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Pennies on a Dead Woman's Eyes (Sharon McCone Book 12)

by Marcia Muller

Convicted of a brutal society murder in 1956, Lis Benedict had served a long sentence and just been released from jail.

Pennsylvania Holt Elements of Literature, First Course

by Kylene Beers

NIMAC-sourced textbook

The Pennsylvania Journey

by Jaffrey A. Davis

The Pennsylvania Journey is a middle school textbook. The outline for this book is based on the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for History and teaches geography, geology, history, economics, citizenship, and government. The book places the state's historical events in the context of our nation's history.

Pennsylvania, Our Home

by Susan Donley

Pennsylvania, Our Home is a 4th grade Pennsylvania history textbook. The outline for this book is based on the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for History and teaches geography, geology, history, economics, citizenship, and government.

Pennsylvania: Our People, Places, and Past

by Randall A. Pellow

This book presents the rich history, geography, people and products of the state of Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Railroad, Volume 1

by Albert J. Churella

"Do not think of the Pennsylvania Railroad as a business enterprise," Forbes magazine informed its readers in May 1936. "Think of it as a nation." At the end of the nineteenth century, the Pennsylvania Railroad was the largest privately owned business corporation in the world. In 1914, the PRR employed more than two hundred thousand people--more than double the number of soldiers in the United States Army. As the self-proclaimed "Standard Railroad of the World," this colossal corporate body underwrote American industrial expansion and shaped the economic, political, and social environment of the United States. In turn, the PRR was fundamentally shaped by the American landscape, adapting to geography as well as shifts in competitive economics and public policy. Albert J. Churella's masterful account, certain to become the authoritative history of the Pennsylvania Railroad, illuminates broad themes in American history, from the development of managerial practices and labor relations to the relationship between business and government to advances in technology and transportation.Churella situates exhaustive archival research on the Pennsylvania Railroad within the social, economic, and technological changes of nineteenth- and twentieth-century America, chronicling the epic history of the PRR intertwined with that of a developing nation. This first volume opens with the development of the Main Line of Public Works, devised by Pennsylvanians in the 1820s to compete with the Erie Canal. Though a public rather than a private enterprise, the Main Line foreshadowed the establishment of the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1846. Over the next decades, as the nation weathered the Civil War, industrial expansion, and labor unrest, the PRR expanded despite competition with rival railroads and disputes with such figures as Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller. The dawn of the twentieth century brought a measure of stability to the railroad industry, enabling the creation of such architectural monuments as Pennsylvania Station in New York City. The volume closes at the threshold of American involvement in World War I, as the strategies that PRR executives had perfected in previous decades proved less effective at guiding the company through increasingly tumultuous economic and political waters.

The Penny

by Joyce Meyer Deborah Bedford

Jenny Blake has a theory about life: big decisions often don't amount to much, but little decisions sometimes transform everything. Her theory proves true the summer she's 14, when she makes the decision to pick up a penny embedded in asphalt and consequently ends up stopping a robbery, getting a job, and meeting someone who changes her life forever--Miss Shaw. Together they form a friendship that dares both of them to confront secrets in their pasts--secrets that threaten to destroy them. Jenny helps Miss Shaw open up to the community around her, while Miss Shaw teaches Jenny to meet even life's most painful challenges with confidence and faith. This unexpected relationship transforms them both in ways neither could have anticipated, and the ripple effect that begins that summer goes on to bring new life to the people around them, revealing how God works in the smallest details--even in something as small as THE PENNY.

Penny And The Four Questions

by Nancy Krulik

It's finally Penny's turn to ask the four questions at the Passover Seder! But now a special guest is coming, and Penny might not get her chance. A special story of friendship-and a little girl who learns the true meaning of Passover.

Penny and Peter

by Carolyn Haywood

Whenever Penny and his adopted brother Peter decide to help their parents, they usually end up in trouble.

Penny and Peter

by Carolyn Haywood

From Carolyn Haywood, author of the beloved Betsy series, here are four more classics for young readers. These adorable stories of childhood adventures are as fresh today as when they were written more than a half century ago. And now, thanks to dynamic new covers, they're ready to charm a whole new generation of readers.When Penny's parents decide to adopt Peter, the two new brothers decide to do everything they can to help their parents. From painting the bedroom blue, to going fishing or getting a sweet surprise, the boys get into twice as much trouble--but they also have twice the fun!

Penny (Breyer Stablemates)

by Jane E. Gerver

To prove her worth as a potential queen, Princess Isabella and her beloved pony Penny embark on a quest for twelve precious jewels.

Penny from Heaven

by Jennifer L. Holm

Jennifer Holm's New York Times bestselling, Newbery Honor Winner is the story of a summer of adventures and secrets that will change everything, at a time in America's history, just after World War II, when being Italian-American meant confronting prejudice because you'd been the enemy not that long ago .<P><P> It's 1953 and 11-year-old Penny dreams of a summer of butter pecan ice cream, swimming, and baseball. But nothing's that easy in Penny's family. For starters, she can't go swimming because her mother's afraid she'll catch polio at the pool. To make matters worse, her dog, Scarlett O'Hara, is sick. Her favorite uncle is living in a car. Her best friend is turning into a criminal. And no one will tell Penny the truth about how her father died. <P> Inspired by three time Newbery Honor winner Jennifer Holm's own Italian American family, Penny from Heaven is a story about families--about the things that tear them apart and the things that bring them back together.<P> Newbery Honor book

Penny Goes to Camp

by Carolyn Haywood

Penny and his adopted brother Peter are already old friends of Carolyn Haywood's wide audience of children, equaling in popularity Little Eddie and all her other well loved characters. It is with extreme reluctance that the two little boys first greet the idea of a summer at camp. But as preparations advance, a gradual interest dawns. When Penny's camp uniform fails to arrive, its absence takes on the aspect of a major catastrophe. However, a great job of expediting on the part of parents and friends produces the uniform just in time for Penny to don it in the railway station dressing room and shed the Indian suit which has brought ridicule upon him. Once the boys are actually at camp and swept into its exciting doings, they become enthusiastic campers. Humor, tenderness, and understanding characterize the story as they do the others of this gifted author-artist. Children will love the book whether or not they have ever gone to camp. There are over twenty more books in the Bookshare collection about Penny, Peter and their friends at camp. Look for Carolyn Haywood to find books about Betsy, Eddie and other kids like you, even though they were children over 60 years ago in the middle of the twentieth century. Some of the book titles you'll find are: "B" is for Betsy, Betsy's Busy Summer, Betsy's Merry Christmas, Betsy and the Circus, Betsy and Mr. Kilpatrick, Betsy's Winterhouse, Eddie the Dog Holder, Eddie and his big Deals, Eddie's Pay Dirt, Eddie and Gardenia, Ever Ready Eddie, Eddie and the Fire Engine and many more! Many of these books have picture descriptions.

Penny Marsh, Public Health Nurse

by Dorothy Deming

A well written and interesting story of a graduate nurse who decides on a public health nursing career. The reader follows Penelope Marsh from private duty nursing, through a period of work with the Visiting Nurse Association, to the special course of study in the graduate school of a university. While the book is a novel relating the experiences and adventures of one nurse, it makes an eloquent plea for the public health branch of nursing service. The book will be especially enjoyed by the nurse in training as well as the young women in college and senior high school who are planning a nursing career. The physician will find this a splendid volume to recommend to his families whose daughters have expressed a desire for information about nursing. . . .

Penny Marsh, R.N., Director of Nurses

by Dorothy Deming

Penny takes a post as acting director of a nursing school as her young friend Heather begins her training. Juggling home and career and shaping the next generation of nurses is challenging, but Penny Marsh grows through the challenge and learns alongside her students.

Penny of the Pyramids (Mr. Peabody & Sherman)

by Bill Robinson Frank Berrios

DreamWorks Animation brings Jay Ward's classic cartoon Mr. Peabody & Shermanto the big screen in an all-new comedy adventure for the whole family. Mr. Peabody is the world's smartest person who happens to be a dog. When his "pet" boy, Sherman, uses their time-traveling WABAC machine without permission, the events in history spiral out of control to disastrous and comical results! It's up to this most unexpected of father-son teams to put things back on track. This Step 2 leveled reader brings all the action and time-travel adventure to boys and girls ages 4-6 who are just learning to read on their own.

Penny-Pinching Main Dishes

by Joanna Lund

Recipes and useful information for diabetes and weight loss.

Penny Stocks For Dummies

by Peter Leeds

Want to make a big bet on an economic recovery in the U.S.? Start thinking small!The growing popularity of penny stocks can be attributed to a combination of increased understanding and tough economic times.??Penny Stocks For Dummies explains the basics of penny stocks and provides expert guidance to help you get involved right away.Penny Stocks For Dummies provides you with the information and advice you need before considering an investment in penny stocks, as well as the tools needed to make sound investments. You'll also get expert guidance on identifying growth trends and market sectors positioned for rapid growth, finding undiscovered penny stocks, and understanding the fundamentals of a potential investment in penny stocks.Arms you with the know-how to properly identify, and purchase, winning penny stocksShows you how good money can be made from these low-priced sharesGets you involved in Penny Stocks quickly, painlessly, and on a small budgetPenny Stocks For Dummies appeals to anyone who doesn't have a lot to invest right now in the current economic climate, but who wants to multiply what they do have.

The Pentagon: The Untold Story of the Wartime Race to Build the Pentagon--and to Restore It Sixty Years Later

by Steve Vogel

The creation of the Pentagon in seventeen whirlwind months during World War II is one of the great construction feats in American history, involving a tremendous mobilization of manpower, resources, and minds. In astonishingly short order, Brigadier General Brehon B. Somervell conceived and built an institution that ranks with the White House, the Vatican, and a handful of other structures as symbols recognized around the world. Now veteran military reporter Steve Vogel reveals for the first time the remarkable story of the Pentagon's construction, from it's dramatic birth to its rebuilding after the September 11 attack. At the center of the story is the tempestuous but courtly Somervell-"dynamite in a Tiffany box," as he was once described. In July 1941, the Army construction chief sprang the idea of building a single, huge headquarters that could house the entire War Department, then scattered in seventeen buildings around Washington. Somervell ordered drawings produced in one weekend and, despite a firestorm of opposition, broke ground two months later, vowing that the building would be finished in little more than a year. Thousands of workers descended on the site, a raffish Virginia neighborhood known as Hell's Bottom, while an army of draftsmen churned out designs barely one step ahead of their execution. Seven months later the first Pentagon employees skirted seas of mud to move into the building and went to work even as construction roared around them. The colossal Army headquarters helped recast Washington from a sleepy southern town into the bustling center of a reluctant empire. Vivid portraits are drawn of other key figures in the drama, among them Franklin D. Roosevelt, the president who fancied himself an architect; Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson and Army Chief of Staff General George C. Marshall, both desperate for a home for the War Department as the country prepared for battle; Colonel Leslie R. Groves, the ruthless force of nature who oversaw the Pentagon's construction (as well as the Manhattan Project to create an atomic bomb); and John McShain, the charming and dapper builder who used his relationship with FDR to help land himself the contract for the biggest office building in the world. The Pentagon's post-World War II history is told through its critical moments, including the troubled birth of the Department of Defense during the Cold War, the tense days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the tumultuous 1967 protest against the Vietnam War. The pivotal attack on September 11 is related with chilling new detail, as is the race to rebuild the damaged Pentagon, a restoration that echoed the spirit of its creation. This study of a single enigmatic building tells a broader story of modern American history, from the eve of World War II to the new wars of the twenty-first century. Steve Vogel has crafted a dazzling work of military social history that merits comparison with the best works of David Halberstam or David McCullough. Like its namesake, The Pentagon is a true landmark. "Among books dealing with seemingly impossible engineering feats, this easily ranks with David McCullough's The Great Bridge and The Path Between the Seas, as well as Ross King's Brunelleschi's Dome. " -Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review) "Vogel artfully weaves architectural and cultural history, thus creating a brilliant and illuminating study of this singular (and, in many ways, sacred) American space. " -Publishers Weekly (Starred Review) "An amazing story, expertly researched and beautifully told. Part history, part adventure yarn, The Pentagon is above all else the biography of an American icon. "

Penthouse Uncensored V

by The Editors of Penthouse Magazine

Erotic stories. Previously published in Warner mass market paperback as "Letters to Penthouse IX" and "Letters to Penthouse X," Penthouse Uncensored V" continues the successful Warner trade paperback reissue of this series.

Penthouse Uncensored VI: Ultimate Erotica

by Penthouse International

Three classic volumes of erotica.


by Pearl S. Buck

The Nobel Prize-winning author's perceptive fable of cross-cultural passions in nineteenth-century ChinaIn 1850s China, a young girl, Peony, is sold to work as a bondmaid for a rich Jewish family in Kaifeng. Jews have lived for centuries in this region of the country, but by the mid-nineteenth century, assimilation has begun taking its toll on their small enclave. When Peony and the family's son, David, grow up and fall in love with one another, they face strong opposition from every side. Tradition forbids the marriage, and the family already has a rabbi's daughter in mind for David. Long celebrated for its subtle and even-handed treatment of colliding traditions, Peony is an engaging coming-of-age story about love, identity, and the tragedy and beauty found at the intersection of two disparate cultures. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Pearl S. Buck including rare images from the author's estate.

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