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Three from the Legion

by Jack Williamson

The story takes place in an era when humans have colonized the Solar System but dare not go farther, as the first extra-solar expedition to Barnard's Star failed and the survivors came back as babbling, grotesque, diseased madmen.

The Three Furies (Erec Rex #4)

by Kaza Kingsley Peter Mohrbacher

Another task, even more dangerous than the previous ones, befalls Erec in the fourth book in the series. He must literally face his worst nightmares to succeed, but he isn't sure if he can overcome his fears. On top of a contest he must win to continue his rise to King, he must also save Bethany, who has been entranced by Baskania, and deal with his inevitable transformation into a dragon.

Three Girls and a God (Goddesses #2)

by Clea Hantman

The muses were doing fine until he showed up.... Dylan from Denver, on dinner with Thalia: "I'm not sure, but I feel this is fate. I feel a connection to you. Plus, you are totally adorable -- just have dinner with me."

The Three Hardest Words in the World to Get Right

by Leonard Sweet

Three simple words-"I love you"-capture the heart of Jesus' life and ministry. These three words form the bottom line and top drawer of all his teachings. And they remain the three hardest words in the world to get right. Two pronouns and a verb have never been so difficult to grasp, much less to practice. Popular culture has ruined love's reputation by redefining it first as romance, and then as lust. But it's not just the meaning of the wordlovethat causes so much confusion. To fully understand love, we also need to find out who we are in God's eyes and whom we are commanded to love. Following Jesus can be described as the daily practice of all three words: I. Love. You. There is nothing more rewarding, and nothing more risky. Join Leonard Sweet in this eye-opening, life-altering exploration of three simple, one-syllable words. After all, the lifestyle of love is the only life that Jesus calls you to live. There is nothing more challenging than adopting the three-word lifestyle of Jesus as your own. Perhaps you have wondered why love seems to work for everyone else, but not for you. Or maybe you've done your best to love those around you, but it seems that life has drained your last drop of trust and affection. Nothing is better than love when it's right; and nothing is more destructive than attempts at love that fail to follow the Jesus prescription for a healthy life. Jesus devoted his earthly life to saying these three words-I love you-and teaching us how to say them. As Jesus defined love, it takes everything you've got...and then even more, which only God can give. The lifestyle of love is not something you can master on your own, but Jesus is ready to show you how. Starting today, you can learn to live "I love you"-the three hardest words in the world to get right. Leonard Sweet, PhD, serves as the E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism at Drew Theological School in Madison, New Jersey. He is also a Distinguished Visiting Professor at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon, and founder and president of SpiritVenture Ministries. He has written many books, includingOut of the Question...Into the Mysteryand the trilogySoulTsunami, AquaChurch,andSoulSalsa. From the Hardcover edition.

Three Hearts and Three Lions (Holger Danske #1)

by Poul Anderson

A modern earthman becomes a very reluctant knight in another age on an alien world!

Three Hungry Bears

by Laura Long

Teddy bears love having breakfast parties, and the more bears you knit, the bigger the party will be! Knit these bears in the softest alpaca yarn you can find. Whether you're making the bears for small or big children, the luxurious feel of the yarn will offer warmth and comfort with every cuddle.

Three in Death

by J. D. Robb

Includes these three favorites: Interlude In Death, Midnight In Death, Haunted In Death Number-one New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb delivers a potent combination of futuristic suspense, thrills, and passion in three stories featuring Lieutenant Eve Dallas.

Three Kids and a Cowboy

by Natalie Patrick

SECOND CHANCE AT MARRIAGE SECOND CHANCE AT MARRIAGE Three little orphans had one big, brawny cowboy wrapped around their fingers! Miranda Sykes was so happy that her estranged husband's dreams to be a daddy had finally come true. But her own dream to be a mother-and Brodie's beloved wife-was only temporarily hers.... Miranda knew Brodie had only welcomed her home to his Texas ranch so that they'd look like one big happy family to social services. But one big happy family they were! And now all she needed was for Brodie to welcome her home in his heart for a bright, new beginning....

Three Kingdoms

by Guanzhong Luo

Updated with a new foreword by Moss Roberts for this fifteenth anniversary edition, Three Kingdoms tells the story of the fateful last reign of the Han dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 220), when the Chinese empire was divided into three warring kingdoms. Writing some twelve hundred years later, the Ming author Luo Guanzhong drew on histories, dramas, and poems portraying the crisis to fashion a sophisticated, compelling narrative that has become the Chinese national epic. This abridged edition captures the novel's intimate and unsparing view of how power is wielded, how diplomacy is conducted, and how wars are planned and fought. As important for Chinese culture as the Homeric epics have been for the West, this Ming dynasty masterpiece continues to be widely influential in China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam and remains a great work of world literature.

The Three Kings of Cologne (Roger the Chapman #16)

by Kate Sedley

Alderman John Foster wishes to give his home city of Bristol a gift of almshouses, together with a chapel dedicated to The Three Kings of Cologne. To this end he purchases a piece of land from the Magdalen Nunnery, but when this is cleared and dug over, the murdered body of a young woman is unearthed. This is later identified as the remains of Isabella Linkinhorne, who disappeared twenty years earlier. It was known at the time that she had three secret lovers. John Foster employs Roger the Chapman to discover the identity of these men, and to find out which one of them killed Isabella. Faced with the almost impossible task of tracking down three people of whom he knows next to nothing, Roger nicknames them Caspar, Balthazar and Melchior after the Magi - the Three Kings of Cologne. . .

The Three-legged Cat

by Margaret Mahy

But will Mrs. Gimble miss her cat? Or, will Danny miss his Russian hat? A delightful book for young readers. Other books by Margaret Mahy are available in this library.

Three Little Miracles

by Rebecca Winters

BABY BOOM It wasn't just trouble that came in threes... Despite her amnesia, Tracey can't forget one thing-the devastating secret that forced her to run out on Julien Chappelle four days after their honeymoon. She wants a divorce. Julien wants his wife back. And he's prepared to fight for her: he'll agree to a divorce if Tracey will live with him for thirty days...and nights! But what Tracey hasn't counted on is that Julien has more than just memories on his side. A set of adorable triplets who need their mom to come home. It seems Tracey has only one motive for leaving and three compelling reasons why she should stay.... BABY BOOM. Two's company...five's a family! "Rebecca Winters is a master storyteller... A Rebecca Winters romance transports the reader to a magical place, and it's a journey I never want to miss." -Bonnie K. Winn " of our favorite authors..." -Romantic Times

Three Little Words: A Memoir

by Ashley Rhodes-Courter

"Sunshine, you're my baby and I'm your only mother. You must mind the one taking care of you, but she's not your mama." Ashley Rhodes-Courter spent nine years of her life in fourteen different foster homes, living by those words. As her mother spirals out of control, Ashley is left clinging to an unpredictable, dissolving relationship, all the while getting pulled deeper and deeper into the foster care system. Painful memories of being taken away from her home quickly become consumed by real-life horrors, where Ashley is juggled between caseworkers, shuffled from school to school, and forced to endure manipulative,humiliating treatment from a very abusive foster family. In this inspiring, unforgettable memoir, Ashley finds the courage to succeed - and in doing so, discovers the power of her own voice.

Three Lives

by Gertrude Stein

Three Lives is three portraits of women. "The Good Anna" describes a German house servant; "Melanctha" explores the love affair of an African-American woman; and "The Gentle Lena" narrates the fate of a patient German maid.

Three Many Cooks

by Sharon Damelio Pam Anderson Maggy Keet

When the women behind the popular blog Three Many Cooks gather in the busiest room in the house, there are never too many cooks in the kitchen. Now acclaimed cookbook author Pam Anderson and her daughters, Maggy Keet and Sharon Damelio, blend compelling reflections and well-loved recipes into one funny, candid, and irresistible book. Together, Pam, Maggy, and Sharon reveal the challenging give-and-take between mothers and daughters, the passionate belief that food nourishes both body and soul, and the simple wonder that arises from good meals shared. Pam chronicles her epicurean journey, beginning at the apron hems of her grandmother and mother, and recounts how a cultural exchange to Provence led to twenty-five years of food and friendship. Firstborn Maggy rebelled against the family's culinary ways but eventually found her inner chef as a newlywed faced with the terrifying reality of cooking dinner every night. Younger daughter Sharon fell in love with food by helping her mother work, lending her searing opinions and elbow grease to the grueling process of testing recipes for Pam's bestselling cookbooks. Three Many Cooks ladles out the highs and lows, the kitchen disasters and culinary triumphs, the bitter fights and lasting love. Of course, these stories would not be complete without a selection of treasured recipes that nurtured relationships, ended feuds, and expanded repertoires, recipes that evoke forgiveness, memory, passion, and perseverance: Pumpkin-Walnut Scones, baked by dueling sisters; Grilled Lemon Chicken, made legendary by Pam's father at every backyard cookout; Chicken Vindaloo that Maggy whipped up in a boat galley in the Caribbean; Carrot Cake obsessively perfected by Sharon for the wedding of friends; and many more. Sometimes irreverent, often moving, always honest, this collection illustrates three women's individual and shared search for a faith that confirms what they know to be true: The divine is often found hovering not over an altar but around the stove and kitchen table. So hop on a bar stool at the kitchen island and join them to commiserate, laugh, and, of course, eat!Advance praise for Three Many Cooks "This beautiful book is a stirring, candid, powerful celebration of mothers, daughters, and sisters, and of family, food, and faith. The stories are relatable and real, and are woven perfectly with the time-tested, mouthwatering recipes. I loved every page, every word, and am adding this to the very small pile of books in my life that I know I'll pick up and read again and again."--Ree Drummond, New York Times bestselling author of The Pioneer Woman Cooks "As a little story about mac and cheese illustrates, when it comes to family, the trick is to make a masterpiece with the ingredients you've got. Three Many Cooks is the perfect encouragement to work with what we have: one another."--Kelly Corrigan, New York Times bestselling author of Glitter and Glue "Pam Anderson is the consummate test cook--smart, thorough, and curious. Her new book, Three Many Cooks, puts cooking in the context it ultimately belongs, at the center of friends and family."--Christopher Kimball, founder and editor, America's Test Kitchen "A wonderful, honest account of food and family, Three Many Cooks deliciously reveals what I've suspected all along: Cooking for people you love pays back enormous dividends."--Jenny Rosenstrach, New York Times bestselling author of Dinner: The PlaybookFrom the Hardcover edition.

Three Messages and a Warning

by Bruce Sterling Eduardo Jiménez Mayo Chris N. Brown

A huge, energetic, and ambitious groundbreaking anthology from emerging and established Mexican authors which showcases all-new supernatural folktales, alien incursions, ghost stories, apocalyptic narratives, and more. Stereotypes of Mexican identities and fictions are identified and transcended. Traditional tales rub shoulders with mindbending new worlds. Welcome to the new Mexican fantastic. Eduardo Jiménez Mayo's translations include books by Bruno Estañol, Rafael Pérez Gay, and José María Pérez Gay. Chris N. Brown lives in Austin, Texas. He is a contributor to the blog No Fear of the Future. Bruce Sterling lives in Turin, Italy, and blogs at Wired's Beyond the Beyond.

The Three Miss Margarets

by Louise Shaffer

For as long as anyone can remember the three Miss Margarets--Li'l Bit, Dr Maggie and Peggy--have held a tiny Southern town in their velvet grip. Friends for almost a lifetime, the once unlikely trio are bemused to have become icons in their home town. For almost thirty years ago these pillars of the community did something that changed their lives forever- something extraordinary, clandestine and very, very illegal. The arrival of a stranger in town opens the floodgate of memories for all three women and threatens to expose the dark secret they swore an oath to protect forever. As the three friends fight to bury a memory that haunts them all still, their loyalty and sense of honour are tested in ways they could never have imagined. And along the way another young woman whose life has become inextricably entwined with theirs finds the strength to reclaim her past. Featuring three of the most gutsy, unique and unforgettable women from the old South you are ever likely to meet, THE THREE MISS MARGARETS is an irresistible tale of friendship, love and finding out who really counts. . .

Three Modules on Clear Writing Style: An Introduction to The Craft of Argument

by Joseph M. Williams Gregory Colomb

As readers, we respond to writing that is clear, direct, and coherent. As writers, we need to learn how to produce these qualities in our own work. Sometimes we lack the vocabulary for talking about writing especially about matters of style with our peers, editors, and collaborators. Learning new ways to talk about good writing simpli es the composition, editing and review processes. LRS provides writers with the tools to see and solve common problems.

The Three Monarchs

by Anthony Horowitz

An original Sherlock Holmes short story from the New York Times bestselling author of The House of Silk and Moriarty--one of the only writers to earn the seal of approval from Conan Doyle's estate.In this e-original short story, Sherlock Holmes and James Watson come together once again to uncover the motive behind a robbery gone awry. When an elderly man shoots an intruder he finds in his home, it seems like a clear case of self-defense. What's not so clear is why the robber was there. His bag contains no silver or jewelry­--only three crude ceramic figurines of Queen Victoria which were mass-produced for her Golden Jubilee. When two of the figurines are traced to other houses on the same street, it's Sherlock Holmes who sees the key to unlock the mystery.Three Monarchs includes a preview chapter from Moriarty.

Three More Stories You Can Read to Your Cat

by Sara Swan Miller

Here kitty, kitty! Would you like to hear a story? Here is a chance to cozy up with your cat and treat her to three new stories written just for felines. If your cat likes to wake up early-very early-then she'll think this book is the cat's meow. Sara Swan Miller and True Kelley, author and illustrator of Three Stories You Can Read to Your Cat, have again joined forces to create three new and hilarious adventures that will have readers everywhere happily purring. So do your cat a favor and read her this book. Just remember to pet your pet while you read!

Three More Stories You Can Read to Your Dog

by Sara Swan Miller

Did you ever wonder why your dog sleeps so much? Perhaps your dog is bored. Maybe it's raining and your dog can't go outside. On days like this, you can always read a book. But most dogs can't read, even the smart ones. There is something really nice you can do for your dog, however. Sara Swan Miller and True Kelley have joined forces to create three new and funny dog adventures. Read your dog the stories in this book-and always remember to pet your dog while you read!

The Three Musketeers

by Alexandre Dumas

It's "one for all and all for one!" as D'Artagnan and his three pals follow a course of swashbuckling intrigue and adventure in 17th-centry France. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Three Musketeers

by Alexandre Dumas

The Three Musketeers, by French writer Alexandre Dumas, was first released in serial form in 1844, a year before Dumas' publication of The Count of Monte Cristo. The story was an instant success, largely due to Dumas' transformation of the historical fiction genre. In The Three Musketeers, contrary to popular practice at the time, history acted as a backdrop for the story rather than the primary element, making it a fun and accessible read. The story follows young d'Artagnan and his friends Athos, Porthos, and Aramis as they defend honor amidst the power struggles of 17th century France. Still popular with readers today, this classic is now available in a chic and affordable edition as part of the Word Cloud Classics series from Canterbury Classics.

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