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The Dragon's Child: A Story of Angel Island

by Laurence Yep Kathleen S. Yep

Two-time Newbery Honor author Laurence Yep's poignant novel of one Chinese boy's journey to Angel Island, the Ellis Island of the West Coast, is based on actual conversations between Yep and his father.

The Dragon's Dagger (Spearwielder's Tale, Book 2)

by R. A. Salvatore

Gary Leger is called back to the wars in the land of Faerie with his magical spear, despite having a career and a girlfriend.

Dragon's Daughter

by Catherine Archer

Nobles Were Not To Be TrustedRowena had learned this in childhood when her knightly father had abandoned her. And now Sir Christian Greatham, afire with vows of vengeance, insisted she was heir to a powerful legacy. But she wanted nothing of titles and lands. What her heart desired-yet was forever denied-was Christian!Christian Greatham was determined to restore the daughter of The Dragon to her rightful position. Why else had he risked all to bring Rowena out of the wilds of Scotland? It couldn't be love-for the headstrong beauty was suspicious of all things noble-especially him!

Dragons Deal

by Jody Lynn Nye Robert Asprin

New York Times bestselling author Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye up the ante in the latest tale of dragons in the Big Easy! As head dragon and owner of a successful gambling operation in New Orleans, Griffen McCandles has a lot on his plate. Especially since the Krewe of Fafnir-a society of dragons-has asked him to be the king of their Mardi Gras parade. Being the king is a huge honor, and despite the extra responsibilities, Griffen can't resist the Krewe's offer to lead the biggest party of the year. But not everyone is happy with Griffen's new leadership status. A group of powerful dragons is out to bankrupt his business, from the inside out. And when a young dragon in Griffen's employ is murdered, it becomes clear that certain dragons will stop at nothing to dethrone the new king... View our feature on Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye's Dragons Deal.

The Dragon's Dinner

by Rebecca Motil Liz Callen

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Dragons & Dirigibles

by Cindy Spencer Pape

Book seven of The Gaslight ChroniclesWhen airship engineer Melody McKay's dirigible explodes and plunges her into the yard of a gothic manor, she suspects foul play. With her ankle injured-an indignity far too feminine for her taste-she resolves to crack the mystery while in the care of Victor Arrington, the stuffy-yet-disarming Earl of Blackwell.Ex-Royal Navy Captain Victor runs a tight house and is on a mission to protect his niece and foil a ring of smugglers using fire-breathing metal dragons. He has no time for romantic attachments. Particularly not with women who fall from the sky wearing trousers and pilot's goggles.As he and Melody navigate a treachery so deep it threatens the lives of everyone in Black Heath, the earl becomes unexpectedly attached to his fiery houseguest, and Melody discovers a softness in her heart for him. But when the smugglers strike, there's more at risk than just their future together.48,000 words

Dragons Don't Throw Snowballs (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids #51)

by Debbie Dadey Marcia Thornton Jones

The Bailey School kids investigate to see if a mad scientist can turn a snow sculpture into a real dragon.

Dragon's Dower

by Catherine Archer

Simon Warleigh and his brothers-in-arms had sworn to avenge the murder of their beloved foster father, the Dragon. But upon Simon's return from the Holy Land, the brave knight was falsely accused of treason and stripped of his lands. His only chance to recover his beloved Avington was to marry the daughter of the very man he had vowed to bring to justice!Simon was quickly wed to the beautiful Lady Isabelle, with her mesmerizing violet eyes and a demeanor as cold as the chapel statues. Yet there were glimpses of the fire burning beneath Isabelle's cool exterior. And soon thoughts of revenge turned to thoughts of love as Simon yearned to melt the ice maiden into a woman of flesh and blood.

The Dragons (Dragonlance: Lost Histories #6)

by Douglas Niles

Aurican and Darlantan, mighty serpents of gold and silver, have been nurtured in a world of wisdom, meditation, and sublime faith. On the other side of Ansalon, Crematia, a dragon of red, inherits the Dark Queen's legacy of betrayal, violence, conquest, and plunder. The advent of a worldwide war sweeps these powerful beings and many more into desperate strife. Battles rage over Krynn with a fury that threatens to annilhilate nations and whole races -- even dragonkind. As campaigns ebb and flow, generations of lesser mortals come and go, and the great serpents are left to determine the fate of the world. Their triumphs may create a destiny of all-encompassing light or cast the world beneath the shadoe of ultimate darkness.

Dragon's Fire

by Anne Mccaffrey Todd Mccaffrey

Bringing fresh wonders and dangers to light in the skies of Pern, Anne McCaffrey and her son, Todd, who demonstrated his writing talents in the bestselling novels Dragon's Kin and Dragonsblood, return with their second collaboration: a thrilling adventure of discovery and fate. Pellar is an orphan taken in by Masterharper Zist. Though born mute, Pellar is a gifted tracker, and when Zist sets off to take over as harper for Natalon's coal-mining camp, Pellar-along with his fire-lizard, Chitter-joins him...

Dragon's Gate

by Laurence Yep

When he accidentally kills a Manchu, a Chinese boy is sent to America to join his father working to build a tunnel for a railroad through the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Dragons, Gods and Spirits From Chinese Mythology (The World Mythology Series)

by Tao Tao Liu Sanders

The ancient myths of China date back several thousand years and include a wealth of fascinating stories. The author has used original Chinese sources in a collection which reflects the richness of Chinese myth and legend. The stories in this book include ancient myths about nature, the gods and creation; folktales featuring human and animal characters; religious legends and stories from popular superstition. The Chinese world of myths and legend is full of dragons and spirits whose adventures make for exciting reading.

Dragon's Gold (Kelvin of Rud #1)

by Piers Anthony Robert E. Margroff

The Kingdom of Rud languishes under the heel of a usurper; an evil sorcerer has taken the throne in the name of his wicked daughter.

Dragon's Grace

by Nicole Dennis

After an attack by dark wraiths, exiled guardian Allauria Grace, treks up a mountain in the middle of a snowstorm to locate her dragon. Once there, she finds a reluctant Callum McDrakken. In fact, he wants nothing to do with her and refused to let her in his haven. They battle through memories of a tangled past and a devastating injury that left Callum unable to transform into his dragon form. With the looming threat of wraiths and the possibility of Allauria becoming one herself, they wonder if there is still a chance for this dragon to have his mate. Contains M/F sex with steamy against-the-wall shower scene. Add in a fiery shape-shifting dragon warrior for fun.

Dragon's Grace

by Nicole Dennis

McDrakken Warriors, #1 Can a battered dragon warrior overcome past mistakes? After an attack by dark wraiths, exiled guardian Allauria Grace, treks up a mountain in the middle of a snowstorm to locate her dragon. Once there, she finds a reluctant Callum McDrakken. In fact, he wants nothing to do with her and refused to let her in his haven. They battle through memories of a tangled past and a devastating injury that left Callum unable to transform into his dragon form. With the looming threat of wraiths and the possibility of Allauria becoming one herself, they wonder if there is still a chance for this dragon to have his mate. Contains M/F sex with steamy against-the-wall shower scene. Add in a fiery shape-shifting dragon warrior for fun.16,675 Words

A Dragon's Head and a Serpent's Tail: Ming China and the First Great East Asian War, 1592-1598

by Kenneth M. Swope

The invasion of Korea by Japanese troops in May of 1592 was no ordinary military expedition: it was one of the decisive events in Asian history and the most tragic for the Korean peninsula until the mid-twentieth century. Japanese overlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi envisioned conquering Korea, Ming China, and eventually all of Asia; but Korea's appeal to China's Emperor Wanli for assistance triggered a six-year war involving hundreds of thousands of soldiers and encompassing the whole region. For Japan, the war was "a dragon's head followed by a serpent's tail": an impressive beginning with no real ending. Kenneth M. Swope has undertaken the first full-length scholarly study in English of this important conflict. Drawing on Korean, Japanese, and especially Chinese sources, he corrects the Japan-centered perspective of previous accounts and depicts Wanli not as the self-indulgent ruler of received interpretations but rather one actively engaged in military affairs--and concerned especially with rescuing China's client state of Korea. He puts the Ming in a more vigorous light, detailing Chinese siege warfare, the development and deployment of innovative military technologies, and the naval battles that marked the climax of the war. He also explains the war's repercussions outside the military sphere--particularly the dynamics of intraregional diplomacy within the shadow of the Chinese tributary system. What Swope calls the First Great East Asian War marked both the emergence of Japan's desire to extend its sphere of influence to the Chinese mainland and a military revival of China's commitment to defending its interests in Northeast Asia. Swope's account offers new insight not only into the history of warfare in Asia but also into a conflict that reverberates in international relations to this day.

Dragon's Heart

by Jane Yolen Jonathon Schmidt

Austar IV isn't the planet it once was, and when Jakkin and Akki finally return to the dragon nursery, their homecoming arouses mixed emotions. Together they've survived the insurmountable, and now they can weather the brutal conditions of Dark After and communicate with the dragons they love. But with this knowledge comes responsibility. What they've learned about survival could transform the planet--or, if entrusted to the wrong hands, bring about its destruction. Akki's insistence that she return to the Rokk to finish her training and begin new experiments drives a chasm between her and Jakkin. Suddenly she finds herself in the midst of a political battle that could claim her life. Only Jakkin can save her. If only he could reach her. . . .

Dragons in the Sky (An'Tsari Trilogy #1)

by David Jowsey

This work takes us on a journey of discovery that culminates in shattering revelations about the future of the human race! Set in England and told through the eyes of ten year old Tom Richards, "Dragons in the Sky" weaves together the crash of a mysterious object at Roswell in 1947 with a strange shadowy figure, and the rich local history of the Cleveland Hills. On a blisteringly hot summer holiday, Tom's world is turned upside down as an incoherent figure stumbles into his garden. He is Danny, a long-lost childhood friend of Tom's father. When Danny begins revealing the story of his youth, Tom's family is forced into an experience none of them could have imagined. Visited by strange beings and terrified beyond their worst nightmares, the family struggles to come to terms with the visions they have witnessed. As strange events start to unfold, Tom will realize he has a very important role to play. '...throughout history strange lights and inexplicable phenomena in the sky were treated as omens: some good; some bad. They believed they were witnessing angels or dragons in the sky.'

Dragons in the Stars

by Jeffrey A. Carver

Jael LeBrae, a young female star rigger, rebels against an abusive ship's master and dares to take "the mountain route" through a region of hyperspace where legend has it that dragons dwell. But no one believes that real dragons lurk in the mountains, ready to duel unwary riggers ... until dragons actually appear in the night sky of the Flux, challenging Jael to a fight to the death. Help appears when a dragon named Highwing befriends the lonely rigger--but only afterward does Jael realize that she has been caught up in an ancient battle of good and evil, her own appearance foretold by an age-old prophecy. Upon Jael's return to the dragon realm she finds her friend Highwing sentenced to death for his acts of kindness, and her own life declared forfeit if she should try to intervene. But intervene she must, for the sake of a friend who risked his life to save hers.

Dragons in the Waters (O'Keefe Family #2)

by Madeleine L'Engle

A thirteen-year-old boy's trip to Venezuela with his cousin culminates in murder and the discovery of an unexpected bond with an Indian tribe, dating from the days of Simon Bolivar. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

Dragon's Jaw

by Eric Helm

Dragon's Keep

by Janet Carey

Fourteen-year-old Rosalind,who will be the twenty first Pendragon Queen of Wilde Island, has much to accomplish to fulfill her destiny, while hiding from her people the dragon's claw she was born with that reflects one of her mother's dark secrets.

Dragon's Kin (The Dragonriders of Pern #6)

by Anne Mccaffrey

Beginning with the classic Dragonriders of Pern, Anne McCaffrey has created a complex, endlessly fascinating world uniting humans and great telepathic dragons. Millions of devoted readers have soared on the glittering wings of Anne's imagination, following book by book the evolution of one of science fiction's most beloved and honored series. Now, for the first time, Anne has invited another writer to join her in the skies of Pern, a writer with an intimate knowledge of Pern and its history: her son, T...

Dragon's Knight

by Catherine Archer

Valorous, respected knight though he was, Jarrod Maxwell had always known the land of the heart was closed to him. Why then had capricious Destiny led him to aid Lady Aislynn Greatham...and made his soul yearn for impossible passion-and a forever love?Should she, Aislynn Greatham pondered, risk all she held dear-even betrothal to a childhood friend-to go on a journey with an enigmatic knight to find her missing brother? Convention muttered, "Nay!" But when she looked upon Sir Jarrod in all his warrior glory, her heart could not deny that she would follow this man-wherever he led!

Dragon's Lair

by Chantal Fernando

The first in a new sexy romance series from bestselling author Chantal Fernando about the bad boys of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club and the women who fall in love with them.When I found my boyfriend cheating on me, I did something stupid. Or should I say, someone? Because of that mistake, I'm now stuck in a world I don't belong in. I'm a law student. They're criminals. He's the vice president of a motorcycle club. I'm a good girl with a strict upbringing. He's my ex-boyfriend's brother. And I'm screwed.

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