and that's not good at all. There's a stranger in town causing trouble, George's daughter has a new man in her life, and a wicked storm is brewing in the air. Considering all the angles, George thinks back to a case earlier in his career when he played a key role in the apprehension and arrest of a local man who robbed a grocery store and killed the store owner. A few years into his prison sentence, the man's wife died, leaving their ten-year-old son to bounce through the foster care system. Now, years later, George can't help but wonder if that case might be coming back to torment him and his family, but something just isn't right. Is the stranger linked to George's past or simply a man who came upon some bad luck on the road while traveling, as he claims. Either way, Chief Remington knows he has to do something fast or it could cost him those he loves most dearly.


by R. J. Pineiro

They say heroes are made, not born. A year ago, in the sky over Iraq, a hero was forged in the heat of battle when Navy Lt. Kevin Dalton destroyed Saddam Hussein's secret arsenal of nuclear missiles. In R. J. Pineiro's much-anticipated sequel to Ultimatum, Dalton, a hero as great as Stephen Coonts' Jake Grafton or Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, now works for the CIA. As Saddam prepares to strike at the heart of the United States, Dalton finds himself facing the ultimate horror: nuclear weapons on American soil. Acquired from the Russian mafia through an infamous international arms dealer, three warheads of mass destruction are smuggled into the United States. They are Saddam's revenge for his defeats at the hands of America. Reunited with the beautiful Mossad agent Khalela, Dalton must untangle a web of conspiracy that leads from Jersey City Mosques to the back waters of Virginia, from Atlantic City casinos to the bayous of Louisiana. Only he and Khalela can prevent the weapons from reaching their separate targets: New York City, Washington, D.C., and the President's birthplace, a small town called Hope.


by Anderson Harp

"Retribution proves that the scariest story is the true story. Here's the real intelligence operation. " --Brad Meltzer A shattering debut thriller in which an unstoppable force of destruction is about to strike at the heart of America. . . The remote and impenetrable Pakistani mountains have offered refuge to the worst enemies of civilization since the time of Alexander. Now, the world faces a new challenge. Reared from birth to harbor a seething hatred, a lone man is about to unleash a firestorm that will rage for centuries. And the window of opportunity to stop him is shutting much faster than Washington D. C. can hope to deal with. A top lethal operative, Will Parker is embedded within the terrorist's ranks to stop this catastrophic disaster. But with a nuclear core on its way to the U. S. , Parker will go to any lengths to stop a biological terror more lethal than anything the USA--and the world--has ever faced. Retribution--a dire warning of what our future may hold. . . and our end. "Want to see what the military's really like? Harp knows his stuff. " --Brad Meltzer "A stunner. . . reminds me of Tom Clancy at his finest. " --New York Times bestselling author James RollinsPraise for Retribution"I seldom come across a thriller as authentic and well'written as Retribution. Andy Harp brings his considerable military expertise to a global plot that's exciting, timely, and believable. His characters are exceptionally well'drawn and convincing. If you like Tom Clancy's work, you'll love Retribution. Andy Harp is very much his own man, however, and


by Cairo

Retribution: Deep Throat Diva 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Deep Throat Diva, picks up where the novel Big Booty left off. And deception has never been more delicious . . .Pasha Allen is back. And she's on a mission. To uncover the names of her attackers who played a brutal role in her abduction and vicious assault over a year ago, then lure them--one by one, to their demise. As fate would have it, there's someone else who has also been scheming for information about the events leading up to her kidnapping. And, in one night, Pasha's life is suddenly turned upside, refueling her desire for revenge. As a result, unsuspected alliances are formed. New friendships are forged. And Pasha finds herself entangled with someone who may be as ruthless as she is fabulous. Suddenly, as lies unfold and truths are told, Pasha's thirst for payback takes on a dramatic new twist, causing her to weave a dangerous web of seduction--using her greatest assets: her mesmerizing beauty and sexual prowess--to get what she wants, by whatever means necessary. But--before she can take down the cold-blooded man she once loved and his goons--she must first confront the one person who deceived and hurt her the most. And those around her will soon learn that betrayal can cost you everything, including your life . . .

Retribution (Anna Strong Chronicles #5)

by Jeanne C. Stein

With her partner out of town, her family abroad, and her mentor estranged, newly-turned vampire Anna Strong is keeping a low profile. But now young vampires are turning up dead, completely drained of their life force. And though Anna wants to say no when Williams, her former teacher and now leader of a supernatural enforcement squad, asks for her help, she can't. But soon, she'll wish she did.

Retribution: The Battle for Japan, 1944-45

by Max Hastings

Having written Armageddon about the closing year of the Second World War in Europe, veteran British journalist Hastings here turns his attention east for a similar project about the Pacific theater. His integrated military history of the final year of war before Japan's surrender attempts to treat all the campaigns of the Eastern theater of a piece, including such neglected aspects as the Chinese experience and the Russian assault on Manchuria, with the exception of indigenous anti-colonial resistance movements, which were too large a topic to include. Annotation ©2008 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

Retrieving the American Past

by David Mcdaniel

A reader of documents and articles about American history from the voyages of Christopher Columbus to the present day.

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