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In Free Fall: A Novel

by Juli Zeh

The gripping international bestseller that fuses an ingenious detective tale with stunning, cinematic storytelling--and a provocative riff on quantum physics--from Germany's foremost young literary talent.A child is kidnapped but does not know it. One man dies, two physicists fight, and a senior constable falls in love. In the end, everything is different . . . yet exactly the same." --Prologue A rising star who has garnered some of Europe's most important literary prizes, Juli Zeh has established herself as the new master of the philosophical thriller. With In Free Fall, she now takes us on a fast-paced ride through deadly rivalry and love's infinite configurations. Against the backdrop of Germany and Switzerland, two physicists begin a dangerous dance of distrust. Friends since their university days, when they were aspiring Nobel Prize candidates, they now interact in an atmosphere of tension, stoked by Oskar's belief that Sebastian fell into mediocrity by having a family. When Sebastian's son, Liam, is apparently kidnapped, their fragile friendship is further tested. Entrusted with uncovering the truth, Detective Superintendent Schilf discerns a web of blackmail, while at the same time the reality of his personal life falls into doubt. Unfolding in a series of razor-sharp scenes, In Free Fall is a riveting novel of ideas from a major new literary voice. With the recent success of works in translation, such as Stieg Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire, Zeh is poised to take off.From the Hardcover edition.

In Fury Born

by David Weber

In the far future, Alicia DeVries is a soldier in the elite Imperial Cadre. When her entire family is massacred by pirates, her response is truly ferocious.

In A Gilded Cage (Molly Murphy Mystery #8)

by Rhys Bowen

[From the back cover:] "thrilling historical events with truly beguiling characters under the most mysterious circumstances ... In a Gilded Cage Easter Sunday 1918, and Irish immigrant Molly Murphy has agreed to march down Fifth Avenue with tin. sign-wielding suffragettes from Vassar--a civil act of protest that lands her in jail. Molly's betrothed, Police Captain Daniel Sullivan, manages to spring her from the clink, though his hands are full dealing with Chinese opium gangs. But as soon as she's free, Molly marches straight into trouble again. Two of the Vassar alumni need Molly's help as a private investigator. One believes her uncle is cheating her out of an inheritance; the other suspects her husband is cheating with other women. And when one of the clients dies--presumably from influenza, which is sweeping the city--Molly takes to the streets once more. Not to win the right for women to vote, but to reveal the wrongs of some very evil men ..." Catch up on all of the investigations of a feisty Irish immigrant in early twentieth century New York City. The historic atmosphere is diverse and accurate and though Molly enjoys her independence and is out to prove women are capable of running a business, she has a soft spot for Daniel, a police captain who loves her, but not reliably. Look for #1 Murphy's Law, #2 Death of Riley, #3 For the Love of Mike, #4 In Like Flynn, #5 Oh Danny Boy, #6 In Dublin's Fair City, #7 Tell Me Pretty Maiden, with #9 The last Illusion, to be added soon. The ten books in the Evan Evans series, also by Rhys Bowen, about a constable in a mountainous Welsh town, are also in the collection.

In God's Name

by David A. Yallop

In Good Faith

by Scott Pratt

It's the most disturbing case of his career. This time, though, Joe Dillard is finally on the right side. Or so he thinks.... In Good Faith. A family is slaughtered in rural Tennessee. Two Goth teens stand accused of the murders, and it's up to prosecutor Joe Dillard to convict them. A former defense attorney who has spent way too much time defending people he knows are guilty, Joe is determined to win this case to atone for his past. But there's a crucial missing piece to this case: A young woman named Natasha, who apparently inspired the slayings, is walking around free because the boys, fearing for their lives, refuse to implicate her. Now Joe must risk everything--including the safety of his family and his own good faith--to bring a guilty woman to justice.

In Grandma's Attic (Grandma's Attic Series #1)

by Arleta Richardson

Here are tales--faithfully recalled for the young and old alike, a yardstick to another day when life was simpler, perhaps richer; when the treasures of family life and love were passed from generation to generation.

In Great Taste: Fresh, Simple Recipes for Eating and Living Well

by Evelyn Lauder

Every two and one-half minutes, a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer. The incidence of breast cancer in women has increased from one in twenty in 1960 to one in seven today. Fortunately, there are many doctors and organizations actively searching for a cure. And the top organization is The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), founded in 1993 by Evelyn H. Lauder, Senior Corporate Vice President of The Estee Lauder Companies Inc. Now, Evelyn H. Lauder turns her energy to this gorgeous, full-color cookbook. Drawing on her years of experience working with doctors and nutritionists at leading hospitals, as well as her own personal eating philosophy, Mrs. Lauder has created a testament to living well and being well. All of her royalties will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. A great gift for a mother, a sister, a husband, or a friend, this cookbook is a must-have for anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle.

In The Groove

by Pamela Britton

She wouldn't know a NASCAR star if he hit her with his car'and he just did. Sarah was a kindergarten teacher until a sleazy ex'boyfriend got her fired. Now the only job she can find is driving the motor coach for racing star Lance Cooper. She doesn't know a thing about NASCAR ? and she's off to a rocky start when she doesn't recognize her ultra'famous boss. Lance can't help but notice Sarah's sweet smile ? and how seriously unimpressed she is with his fame. Her reaction piques his interest ? and he's convinced she's a good'luck charm. But Sarah has no interest in Lance's jet'setting life; she'd rather deal with spitballs than one supersexy race car driver. Too bad whenever he comes near her she turns hot as race fuel. Soon things begin to heat up on the track, and Sarah begins to wonder if she might be able to teach one famous race car driver a few lessons about love.

In Harm's Way: The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis and the Extraordinary Story of Its Survivors

by Doug Stanton

On the night of July 30, 1945, the Navy cruiser USS Indianapolis was torpedoed by a Japanese sub, sending 900 men into the Pacific. What happened next was a nightmarish battle for survival.

In Harm's Way (Walt Fleming Series #4)

by Ridley Pearson

Sun Valley sheriff Walt Fleming's budding relationship with photographer Fiona Kenshaw hits a rough patch after Fiona is involved in a heroic river rescue and she attempts to duck the press. Despite her job and her laudable actions, she begs Walt to keep her photo out of the paper, avoiding him when he can't. Then Walt gets a phone call that changes everything: Lou Boldt, a police sergeant out of Seattle, calls to report that a recent murder may have a Sun Valley connection. After a badly beaten body is discovered just off a local highway, Walt knows there is a link - but can he pull the pieces together in time?

In Heaven as on Earth: A Vision of the Afterlife

by M. Scott Peck

Peck looks past the boundaries of life to give us his singular vision of what we can expect when life as we know it ends.

In Her Boss's Bed

by Maggie Cox

When company boss Conall O'Brien finds Morgen McKenzie asleep at her desk, he's furious! He's convinced she's a party girl who's been out on the town. Little does Conall know that Morgen is a single mom who's been up all night looking after her sick child - and she's no pushover! So when professional proximity turns into something more intimate, Morgen makes it clear that she doesn't want an affair; Conall doesn't do commitment and she needs her job. But Morgen's gotten under Conall's skin, and what started with an impromptu nap looks like it's turning into a sleepover - in his bed!

In Her Defense

by Stephen Horn

Novel based on a murder trial.

In Her Majesty's Name

by Fabien Lascombe Craig Cartmell

It is 1895 and the world is in turmoil. In the decades to come, historians will reflect upon the cause of this state of affairs and many will point squarely at Charles Babbage. The perfection of first his Difference Engine, and then his Analytical Engine, gave the new scientific establishment in the Great Powers the tool they had so long needed in order to make a dramatic leap forward. The ability to make huge and repeatable sets of complex calculations revolutionized the world.Within twenty years came the 'invention' of Cavorite, the perfection of miniaturized steam engines, electric light and motors, Radium Bricks, Arc weapons, Hydrogen and Helium Dirigibles, Road Trains, Calculating Artillery Engines, Sea and Land Dreadnoughts - the list is almost endless. Nothing is impossible when the wealth of a Great Power is coupled to the unlimited imagination of educated men of science and their engineers.The one thing that all these marvellous advances have not brought is peace. Every Great Power has been jostling its neighbours for resources and more importantly, the latest technology. None can afford to stand still and allow its neighbours to advance their science and engineering unmolested. If they do, they risk being overwhelmed as the French were in 1861 by the Prussians' mobile Calculating Artillery Engines, or as the Union was the year after that, with their ports put to the flame and successfully blockaded by the Confederacy's Armoured Sea Dreadnoughts.Some nations have also been tapping into older, more sinister powers, in order to produce an unholy combination of the mystical and the mechanical, such as the Prussian Todt-truppen.Although there have been relatively few open conflicts between the Great Powers, a state of undeclared and secret war exists between them all. This is where the Adventuring Companies come in. These are the deniable clandestine agents of the Great Powers (and of other globe-spanning organizations). They act in the shadows pitting their skills, their wits and the latest technologies against each other, to obtain the latest scientific formula, artefact or other vital component.Small groups of highly skilled and specialized operatives are brought together for each mission under the command of a trusted 'Captain'. In Great Britain they work out of the Explorers' Club in London. In Prussia their patron is the highly secretive Thule Society. In the USA they are mostly sponsored by the Secret Service. There are similar organizations in each of the Great Powers. They each have the choice of their nation's latest arms, armour and other equipment with which to perform their missions.

In Her Own Right: The Institute of Medicine's Guide to Women's Health Issues

by Beryl Lieff Benderly

Right to life. Right to choice. Masectomy, lumpectomy. Vitamin therapy, hormone therapy, aromatherapy. Tabloids, op-eds, Phil, Sally, Oprah.Yesterday, women confided in their doctors about health problems and received private, albeit sometimes paternalistic, attention. Today, women's health issues are headline material. Topics that once raised a blush now raise a blare of conflicting medical news and political advocacy.Women welcome the new recognition of their health concerns. Now women are less often treated, as the old saw goes, as "a uterus with a person attached."At the same time, they need help in sorting through the flood of reports on scientific studies, claims of success for new treatments, and just plain myths. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has responded to this need with In Her Own Right.Throughout its 25-year history, the IOM has provided authoritative views on fast-moving developments in medicine--bringing accuracy, objectivity, and balance to the hottest controversies.Talented science writer Beryl Lieff Benderly synthesizes this expertise into a readable overview of women's health.Why do women live longer than men? Why do more women than men suffer vertebral fractures? Benderly highlights what we know about the health differences between men and women and the mysteries that remain to be solved.With a frank, conversational approach, Benderly examines women's health across the life span: Issues of female childhood, adolescence, and sexual maturity, including smoking, eating behavior, teen pregnancy, and more. The host of issues surrounding the reproductive years; contraception, infertility, abortion, pregnancy and birth, AIDS, and mental health. Postmenopausal life and issues of aging, as health choices made decades earlier come home to roost. Benderly addresses women's experience with the nation's health care establishment and the controversy over the lack of female representation in the world of scientific research.Much more than a how-to guide, In Her Own Right translates the finest scholarship on topics of women's health into terms that will help any woman ask the right questions and make the right choices. Covering the spectrum from traditional beliefs to cutting-edge research, this book presents the personal insights of leading investigators, along with clear explanations of breakthrough studies written in plain English. February

In Her Own Voice

by Hayley Westenra Darren Henley

For the first time the ordinary girl with the extraordinary voice tells her story. At the age of twenty, singing sensation Hayley Westenra already has more than three-and-a-half million CD sales to her name, and is the fastest-selling debut classical artist in British chart history - as well as the biggest-selling artist of all time in her native New Zealand. In her honest and uplifting autobiography, Hayley reveals what it's like to be the honorary mascot for the world-beating All Blacks rugby team, as well as one of the youngest ever ambassadors of UNICEF, and how a teenage busker from Christchurch ended up performing for the Queen, Prince Charles, President George W Bush and Tony Blair - all at the same time.

In High Gear

by Gina Wilkins

Some secrets aren't ever forgotten. . . Since the early days of NASCAR, the Murphy and Grosso families haven't been exactly friends. In fact, "bitter enemies" might be more accurate, with tales of deception, cheating and even suspected murder. But driver Kent Grosso--who's still hearing about his grandfather's decades-old grudge--has a few closeted skeletons of his own. . . . Professional photographer Tanya Wells thought she knew Kent pretty well, but it turns out Kent's been hiding a few details from her. To make matters worse, Kent's been getting anonymous e-mails from someone who's a little too familiar with the Grosso family history. . . and isn't above a little blackmail! Now the past is coming up fast in Kent's rearview mirror. Question is, can he swerve in time to avoid a deadly collision?

In Him

by Kenneth E. Hagin

This book is a picture from scripture of who we are in Christ

In His Brother's Place

by Elizabeth Lane

"I want the boy."For three years Angie Montoya hid her son from her late fiancé's family...until his brother tracked them down. Now Jordan Cooper demands she move to his Santa Fe ranch-the boy's birthright. But how can Angie live with the man who called her a gold digger...the man whose one kiss she's never forgotten?Racked by guilt since his twin's death, Jordan seeks redemption by raising his nephew. But Angie resurrects a hunger in him that only she can satisfy. Jordan knows he can have her on one condition-that she never learns the truth about him.

In His Command

by Rie Warren

In the dystopian future, two men discover attraction isn't just dangerous, it's deadly.Two generations ago, the world was annihilated by a series of catastrophic environmental events. The remaining survivors were driven closer and closer to big city centers-damaged but not destroyed-divvied into sixteen identical international territories ruled by the Company.Oppressive to the core, the Company has one rule in order to recoup the world's devastated population: homosexuality and deviant sexual behaviors are hanging offenses. First time offenders are last-time offenders.It is the year 2070. Commander Caspar Cannon has a stellar military reputation-and a life-threatening secret. When a revolution rips through the territories, Cannon is ordered to escort Company Executive Nathaniel Rice to a secure location. Leaving the besieged city behind, their journey becomes a minefield of sabotage, betrayal, secrets . . . and intense desire for one another.Cannon's militant self-repression takes a direct hit, his suspicions warring with passion for a man who can never be his, not while the Company remains in power. True to his mission, he delivers Nathaniel to the safe bunker where a fate he never expected awaits him.Word count: 97,000.

In His Dreams

by Gail Gaymer Martin

Escape to beautiful Beaver Island could be the answer to Marsha Sullivan's need for a fresh start. Since her husband's death four years ago, Marsha had lost her way, but on Beaver Island, she had good memories to help guide her. Running into Jeff, her brother-in-law, in this paradise turned out to be a blessing. Not only did they share grief in losing their spouses, but also a warm bond began to form between them. Did God want her to love again? The only thing she knew for sure was that being with Jeff and his daughter felt like family.

In His Eyes

by Gail Gaymer Martin

Her young love for Connor Faraday had left her heartbroken. Although home designer Ellene Bordini had moved on, she'd never felt drawn to any other man-and never recovered from Connor's betrayal. Now, a decade later, Connor was back in her life. . . ;wanting her back in his life forever. Ellene's faith told her to forgive him and to accept the new man he'd become. While working in the brisk beauty of his Michigan island home, she rediscovered her lost love and bonded with the little girl he wanted to raise right. Was this God's mysterious way of helping Ellene deal with the past. . . ;or paving the way for reconciliation?

In His Eyes

by Emmie Dark

Hugh Lawson and Zoe Waters have a tangled history. But she left ten years ago and he's put her behind him. Except she's here again-just when Hugh's ready to make an offer for her family's legendary vineyard. And her version of those long-ago events is enough to make him question everything he thought he knew.Hugh can't let the past destroy his plans for the future. Which means he has to unravel the truth. But as he does, he begins to realize that he may have been as responsible for what happened as Zoe. And that going back could be the only way to move forward.

In His Good Hands

by Joan Kilby

Renita Thatcher never imagined she'd see Brett O'Connor in town again-let alone in her office. Over the years, Renita has only caught glimpses of her old crush in the tabloids as Brett jet-set his way to football superstardom. . . ;. Oh, who's she trying to kid? She'd followed his career religiously. And his marriage to the gorgeous, high-profile trophy wife. Ex-wife. Now Renita, the only loans officer in Summerside Bay, has something Brett wants. Just like in high school, she's in a position of power over him, but this time, she doesn't want to mess it up. Her next move is critical. Does she want revenge or does she want to surrender herself to a guy who looks even better than her best fantasy?

In His Image: Book One of the Christ Clone Trilogy

by James Beauseigneur

Based on the actual scientific expedition to examine the Shroud of Turin, author BeauSeigneur creates a fictionalized story that links ancient DNA to the coming of the Antichrist.

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