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Meeting a Challenge, Unit 8: Physical Feats

by Wright Group/McGraw-Hill

NIMAC-sourced textbook

A Meeting at Corvallis

by S. M. Stirling

The fabulous Phryne - she of the Lulu bob, Cupid's Bow lips and a pearl-handled pistol in her garter - is back! The 1920s most elegant and irrepressible sleuth returns for her seventeenth adventure. Melbourne, 1929. The year starts off for glamorous private investigator Phryne Fisher with a rather trying heat wave and more mysteries than you could prod a parasol at. Simultaneously investigating the apparent suicide death of a man on St Kilda beach and trying to find a lost, illegitimate child who could be heir to a wealthy old woman's fortune, Phryne needs all her wits about her, particularly when she has to tangle with a group of thoroughly unpleasant Bright Young Things. Phryne Fisher is a force of nature, and takes in her elegant stride what might make others quail, including terrifying séances, ghosts, Kif smokers, the threat of human sacrifices, dubious spirit guides and maps to buried pirate treasure. . .

A Meeting at Corvallis (Emberverse I, Book 3)

by S. M. Stirling

S. M. Stirling's startling vision of the modern world's descent into a medieval age has Midwest Book Review declaring "fans of apocalyptical thrillers like Stephen King's The Stand will find Dies the Fire absolutely riveting," while John Ringo describes The Protector's War as "rousing... a stirring tale." Now the national bestselling author presents the first volley in a conflict that may bring the human race to another Armageddon.... In the tenth year of the Change, the survivors in western Oregon have learned how to live in a world without technology. The city-state of Corvallis has preserved its university, and trade flourishes via riverboats and horse-drawn railways. Under the strong hand of Michael Havel, the Bearkillers hold the lands west of Salem in peace and order. And in the eastern half of the Willamette Valley, the Clan Mackenzie flourishes under the charismatic leadership of Juniper Mackenzie, bard and High Priestess. Together, they have held the Lord Protector, Norman Arminger-the warlord of Portland at bay. With his dark fantasies of a neofeudal empire, Arminger has extended his power over much of the Pacific Northwest, spreading fear with his knights, castles, and holy inquisition. Even more dangerous, and perhaps Arminger's most powerful weapon of all, is the ruthlessly cunning mind of his consort, Lady Sandra. The tensions between these factions have been building for some time, and the only reason they haven't confronted one another on the battlefield is because Arminger's daughter has fallen into Clan Mackenzie's hands. But Lady Sandra has a plan to retrieve her-a plan that threatens to plunge the entire region into open warfare....

Meeting Dr. Johnston

by James Boswell

A novel detailing the meeting between Boswell and Dr. Johnson -- poet, lexicographer, critic, moralist and Great Cham -- a man that he had admired for a long time before they coincidentally met, and their subsequent friendship.

Meeting God at a Dead End

by Ron Mehl

Pastor gives God's hope for dead-end situations.

A Meeting In The Ladies' Room

by Anita Doreen Diggs

In the rarefied world of Manhattan publishing, most of the intrigue takes place in the books. But all that is about to change for respected editor Jacqueline Blue. . . It's not easy being one of the few African Americans in an overwhelmingly white industry. Yet, until now, Jackie's biggest problem has been her unrequited love for Victor Bell, a handsome member of the Black Pack, her weekly professional group. Does Victor prefer tall women? Light-skinned sisters? But then comes the morning her boss is suddenly murdered. It seems that Jackie was the last person to see Annabelle Murray alive--and the circumstances were not pretty. Jackie's fingerprints are all over the crime scene and, to make matters worse, she had sworn not to tell anyone why she was invited to her boss's home in the first place. And just as everything is hitting the fan, Victor asks her out to dinner. Jackie knows that when it rains it pours--but now she's knee-deep in hot water--and bailing herself out will be the toughest challenge she's ever faced. . . "Anita Diggs has displayed the pain, the remorse, the struggles, and ultimately the hopes that everyday people face. A story propelled by 'real' people. . . . simply too hard to resist. " --Donna Hill, Author of If I Could "A fast-paced, compelling story about love and its power to both heal and redeem. " --Kim McLarin, author of Meeting the Waters "A heart-stopping story. . . a dynamic new writer is on the scene!" --Yolanda Joe, author of This Just In and Hit Time

Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time: The Historical Jesus and the Heart of Contemporary Faith

by Marcus J. Borg

A leading biblical scholar's examination shows how today's historical Jesus research, far from being destructive, can lead to an intelligent and sustaining faith.

The Meeting Point

by Austin Clarke

~ ABOUT THE AUTHOR Austin Clarke was born in Barbados, and came to Canada to attend university in 1955. He has had a varied and distinguished career as a broadcaster, civil-rights leader, diplomat, and professor. He has published ten novels, including the Toronto Trilogy (The Meeting Point, Storm of Fortune, and The Bigger Light), The Origin of Waves, winner of The Rogers Communications Writers' Trust Fiction Prize, The Question, a finalist for the Governor General's Award, and, most recently, The Polished Hoe, winner of The Giller Prize. He is also the author of five short-story collections, including When He Was Free and Young and He Used to Wear Silks, When Women Rule, and There Are No Elders; and three memoirs, Growing Up Stupid Under the Union Jack, winner of the 1980 Casa de las Americas Literary Prize of Cuba, A Passage Back Home, and Pig Tails 'n Breadfruit: Rituals of Slave Food. Austin Clarke: A Biography by Stella Algoo-Baksh was published in 1994 and The Austin Clarke Reader, selected writings, in 1996. He is the recipient of numerous honours, including the 1999 W.O. Mitchell Literary Prize, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Achievement Award, and the Order of Canada. Austin Clarke lives in Toronto.

Meeting Rozzy Halfway

by Caroline Leavitt

This is the story of Bess and Rozzy, two sisters as different as opposite sides of a coin, yet each incomplete without the other. It is a beautiful and sensitive story of sibling rivalry and sisterly love, of family relationships and how they work. Rozzy. Darkly beautiful, singularly original-aloof, powerful, and fragile-she is the sun around which her entire family revolves. She is the light of her father's life and the object of her younger sister's adoration. But as Rozzy grows, cracks begin to appear: strangely vivid fantasies, moments of terrifying disorientation, voices. Something is profoundly wrong with Rozzy. And as she becomes increasingly disturbed, the family begins to unravel. Ostensibly, this is Bess's chronicling of Rozzy's life as she drifts in and out of madness. But it is also about her struggle to sort out the forces that shaped this miracle gone wrong and to understand how inextricably her own life has been intertwined with Rozzy's. Bess narrates the tale of the delights and traumas, the jealousies and bonds of their childhood in suburban Boston; of Rozzy's first descent, during the crises of adolescence, into madness; of the adventures of their young adulthood, struggling for independence, experimenting with sex and drugs in Boston during the 1960s. Throughout, Bess is at Rozzy's side, fiercely loyal yet profoundly ambivalent. She is Rozzy's other half: light where Rozzy is dark; quietly creative where Rozzy is wildly original; strong where Rozzy is delicate. When Rozzy falls passionately and obsessively in love, Bess is there too, a necessary partner. It would seem, when Rozzy and the adoring, generous Stewey decide to marry, that Bess would be granted her independence. But as this beautiful and tragic tale of Rozzy's struggle for love and stability unfolds, the strange power she has over those she touches only becomes deeper, more complete, more inevitable.

Meeting the Buddha: On Pilgrimage in Buddhist India

by Molly Emma Aitkin

From E.M. Forster to Peter Matthiessen to Allen Ginsberg, many of the world's most acclaimed writers have traveled to the holy lands of India seeking spiritual enlightenment. Their lyrical and highly personal recollections are compiled here for the first time in one volume, taking readers on a colorful journey to each of the eight Buddhist pilgrimage sites of India.

Meeting the Energy Needs of Future Warriors

by Committee on Soldier Power/Energy Systems

The central characteristic of the evolution of the combat soldier in recent years is an increasingly sophisticated array of sensing, communications, and related electronics for use in battlefield situations. The most critical factor for maintaining this evolution will be the development of power supply systems capable of operating those electronics effectively for missions up to 72 hours long. To address the challenge, it is important that new approaches be sought on how to integrate and power these electronics. To assist in addressing this problem, the Army requested the National Research Council to review the state of the art and to recommend technologies that will support the rapid development of effective power systems for the future warrior. This report presents the results of that review. It provides an assessment of various technology options for different power level requirements, power system design, and soldier energy sinks. The report also describes future design concepts, focusing on low-power systems. Recommendations for technology development and system design are presented.

Meeting the Family: One Man's Journey Through His Human Ancestry

by Donovan Webster

Donovan Webster brings his vivid journalistic gifts to a new subject, tracing our deep genealogy using cutting-edge DNA research to map our eons-old journey from prehistoric Africa into the modern world. With the same genetic haplotype as many white American males, Webster makes an ideal subject-he is a genuine Everyman. While his voice and spirit are unique to him, in exploring his own ancestry, he shows us our own. Drawing on National Geographic's Genographic Project, the largest anthropologic DNA study of its kind, Webster traces centuries of migrations, everywhere finding members of his now far-flung genetic family. In Tanzania's Rift Valley, he hunts with Julius, whose tribe speaks a click language, and wanders the ruins of ancient Mesopotamia with Mohamed and Khalid, now Jordanian citizens. In Samarkand, Uzbekistan, eastern frontier of his ancestral roaming, a circus ringmaster becomes both friend and link to his primal bloodline. Webster's genographic quest leads him to contemplate what traits he shares with those he meets, and considers what they and their ways of life reveal about the deep history of our species. A lifetime of journalistic travels among a wide range of cultures furnish Webster with a wealth of colorful threads to weave into a story as particularly personal as it is universally human.

Meetings with Remarkable Men: Meetings with Remarkable Men Second Series (All and Everything)

by G. I. Gurdjieff

Meetings with Remarkable Men, G. I. Gurdjieff's autobiographical account of his youth and early travels, has become something of a legend since it was first published in 1963.<P><P> This is a book of lives, not doctrines, although readers will long value Gurdjieff's accounts of conversations with sages. Meetings conveys a haunting sense of what it means to live fully--with conscience, with purpose, and with heart. Among the remarkable individuals whom the reader will come to know are Gurdjieff's father (a traditional bard), a Russian prince dedicated to the search for Truth, a Christian missionary who entered a World Brotherhood deep in Asia, and a woman who escaped white slavery to become a trusted member of Gurdjieff's group of fellow seekers. <P>Gurdjieff's account of their attitudes in the face of external challenges and in the search to understand the mysteries of life is the real substance of this classic work.

Meg: Hell's Aquarium

by Steve Alten

The 4th book of Alten's well-received Meg series centers around Angel, the recaptured 76-foot, 100,000-pound Megaldon. She has birthed a litter of pups, five females, who are too numerous and too aggressive to keep in one pen. The action begins when a prince wants to build the largest aquarium in the world and purchase two of the pups. In typical Alten fashion, thrills and chills follow in Hell's Aquarium, sure to be an instant classic for Meg fans.

Meg Mackintosh and the Stage Fright Secret: A Solve-it-yourself Mystery

by Lucinda Landon

In this eighth adventure in the popular Meg Mackintosh Mystery series for young readers, children join Meg at school, where the mystery club is performing a play. During the twists and turns of the play, a real mystery takes place on the stage. Young detective Meg, who is the announcer for the play, must use her powers of observation and deduction to solve such questions as "Why did the lights go out at the wrong time? What happened behind the curtain? Who stole the valuable prop? and "Does the case have something to do with Meg's brother's stage fright? This story features maps, photographs, scrambled codes, and clues hidden in line drawings, inviting even the most intimidated readers to observe the scenes and solve the mystery. An ideal way for teachers to introduce themes of mysteries and theater, this fast-paced suspense story offers a mini-play within the book that can be performed by young readers.

Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror

by Steve Alten

If Michael Crichton and Clive Cussler were to combine their talents to create the ultimate summer read, MEG would be the result--a jaw-dropping and terrifying page-turner of the deep. On a top-secret dive into the Pacific Ocean's deepest canyon, Jonas Taylor found himself face-to-face with the largest and most ferocious predator in the history of the animal kingdom. The sole survivor of the mission, Taylor is haunted by what he's sure he saw but still can't prove exists--Carcharodon megalodon, the massive mother of the great white shark. The average prehistoric Meg weighs in at twenty tons and could tear apart a Tyrannosaurus rex in seconds. Written off as a crackpot suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Taylor refuses to forget the depths that nearly cost him his life. With a Ph.D. in paleontology under his belt, Taylor spends years theorizing, lecturing, and writing about the possibility that Meg still feeds at the deepest levels of the sea. But it takes an old friend in need to get him to return to the water, and a hotshot female submarine pilot to dare him back into a high-tech miniature sub. Diving deeper than he ever has before, Taylor will face terror like he's never imagined, and what he finds could turn the tides bloody red until the end of time. Steve Alten holds a master's degree in sports medicine and has a Ph.D. from Temple University. An avid amateur oceanographer, Alten has been studying Megalodons for over ten years. He lives with his wife and three children in South Florida. MEG is his first novel.


by Sergio F. Vizcaíno Gerry de De Iuliis Sebastián Tambusso Richard A. Fariña

More than 10,000 years ago spectacularly large mammals roamed the pampas and jungles of South America. This book tells the story of these great beasts during and just after the Pleistocene, the geological epoch marked by the great ice ages. Megafauna describes the history and way of life of these animals, their comings and goings, and what befell them at the beginning of the modern era and the arrival of humans. It places these giants within the context of the other mammals then alive, describing their paleobiology--how they walked; how much they weighed; their diets, behavior, biomechanics; and the interactions among them and with their environment. It also tells the stories of the scientists who contributed to our discovery and knowledge of these transcendent creatures and the environment they inhabited. The episode known as the Great American Biotic Interchange, perhaps the most important of all natural history "experiments," is also an important theme of the book, tracing the biotic events of both North and South America that led to the fauna and the ecosystems discussed in this book.


by Marisa Carroll

SISTERS A sister can be a woman's closest friend A golden wedding usually means a family celebration. But the Hardaway sisters drifted apart years ago. And each has her own reason for wanting no part of a family reunion. As plans for the party proceed, tensions mount, until it even begins to look as if their parents' marriage might fall apart before the big event. Can the daughters put aside old hurts and betrayals-for the sake of the family? The story comes full circle in this exciting conclusion to the Sisters trilogy Megan Hardaway Carson had given up hope of ever seeing her son-or her husband, Noah-again. The child was kidnapped by a stranger twelve years ago, and Megan's marriage couldn't withstand the loss. Now a teenager has shown up, looking for the parents he barely remembers. Parents who still love him...and each other. Megan and Noah Carson are given an unexpected chance to resume their marriage. Just in time for the Hardaways' golden anniversary-a celebration of family and enduring love.

Megan Hart: An Erotic Collection Volume 2

by Megan Hart

New York Times bestseller Megan Hart's erotic short stories hit the sweet spot between romantic and rough, brought together for the first time in two scorching collections!In Volume 2, fan the flames couple's unquenchable desire for each other......two warrior brothers competing for a maiden enchanted by lust......the winter storm that ushers in eight days of passion for a woman praying for a miracle......a wager between friends to prove who's the better lover...

Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys

by Kate Brian

When she was nine, Megan Meade met a group of terrible, mean, Popsicle-goo-covered boys, the sons of her father's friend -- the McGowan boys. Now, seven years later, Megan's army doctor parents are shipping off to Korea and Megan is being sent to live with the little monsters, who are older now and quite different than she remembered them. Living in a house with seven boys will give Megan, who has never even been kissed, the perfect opportunity to learn everything there is to know about boys. And she'll send all her notes to her best friend, Tracy, in... Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys Observation #1: Being an army brat sucks. Except that this is definitely a better alternative to moving to Korea. Observation #2: Forget evil, laughing, little monsters. These guys have been touched by the Abercrombie gods. They are a blur of toned, suntanned perfection. Observation #3: I need a lock on my door. STAT. Observation #4: Three words: six-pack abs. Observation #5: Do not even get me started on the state of the bathroom. I'm thinking of calling in a hazmat team. Seriously. Observation #6: These boys know how to make enemies. Big time. Megan Meade will have to juggle a new school, a new family, a new crush -- on the boy next door, as in next bedroom door -- and a new life. Will she survive the McGowan boys?

Megan (Women of Primrose Creek #4)

by Linda Lael Miller

Megan McQuarry returned to Primrose Creek after attempting to become an actress -- and innocently losing both her heart and her beloved land. But instead of the healing homecoming she needs, Megan is met with a shocking revelation that changes everything she believed about her family. Feeling lost and betrayed, she finds herself befriending Webb Stratton, the handsome new owner of her land. Webb can see this lovely lady is in need of refuge, and he could certainly use her help around his ranch. He offers her a position as his housekeeper -- and soon, Megan and Webb find themselves falling head over heels in love. But Webb is haunted by a tragic incident from the past...and when he leaves to confront his own family betrayals, Megan now faces her heart's greatest challenge: trusting that Webb's devotion is truly a promise for a lifetime.

Megan's Mark

by Lora Leigh

In the first book of her erotic new series, Lora Leigh invites you to an intriguing world where genetically altered Breeds and the humans who created them commingle--and sometimes cross the boundaries of desire... Cursed with the extraordinary power to feel other peoples' emotions, Megan Fields has tucked herself away in a remote corner of New Mexico, working as a small-town sheriff's deputy. She finds solace in the silence and heat of the desert. But when Breeds begin dying on her watch, Megan realizes that the secrets from her past can't stay buried forever. Someone is out for blood--her blood. An arrogant Feline Breed, Braden Arness broods with feral intensity. His mission to solve the mysterious murders brings him to Megan, a woman who accosts his senses like no other. Only with him can she let down her guard--and surrender to the insatiable hunger that wracks her body. But as they team up to hunt the elusive killers, Braden and Megan find themselves becoming the prey...

Megan's Mate (The Calhoun Women #5)

by Nora Roberts

The Calhouns had given sister-in-law Megan O'Riley and her young son a new life. All she wanted now was to put her shameful past behind her-so she buried her passions beneath businesslike efficiency and buttoned-up reserve and vowed never, ever, to let her heart lead her astray again. Rugged family friend Nathaniel Fury set his course for Megan the day they first met-and all her resistance could not divert him. But how on earth was he to get past her formidable defenses and teach her to love again? The Calhoun Saga Meet the newest resident at the Towers, the Calhouns' sister-in-law, Megan O'Riley. Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 745

Megatrends 2000

by John Naisbitt Patricia Aburdene

A 1990 book about future trends in the world.

Meggie's Baby

by Cheryl Reavis

That Special Woman! COYOTE, EARTH'S MISCHIEF-MAKER, WAS MEDDLING IN JACK BEGAYE'S MARRIAGE, DAMN HIS HIDE.... Once, rabble-rousing Jack left gentle, blue-eyed Meggie Baron. But it was for her own good! For Jack was Navajo-and trouble, to boot. Yet Meggie's stubbornly returned to the reservation. Bearing a fatherless child. And Jack could fight their love no longer. He made Meggie his bride and Coyote howled with evil glee. For soon Meggie would have to choose: between fulfillment and heartbreak, her beloved husband...and her unborn baby. THAT SPECIAL WOMAN! Between Father Sky and Mother Earth, there was no other female like Meggie.

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