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Jury of One

by Laura Bradford

Series of murders haunt the town of Ocean Point in New Jersey. Four murders in four weeks and all clues lead to a common aspect - the warning prediction of the fortuneteller.

The Jury (The Sisterhood, Book #4)

by Fern Michaels

Tea. Sympathy. Revenge. The Sisterhood has its own style of justice. They know life isn't fair, but that doesn't mean they have to like it or let it pass.

Jusqu'a L'Extreme Regard, poesie (Until the Extreme Glance)

by Huguette Bertrand

Poems in Frenchh (apparently concerning love and desire)

Just a Bite

by Istvan Pivarcsi

Mustering his extensive experience on the scene of the world's richest source of vampire lore, Transylvania, historian and author István Pivárcsi seeks to peel away the effects of popular culture and set the record straight, addressing essential questions in dozens of bite-size chapters: How did vampire legends emerge in the Balkans, Romania, and Transylvania? How did other monsters eventually coalesce as what we know as vampires? Who was the real Vlad the Impaler, and how did he come to personify the classic vampire? How did vampire-related oral traditions evolve over the centuries--and then explode with unprecedented force in both literature and popular culture from the mid-nineteenth century on? The ideal short reference for anyone with at least a passing interest in the undead, Just a Bite includes an extensive two-part appendix comprising a comprehensive glossary of vampire terms as well as a chronology of human beings' fascination (and interaction) with vampires through history.

Just a Cowboy and His Baby

by Carolyn Brown

One determined, hell-on-wheels cowgirl. One equally determined, sexier-than-hell cowboy. One innocent baby, who suddenly takes center stage and everybody's priorities are suddenly up for grabs. With a young baby dropped in his lap, bronc rider Trace Coleman's world is turned upside down. Suddenly, Gemma O'Donnell, his stiffest competition on the rodeo scene, is now the one person who can help him. She's already resisting his sexy smile and even sexier swagger, but she can't resist a baby. When it comes down to it, only one can win, but is winning more important than love and family?

Just a Dog: Understanding Animal Cruelty and Ourselves

by Arnold Arluke

Psychiatrists define cruelty to animals as a psychological problem or personality disorder. Legally, animal cruelty is described by a list of behaviors. In Just a Dog, Arnold Arluke argues that our current constructs of animal cruelty are decontextualized--imposed without regard to the experience of the groups committing the act. Yet those who engage in animal cruelty have their own understandings of their actions and of themselves as actors. In this fascinating book, Arluke probes those understandings and reveals the surprising complexities of our relationships with animals. Just a Dog draws from interviews with more than 250 people, including humane agents who enforce cruelty laws, college students who tell stories of childhood abuse of animals, hoarders who chronically neglect the welfare of many animals, shelter workers who cope with the ethics of euthanizing animals, and public relations experts who use incidents of animal cruelty for fundraising purposes. Through these case studies, Arluke shows how the meaning of "cruelty" reflects and helps to create identities and ideologies.

Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln

by Jean Fritz

An easy-to-read story about Lincoln and the famous words he spoke at Gettysburg that will make young readers feel like they are actually at Gettysburg witnessing the speech that still lives in the hearts of all Americans.

Just a Hint--Clint (Visitation #4)

by Lori Foster

You met Julie Rose in Say No to Joe? Now, bestselling author Lori Foster introduces her to intriguing Clint Evans, a mercenary who plays by no one's rules but his own. Now, Clint is out to rescue a woman who's more than his match... and more trouble than he bargained for... SOME DAYS, IT DOESN'T PAY TO GET OUT OF BED That's what crosses Clint Evans's mind the minute he takes on the four thugs holding heiress Julie Rose hostage. It isn't the danger-Clint's made his reputation by being reliably ruthless, a quality that keeps his wounds deeply undercover. What's got Clint in a lather is Julie herself. The pretty, petite schoolteacher he's been hired to return to her wealthy fiance is no fainting trust-fund baby. She's a bit of a hellcat, one who won't be deterred when she sets her sights on something. And her sights are set on Clint. The one rule Clint never breaks is this-don't get involved with the client. He can look, but he definitely cannot touch-even if it's driving him crazy. Keeping Julie safe until he can figure out who's behind her kidnapping means never letting her out of his sight. And the closer he sticks to the feisty, seductive woman who makes him feel alive...the harder it gets for him to ever consider letting her go,..

Just Ali Cat

by Dandi Daley Mackall

A Lesson in Recognizing Inner Beauty. Ali Cat is a very friendly cat. And Katy thinks she is beautiful! But will the pet show judges think so too?

Just an Ordinary Day

by Shirley Jackson

The stories in this edition represent the great diversity of her work, from humor to her shocking explorations of the human psyche. The tales range, chronologically, from the writings of her college days and residence in Greenwich Village in the early 1940s, to the unforgettably chilling stories from the period just before her death. They provide an exciting overview of the evolution of her craft through a progression of forms and styles, and add significantly to the body of her published work. Just an Ordinary Dayis a testament to how large a talent Shirley Jackson had and to the depth, breadth, and complexity of her writing. Though this remarkable literary life was cut short, Jackson clearly established a unique voice that has won a permanent place in the canon of outstanding American literature, and remains a powerful influence on generations of readers and writers. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Just an Overnight Guest

by Eleanora E. Tate

Eleanora Tate presents a refreshing story that explores diversity and the true meaning of family. Everyone in town says that Ethel is a bad kid. When Ethel's mother goes away, Margie Carson's mother decides to let Ethel stay with them for one night. But one night turns into many and Margie doesn't know what to do.

Just and Unjust Military Intervention

by Stefano Recchia Jennifer M. Welsh

Classical arguments about the legitimate use of force have profoundly shaped the norms and institutions of contemporary international society. But what specific lessons can we learn from the classical European philosophers and jurists when thinking about humanitarian intervention, preventive self-defense or international trusteeship today? The contributors to this volume take seriously the admonition of contextualist scholars not to uproot classical thinkers' arguments from their social, political and intellectual environment. Nevertheless, this collection demonstrates that contemporary students, scholars and policymakers can still learn a great deal from the questions raised by classical European thinkers, the problems they highlighted, and even the problematic character of some of the solutions they offered. The aim of this volume is to open up current assumptions about military intervention, and to explore the possibility of reconceptualizing and reappraising contemporary approaches.

Just and Unjust Wars

by Michael Walzer

This classic work examines the issues surrounding military theory, war crimes and the spoils of war from the Athenian attack on Melos to the My Lai massacre. Subsequent editions have commented on more recent conflicts including the Balkans war and the first Iraq war. Just and Unjust Wars examines a variety of conflicts in order to understand exactly why, according to Walzer, "the argument about war and justice is still a political and moral necessity." Walzer's classic work draws on historical illustrations and the testimony of participants - decision makers and victims alike - to examine the moral issues of warfare.

Just Another Day in Paradise (Fiddler & Fiora Series, Book 1)

by A. E. Maxwell

Looking out his window, Fiddler can't help thinking that California's Gold Coast is pretty damn close to Paradise, even it" that is a cliche. But he's about to catch a glimpse of the shady side of this sun-drenched Eden, thanks to his ex-wife Fiora, a honey-blonde with a body that won't quit and a mind to match. Even though Fiora's sheets are being warmed by an utterly charming European these days, there are still plenty of times she wants Fiddler by her side. Like when a couple of agents from the U.S. Customs Department start grilling her about the Silicon Valley export business owned by her suddenly unavailable-for-comment twin brother. Danny's into electronics--the kind that come in miniature chips-- but it seems he's also been dabbling in other, more dangerous, enterprises. With Fiora's soft spot for her twin offset by Fiddler's hard head and matching muscles, the pair swing into action, knowing they don't have much time to save Danny from the Feds, from his enemies and, most of all, from himself.

Just Another Judgement Day (Nightside #9)

by Simon R. Green

There is a new Sheriff in town, and he got the Night side rich and powerful quaking in their boots. He is The Walking Man, and it's his mission to exorcise sinners with extreme prejudice. Problem is, the Night side was built on sin and corruption.

Just Another Soldier: A Year on the Ground in Iraq

by Jason Christopher Hartley

This is not your father's war. This is Iraq, where a soldier's first duty is reinforcing his Humvee with sheet metal and sand bags. Or, in the absence of plumbing, burning barrels of human waste. Where any dead dog on the side of the road might be concealing an insurgent's bomb and anyone could be the enemy. At age 17, Jason Christopher Hartley joined the Army National Guard. Thirteen years later, he is called to active duty, to serve in Iraq. Sent to a town called Ad Dujayl, made notorious by Saddam Hussein's 1982 massacre, Hartley is thrust into the center of America's war against terrorism. This is his story. "If you are distrustful of the media and want to know exactly what's going on in Iraq, you'll have to pray for divine enlightenment, because only god knows what the hell is going on over here. However, if you want to know how it feels to be a soldier in Iraq, to hear something honest and raw, that I can help you with." Sometimes profane, often poignant, and always nakedly candid, Just Another Soldier takes the reader past the images seen on CNN and the nightly news, into the day to day reality of life on the ground as an infantryman, attached to the 1st Division, in the first war of the 21st century. From the adrenaline rush of storming a suspected insurgent's house, to the sheer boredom of down time on the base, to the horror of dead civilians, Hartley examines his role as a man, as a soldier and as an American on foreign soil. His quest to discover the balance between his compassionate side and his baser instincts, results in a searing portrait of today's Army and a remarkable personal narrative written in a fresh and exciting new voice. Just Another Soldier is more than a war story; it delivers an intimate look at a generation of young men and women on the front lines of American policy. Whether you're for or against the war in Iraq, this is essential reading.

Just As I Am, The Life of David Ring

by Lela Gilbert David Ring

"For those who do not believe in miracles, this book is must reading. For those who do believe in miracles, it will be a confirming blessing. I commend it with joy" Adrian Rogers, Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church

Just As I Am: A Short Story Extra for What Once Was Lost

by Kim Vogel Sawyer

In this romantic 19th century-set short fiction follow-up to What Once Was Lost, while setting the stage for Sawyer's next novel, Echoes of Mercy, a young woman must let go of past rejections to find hope in the meaningful future God wants for her. Daisy Forrester has been raised in Brambleville, Kansas at Dunnigan's Orphan Asylum by Levi and Christina Jonnson. As she has watched younger, more appealing orphans come and go on to new families, Daisy has spent years becoming a valued helper for Ma and Pa Jonnson, as the orphans call them. However, she is coming up on her sixteenth birthday, and it will soon be time for her to make her own way in the world. Nervous about leaving the farm, she turns to the one connection she has out in the world--Robby, a friend who left the asylum before her and is now employed in Sinclair, Kansas at Dinsmore's World Famous Chocolate Factory. Daisy heads for the safe harbor that is his friendship, but the outside world doesn't offer the friendly welcome that Daisy dreams of and Robby faces unique challenges of his own in the form of an eager co-worker bent on sending Daisy back to Brambleville. Can Daisy look beyond her own insecurities to embrace a young man with great affection for her, and a God who calls her 'beloved'--just as she is?

Just as I Thought

by Grace Paley

This collection of articles, reports, and talks by National Book Award finalist Grace Paley represents approximately 30 years of political and literary activity--with a couple of occasional glances over her shoulder into disappearing family and children--and comes as close to an autobiography as anything we are likely to have from this quintessentially American writer.

Just Ask a Woman: Cracking the Code of What Women Want and How They Buy

by Mary Lou Quinlan

Author shows marketers and business leaders how to tap into America's most powerful consumers: women. Although they comprise just over half of the U.S. population, women buy or influence the purchase of eighty-five percent of all products and services.

Just Being Audrey

by Margaret Cardillo

This book for younger readers pays a stunning tribute to one of America's most beloved icons--Audrey Hepburn.

Just Between Friends

by Julianna Morris

A handsome contractor rescues his well-to-do best friend by agreeing to marry her for just a year. But he doesn't know that she's always wanted more than friendship.

Just Between Friends (The Hidden Diary Book 3)

by Sandra Byrd

Book 3 of The Hidden Diary series. A lost dog about to have puppies puts the two girls into a jam. Lucy's cottage has a strict policy and Serena's dad has allergies. Finding a solution teaches them both about trusting others and teamwork.

Just Between Us (So Little Time Series #4)

by Mary-Kate Olsen Ashley Olsen

Stop a sneaky girl from stealing your boyfriend . . . Pose for the family portrait . . . Learn to keep a secret . . . Always, always follow Manuelo's advice.

Just Breathe

by Dee Davis

Former CIA agent Matthew Broussard came to Vienna to catch a killer. But when his only lead is shot dead, he is left without answers and with an injured witness in his arms. The enticing young woman may be his last chance to resolve the tragedy that still haunts his past. He cannot let her out of his sight, even if it means getting close to someone again. For aspiring travel writer Chloe Nichols, escorting a tour group of wealthy old ladies through Europe was supposed to be anything but thrilling. Then she is rescued from an assassin's bullet by a stranger on the train-a perfectly handsome, charming stranger who saves her life with a kiss and asks her to pose as his fiancée. Chloe believes Matthew is trying to protect her, until the seductive charade becomes part of a lethal international conspiracy in which no one is what they seem-including her captivating hero. . . . From the Paperback edition.

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