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Mary Anne's Book (Baby-Sitters Club Portrait Collection)

by Ann M. Martin

The book contains information about Mary Anne, including what it was like for her growing up without a mother, her fear of performing in public, and how she got to know her grandmother.

Mary Anne's Makeover (Baby-Sitters Club #60)

by Ann M. Martin

Tired of being a plain Jane, Mary Anne gets a chic new haircut and a new wardrobe, and the Baby-sitters' reaction enrages the excited Mary Anne.

Mary Anne's Revenge (Baby-Sitters Club Friends Forever #8)

by Ann M. Martin

Even though Cokie has never been nice to Mary Anne, Mary Anne has always been nice to Cokie. But this time Cokie's gone too far -- and Mary Anne is going for revenge, with a little help from her friends.

Mary Anning and the Sea Dragon

by Jeannine Atkins

The girl who found the first sea reptile fossil Mary Anning loved to scour the shores of Lyme Regis, England, where she was born in 1799, for stone sea lilies and shells. Her father had taught her how to use the tools with which she dug into the sand and scraped at the stones that fell from the cliffs. And he had taught her how to look, to look hard, for "curiosities. " One day, when she was eleven, Mary Anning spotted some markings on a wide, flat stone. She chipped at it with her hammer and chisel until the lines of a tooth emerged--and then those of another tooth. Weeks of persistent effort yielded a face about four feet long. But what creature was this? Her brother called it a sea dragon. Many months later, Mary Anning still had not unearthed what she only then learned was called a fossil. But she found out that her discovery was precious and that the painstaking effort to uncover traces of ancient life was profoundly important.

Mary Anning: Fossil Hunter

by Sally M. Walker

Describes the life of Mary Anning, who discovered many of the best and most complete fossils in nineteenth-century England, yet received little credit for her work.

Mary Chesnut's Diary

by Chesnut Mary Boykin

An unrivalled account of the American Civil War from the Confederate perspective. One of the most compelling personal narratives of the Civil War, Mary Chesnut's Diary was written between 1861 and 1865. As the daughter of a wealthy plantation owner and the wife of an aide to the Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, Chesnut was well acquainted with the Confederacy's prominent players and-from the very first shots in Charleston, South Carolina-diligently recorded her impressions of the conflict's most significant moments. One of the most frequently cited memoirs of the war, Mary Chesnut's Diary captures the urgency and nuance of the period in an epic rich with commentary on race, status, and power within a nation divided. .

Mary Chestnut: A Diary From Dixie

by Isabella D. Martin Myrta Lockett Avary

From the book: Mary Boykin Chesnut was the wife of James Chesnut, Jr., a South Carolina legislator and U.S. senator who served the Confederacy during the war as as a brigadier-general and as an aide to President Jefferson Davis. In her journal, which eventually became A Diary from Dixie, are vivid pictures of the social life that went on uninterruptedly in the midst of the war; of the economic conditions that resulted from blockaded ports; of the way in which the spirits of the Southern people rose and fell with each victory and defeat; and of the momentous events that took place in Charleston, Montgomery, and Richmond. Mary Chesnut wrote her diary from day to day, as the mood or an occasion prompted her to do so. The fortunes of war changed the location of her home almost as frequently as the seasons changed, but she continued her entries wherever she might be. In all these places Mrs. Chesnut was in close touch with men and women who were in the forefront of the social, military, and political life of the South. Those who live in her pages make up a catalogue of the heroes of the Confederacy- President Jefferson Davis, Vice-President Alexander H. Stephens, General Robert E. Lee, General "Stonewall" Jackson, General Pierre G. T. Beauregard, and many others. As her diary constantly shows, Mary Chesnut was a woman of society in the best sense, noted for her personal warmth as well as for her hospitality. She had a love of companionship, great wit, an acute mind, a knowledge of books, and a searching insight into the motives of men and women. In A Diary from Dixie, as perhaps nowhere else in the literature of the Civil War, can be found the Southern spirit of that time expressed in words that are not only charming as literature but genuinely human in their spontaneousness, their delightful frankness. Truly, as her editors claim, Mary Chesnut's words "ring so true that they start echoes."

Mary Church Terrell: Speaking Out for Civil Rights

by Cookie Lommel

Throughout her long life, Mary Church Terrell never let any obstacle block her path. At age 86, she led a successful battle to integrate the restaurants of Washington, D.C. This was one more link in a lifelong chain of fights and firsts for this outspoken African-American woman. Terrell was one of the first black women in the United States to earn a college degree, the first to be appointed to a school board, the first president of the National Association of Colored Women (NACW), and a founder of the NAACP. In a narrative brimming with true stories, author Cookie Lommel introduces readers to the extraordinary activist who helped set a new course for blacks and women in the United States.

Mary Downing Hahn's Haunting Tales

by Mary Downing Hahn

The perfect gift for lovers of ghost stories. Three of Mary Downing Hahn's scariest ghost stories are in this handsome boxed set: Wait Till Helen Comes, All the Lovely Bad Ones, and Deep and Dark and Dangerous.

Mary Downing Hahn's Haunting Tales

by Mary Downing Hahn

The perfect gift for lovers of ghost stories. Three of Mary Downing Hahn's scariest ghost stories are in this compilation: Wait Till Helen Comes, All the Lovely Bad Ones, and Deep and Dark and Dangerous.

Mary Ellis, Student Nurse: A Novel of Nursing (Mary Ellis #2)

by Hope Newell

As Mary Ellis continues into her second year of training for a nursing career, she finds romance with a handsome young black intern.

Mary Higgins Clark & Carol Higgins Clark Ebook Christmas Set

by Mary Higgins Clark Carol Higgins Clark

Now, in one eBook boxed set, a collection of suspenseful and humorous holiday stories by Mary Higgins Clark, America's Queen of Suspense, and her daughter, bestselling mystery writer Carol Higgins Clark. Deck the Halls Three days before Christmas, Regan Reilly, the dynamic young sleuth featured in the novels of Carol Higgins Clark, meets Alvirah Meehan, the famous lottery winner and amateur detective. When a call comes through on Regan's cell phone, telling her that her father and his driver, Rosita Gonzalez, are being held for $1,000,000 ransom, Alvirah insists that Regan allow her to lend a hand in trying to gain their release. While Regan may be a licensed private detective, based in Los Angeles, Alvirah has many valuable contacts among the ranks of New York's law enforcement community -- including the head of the NYPD Major Case Squad, Jack "no relation" Reilly. Further complicating the situation is the fact that Regan's mother, the popular and very successful mystery writer Nora Regan Reilly, was hospitalized only the day before with a badly broken leg. Regan must comfort her while trying to meet the harsh demands of her father's kidnappers -- and their tough deadline. The Christmas Thief The folks who picked a beautiful eighty-foot blue spruce from Stowe, Vermont, to be Rockefeller Center's famous Christmas tree don't have a clue that Packy Noonan, a scam artist just released from prison, hid priceless diamonds in it more than twelve years ago. Anxious to retrieve his loot, Packy breaks parole and heads to Vermont. When he learns that his special tree will be heading to New York City the next morning, he knows he has to act fast. What Packy doesn't know is that Alvirah Meehan, everyone's favorite lottery winner turned amateur sleuth, and Regan Reilly, a savvy young private investigator, are visiting Stowe with their friend Opal, who lost all her lottery winnings in Packy's scam. And just when they're supposed to head home, they learn that the tree is missing . . . and that Opal has disappeared. Dashing Through the Snow In the picturesque village of Branscombe, New Hampshire, the townsfolk are all pitching in to prepare for the first (and many hope annual) Festival of Joy. The night before the festival begins, a group of employees at the local market learn that they have won $160 million in the lottery. One of their co-workers, Duncan, decided at the last minute, on the advice of a pair of crooks masquerading as financial advisers, not to play. Then he goes missing. A second winning lottery ticket was purchased in the next town, but the winner hasn't come forward. Could Duncan have secretly bought it? Alvirah Meehan, the amateur sleuth, and private investigator Regan Reilly -- have arrived in Branscombe for the festival. They are just the people to find out what is amiss. As they dig beneath the surface, they find that life in Branscombe is not as tranquil as it appears. So much for an old-fashioned weekend in the country!

Mary is Missing (Sweet Valley Kids #36)

by Jamie Suzanne Francine Pascal

Mary Wallace, friend of Jessica and Elizabeth, is missing. The twins think she has been kidnapped.

Mary Lou: Creating an Olympic Champion

by John Powers Bela Karolyi Mary Lou Retton

In the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, a nation watched Mary Lou Retton flip, somersault and tumble her way to a gold medal. She became an over-night sensation. But how did she get there? How did this small-girl from a West Virginia mining town get to the Olympics? How did Bela Karolyi, the Romanian coach who trained Nadia Comeneci in Romania and later to train other Olympic champions get the opprotunity to train Retton? In alternating chapters, this tells the story of Mary Lou Retton and how Bela Karolyi became her coach.

Mary Marony and the Chocolate Surprise

by Suzy Kline

Mary decides it's all right to cheat to make sure she wins a special lunch with her favorite teacher, but the results of her dishonesty end up surprising the whole second-grade class.

Mary Marony and the Snake

by Suzy Kline

With the support of her mother and new classmates, Mary sees a speech therapist about her stuttering problem.

Mary Marony Hides Out

by Suzy Kline

Embarrassed about her stuttering, a 2nd grader almost misses a chance to have lunch with her favorite author.

Mary Marony, Mummy Girl

by Suzy Kline

Second-grader Mary Marony wants to be something scary for Halloween so she can get back at Marvin, who makes fun of her stuttering.

Mary, Mary

by Julie Parsons

brilliant and already acclaimed debut by Julie Parsons is a spine-tingling psychological thriller about an intelligent woman-a psychiatrist -who is intent on taking revenge on the sadistic killer who murdered her teenage daughter. Late on a hot Dublin night. Dr. Margaret Mitchell, a widow in her mid-forties, phones the police with a sense of dread and foreboding. Her daughter, Mary, went out with some friends twenty-four hours ago. She has not come home. Two days later, Margaret receives an anonymous phone call. Having worked in an institution for the criminally insane, Margaret is all too familiar with what she hears on the other end of the line and it fills her with terror. A week later an old man walking his dog beside a canal finds the body of Mary Mitchell half-submerged in the water. She has been raped, tortured, and beaten to death. Inspector Michael McLoughlin, who has a reputation as a drinker and a womanizer, is assigned to the case. Although he was once a successful detective, there are now doubts about his stability. McLoughlin is taken with Margaret's beauty and the force of her personality; he becomes obsessed and watches her constantly. The killer, meanwhile, has transferred his desire to damage and kill to Margaret, who finds herself drawn to the man who ruined her life and destroyed her daughter's. Mary, Mary is a heart-stopping, moving, and emotionally satisfying novel from an extraordinary talent. Julie Parsons weaves a gripping portrait of a killer's mind and a mother's need for justice that will keep you reading straight through to the surprising and shocking conclusion.

Mary McLeod Bethune (Black Americans of Achievement--Legacy Edition)

by Malu Halasa

Traces the life and achievements of the black educator who fought bigotry and racial injustice and sought equality for blacks in the areas of education and political rights.

Mary Mehan Awake

by Jennifer Armstrong

In a compelling sequel to the highly praised "The Dreams of Mairhe Mehan", Mairhe, who has now taken the name Mary, leaves Washington, D.C., to take a position as a domestic servant in upstate New York. The Civil War has ended. Mary's brother, Mike, has been killed at Gettysburg, her father has returned home to Ireland, and, after two years of nursing wounded and dying soldiers in the capital's hospitals, Mary is emotionally exhausted and physically defeated. But in her new life on the shores of Lake Ontario, Mary finds renewal and her senses gradually re-awaken. Each of the novel's five sections focuses on a different sense -- as Mary learns to assist explorer and naturalist Jasper Dorsett in photographing birds, she begins to see things with a photographer's eye; as she falls in love with Dorsett's stable hand, a veteran left deaf by the war, she learns to describe the sounds she hears for him; and so forth, through the renewal of smell, taste, and touch. This challenging and poetic young adult novel concludes Mary's story with a mixture of sparkling language, thematic richness, and emotional depth.

Mary Modern

by Camille Deangelis

Lucy Morrigan, a young genetic researcher, lives with her boyfriend, Gray, and an odd collection of tenants in her crumbling family mansion. Surrounded by four generations of clothes, photographs, furniture, and other remnants of past lives, Lucy and Gray's home life is strangely out of touch with the modern world--except for Lucy's high-tech lab in the basement. Frustrated by her unsuccessful attempts to attain motherhood or tenure, Lucy takes drastic measures to achieve both. Using a bloodstained scrap of an apron found in the attic, Lucy successfully clones her grandmother Mary. But rather than conjuring a new baby, Lucy brings to life a twenty-two-year-old Mary, who is confused and disoriented when she finds herself trapped in the strangest sort of de ja vu: alive in a home that is no longer her own, surrounded by reminders of a life she has already lived but doesn't remember. Turns an unflinching eye on the joyous, heartbreaking, and utterly unexpected consequences of human desire.

Mary: A Novel

by Michael Glenny Vladimir Nabokov

"Mary" is a gripping tale of youth, first love, and nostalgia -- Nabokov's first novel. In a Berlin rooming house filled with an assortment of serio-comic Russian émigrés, Lev Ganin, a vigorous young officer poised between his past and his future, relives his first love affair. His memories of Mary are suffused with the freshness of youth and the idyllic ambiance of pre-revolutionary Russia. In stark contrast is the decidedly unappealing boarder living in the room next to Ganin's, who, he discovers, is Mary's husband, temporarily separated from her by the Revolution but expecting her imminent arrival from Russia.

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