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Mafia Wipe-Out

by Frank Scarpetta

It was a bloody story. It started out in the streets of New York and it ended up in the Windy City. It almost ended Philip Magellan's life. Almost. But what it did end was a reign of terror that.... But let's not get ahead of ourselves. It began on 52nd Street. You probably read about it. The pictures were on page one of the Daily News.

Mafias on the Move: How Organized Crime Conquers New Territories

by Federico Varese

Organized crime is spreading like a global virus as mobs take advantage of open borders to establish local franchises at will. That at least is the fear, inspired by stories of Russian mobsters in New York, Chinese triads in London, and Italian mafias throughout the West. As Federico Varese explains in this compelling and daring book, the truth is more complicated. Varese has spent years researching mafia groups in Italy, Russia, the United States, and China, and argues that mafiosi often find themselves abroad against their will, rather than through a strategic plan to colonize new territories. Once there, they do not always succeed in establishing themselves. Varese spells out the conditions that lead to their long-term success, namely sudden market expansion that is neither exploited by local rivals nor blocked by authorities. Ultimately the inability of the state to govern economic transformations gives mafias their opportunity. In a series of matched comparisons, Varese charts the attempts of the Calabrese 'Ndrangheta to move to the north of Italy, and shows how the Sicilian mafia expanded to early twentieth-century New York, but failed around the same time to find a niche in Argentina. He explains why the Russian mafia failed to penetrate Rome but succeeded in Hungary. In a pioneering chapter on China, he examines the challenges that triads from Taiwan and Hong Kong find in branching out to the mainland. Based on ground-breaking field work and filled with dramatic stories, this book is both a compelling read and a sober assessment of the risks posed by globalization and immigration for the spread of mafias.

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction: A 30 Year Retrospective

by Edward L. Ferman

Hardcover reprint of the October 1979 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, including: Introduction by Edward K. Ferman; F&SF at 30, essay by Isaac Asimov; Fondly Fahrenheit, by Alfred Bester (SF Hall of Fame story); And Now the News . . . by Theodore Sturgeon; Not With a Bang, by Damon Knight; Flowers for Algernon, by Daniel Keyes (winner, 1960 Hugo Award); A Canticle for Leibowitz, by Walter M. Miller, Jr.; One Ordinary Day, with Peanuts, by Shirley Jackson; The Women Men Don't See, by James Tiptree, Jr.; Born of Man and Woman, by Richard Matheson (nominated, 2001 Retro Hugo); Jeffty Is Five, by Harlan Ellison (winner, 1977 Nebula Award, 1978 Hugo Award, 1978 Locus Poll Award); Ararat, by Zenna Henderson; Sundance, by Robert Silverberg; Dreaming Is a Private Thing, by Isaac Asimov; Poor Little Warrior!, by Brian W. Aldiss; We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, by Philip K. Dick; Selectra Six-Ten, by Avram Davidson; Problems of Creativeness, by Thomas M. Disch; The Quest for Saint Aquin, by Anthony Boucher (SF Hall of Fame story); The Gnurrs Come from the Voodvork Out, by Reginald Bretnor; plus cartoons and poems.

The Magdalen

by Marita Conlon-Mckenna

Esther Doyle is a true child of Connemara. She is a simple girl with a true heart, and the wild and tangled land of the West sings in her bones. But when Esther is betrayed by her lover and left unmarried and pregnant, the sea and sky are both lost to her. She is sent by her shamed family to the Holy Saints Convent in Dublin, where, trapped behind its high granite walls, she works in the infamous Magdalen laundry while she waits tor the birth of her baby. At the mercy of the nuns, and working mostly in silence, Esther spends her days in the steamy laundry. It is a grim existence, but Esther has no choice; the convent is her only refuge, and the orphanage next door will provide food and shelter for her newborn child. Despite the harsh realities of her life, Esther gains the support of this isolated colony of women. Learning through the experiences and mistakes of the other "Maggies," Esther begins to realize her strengths and her determination to survive. It will take every ounce of her courage to realize her dream of a new life for her child and herself, beyond the grey walls of the Holy Saints Convent.

The Magdalen Martyrs

by Ken Bruen

FROM THE PUBLISHER Jack Taylor is walking the delicate edge of a sobriety he doesn't trust when his phone rings. He's in debt to a Galway tough named Bill Cassell, what the locals call a "hard man." Bill did Jack a big favor a while back; the trouble is, he never lets a favor go unreturned. Jack is amazed when Cassell simply asks him to track down a woman, now either dead or very old, who long ago helped his mother escape from the notorious Magdalen laundry, where young wayward girls were imprisoned and abused. Jack doesn't like the odds of finding the woman, but counts himself lucky that the task is at least on the right side of the law. Until he spends a few days spinning his wheels and is dragged in front of Cassell for a quick reminder of his priorites. Bill's goons do a little spinning of their own, playing a game of Russian roulette a little too close to the back of Jack's head. It's only blind luck and the mercy of a god he no longer trusts that land Jack back on the street rather than face down in a cellar with a bullet in his skull. He's got one chance to stay alive: find this woman. Unfortunately, he can't escape his own curiosity, and an unnerving hunch quickly turns into a solid fact: just who Jack's looking for, and why, aren't nearly what they seem. The Magdalen Martyrs, the third Galway-set novel by Edgar, Barry, and Macavity finalist and Shamus Award-winner Ken Bruen, is a gripping, dazzling story that takes the Jack Taylor series to explosive new heights of suspense.

The Magdalene Cipher

by Jim Hougan

From the shadows of history -- out of the ancient prophecies and sacred texts -- comes a conspiracy so vast, so deep, so earth-shattering that the CIA itself is merely a cover for it. The ritualistic slaughter of a college professor right under the nose of CIA agent Jack Dunphy has damned the disgraced operative to a living hell of paper-pushing obscurity. But Dunphy's not ready to surrender his career until he uncovers the truth behind his demotion -- embarking on a covert investigation that's leading him into a world he never dreamed existed. And following a twisted trail of lies, Jack's about to become ensnared in a monstrous international web spun by a secret society as old as civilization. Escape is impossible -- because the players are too powerful, the consequences are too deadly . . . and what's at stake is no less than the destiny of the human race.

The Magdalene Scrolls: A Tale of Obsession

by Barbara Wood

When the first of the Magdalene Scrolls arrives, Professor Ben Messer is puzzled, intrigued, excited. What scholar of ancient languages wouldn't be, when he held in his hands something even more astonishing than the Dead Sea Scrolls -- a scroll just discovered to contain the life story and last confession of a man who had lived in Jerusalem just after the death of Christ. By the time the second scroll arrives, Ben's interest has begun to be more than professional. For it seems that David, the writer of the ancient scrolls, is in many ways like Ben -- and he seems to be speaking directly to Ben, across nearly 2,000 years of history. Before long, the terrifying transformation has begun, and there can be no turning back ....

The Mage

by Jean Johnson

Eight brothers, born in four sets of twins, two years apart to the day--they fulfill the Curse of Eight Prophecy. Though no longer trapped in exile, their growing family faces new problems. The worst of those troubles now fall upon the last of the Sons of Destiny...Hope, Morganen's foretold bride, has finally arrived. But she hasn't been entirely truthful about herself, and the consequences will stretch farther than even she anticipates. Just as Morg gets used to Hope's revelation, new enemies arrive on the Isle, seeking to steal away the brothers' chance at creating a new nation. During their attack, an old foe resurfaces and strikes amid the confusion, kidnapping the final bride-to-be.Either Morg will rescue Hope and help his family complete the Prophecies of the Seer Draganna and the last Duchess of Nightfall, carving a new kingdom in the process...or their enemies will be free to slaughter them all...

The Mage in Black (Sabina Kane #2)

by Jaye Wells

Sabina Kane doesn't have the best track record when it comes to family. After all, her own grandmother, the leader of the vampire race, just tried to kill her. When she arrives in New York to meet the mage side of her family, the reunion takes the fun out of dysfunctional. On top of that, the Hekate Council wants to use her as a pawn in the brewing war against the vampires. Her mission will take her into the bowels of New York's Black Light district, entangles her in mage politics, and challenges her beliefs about the race she was raised to distrust. And Sabina thought vampires were blood thirsty.

The Mage in the Iron Mask (Forgotten Realms: Nobles #4)

by Brian M. Thomsen

Mulmaster, nicknamed the "City of Danger," is the next stop on Volothamp Geddarm's research trip for his upcoming Guide to the Monsoon, and maybe his final resting place when the bailing out of a friend from the Mulmaster prison embroils Volo in a sinister plot that threatens the tenuous political stability of all Faerun.

Mage Knight 1: Rebel Thunder

by Bill Mccay

Atlantis- a floating city five hundred feet in the air- is suspended by the force of the magical Magestone. But its power comes at a price. The precious gems must be strip-mined from the earth by human and Dwarven slaves under the ruthless command of Atlantean overseers. Sarah Ythlim, head of the Black Powder Rebels, is a woman with only one thing on her mind: the destruction of the Atlantean Empire. In secret, she plots with her cohorts to introduce a new weapon to the fight: gunpowder. Blaize is an elite Guardsman who lives to serve the Atlantean government. When his superiors discover that a rebel group plans to attack the empire, Blaize is ordered to act as a spy. But during his covert assignment, Blaize discovers that the lines between good and evil are often blurred. Now he must decide where his allegiances lie.

Mage of Clouds (The Cloudmages #2)

by S. L. Farrell

The Cloudmages fantasy saga continues... DAW continues the "vividly depicted" (Publishers Weekly) epic series that began with Holder of Lightning. Mage of Clouds: The Cloudmages #2 opens 17 years after the end of Holder of Lightning. Jenna MacEagan has been Banrión since the end of the devastating war with the other Tuatha, and an uneasy peace has held. But now Jenna's daughter Meriel is about to become a pawn in their enemy's bid for power.

The Mageborn Traitor (Exiles Volume Two)

by Melanie Rawn

The Mage Guardians have survived the war--barely. Now Mage Captal Cailet and her sister Sarra are struggling to rebuild their society--politically, economically, and magically. Yet though defeated, their ancient enemies, the Malerissi, have not been destroyed, and under the leadership of Cailet's and Sarra's sister Glenin, these masters of a darker magic are once again weaving a web with which to entangle the entire world. And even as Cailet's dreams of a restored Mage Hall become a reality, Glenin prepares to strike at the very heart of both her sisters' power.


by Eden Paul Cedar Paul Stefan Zweig

The Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521) is one of the most famous navigators in history - he was the first man to sail from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, and led the first voyage to circumnavigate the globe, although he was killed en route in a battle in the Philippines.In this biography, Zweig brings to life the Age of Discovery by telling the tale of one of the era's most daring adventurers. In typically flowing and elegant prose he takes us on a fascinating journey of discovery ourselves.

Mage's Blood

by David Hair

Most of the time the Moontide Bridge lies deep below the sea, but every 12 years the tides sink and the bridge is revealed, its gates open for trade. The Magi are hell-bent on ruling this new world, and for the last two Moontides they have led armies across the bridge on "crusades of conquest."Now the third Moontide is almost here, and this time the people of the East are ready for a fight...but it is three seemingly ordinary people that will decide the fate of the world.From the Hardcover edition.

The Mage's Daughter

by Lynn Kurland

Lynn Kurland's trilogy of love, intrigue, and fantastic destiny continues as a female mercenary fights for her life, her future, and the one man who can save her... Darkness in the kingdom... Neroche is under assault by a magic that has stripped its king of his powers and unleashed nightmarish creatures in a war of evil in which Morgan of Melksham is fighting for her life. Recovering from a near-fatal attack, Morgan realizes that she must decide between two fates: that of being a simple shieldmaiden or accepting her heritage as an elven princess. If only she could ignore that she was the daughter of the perilous black mage of Ceangail... Magic in the blood... Duty bound to aid his king, Miach of Neroche is torn between what his responsibilities demand and what his heart desires. He is willing to risk his life to rescue Morgan from the darkness that haunts her, but he must do so at the peril of his realm. Forced to choose between love and the burden of his mantle, Miach sets out on his most deadly quest ever.


by Charles Martin

Emotionally gripping sequel to The Dead Don't Dance. Maggie wakes up from a coma and Dylan and her struggle to put their lives back together again. Will their love for each other and Faith in The Lord be enough to carry them through loss and life's hurts and questions?

Maggie a Girl of the Streets

by Stephen Crane

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets is a novella by American author Stephen Crane. It depicts a poor family in a New York neighborhood, whose parents are drunk and abusive. As the children grow up, Maggie attempts to better herself, but is defeated by her desperate surrounds and the poverty of humanity surrounding her.

Maggie Adams, Dancer (Maggie Adams, Dancer #1)

by Karen Strickler Dean

"All my life I've heard Cinderella stories about a nobody stepping into a starring role at a moment's notice. I never dreamed it would happen to me." Maggie Adams lives in a dancer's world--of strained muscles and dirty toe shoes, sacrifices and triumphs, hard work and tough competition. In her world her only friends are dancers--Joyce, who wisely recognizes the limitations of her dancing ability and little Lupe, so afraid of being overweight that she refuses to eat at all. In Maggie's world there is little time for anything but dance, as her family and her boyfriend come to learn. Her mother spoils her, her father isn't convinced of her talent, and her boyfriend can't understand why he doesn't come first in her life. But Maggie--spirited, gifted and determined--will let nothing stand in her way. Before all else, Maggie Adams is a dancer.

Maggie Bean Stays Afloat

by Tricia Rayburn

She was no longer the boring girl who hid in her bedroom eating mounds of chocolate every night. She was the new and improved Maggie Bean, and she was going to do her best to convince Peter Applewood that she was the girl for him. At the end of her tumultuous year, Maggie Bean is a very happy, healthy girl. After months of Pound Patrollers attendance, diet, and tough swim workouts, the scale now reads 146. But Maggie isn't resting on her laurels - she's got a busy summer ahead. Not only is she new and improved, but she's decided now is the right time to tell Peter her true until Maggie becomes so involved, people (Aimee, Arnie and her family) feel neglected. Will Maggie sacrifice old friends for new ones? Will she change what's on the inside as people respond to her changed outside? Can she blend her two worlds together? And will all this tension send her seeking solace in old habits?

Maggie By My Side

by Beverly Butler

When cancer unexpectedly struck down Beverly Butler's guide dog, Una, it hurt to imagine another dog taking her place. Yet it was because of what Una and three other dedicated dogs before her had given her in terms of independence and dignity that made getting a new dog as certain as sunrise. In Maggie By My Side, she tells of the challenges, hazards, and joys of training with Maggie, her fifth guide dog since losing her sight at fourteen. It is also an account of the foibles, quirks, and devotion of the guide dogs who preceded Maggie. Part of the story is poignant--the anguish of Una's death--and part is hilarious--Maggie's introduction to the family cats. In this lively narrative we learn the history of guide dogs, what it takes to become a trainer, how new guide dogs come to be, and share in the vivid firsthand experiences that bring it all to life. This is a Junior Literary Guild selection, chosen as an outstanding book for boys and girls (A Group). Pictures are described.

Maggie (California Diaries #3)

by Ann M. Martin

Maggie has always had the perfect house, the perfect grades, the perfect looks. But now all that is changing.

Maggie Cassidy

by Jack Kerouac

From the bard of the Beat Generation, Jack Kerouac's Maggie Cassidy is an autobiographical novel of young love, published in Penguin Modern Classics. Though publishers stopped Maggie Cassidy's Jack Duluoz and On the Road's Sal Paradise from sharing the same name, Kerouac meant the books to be two parts of the same life. While On the Road made Paradise (and Kerouac) a hero for generations to come of the disaffected and restless, Maggie Cassidy is an affectionate portrait of the teenager that made the man - of friendship and first love growing up in a New England mill town. Duluoz is a high school athletics and football star who meets Maggie Cassidy and begins a devoted, inconstant, tender adolescent love affair. It is one of the most sustained, poetic pieces of Kerouac's 'spontaneous prose'. Jack Kerouac (1922-69) was an American novelist, poet, artist and part of the Beat Generation. His first published novel, The Town and the City, appeared in 1950, but it was On the Road, published in 1957, that made Kerouac famous. Publication of his many other books followed, among them The Subterraneans, Big Sur, and The Dharma Bums. Kerouac died in Florida at the age of forty-seven. If you enjoyed Maggie Cassidy, you might like Kerouac's The Subterraneans and Pic, also available in Penguin Modern Classics. 'A very unique cat - a French Canadian Hinayana Buddhist Beat Catholic savant' Allen Ginsberg

Maggie: Diary One

by Ann M. Martin

Maggie makes everything she does look easy--but there's a high price to pay for perfectionMaggie Blume does everything right. She gets straight A's, is a talented pianist, and was just named the youngest poetry editor of the school's literary magazine, Inner Vistas. She makes the life of a successful thirteen-year-old look easy.For Maggie's father, nothing but perfect will do. Not only is he obsessed with his job as a studio executive, he expects Maggie to have a detailed plan for her life, which unfortunately leaves no room for her true passion: music.Once Maggie's friends learn of her talent, they help her land a spot as the lead singer for Vanish, the band managed by her friend Amalia. Maggie could never share this news with her dad, so when she has to choose between going to his movie opening and the battle of the bands, she takes a huge risk to make sure she's able to do it all--perfectly.This ebook features an illustrated personal history of Ann M. Martin, including rare images from the author's collection.

Maggie: Diary Three (California Diaries #13)

by Ann M. Martin

Maggie's dad is working on a new movie starring teen idol Tyler Kendall, but Maggie's not interested. Stars are just self-absorbed and shallow, she thinks -- until she meets Tyler.

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