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Sara Dane

by Catherine Gaskin

The story of Sara Dane, sent to Australia in 1792 as a convict. Her life unfolds along with the young growing country.

Sarah and Me and the Lady from the Sea

by Patricia Beatty

Marcella Abbott can't believe it. Her family is giving up their house in Portland, Oregon, and their comfortable life in the city to live year-round on Washington State's Olympic peninsula when her father's business is ruined. Nahcotta's okay for the summer, but Marcella doesn't much like the people who live there. In fact, she thinks they're stupid, oafish, country bumpkins. But three things change her mind forever: a new friend, a beached whale, and the incredibly mysterious "lady from the sea".

Sarah and the Naked Truth

by Elisa Carbone

They say good things come in threes, so maybe that's why Christina, Olivia, and I are such good friends. Or maybe it's because all three of us got into wacky situations at the same time: me with a whole wad of pink bubble gum stuck in my hair, Christina mad as a wet cat at their Social Studies teacher, and Olivia with a secret she didn't even want to tell me and Christian about. Or maybe it's because of what we learned together--which is that being true to yourself is a lot more important than trying to be what you think other people want you to be. My mom calls it showing the world your naked truth. And sometimes that's embarrassing

Sarah Campbell: The First White Woman in the Black Hills Was African American

by Lilah Pengra

Sarah Campbell is most well-known for accompanying Custer on his 1874 Expedition to the Black Hills as the cook for the army sutler. This impeccably researched and wonderfully told biography traces Campbell's roots to her 1823 birth to Marianne, enslaved by the fur-trading Duchouquettes. Campbell sued for and won her freedom at the age of 14 after a three-year court battle in St. Louis. The book delves into her values and how she protected herself from the racism of the day by her use of self-deprecating humor. Because Campbell claimed to be the "first white woman" in the Black Hills, the author explores the vernacular race and class connotations of the label "white" and being addressed as "Aunt Sally." Campbell returned to the Black Hills of Dakota Territory in 1876, located five silver mines and died on her ranch near Galena, DT, in 1888.

Sarah Canary

by Karen Joy Fowler

When black cloaked Sarah Canary wanders into a railway camp in the Washington territories in 1873, Chin Ah Kin is ordered by his uncle to escort "the ugliest woman he could imagine" away. Far away. But Chin soon becomes the follower. In the first of many such instances, they are separated, both resurfacing some days later at an insane asylum. Chin has run afoul of the law and Sarah has been committed for observation. Their escape from the asylum in the company of another inmate sets into motion a series of adventures and misadventures that are at once hilarious, deeply moving, and downright terrifying.

Sarah: The Life of Sarah Bernhardt

by Robert Gottlieb

Sarah is the first English-language biography to appear in decades. Brilliantly, it tracks the trajectory through which an illegitimate and scandalous daughter of a courtesan transformed herself into the most famous actress who ever lived, and into a national icon, a symbol of France.

Sarah Morton's Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Girl

by Kate Waters Russell Kendall

Text and photographs of Plimouth Plantation follow a pilgrim girl through a typical day as she milks the goats, cooks and serves meals, learns her letters, and adjusts to her new stepfather. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

Sarah Whitcher's Story

by Elizabeth Yates

Describes the search for and adventures of a young girl lost in a New Hampshire forest in the pioneer days. Based on a true incident.

Sarah Winnemucca

by Mary F. Morrow

Recounts the life story of the influential Paiute woman who fought for justice and a better life for her people.

The Sarah Zettel Collection

by Sarah Zettel

A special collection bringing together four of Sarah Zettel's captivating novels that span the galaxyIn Fool's War, Katmer Al Shei has done well with the starship Pasadena, cutting corners where necessary to keep her crew paid and her journeys profitable. But there are two things she will never skimp on: her crew--and her fool. For a long space journey, a certified Fool's Guild clown is essential, to amuse, excite, and otherwise distract the crew from the drudgeries of interstellar flight. Her newest fool, Evelyn Dobbs, is a talented jester. But does she have enough wit to save mankind?In Playing God, the planet of the Dedelphi has been riven by war for two centuries. Though delicate, swanlike creatures, the planet's natives are fierce in battle, and their ceaseless conflict has reduced their world to a wasteland. To save themselves and their world, the Dedelphi have forged a fragile peace and called for outside intervention. The Earth corporation Bioverse constructs a plan to heal the shattered planet. It's the most ambitious engineering project the universe has ever seen, and if it backfires, the result will almost certainly be genocide.In The Quiet Invasion, Dr. Helen Failia is nearing middle age at eighty-three, but has lost none of her fighting spirit. The founder of Earth's first fully functioning colony on Venus, she will do anything to ensure that the home she's built and nurtured not only survives, but thrives. Despite her constant work, funding for the colony is running out, and she's dreading telling the ten thousand colonists they must move to Earth, a world some of them have never even seen. When one of her probes returns with the unprecedented proof of an ancient alien artifact on the surface of Venus she cannot believe her luck. This is the first evidence that humanity is not alone, and the discovery will surely secure the research colony's future.In Reclamation, Eric Born knows his way around the universe. He's a quick-thinking merchant blessed with natural telekinetic skill. He's also that rarest of creatures, a human being. Humans have been scattered across the universe, powerless and oppressed, dispersed so widely that no one knows what planet they first came from. Eric survives by selling his talents to the mysterious galactic tyrants known as the Rhudolant Vitae, but has never forgotten he belongs to the human race, and the distant world, the Realm of the Nameless Powers. The Realm may be a backwater, but Eric will do anything to protect his home from the merciless and powerful Vitae.

Sarah's Knight

by Mary Mcbride

Darkly handsome doctor Sir Dominic Chiara raised female pulses everywhere he went. But few admirers guessed at the torment behind his coolly assessing gaze. Nick's son had stopped speaking-and Nick, who had been knighted for his invaluable service to the royal family, did not know why. Until a beautiful new nanny offered hope. . . ;. Children's therapist Sarah Hunter answered a royal summons to help Dr. Chiara and his son. But her cover as the nanny was soon blown away by her discovery that the child had witnessed a murder-and by her attraction to his father. Falling in love with a man who treated kings would be foolish, yet as she helped father and child, she couldn't seem to help herself. . . ;

Sarah's Seduction (Men of August #2)

by Lora Leigh

A hot summer night 6 years before, Brock August showed Sarah Tate a passion that would nearly destroy her. Now she must decide whether she wants to go back to his passion and survive a broken marriage. She must also answer questions about the August family's past--especially questions about how the brothers have survived.

Sarah's Song (Red Gloves #3)

by Karen Kingsbury

Tale of two women brought together and healed by the power of one song. Sarah knows the heartache that results from making wrong choices--her own life is proof of that. But will she be able to convince a troubled young woman before time runs out? For when the 12 days of Christmas have passed, it is possible the melody of Sarahigrave's Song might bring out not one, but two miracles.

Sara's Father

by Jennifer Mikels

Sara's Father Once, skinny Erin Delaney and popular Sam Stone shared teenage high jinks, loads of laughter...and a breathless, tentative passion. But their futures had lain far afield-wrenching Erin away, wedding Sam to Erin's sister. And what might have been...never was.Now, an endless decade later, Erin again plunged deep into Sam's unforgettable gaze-over the head of a feisty, motherless tot who called Sam "Daddy." Irrepressible little Sara stole Erin's heart...yet made her ache with secret sorrow. Now with Sara's every hungry smile and Sam's tormenting touches, the past haunted Erin, taunted her, with what might never be....

Sara's Song

by Fern Michaels

New York Times Bestselling Author Fern Michaels is back with a beautiful, bittersweet tale of two lonely people who find heart-healing love, only to be torn from each other's arms. For everyone who loved DEAR EMILY, here is another poignant Fern Michaels novel to savor-a story of love, grief, passion, renewal-and incredible second chances. A brilliant career and loving friends weren't enough to heal Dr. Sara Killian's aching heart. For a brief, magical moment, world famous rock star Dallas Lord was part of her life. Then he was suddenly and tragically taken away. But before he disappeared, Dallas gave Sara a priceless gift, a beautiful love song written just for her. It's a legacy that will take Sara places she's never dreamed of-into intrigue, betrayal and deadly danger. And, when she meets Adam Lord, Dallas's older brother, she will find herself torn-between Adam, the most attractive and complicated man she's ever known, and Dallas, the man her heart won't let her forget...


by A. C. Crispin

The novel begins after the events of STAR TREK VI: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY. Spock's mother, Amanda Grayson, is dying and Spock returns to the planet Vulcan where he and Sarek enjoy a rare moment of rapprochement. But just as his wife's illness grows worse, duty calls Sarek away--once again sowing the seeds of conflict between father and son. Yet soon Sarek and Spock must put aside their differences and work together to foil a far-reaching plot to destroy the Federation--a plot that Sarek has seen in the making for nearly his entire career. The epic story will take the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise to the heart of the Klingon Empire where Captain Kirk's last surviving relative has become a pawn in the battle to divide the Federation... and conquer it. With Sarek's help, the crew of the Starship Enterprise learns that all is not as it seems. Before they can prevent the Federation's destruction, they must see the face of their hidden enemy--an enemy more insidious and more dangerous than any they have faced before...

Sarek (Star Trek)

by A. C. Crispin

The novel begins after the events of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Spock's mother, Amanda Grayson, is dying, and Spock returns to the planet Vulcan where he and Sarek enjoy a rare moment of rapprochement. But just as his wife's illness grows worse, duty calls Sarek away--once again sowing seeds of conflict between father and son. Yet soon, Sarek and Spock must put aside their differences and work together to foil a far-reaching plot to destroy the Federation--a plot that Sarek has seen in the making for nearly his entire career. The epic story will take the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise to the heart of the Klingon Empire, where Captain Kirk's last surviving relative has become a pawn in a battle to divide the Federation... and conquer it. With Sarek's help, the crew of the Starship Enterprise learns that all is not as it seems. Before they can prevent the Federation's destruction, they must see the face of their hidden enemy--an enemy more insidious and more dangerous than any they have faced before...

Sargasso of Space

by Andrew North

Sargasso of Space is a 190 page science fiction novel written by the science fiction and fantasy master Andre Norton (pseudonym, Andrew North) and first published in 1955. It is the first book in her Solar Queen Series. Other novels in this series include Plague Ship, Voodoo Planet, and Postmarked the stars. Ace's summary reads as follows "WORLDS FOR SALE!" That was the startling cry that electrified Dane Thorson of the space-trader Solar Queen. It was his first trip and the cosmic auction was taking place at an isolated port of call, far out in the Milky Way. Who'll buy this newly discovered planet? The data on it sealed-you may be getting a radioactive desert, you may be buying a fabulous empire, or you may be stuck with an untracked unconquerable jungle. And Dane and his fellow spacemen took the risk. They bought a planet, sight unseen, whose ominous name was . . . Limbol The story of Thorson's trip to Limbo, and the amazing adventures that befell him on that SARGASSO OF SPACE, is a real thriller of a space novel by the author of STAR GUARD, THE STARS ARE OURS, and many others.

Sargasso Sector

by Paul Kupperberg

STARFLEET CORPS OF ENGINEERS The assignment seemed mundane enough: clearaway a "junk pile" of abandoned ships that are adrift in a region of space that is in the way of a convoy of colony vessels en route to a new world. But the S.C.E.'s missions never stay routine for very long... Odd occurrences start happening all over the U.S.S. da Vinci, compounded by the fact that none of their solutions for clearing the ships seems to be working. Soon, the very nature of reality becomes endangered, and Soloman must interface with a powerful alien computer to keep the da Vinci from falling victim to the... SARGASSO SECTOR

Sari Says: The Real Dirt on Everything from Sex to School

by Sari Locker

Sari Locker, teen advice expert, is here with answers to the most urgent questions teens ask her in letters and e-mails--and person-to-person. From how to plant the perfect kiss to dealing with snooping parents to coping with peer pressure, Sari can make life a little easier.


by Thomas R. Flynn

Sartre and Foucault were two of the most prominent and at times mutually antagonistic philosophical figures of the twentieth century. And nowhere are the antithetical natures of their existentialist and poststructuralist philosophies more apparent than in their disparate approaches to historical understanding. A history, thought Foucault, should be a kind of map, a comparative charting of structural transformations and displacements. But for Sartre, authentic historical understanding demanded a much more personal and committed narrative, a kind of interpretive diary of moral choices and risks compelled by critical necessity and an exacting reality. Sartre's history, a rational history of individual lives and their intrinsic social worlds, was in essence immersed in biography. In Volume One of this authoritative two-volume work, Thomas R. Flynn conducts a pivotal and comprehensive reconstruction of Sartrean historical theory, and provocatively anticipates the Foucauldian counterpoint to come in Volume Two.

Sarum: The Novel of England

by Edward Rutherfurd

A masterpiece that is breathtaking in its scope, SARUM is an epic novel that traces the entire turbulent course of English history. This rich tapesty weaves a compelling saga of five families who preserve their own particular characteristics over the centuries, and offer a fascinating glimpse into the future.From the Paperback edition.

SAS for Epidemiologists

by Charles Dimaggio

This comprehensive text covers the use of SAS for epidemiology and public health research. Developed with students in mind and from their feedback, the text addresses this material in a straightforward manner with a multitude of examples. It is directly applicable to students and researchers in the fields of public health, biostatistics and epidemiology. Through a "hands on" approach to the use of SAS for a broad number of epidemiologic analyses, readers learn techniques for data entry and cleaning, categorical analysis, ANOVA, and linear regression and much more. Exercises utilizing real-world data sets are featured throughout the book. SAS screen shots demonstrate the steps for successful programming. SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is an integrated system of software products provided by the SAS institute, which is headquartered in California. It provides programmers and statisticians the ability to engage in many sophisticated statistical analyses and data retrieval and mining exercises. SAS is widely used in the fields of epidemiology and public health research, predominately due to its ability to reliably analyze very large administrative data sets, as well as more commonly encountered clinical trial and observational research data.

Sasha and Emma

by Paul Avrich Karen Avrich

In 1889 two Russian immigrants, Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman, met in a coffee shop on the Lower East Side. Over the next fifty years Emma and Sasha would be fast friends, fleeting lovers, and loyal comrades. This dual biography offers an unprecedented glimpse into their intertwined lives, the lasting influence of the anarchist movement they shaped, and their unyielding commitment to equality and justice. Berkman shocked the country in 1892 with "the first terrorist act in America," the failed assassination of the industrialist Henry Clay Frick for his crimes against workers. Passionate and pitiless, gloomy yet gentle, Berkman remained Goldman's closest confidant though the two were often separated-by his fourteen-year imprisonment and by Emma's growing fame as the champion of a multitude of causes, from sexual liberation to freedom of speech. The blazing sun to Sasha's morose moon, Emma became known as "the most dangerous woman in America. " Through an attempted prison breakout, multiple bombing plots, and a dramatic deportation from America, these two unrelenting activists insisted on the improbable ideal of a socially just, self-governing utopia, a vision that has shaped movements across the past century, most recently Occupy Wall Street. Sasha and Emma is the culminating work of acclaimed historian of anarchism Paul Avrich. Before his death, Avrich asked his daughter to complete his magnum opus. The resulting collaboration, epic in scope, intimate in detail, examines the possibilities and perils of political faith and protest, through a pair who both terrified and dazzled the world.


by Roland Smith

Thirteen-year-old Dylan follows his father into the woods on the slopes of Mount St. Helens, which is on the brink of another eruption, in an attempt to protect the resident Sasquatch from ruthless hunters.

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