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Child of Awe

by Kathryn Lynn Davis

[From the back cover:] Scotland 1497. At this novel's center are Archibald Campbell, the powerful, cunning Earl of Argyll--driven by ambition for his family and dedication to his King; Muriella Calder, heiress to Scotland's richest lands, and ward of the ruthless Earl; John Campbell, the Earl's proud, swift-tempered second son, commanded to wed the beautiful Muriella; and Elizabeth Campbell Maclean, the Earl's beloved daughter, whose gentle heart was sacrificed in an alliance with her father's bitter enemy ... Rich, romantic, utterly enchanting, Child of Awe takes us from the splendor of mist-covered glens to the brutal terrors of war, from the blazing hatred of ancient feuds to the glory of a new love unfolding ... captivating us, heart and soul, with the master touch of a true storyteller. Based on fact, the harsh realities of early life in the Scottish highlands are portrayed in vivid detail in this sweeping family saga of battling Scottish clans who barter their women to cement alliances, gain wealth and property, and stave off outright warfare. Thirteen-year-old Muriella, who is to be wed when she turns fourteen is kidnapped by her betroth's father and held prisoner in his castle, never to see her mother again. Before she is taken away, her thumb is slashed to the bone, marking her so she will be recognizable if she ever returns to her childhood home. This is the first of many hardships she suffers as the years pass and she battles the terror brought on by her true visions of conflict and death in the future. Helped by compassionate servants and a gypsy harpist, and taught the high price and nobility of love and loyalty by her abused sister-in-law, she comes to terms with her dour but adoring husband and her responsibilities as a Scottish lady representing his Campbell clan. The novel is written with heavy use of early Scottish dialect.

A Child of Christian Blood

by Edmund Levin

A Jewish factory worker is falsely accused of ritually murdering a Christian boy in Russia in 1911, and his trial becomes an international cause célèbre. On March 20, 1911, thirteen-year-old Andrei Yushchinsky was found stabbed to death in a cave on the outskirts of Kiev. Four months later, Russian police arrested Mendel Beilis, a thirty-seven-year-old father of five who worked as a clerk in a brick factory nearby, and charged him not only with Andrei's murder but also with the Jewish ritual murder of a Christian child. Despite the fact that there was no evidence linking him to the crime, that he had a solid alibi, and that his main accuser was a professional criminal who was herself under suspicion for the murder, Beilis was imprisoned for more than two years before being brought to trial. As a handful of Russian officials and journalists diligently searched for the real killer, the rabid anti-Semites known as the Black Hundreds whipped into a frenzy men and women throughout the Russian Empire who firmly believed that this was only the latest example of centuries of Jewish ritual murder of Christian children--the age-old blood libel. With the full backing of Tsar Nicholas II's teetering government, the prosecution called an array of "expert witnesses"--pathologists, a theologian, a psychological profiler--whose laughably incompetent testimony horrified liberal Russians and brought to Beilis's side an array of international supporters who included Thomas Mann, H. G. Wells, Anatole France, Arthur Conan Doyle, the archbishop of Canterbury, and Jane Addams. The jury's split verdict allowed both sides to claim victory: they agreed with the prosecution's description of the wounds on the boy's body--a description that was worded to imply a ritual murder--but they determined that Beilis was not the murderer. After the fall of the Romanovs in 1917, a renewed effort to find Andrei's killer was not successful; in recent years his grave has become a pilgrimage site for those convinced that the boy was murdered by a Jew so that his blood could be used in making Passover matzo. Visitors today will find it covered with flowers.(With 24 pages of black-and-white illustrations.)From the Hardcover edition.

Child of Darkness

by Jennifer Armintrout

At a Lightworld royal gala, Queene Ayla announces the betrothal of her daughter, Cerridwen, to a high-ranking councilor. Though strategically brilliant, the engagement comes as a shock--to Cerridwen especially. Infuriated by her mother's high-handedness, ignorant of her own true origins, she flees the court--leaving herself vulnerable to those who would see the Lightworld destroyed.Amid burgeoning unrest, desperate desires become divided loyalties and terrifying mercenaries lurk in the shadowy space between rebellion and anarchy.

Child of Darkness (Gemini No. 3)

by V. C. Andrews

SHE GREW UP IN THE SHADOWS OF LIES. NOW THE PAST WILL COME TO LIGHT. As a child, she was Baby Celeste, the one thing that kept her mother in touch with reality. But now her mother is in an institution, damaged by years of lies and secrets, and sixteen-year-old Celeste Atwell is alone in the world. Adopted by a wealthy couple, Wade and Ami Emerson, Celeste has everything a girl could desire: designer clothes, luxury cars, even a handsome boyfriend. But her new life is shrouded in mystery:Ami acts more like a girlfriend than Celeste's adoptive mother -- what mother would encourage her daughter to flirt outrageously and dress in racy outfits? Wade, meanwhile, stoically accepts his wife's wild spending sprees and over-the-top behavior. Celeste is about to discover the true price of having it all -- because the secrets hidden within the Emerson household are too dangerous to keep under wraps. . . .

Child of Earth

by David Gerrold

Book one of the Sea of Grass trilogyWant to visit another world? It might not be as easy as you think.When Kaer's extended family signs up to emigrate to Linnea, a planet known for horses as large as houses and dangerously mistrustful natives, Kaer is certain the move will bring the divided household closer together. What none of them are prepared for is the grueling emigration training in the Linnean dome, a makeshift environment designed to be like Linnea in every possible way, from the long, brutally harsh winters to the deadly kacks-- wolf-like creatures as tall as men.The training is tough, but Kaer's family is up to the challenge. Soon they begin working like Linneans, thinking like Linneans, even accepting Linnean gods as their own. The family's emigration seems to be just around the corner.But then, a disaster on Linnea itself changes everything.

Child of Earth: The Dumarest Saga Book 33

by E. C. Tubb

There should have been soft breezes scented with entrancing perfumes, the soothing warmth of a golden sun, lakes of wine and mountains of grain, trees adorned with fruit and bud and flower, shrubs bearing a profusion of glittering gems. Herbs and spices to provide freedom from pain, a return to youthful zest, an end of aging and decay. Salves and ointments and natural fungi to cure all physical ills. . .For this was Earth, that planet of legend, the paradise for which all yearned and hungered to find. The world of joy and beauty and riches beyond the wildest dreams.Instead Earl Dumarest found a landscape of unremitting hostility. Could this really be the fabled home world for which he had spent his entire life searching . . . ?(First published 2008)

Child of Fire

by Harry Connolly

BONUS: This edition contains excerpts from Harry Connolly's Game of Cages and Twenty Palaces.Ray Lilly is living on borrowed time. He's the driver for Annalise Powliss, a high-ranking member of the Twenty Palace Society, a group of sorcerers devoted to hunting down and executing rogue magicians. But because Ray betrayed her once, Annalise is looking for an excuse to kill him-or let someone else do the job. Unfortunately for both of them, Annalise's next mission goes wrong, leaving her critically injured. With the little magic he controls, Ray must complete her assignment alone. Not only does he have to stop a sorcerer who's sacrificing dozens of innocent lives in exchange for supernatural power, he must find-and destroy-the source of that inhuman magic.

Child of Fire

by Scott O'Dell

A parole officer relates his efforts to keep the violence and heroics of two young Chicanos under control.

Child of Fire

by Harry Connolly

BONUS: This edition contains excerpts from Harry Connolly's Game of Cages and Twenty Palaces.Ray Lilly is living on borrowed time. He's the driver for Annalise Powliss, a high-ranking member of the Twenty Palace Society, a group of sorcerers devoted to hunting down and executing rogue magicians. But because Ray betrayed her once, Annalise is looking for an excuse to kill him-or let someone else do the job. Unfortunately for both of them, Annalise's next mission goes wrong, leaving her critically injured. With the little magic he controls, Ray must complete her assignment alone. Not only does he have to stop a sorcerer who's sacrificing dozens of innocent lives in exchange for supernatural power, he must find-and destroy-the source of that inhuman magic.

Child of Fortune

by Norman Spinrad

An epic tale of the self-discovery of Wendi Shasta Leonardo, a wanderer in the Second Starfaring Age.

Child of God

by Cormac Mccarthy

In this taut, chilling novel, Lester Ballard--a violent, dispossessed man falsely accused of rape--haunts the hill country of East Tennessee when he is released from jail. While telling his story, Cormac McCarthy depicts the most sordid aspects of life with dignity, humor, and characteristic lyrical brilliance.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Child of God

by Lolita Files

Everybody knows everybody else's business in Downtown, Tennessee. Neighbors while away afternoons at the local bar, swapping rumors about voodoo, incest, and illegitimate children. Usually they're gossiping about the Boten clan. In this epic family saga, Lolita Files unveils the hidden lives of three generations of the Boten family. She introduces us to Grandma Amalie, a mother so fiercely protective, she will quietly sacrifice everything for her son. There's Grace, who conceals the identity of her child's father for more than twenty years. There's Aunt Sukie, whose strange power over her husband, Walter, is matched only by the strength of her dark magic. And then there's Lay, the bad seed, whose secret betrayals will cost his family dearly. The family's past begins rising to the surface when a mysterious fire takes the life of young Ophelia Boten's infant son. The tragedy sets the family in motion, its members on a quest for self-discovery that will lead them to the drug world of inner-city Detroit, a midwestern college campus, the jungles of Vietnam, and back again. Ophelia sets her own course, one that will ultimately bring her into the arms of a caring and benevolent lover. But before she can embrace her new life and begin a family of her own, she must fully understand and accept the Boten clan's tormented legacy. Inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet, Child of God is a story of family bonds, of forbidden love, of sacrifice and redemption. Moving deftly forward and backward in time, the narrative weaves the past with the present, and the family's mistakes echo unforgettably through each successive generation. As rich as it is rewarding, this is Lolita Files's most ambitious novel to date.

Child of Grace

by Irene Hannon

After giving up a high-powered corporate job, mom-to-be Kelsey Anderson decides to follow her dream. She moves to her late grandmother's lake house and decides to open a quilting shop in town. Then former army doctor Luke Turner moves in next door. The war-weary man stirs feelings in Kelsey that soon make her rethink all her plans. But she has some hard decisions to make, and worries if Luke will ever accept her and her baby. Kelsey must come to terms with the past, and trust there's a future with Luke in God's plan...

Child of Grass

by David Gerrold

In the first installment of David Gerrold's Sea of Grass trilogy, Child of Earth, Kaer's family expected to assimilate into Linnean society undetected after becoming accustomed to the harsh climate and relatively primitive culture in the training dome-a synthetic Linnean environment designed to prepare Earthlings for emigration to the new world. But a sudden uprising on Linnea changed everything. After a band of religious zealots known as the Hale-Stones, former Earth residents living on Linnea, began outing other Earthlings and disrupting Linnean society in order to convert them to Earth's Christianity in place of the Linnean religion, Kaer's family was stuck in limbo.Now, in Child of Grass, Kaer and Lorrin, Kaer's father, venture away from the training dome as part of a secret mission to restore peace to Linnea and free the hostage Earthlings from captivity. Defeating the Hale-Stones means using every available resource to preserve the Linnean way of life, from advanced technology, to natural disasters, and even the Hale-Stones' own religious teachings.Through the struggle for peace, young Kaer is forced to confront issues about morality, loyalty, the bond of family, and the nature of intelligent life.

Child Of Her Heart

by Irene Brand

HER BABY...OR HER MARRIAGE? Sonya Dixon thought her marriage was perfect. Her handsome and successful husband, Byron, truly loved her. Or did he? The night Bryon learned she was pregnant, Sonya's world fell apart. He demanded she choose: her baby...or their marriage. Sonya could never give up her baby. But with no home and little money, her life seemed hopeless. Then Daniel Massie, a kind and tender attorney, showed her that strength and hope were just a prayer away. Was her life truly over, Sonya wondered...or was it just beginning?

A Child Of Her Own

by Beverly Barton

HE HAD THE ONE THING SHE WANTED.... Lori Lee Guy had always longed to be someone's mommy--and she had never imagined wild and wicked Rick Warrick as anyone's daddy. But here she was, childless. And here he was, still sinfully sexy...and single-handedly raising an adorable little girl. SHE WAS THE LAST THING HE NEEDED.... How could Rick have falled for Lori Lee--again? He'd learned the hard way that she was holding out for Mr. Perfect, and this bad boy had no intention of being tamed into becoming a model husband! But his daughter and Lori Lee had other ideas...

A Child Of His Own

by Nancy Morse

Ben Stone's passion for life vanished five years ago along with his precious son. Now the rugged drifter spends his days searching for his lost child and his nights longing for a woman to fill his aching need. Dory McBride, proprietor of the Dutch Mill amusement park, has a five-year old adopted son, and just when Ben thinks he may have found his lost child, he faces losing the only woman he would ever love.

A Child of Hitler: Germany in the Days When God Wore a Swastika

by Alfons Heck

Ten-year-old Alfons Heck attended a meeting of the Nazi regime. In this book he describes his rise to power as the leader of Hitler Youth.

Child Of Mine

by Beverly Lewis David Lewis

From Bestselling Authors David & Beverly Lewis: Flight instructor Jack Livingston has been raising his eight-year-old adopted niece, Natalie, since the accident that took her parents' lives. When he travels, Natalie is tenderly cared for by her Amish nanny, Laura Mast, who loves the little girl as her own. Eight excruciating years ago, Kelly Maines's baby was kidnapped. Determined to find her child, Kelly has tirelessly pursued every lead to its bitter end. And now, with the clock ticking, one last clue from a private investigator ignites a tiny flame of hope: Just a few miles away lives a young girl who matches the profile. Can this be, at long last, Kelly's beloved daughter?

Child of Mine

by Bonnie K. Winn

It was love at first sight when Matt Whitaker opened his door to see a baby in his brother's arms-Matt's nephew, Danny, abandoned by his heartless high-society mother. And then Danny's father was killed in an accident, and Matt, an ill-prepared bachelor, vowed before God to love and protect this child as his own. Danny's mother, Leah Hunter, had been desperately searching for her baby for eight years-ever since his father snatched him. At last, a clue leads her to the small town of Rosewood, Texas. . . ;and her son's guardian.

Child of Mine

by Jennifer Mikels

What's Best for Billy? The child was his. Corporate giant Alex Kane discovered he'd fathered a child. Alas, the baby doted on a dizzy adoptive aunt, cocktail waitress Carly Mitchell. True, she'd mothered little Billy for some months now. But the boy belonged with him....The child was hers. Through tears and laughter, colic and group, Carly and her nephew had truly bonded. No matter that Alex had money and power. Billy craved a mother's touch....Was it love, war...or madness when pin-striped Alex and colorful Carly joined forces-as husband and wife-to do what was best for Billy?

Child Of The Night

by Lee Karr

For his daughter's sake... A LITTLE GIRL'S LOVE... Child psychologist Tyla Templeton realized Cassie Archer had an unwanted gift: she had visions that always came true. And something the adorable four-year-old had "seen" had made her fearful of her beloved father. A FATHER'S ONLY HOPE... Widower Clay Archer loved his daughter more than anything. But he was losing her. In desperation he turned to Tyla for help. The beautiful doctor's methods involved not only his daughter's feelings, but soon his own heart, as well. Somehow, they had to discover the secret that separated Clay from his daughter--or abandon their own growing love. A FAMILY'S FUTURE...

Child of Silence (Bo Bradley #1)

by Abigail Padgett

1st in mystery series. Bo Bradley, child abuse investigator with manic-depression rescues deaf child. Light, fast read, but excellent depiction of what's now called bi-polar disorder.

Child of the Civil Rights Movement

by Paula Young Shelton

What was it like growing up in the Deep South when Jim Crow laws were everywhere? How did it feel to sit down to dinner with grown-ups who planned protests between bites of Mama's creamy macaroni and cheese? And imagine walking right beside Uncle Martin and Aunt Coretta in that historic march from Selma to Montgomery--until your legs were so tired that you had to ride on your father's back. Paula Young Shelton, a daughter of civil rights leader Andrew Young, and Raul Colon take readers on a vivid trip back to Paula's childhood in an extraordinary family--the family of the American civil rights movement. Ages 4-8

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