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Legacy of Steel (Dragonlance Bridges of Time Series #2)

by Mary H. Herbert

Three years after the Summer of Chaos, Sara Dunstan, adoptive mother of Steel Brightblade, hears rumors that the Knights of Takhisis are regathering in the evil city of Neraka. Although still branded a renegade by the Dark Knights, she travels to Neraka with the blue dragon, Cobalt, to learn the truth. There she discovers the knights are not only rebuilding under the leadership of General Mirielle Abrena, but they have imminent plans to return to war. Frustrated and seeking answers, Sara journeys to the Tomb of the Last Heroes in Solace. At the tomb, she receives an answer she never expected, which inspires a new order that could help the people of Ansalon to survive the dark days ahead. Dragonlance: Bridges of Time Book 2.

Legacy of the Dead

by Charles Todd

The weathered remains found on a Scottish mountainside may be those of Eleanor Gray, but the imperious Lady Maude Gray, Eleanor's mother, will have to be handled delicately. This is not the only ground that Inspector Ian Rutledge of Scotland Yard must tread carefully, for the case will soon lead him to Scotland, where many of Rutledge's ghosts rest uneasily. But it is an unexpected encounter that will hold the most peril.For in Scotland Rutledge will find that the young mother accused of killing Eleanor Gray is a woman to whom he owes a terrible debt. And his harrowing journey to find the truth will lead him back through the fires of his past, into secrets that still have the power to kill.From the Paperback edition.

Legacy of the Heart: The Spiritual Advantages of a Painful Childhood

by Wayne Muller

Wayne Muller brings together the teachings of many different religions and spiritual traditions in a healing program that will appeal to readers of The Road Less Traveled and Homecoming.

Legacy of the Prophet: Despots, Democrats, and the New Politics of Islam

by Anthony Shadid

An Associated Press correspondent recently stationed in Cairo, Shadid reworks a series of articles into an account of how Islamic politic is shifting from militancy to democracy. Through interview and travelogues, he documents how the adolescent militants of a few years ago have become mature activists in Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, and elsewhere. Annotation c. Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

Legacy of the Wolf (Chronicles of Cheysuli, Omnibus 2)

by Jennifer Roberson

This second omnibus edition of Robertson's classic, long-out-of-print Cheysuli series includes Book Three, "Legacy of the Sword", and Book 4, "Track of the White Wolf", continuing the magical odyssey of the warrior race of shapechangers.

The Legacy of Vico in Modern Cultural History

by Joseph Mali

In this highly original study Joseph Mali explores how four attentive and inventive readers of Giambattista Vico's New Science (1744) - the French historian Jules Michelet (1798-1874), the Irish writer James Joyce (1882-1941), the German literary scholar Erich Auerbach (1892-1957) and the English philosopher Isaiah Berlin (1909-1997) - came to find in Vico's work the inspiration for their own modern theories (or, in the case of Joyce, stories) of human life and history. Mali's reconstruction of the specific biographical and historical occasions in which these influential men of letters encountered Vico reveals how their initial impressions and interpretations of his theory of history were decisive both for their intellectual development and their major achievements in literature and thought. This new interpretation of the legacy of Vico's New Science is essential reading for all those engaged in the history of ideas and modern cultural history.

Legacy (Private #6)

by Kate Brian

Everyone at Easton Academy is struggling to recover from the death of Cheyenne Martin - especially the girls of Billings Hall. With Cheyenne gone, they need to elect a new leader, and who better than Reed Brennan, the ultimate Billings Girl? Reed revels in her new-found status but she knows that Billings leaders have a tainted legacy. Now that Reed has everything she's ever wanted, she's got everything to lose. And she's about to find out just how tough it is at the top. . .

Legal Accents, Legal Borrowing

by James L. Nolan

A wide variety of problem-solving courts have been developed in the United States over the past two decades and are now being adopted in countries around the world. These innovative courts--including drug courts, community courts, domestic violence courts, and mental health courts--do not simply adjudicate offenders. Rather, they attempt to solve the problems underlying such criminal behaviors as petty theft, prostitution, and drug offenses. Legal Accents, Legal Borrowing is a study of the international problem-solving court movement and the first comparative analysis of the development of these courts in the United States and the other countries where the movement is most advanced: England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and Australia. Looking at the various ways in which problem-solving courts have been taken up in these countries, James Nolan finds that while importers often see themselves as adapting the American courts to suit local conditions, they may actually be taking in more aspects of American law and culture than they realize or desire. In the countries that adopt them, problem-solving courts may in fact fundamentally challenge traditional ideas about justice. Based on ethnographic research in all six countries, the book examines these cases of legal borrowing for what they reveal about legal and cultural differences, the inextricable tie between law and culture, the processes of globalization, the unique but contested global role of the United States, and the changing face of law and justice around the world.

A Legal Affair

by Maureen Smith

Caleb Thorne is used to having plenty of female attention. Though the hot young law professor has never crossed the line with a student - until he meets Daniela. There is something different about her - with her fierce attitude, ambition and to-die-for body. Something he is determined to uncover, layer by silky layer. . . Private investigator Daniela Roarke knows she is in over her head the minute she sees her mark. Caleb Thorne isn't just fine - he's gorgeous. And although getting close to him could finally mean busting his no-good father, Daniela knows she is just an amateur at the game of seduction. And now both her cover and her heart are in jeopardy. . .

The Legal and Economic Implications of Electronic Discovery

by Robert H. Anderson Nicholas M. Pace James N. Dertouzos

The growing volume of electronically stored information has led to concerns that requests for electronic discovery (e-discovery) can increase litigation costs, impose new risks on lawyers and their clients, and alter expectations about likely court outcomes. The authors provide an overview of the issues involved and outline five avenues for future research on the legal and economic implications of e-discovery.

Legal Answer Book for Families, The

by Emily Doskow Marcia Stewart

At one time or another, the law will touch your family's life, and it's important that you have swift access to the most up-to-date information available so that your family's interests are protected. From the rights of kids, to inheritance rules, find everything you need to deal with everyday legal issues in The Legal Answer Book for Families. With this legal reference, you'll get: - a clear overview of the laws that affect personal relationships and families of all kinds - reliable and concise answers to everyday legal questions - discussions of various legal documents relevant to your family, from marriage licenses to parenting agreements - a collection of Family Law Rules & Resources, with details for all 50 states Easy-to-use, concise, and clear, The Legal Answer Book for Families is the perfect addition to any family's collection of practical reference books.

Legal Aspects of Marketing and Sales

by Jethro K. Lieberman Don Mayer Daniel M. Warner George J. Siedel

Mayer, Warner, Siedel and Lieberman's Legal Aspects of Marketing and Sales is an up-to-date textbook that covers legal issues that students who will work in marketing or with marketing managers must understand. The text is organized to permit instructors to tailor the materials to their particular approach. The authors take special care to engage students by relating law to everyday events with their clear, concise and readable style.

Legal Attraction

by Jacquelin Thomas

The youngest of five siblings, Marissa Hamilton is determined to prove herself in her family's powerhouse Philadelphia law firm. She has a close confidant in handsome and ambitious fellow attorney Griffin Jackson. But ever since the night they gave in to the passion smoldering between them, Marissa's world has been filled with lies, including one that could turn her whole life upside down.Griff secretly desired Marissa for years before they went from colleagues to lovers. And now she's keeping a secret from him. Will Griff be able to save Marissa before an explosive Hamilton revelation destroys the future they could have together?

The Legal Career Guide

by Gary A. Munneke Ellen Wayne

Munneke (law, Pace U. ) and Wayne (career services, Columbia U. School of Law) present a career guide to help law students identify their goals, evaluate opportunities, and assess trends in the profession during and after law school. The guide covers planning, assessment of personal and professional skills, the job search process, and types of careers in the marketplace. This edition has been updated to address the needs of today's students who seek both career satisfaction and a healthy life balance. The accompanying CD contains sample resumes, charts, checklists, and an appendix that contains an annotated list of resources, which is also in the book. Annotation ©2009 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

Legal Document Production

by Nancy Creel Smith Tracy Rives Johnston

This combination book/workbook/reference provides a well-rounded overview of the procedures to follow in producing legal documents in six areas of law, general legal correspondence, and miscellaneous documents. Readers gain hands-on experience formatting and producing documents using any software package, word processor, electronic typewriter, or standard typewriter. The book provides a realistic approach to the procedural process required in the court system; features a wide variety of hands-on projects that focus on the documents themselves-- i. e. , the projects are suitable for any word processing software used with a computer, electronic typewriter, word processor, or standard typewriter; includes projects that highlight the documents from a variety of states, including specific features of California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia.

The Legal Environment of Business

by Leonard Bierman Michael Pustay Keith D. Swim Jr.

Impact of the external environment--legal, political, economic and international--on business behavior; market and non-market solutions to contemporary public policies confronting businesspersons examined including antitrust law, employment and discrimination law, product safety regulation, consumer, protection and ethics.

Legal Forms for Starting & Running a Small Business

by Fred S. Steingold Attorney

Like most small business owners, you probably can't afford to hire a lawyer to draft the legal documents you need in the course of your day-to-day business. Now there's an affordable solution. , Legal Forms for Starting & Running a Small Business, provides you with over 60 legal forms and documents and all the step-by-step instructions you need to use them. This collection of essential legal and business documents helps you: * create contracts to buy, sell, rent, or store goods * hire employees and consultants * protect your trade secrets * create noncompete agreements * prepare an LLC operating agreement * borrow and lend money * buy a business * lease commercial space * prepare corporate bylaws * record minutes of meetings * buy real estate * and much more This edition is updated with the latest legal documents, contracts, and other forms you need to run your business smoothly, along with up-to-date best practices for business owners and managers. Plus, , Legal Forms for Starting & Running a Small Business, includes all the information and instructions you need to complete and use your forms effectively.

Legal Guide for Starting and Running a Small Business (10th edition)

by Fred Steingold

This easy-to-understand book covers what small-business owners need to know, such as choosing a business structure, taxes and the IRS, employees and independent contractors, and much more.

Legal Guide to Web & Software Development

by Stephen Fishman J.D

Protect your rights, and your hard work! The laws covering website and software development are complex and confusing, but if you don't untangle them, it could cost you thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees and lawsuits. Fortunately, Legal Guide to Web & Software Development decodes this complex area of the law, thoroughly and in reader-friendly English. It also provides contracts, agreements and legal forms on CD-ROM, with step-by-step instructions for filling them out, so you can protect your software and website without paying a lawyer's ransom. Use Legal Guide to Web & Software Development to learn: what kind of legal protection you need the strengths and limitations of each type of protection how to avoid infringement which provisions you need when drafting an agreement how to obtain permission to use other people's materials You'll find complete, step-by-step instructions to draft: employment agreements contractor and consultant agreements development agreements license agreements The 5th edition of Legal Guide to Web & Software Development is completely updated to provide the latest case law and statutory revisions.

Legal Office: Concepts and Procedures

by Robert Cummins

This textbook-workbook is divided into three parts with seventeen chapters to provide the legal office assistant student with a logical frame of reference in the study of the basic concepts of the law.

A Legal Primer on Managing Museum Collections, Third Edition

by Ildiko Deangelis Marie C. Malaro

Hailed when it was first published in 1985 as the bible of U.S. collections management, A Legal Primer on Managing Museum Collections offers the only comprehensive discussion of the legal questions faced by museums regarding collections. This revised and expanded third edition addresses the many legal developments--including a comprehensive discussion of stolen art and the international movement of cultural property, recent developments in copyright, and the effects of burgeoning electronic uses--that have occurred during the past twenty-five years. An authorative, go-to book for any museum professional, Legal Primer offers detailed explanations of the law, suggestions for preventing legal problems, and numerous case studies of lawsuits involving museum collections.

Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing: Structure, Strategy, and Style (6th edition)

by Richard K. Neumann

The Sixth Edition of this respected and popular text remains grounded in the premise that legal reasoning and legal writing are best learned when they are taught together. Building on that foundation, Neumann continues to offer complete, clear, and timely coverage of how to form a legal argument and how to write an effective legal memorandum. Streamlined in its Sixth Edition, Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing features: comprehensive coverage of legal writing: the office memo; the motion memo; the appellate brief; eminently readable text, including an exceptionally lucid explanation of the reasoning behind the proof of a conclusion of law; a thoughtful treatment of all aspects of legal reasoning; student-friendly instruction on the process of writing, the mechanics of style, and grammar up-to-date examples and exercises; sample documents in the Appendices, including an office memo, motion memo, and two appellate briefs. Highly regarded author Richard K. Neumann, Jr. presents, in tandem, smart, in-depth coverage of legal writing and legal reasoning, supported by examples, writing samples, and extraordinarily clear and lucid exposition.

Legal Research

by Stephen Elias Attorney

Legal research made simple! If you're searching for information in a real or virtual law library as a paralegal, law student, legal assistant, journalist, or lay person, finding and accessing the laws that you need to read can be a challenge. Turn to Legal Research, which outlines a systematic method to find answers and get results. In plain, readable English, Attorney Stephen Elias explains, with plenty of examples and instructions, how to: read and understand statues, regulations and cases evaluate cases for their value as precedent use all the basic tools of legal research practice what you've learned with "hands-on, library exercises, as well as hypothetical research problems and solutions This easy-to-use and understand book has been adopted as a text in many law schools and paralegal programs. This edition has been condensed to be more readable and includes an expanded discussion on the use of new legal research tools on the web.

The Legal Research and Writing Handbook: A Basic Approach for Paralegals (6th Edition)

by Andrea B. Yelin Hope Viner Samborn

The highly successful textbook on research and writing makes every step of the process accessible to paralegal students. The authors provide effective research tools, practical strategies and an efficient procedure for researching the law with both traditional and electronic sources. Step-by-step instruction leads students through each stage of activity, from prewriting to revising, and covers the IRAC method, legal memoranda, letters, and more. Invaluable pedagogy features examples, exhibits, expert writing tips,exercises, practice tips, ethics alerts, and web resources. Detailed subheadings provide quick access to topics, and appendices on helpful topics such as Shepardizing and Cite Checking, Citation and Sample Memoranda round out the presentation. The Student Workbook provides for extensive practice,sharpening research and writing skills. Thoroughly revised, the Sixth Edition presents new sample pages and updated exercises. Citation coverage has been updated to the 4th edition of ALWD and the 19th edition of The Bluebook . Inclusion of all the latest changes in legal research led to the revision of references, links, and examples. Students are now given more coaching on the practical aspects of outlining. The Instructor's Manual has expanded explanations, and answers to exercises and questions have been made clearer and more accessible. Hallmark features of The Legal Research and Writing Handbook:Accessible coverage of every step of the research and writing process Research tools and strategies teach an efficient process cover traditional and electronic sources Step-by-step instruction in legal writing process prewriting strategies to revising the IRAC method legal memoranda, letters, and more Excellent pedagogy examples and exhibits expert writing tips exercises practice tips ethics alerts web resources Detailed subheadings for quick access to topics Helpful appendices Shepardizing and Cite Checking Citation Sample Memoranda Student Workbook-extensive practice in research and writing skills ; Thoroughly updated, the revised Sixth Edition presents:New sample pages Citation coverage updated to 4th edition of ALWD and 19th edition of The Bluebook Latest changes in legal research Revised and updated material throughout:references links examples exercises More detail on practical aspects of outlining Thorough revision of the Instructor's Manual expanded explanations cogent and accessible answers to exercises and questions*Instructor's Manuals are a professional courtesy offered to professors only. For more information or to request a copy, please contact Wolter's Kluwer Law & Business at 800.529.7545 or

Legal Research Guide: Paterns and Practice, Fourth Edition

by Linda L. Schlueter Bonita K. Roberts

(4th Ed.) The purpose of this book is to provide law students, attorneys, and others doing legal research a simple step-by-step guide to the basic hard copy research processes.

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