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Kreepy Klowns of Kalamazoo (Michigan Chillers, #7)

by Johnathan Rand

We stayed as still as we could. I was too afraid to even breathe. I thought that if I took a breath, the clown would hear me. My heart was doing flip-flops in my chest, and I was almost certain that the clown could hear it. Had the clown spotted us? Had he heard us? He was right near the edge of the tent, gripping the knife tightly in his hand.

Krelboyne Parrot (Malcolm in the Middle)

by Pam Pollack Meg Belviso

Malcolm's class has a pet parrot named Hitchcock, and each week a student takes him home for the weekend. Malcolm really can't stand the bird. When it's his turn to take Hitchcock home, Malcolm has an accident with a vacuum cleaner, sending Hitchcock to that Great Birdhouse in the Sky. Panicked, Malcolm replaces Hitchcock with a lookalike-- but can he carry off the ruse? Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

The Kremlin Device

by Chris Ryan

For the first time in its history the SAS is assigned a task in Russia. The aim of Operation Nimrod is to train leaders and instructors of Tiger One, a new Spetznaz unit created to combat the ever-increasing threat of the criminal gangs known collectively as the Mafiya.

Kresley Cole Immortals After Dark: The Clan MacRieve

by Kresley Cole

"The Clan MacRieve collection is a perfect intro for readers new to the Immortals After Dark Series. If you haven't tried Kresley Cole's scorching paranormal tales, now's your chance to be swept away!" - Gena Showalter, New York Times bestseller Three dark heroes, three destined heroines, a trio of legendary love stories. In this sizzling Immortals After Dark collection, bestselling author Kresley Cole delves deep into the sensual but dangerous world of the Lykae, a Highland clan of werewolves. The mighty king: In A Hunger Like No Other, Lachlain MacRieve will stop at nothing to capture his ethereal vampire mate and make her his queen. As passion burns between them, can the tormented beast win the gentle beauty's heart? The ruthless warrior: In Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night, Bowen MacRieve must protect his former enemy, a vulnerable young witch whose breathless kiss haunts him. He'll demand her body and soul, and no deed is too wicked for her seduction. The fierce prince: In Pleasure of a Dark Prince, Garreth MacRieve aches to claim the Valkyrie archer he's long coveted from afar. But when his need for her reaches a feverpitch, will the proud huntress dare surrender to his uncontrollable desires?

The Kreutzer Sonata

by Isai Kamen Doris Lessing Leo Tolstoy

When Marshal of the Nobility Pozdnyshev suspects his wife of having an affair with her music partner, his jealousy consumes him and drives him to murder. Controversial upon publication in 1890, The Kreutzer Sonata illuminates Tolstoy's then-feverish Christian ideals, his conflicts with lust and the hypocrisies of nineteenth-century marriage, and his thinking on the role of art and music in society. In her Introduction, Doris Lessing shows how relevant The Kreutzer Sonata is to our understanding of Tolstoy the artist, as well as to feminism and literature. This Modern Library Paperback Classic also contains Tolstoy's Sequel to the Kruetzer Sonata. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Kris Jenner . . . And All Things Kardashian

by Kris Jenner

You think you know her . . . The Kardashians are famous for letting it all hang out. Whether they're moving cross-country, settling a family feud, dealing with heartbreak, or just having fun with one another, their lives are utterly relatable. No wonder America can't get enough. But what have Kourtney, Kim, KhloÉ, and the rest of the Kardashian clan got that we haven't got? Off-the-charts beauty, millions of dollars, and Kris Jenner--the superstar mom and manager who made them into the family we can't resist. On Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we watch Kris do it all. She runs a household, manages her children's successful careers, produces four television shows featuring her larger-than-life family, and still finds time to tweet to her fans. How does she manage to maintain her composure, enviable elegance, and unflappable sense of humor? After raising six children of her own, in addition to being a stepmother to four and a grandmother, multitasking is Kris's way of life. But she would have never made it without her unwavering belief in God. In this thoughtful, candid, and no-nonsense memoir, Kris Jenner is an open book about the good times and the rough patches. She shares the reality of living her hectic life in the celebrity spotlight, touching on topics that will resonate with women everywhere--love, loss, marriage, divorce, motherhood, and faith. Kris talks about her marriages to Olympic champion Bruce Jenner and Robert Kardashian, the late father of her four oldest children--and how it was Bruce who finally helped end the Kardashians' messy divorce so they could all move forward as a family. She writes with candor and vivid insider detail about her close friendships with Nicole Brown Simpson and O.J. Simpson, as well as Nicole's murder, its aftermath, and the infamous trial. She also puts her oftencontroversial parenting style under the microscope as she relates the details of her decision to make her charming family into an international brand with a blockbuster reality television franchise. If you think your life is chaotic, try keeping up with Kris Jenner.

Krishna and Sudama and Other Stories

by Abrar Nari

For over thousands of years Indian culture has been greatly influenced by the great epics, folklore & real life heroes. Presented in this series are some of the best loved stories drawn from mythology, folklore, history & fantasy.

Krishna & Arjuna and Other Stories

by Vimala Chandrasekharan

For over thousands of years Indian culture has been greatly influenced by the great epics, folklore & real life heroes. Presented in this series are 19 stories drawn from mythology, folklore, history & fantasy.

Krispos of Videssos

by Harry Turtledove

Against all expectations, Krispos had won the crown of Videssos. But how long could he hope to keep head and crown together?For trouble was brewing in every, quarter. Civil war erupted under Petronas, the late Emperor's uncle. A brilliant general and a canny politician, Petronas had a very personal score to settle against the upstart Krispos.And even as rebel troops took the field against the untried Emperor, outland raiders swept down from the northlands in a tide of carnage. The power stemmed from foulest sorcery, and Videssos' wizards could not counter its evil curse.Krispos reign showed every sign of being brief -- and very bloody...From the Paperback edition.

Krispos Rising

by Harry Turtledove

Videssos was beset by enemies abroad and had fallen into decadence at home. But on his first night in the imperial capital, The Empires health mattered less to Krispos than finding a dry place to sleep. Driven by crushing taxes from the farm where his family had lived -- and died -- Krispos had come to the. city seeking what fortune a good mind and a strong back could earn. He had a single goldpiece to his name -- the gift, years past, of a nomad chieftain to a ragged peasant boy. Now, though the night was raw and the inn was warm, he was loath to spend that coin, for the barbarian had claimed it carried magic. Keep his lucky goldpiece or trade it for a warm, dry bed? Krispos tucked the coin away and stepped back into the wet streets -- all unaware that so simple a choice would lead to a world of peril and possibility. . . From the Paperback edition.

Krispos the Emperor

by Harry Turtledove

Krispos had held the throne of Videssos since he was scarcely more than a peasant youth. But now a strange heresy has taken root in the land, a hidden dissent that is flaring into open revolt. As Krispos leads his legions with his three sons, against the rebels, one son disappears into the rebel ranks. Then the renegades seize the day, and Krispos wages an ever more desperate war against an implacable foe that would not scruple to set brother against brother, father against son....From the Paperback edition.

Kristy and the Baby Parade (Baby-Sitters Club #45)

by Ann M. Martin

Stoneybrooke is having a baby parade. So, of course, Kristy wants the baby-sitters to build a float. All they need to do is round up the babies they baby-sit, dress them up, and put them on a float. Easy, right? Wrong. The float turns out awful, the outfits are horrible, and the babies won't cooperate!

Kristy and the Cat Burglar (Baby-Sitters Club Mystery #36)

by Ann M. Martin

It's the biggest crime in Stoneybrook history -- one of the town's mansions is missing! Kristy and Co. are hot on the trail of the Cat Burglar, who left his sign at the scene of the crime.

Kristy and the Copycat (Baby-Sitters Club #74)

by Ann M. Martin

Kristy loves coaching the Krushers. But she misses playing softball herself. So she tries out for the SMS team and makes it! Karen is so proud of her stepsister Kristy. In fact, lately she's been copying everything Kristy does, to be just like her.

Kristy and the Haunted Mansion (Baby-Sitters Club Mystery #9)

by Ann M. Martin

Kristy and her softball team are forced to stay overnight in a creepy mansion after their car breaks down during a thunderstorm.

Kristy and the Kidnapper (Baby-Sitters Club Friends Forever #9)

by Ann M. Martin

When Kristy and her friends head to the nation's capitol for a debate trip, they expect to see some great sites. What they don't expect is to be part of a big mystery involving a kidnapping attempt.

Kristy and the Middle School Vandal (Baby-Sitters Club Mystery #25)

by Ann M. Martin

Kristy and the Baby-Sitters suspect that Cary and his Mischief Knights are behind recent school vandalism pranks. They begin an inquiry that leads them to solve eight puzzles in order to catch the real culprits.

Kristy and the Missing Child (Baby-Sitters Club Mystery #4)

by Ann M. Martin

The babysitters are searching for Jake Kuhn. He is mysteriously missing. Was he taken away? Where is he?

Kristy and the Missing Fortune (Baby-Sitters Club Mystery #19)

by Ann M. Martin

Kristy and the Baby-sitters Club investigate a century-old mystery involving an heiress named Christina Thomas -- possibly an ancestor of Kristy's -- who disappeared in 1863 with a fortune that might belong to Kristy.

Kristy and the Mystery Train (Baby-Sitters Club Mystery #30)

by Ann M. Martin

Accompanying young child star Derek Masters aboard the "mystery train" that is publicizing his newest movie, Kristy, Abby, and Stacey ward off a saboteur who is staging dangerous accidents.

Kristy and the Sister War (Baby-Sitters Club #112)

by Ann M. Martin

When baby-sitting at Shannon Kilbourne's house, Kristy must manage to stop the "war" between Shannon and her sisters, Tiffany and Maria.

Kristy and the Vampires (Baby-Sitters Club Mystery #15)

by Ann M. Martin

Hollywood comes to Stoneybrook ... When a TV movie begins filming in Stoneybrook, Kristy is hired to look after Derek Masters, child actor and friend of the Club, who begins receiving threatening letters demanding he quit the project.

Kristy and the Worst Kid Ever (Baby-Sitters Club #62)

by Ann M. Martin

The Papadakis family takes in a foster child, a troubled young girl named Lou, and Kristy soon discovers that Lou's difficult behavior makes her a real challenge to baby-sit.

Kristy At Bat (Baby-Sitters Club #129)

by Ann M. Martin

Kristy and Her father go to baseball Dream Camp. While there they meet people, and learn important things.

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