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Short Stories: Thinking, Writing, Reading (5th edition)

by Sandra Panman Richard Panman

Short Stories, a textbook for students in grades 7- 9, includes eight captivating stories that are used to help students understand fiction. Each chapter is about one of the elements of literature: setting, characterization, conflict and plot, point of view, and theme. Activities help students to analyze models and write an essay abut each story. The book offers many opportunities for creative expression, including the chance to write an original short story.

The Short Victorious War (Honor Harrington Series, Book 3)

by David Weber

The families who rule the People's Republic of Haven are in trouble. The treasury's empty, the Proles are restless, and civil war is imminent. All they need is a short victorious war...

A Short Walk Around the Pyramids and Through the World of Art

by Philip M. Isaacson

Isaacson introduces art in all its forms: painting, sculpture, folk art, crafts--even cities. He discusses the differences between realism and abstraction, links between tribal art and modern sculpture, use of color by diverse artists, and why everyday objects can be works of art. [This text is listed as an example that meets Common Core Standards in English language arts in grades 6-8 at]

A Short Walk Home

by David Cry J. K. Simmons

A Short Walk Home is a heartfelt and inspirational memoir of a father raising and ultimately losing a child to the neurological disorder adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). Exploring the full extent to which a disease like ALD can shape and affect a life, as both David Cry and his family try to come to grips with the inevitable conclusion to their struggles, A Short Walk Home captures the helplessness and anger that every parent feels at being unable to save their children.Presented in prose both simple and true, A Short Walk Home shows us how to find peace and acceptance--at a time when we need it most. Drawn from the author's personal experience, as well as years of working with individuals and families suffering from ALD, Cry's story is at once both very personal, and very accessible--a story of appreciating what you have, making the most of the time you have left, and finding solace in the face of grief.Contrasting sadness with hope, vulnerability with strength, and frustration with acceptance, A Short Walk Home demonstrates that grief, no matter how great, can give way to a greater understanding.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Shortcut Man

by P. G. Sturges

A smart and entertaining crime series debut set in the underbelly of Los Angeles, with a cast of characters that runs the gamut from saints to sinners. In the City of Angels, not everyone plays by the rules. When people need a problem fixed fast, and discreetly, they call Dick Henry. Henry is known as a "shortcut man," someone who believes that the shortest answer to many problems may not always be legal. As he cuts through the red tape for his clients, who range from an elderly woman ripped off by shady contractors to a landlord with a tenant many months behind on the rent, Henry always gets the job done, no matter what the cost. In Shortcut Man, Henry spends his days hunting down slimy con men and his nights seducing Lynette, an intoxicating, long-legged vixen. But when Henry gets an assignment from porn producer Artie Benjamin, his life suddenly becomes much more complicated. Now Henry must complete the job, avoid being killed, and somehow figure out what to do with Lynette. Filled with dark comedy, whip-smart writing, and a memorable cast of characters, Shortcut Man evokes Chandler and Hammett--hard-boiled crime at its best--and is an exciting beginning to a crackling new series.

The Shortest Way Home

by Juliette Fay

Reminiscent of Jonathan Tropper and Marisa de los Santos, a novel full of humor, heart, and hope about a war-grizzled do-gooder who returns home to a complicated family and romantic life.

Shortie Like Mine (Shortie Like Mine #1)

by Ni-Ni Simone

Seven McKnight has always felt she was the biggest and most developed girl at home, at school and in her all-girl crew. She rarely hangs out with her friends, who are all Beyonce-fly and pick up all the boys. Then her friend's boyfriend Josiah, a gorgeous senior who just happens to be on the school basketball team, asks her to be his maths tutor. And when a rumour gets started that Seven's stolen Josiah from her mate, the drama really kicks off. . .

Shortstop from Tokyo

by Matt Christopher

When the new boy from Tokyo takes over Stogie Crane's position as shortstop, the two boys encounter the first of several barriers to their friendship.

Shostakovitch: The Man and His Work

by Ivan Martynov

Shostakovitch: The Man and His Work is a rich and compelling biography of one of the most famous composers of all time. Author Ivan Martynov brings together extensive research, including interviews and conversations with Shostakovitch himself, to shed light on the man behind the music. This edition was translated from the Russian by T. Guaralsky, and it includes a list of musical works. Ivan Martynov was a Russian musicologist and friend of Dmitri Shostakovitch.

Shot by Shot: A Practical Guide to Filmmaking (3rd Edition)

by Susan Howard John Cantine Brady Lewis

Shot by Shot is an easy-to-follow guide to film-making.

Shot Girl

by Olson Karen E.

New Haven police reporter Annie Seymour has a talent for running into trouble. So it should come as no surprise when her co-worker's bachelorette party at a local club quickly turns into a crime scene. What is surprising is that the dead club manager in the parking lot happens to be Annie's ex-husband-and the bullet shells around his body match the gun she has in her car. . .

The Shot Heard Around the World

by Daniel Rosen

NIMAC-sourced textbook


by Courtney Joyner

A Double-Barreled Avenger Is BornDr. John Bishop thought he'd seen his share of death on the battlefields of America's great Civil War. Then his quiet life was shattered when a gang of outlaws invaded his home, killed his family, and tortured him within an inch of his life. John Bishop's soul may have died that day, but his mangled body lived on. A beautiful Cheyenne named White Fox nursed him back to health--and a gunsmith outfitted him with a special shotgun rig where his left arm used to be. A strap across one shoulder fires it, while the chip on the other fuels his quest for vengeance. Now the man called Shotgun rides deep into the Colorado winter to find and kill the men who murdered everything he once held dear. The hunt will lead him straight to the heart of a fiendish criminal conspiracy--and force him to confront the violent legacy of his own outlaw brother.

Shotgun Baby

by Tara Taylor Quinn

Three dramatic stories that explore the trials and tribulations of parenthood come together in this volume that features themes of single fatherhood, adoption, and longing for a child.

Shotgun Bride

by Leann Harris

SHE WAS A WOMAN IN NEED OF PROTECTION...and Matthew 'Hawk' Hawkins was the only man who could keep pregnant-with-his-child Renee Girourd safe from the hired killer pursuing her. The rugged lawman promised to guard Renee with his life. Trouble was, his best hope to protect his former flame was to marry her....Commitment-wary Hawk had vowed never to let any woman break down the protective walls around his heart. Yet sharing close quarters with Renee had him remembering how natural it had felt to held her in his arms, how much she'd touched his soul. And soon Hawk wondered who posed the most danger to him-the killer or his lovely wife?

Shotgun Bridegroom

by Day Leclaire

The bad boy . . . and the virgin bride. Seven years ago Sam Beaumont intended to elope with Annie Delacorte. Instead he found himself run out of town. Sweet and innocent Annie had a good reason for jilting Sam. Only now Sam is back with the money and power to get what he wants -- Annie. Now a local schoolteacher, and still the local -- albeit reluctant! -- virgin. The whole town wants to protect her good name and ensure that Sam's seduction attempts don't end in the bedroom -- but begin with a wedding!

The Shotgun Rider

by Ray Hogan

After repeated vicious attacks on the stagecoach, and the senseless death of innocent men protecting shipments of gold, Starbuck faced an ugly fact. Someone connected with the stage company in Junction City was working with the outlaws, for the bandits knew too much about the gold and when and where it was being transported. His suspicions were confirmed during a bloody showdown in a saloon brawl, and Starbuck found himself set up as the only man who could save the gold and track down the informer. But things really got hot for Starbuck when the beautiful daughter of the stageline owner testified against him, and he was charged with a murder he did not commit!

Shots on the Bridge

by Ronnie Greene

A harrowing story of blue on black violence, of black lives that seemingly did not matter.On September 4, 2005, six days after Hurricane Katrina's landfall in New Orleans, two groups of people intersected on the Danziger Bridge, a low-rising expanse over the Industrial Canal. One was the police who had stayed behind as Katrina roared near, desperate to maintain control as their city spun into chaos. The other was the residents forced to stay behind with them during the storm and, on that fateful Sunday, searching for the basics of survival: food, medicine, security. They collided that morning in a frenzy of gunfire.When the shooting stopped, a gentle forty-year-old man with the mind of a child lay slumped on the ground, seven bullet wounds in his back, his white shirt turned red. A seventeen-year-old was riddled with gunfire from his heel to his head. A mother's arm was blown off; her daughter's stomach gouged by a bullet. Her husband's head was pierced by shrapnel. Her nephew was shot in the neck, jaw, stomach, and hand. Like all the other victims, he was black--and unarmed.Before the blood had dried on the pavement, the shooters, each a member of the New Orleans Police Department, and their supervisors hatched a cover-up. They planted a gun, invented witnesses, and charged two of their victims with attempted murder. At the NOPD, they were hailed as heroes. Shots on the Bridge explores one of the most dramatic cases of police violence seen in our country in the last decade--the massacre of innocent people, carried out by members of the NOPD, in the brutal, disorderly days following Hurricane Katrina. It reveals the fear that gripped the police of a city slid into anarchy, the circumstances that drove desperate survivors to the bridge, and the horror that erupted when the police opened fire. It carefully unearths the cover-up that nearly buried the truth. And finally, it traces the legal maze that, a decade later, leaves the victims and their loved ones still searching for justice. This is the story of how the people meant to protect and serve citizens can do violence, hide their tracks, and work the legal system as the nation awaits justice.From the Hardcover edition.

Should Have Been Her Child

by Stella Bagwell

FIVE YEARS TOO LATE....She should have been mine, Victoria Ketchum thought as she cradled Jess Hasting's daughter. Instead, Victoria had turned from Jess, and he'd married another. Now a widowed single father, the lean, rugged deputy sheriff could still make her passion rise-but the bitterness of their breakup kept them apart.Until now.Now Jess saw Victoria strictly as his daughter's doctor. And Victoria needed Jess's lawman skills when a body was found on her family's ranch. Yet, working together to care for his sick little girl, and to investigate the murder, made them remember just how good it had been between them.And how good it could still be...

Should Have Known Better

by Grace Octavia

When your dreams come crashing down, what's next? In Essence® bestselling author Grace Octavia's moving new novel, one woman must begin again when betrayal shatters the life she knew. . . Dawn Jones's sorority sisters thought she made a big mistake marrying blue-collar Reginald. But thanks to hard work and belief in each other, Dawn and Reginald left the big city and made their own happiness, complete with a comfortable home and two lively children. Dawn can't wait to show everyone just how perfect her choices were--especially when her mega-successful best friend, Sasha, shows up to visit. But she never expected Sasha would like Reginald so much she'd steal him for herself. . . or that Reginald would see Sasha as a second chance to pursue hopes he never fulfilled. With her perfect life now in shambles, Dawn will do whatever it takes to regain what she's lost. But the road back will mean facing the hardest of truths, even tougher choices--and risking more than she ever imagined to discover what her life could really be. Wonderful . . . holds your attention from beginning to end. --Romantic Times on Something She Can Feel Funny and sexy. --Essence® on Take Her ManOctavia pens a great tale. --The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

Should I Leave Him?

by Carol R. Doss

Stay or go? That's the question millions of women struggle with every year. If you're one of them, you know that most relationships are not all bad, or all good--and that realization can stall the decision-making process. With this book, you receive the empowering advice you need to: Weigh all the pros and cons of your relationship Uncover the real reasons you're in the relationship Decide if these are good enough reasons to stay--or not Fix what's wrong if you decide to stay Prepare an exit strategy if you decide to go Communicate your decision to your partner If you've ever questioned your choice to stay with your partner, this practical guide is for you. Whether you're married and not, you'll benefit from working through your current situation and making that final decision: Should I leave him?

Should I Share My Ice Cream? An Elephant and Piggie Book

by Mo Willems

Gerald is careful. Piggie is not. Piggie cannot help smiling. Gerald can. Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to. Gerald and Piggie are best friends. In Should I Share My Ice Cream? Gerald has a big decision to make. But will he make it in time?

"Shouldn't You Be in School?"

by Lemony Snicket Seth

Is Lemony Snicket a detective or a smoke detector?Do you smell smoke? Young apprentice Lemony Snicket is investigating a case of arson but soon finds himself enveloped in the ever-increasing mystery that haunts the town of Stain'd-by-the-Sea. Who is setting the fires? What secrets are hidden in the Department of Education? Why are so many schoolchildren in danger? Is it all the work of the notorious villain Hangfire? How could you even ask that? What kind of education have you had?Maybe you should be in school?

Should've Been a Cowboy, Cowboy Up

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

SHOULDVE BEEN A COWBOY Tyler OConnelli is a busy career girl, and Alex Keller is a cowboy. They may be worlds apart, but their hot chemistry more than makes up for their differences. They both know this thing between them isnt long-term. Problem is, Alex is one wrangler Tyler might want to tie down--and tie up--indefinitely COWBOY UP Rancher Clay Whitaker is the resident stud expert at the Last Chance Ranch and isnt so keen on "spoiled" city slickers. . . until Emily Sterling arrives. Now hes showing Emily just what a ranch--and a cowboy--has to offer. And luckily for him, its an offer Emily cant refuse. . . .

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