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Coolie Woman: The Odyssey of Indenture

by Gaiutra Bahadur

In 1903, a young woman sailed from India to Guiana as a "coolie"--the British name for indentured laborers who replaced the newly emancipated slaves on sugar plantations all around the world. Pregnant and traveling alone, this woman, like so many coolies, disappeared into history. In Coolie Woman--shortlisted for the 2014 Orwell Prize--her great-granddaughter Gaiutra Bahadur embarks on a journey into the past to find her. Traversing three continents and trawling through countless colonial archives, Bahadur excavates not only her great-grandmother's story but also the repressed history of some quarter of a million other coolie women, shining a light on their complex lives. Shunned by society, and sometimes in mortal danger, many coolie women were either runaways, widows, or outcasts. Many of them left husbands and families behind to migrate alone in epic sea voyages--traumatic "middle passages"--only to face a life of hard labor, dismal living conditions, and, especially, sexual exploitation. As Bahadur explains, however, it is precisely their sexuality that makes coolie women stand out as figures in history. Greatly outnumbered by men, they were able to use sex with their overseers to gain various advantages, an act that often incited fatal retaliations from coolie men and sometimes larger uprisings of laborers against their overlords. Complex and unpredictable, sex was nevertheless a powerful tool. Examining this and many other facets of these remarkable women's lives, Coolie Woman is a meditation on survival, a gripping story of a double diaspora--from India to the West Indies in one century, Guyana to the United States in the next--that is at once a search for one's roots and an exploration of gender and power, peril and opportunity.

The Cooling

by Lowell Ponte

Are we entering a new ice age? Many scientists think so. Many others say that the climate is becoming unstable, and that this instability is a critical threat to world food production. Earth's climate has been cooling rapidly for the past three decades, and this has already caused drought and famine in major areas of the world. In the time it takes you to read this book, at least a thousand people will have starved to death because of the impact climatic instability already has had on food production. And The Cooling has barely begun. Few questions are as urgent today as those concerning climate change and what may be done about it. Dr. Cesare Emiliani, a "paleoclimatologist" at the University of Miami, says: "Is Earth's climate changing? Should governments try to modify climate? In dealing with these controversial issues, Lowell Ponte has written a remarkably thorough, far-ranging, balanced, and scientifically accurate book-the best popular book I have read on both these questions. I recommend THE COOLING to anyone who likes to think, and who cares about the planet we share."


by Patricia Whitehouse

Part of the Read and Learn collection, the books in the Investigations series explore the forces and motions involved in familiar activities and include experiments for children to try out.

Cooling Time

by C. D. Wright

C. D. Wright takes her title from a line of legal defense, peculiar to Texas courts, in which it is held that if a man kills before having had time "to cool" after receiving an injury or an insult he is not guilty of murder.Cooling Time is a new type of book, an unruly vigil that is an interconnected memoir-poem-essay about contemporary American poetry. Ever focused on possibilities, Wright demonstrates that "the search for models becomes a search for alternatives," and thereby defines the terms by which poets can chart their own course.These are some of the things I have touched in my life that are forbidden: paintings behind velvet ropes, electric fencing, a vault in an office, gun in a drawer, my brother's folding money, the poet's anus, the black holes in his heart--where his life went out of him.Tell me, what is the long stretch of road for if not to sort out the reasons why we are here and why we do what we do, from why we are not in the other lane doing what others do.Poetry is like food remarked one of my first teachers, freeing me to dislike Rocky Mountain Oysters and Robert Lowell. The menu is vast, the list of things I don't want in my mouth relatively short.C.D. Wright, author of nine books of poetry, teaches at Brown University. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island, with poet Forrest Gander.


by Jack Teeter

When integration finally came to Lindsey County Comprehensive High School in Lutrell, Georgia, athletic director Tom Pierce decided that the black kids would play on the JV for the first year, even the upperclassmen. That idea didn't sit well with Coop. He played the best athletes, regardless of race, on the Baseball Varsity. Despite threatening phone calls and visits from the local KKK boys, Coop and his daughter and scorekeeper, Janet, came out winners-the Rams were state champs! Today, Coop is no longer a teacher. He's a box stacker at Southland Cup, banned from ever stepping on a ball field in Lindsey County. In fact, Coop hasn't spoken to anyone for seventeen years; he was injured in an automobile accident. The particulars of that long-past wreck are still vague. The passenger in Coop's vehicle that night was Becky, Janet's dearest friend and girlfriend of Sonny, the star of that state championship team. Three days after the wreck Becky was dead, and her parents learned that she had been pregnant. Coop's inability, or unwillingness, to cooperate with the local authorities cost him everything.

Cooperation and Its Evolution

by Kim Sterelny Richard Joyce Brett Calcott Ben Fraser

This collection reports on the latest research on an increasingly pivotal issue for evolutionary biology: cooperation. The chapters are written from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and utilize research tools that range from empirical survey to conceptual modeling, reflecting the rich diversity of work in the field. They explore a wide taxonomic range, concentrating on bacteria, social insects, and, especially, humans. Part I ("Agents and Environments") investigates the connections of social cooperation in social organizations to the conditions that make cooperation profitable and stable, focusing on the interactions of agent, population, and environment. Part II ("Agents and Mechanisms") focuses on how proximate mechanisms emerge and operate in the evolutionary process and how they shape evolutionary trajectories. Throughout the book, certain themes emerge that demonstrate the ubiquity of questions regarding cooperation in evolutionary biology: the generation and division of the profits of cooperation; transitions in individuality; levels of selection, from gene to organism; and the "human cooperation explosion" that makes our own social behavior particularly puzzling from an evolutionary perspective.

Cooperative Banks and Financial Stability

by Martin Čihák Heiko Hesse

A report from the International Monetary Fund.

The Cooperative Business Movement, 1950 to the Present

by Patrizia Battilani Harm G. Schröter

The United Nations declared 2012 the year of cooperatives, emphasizing that there is an alternative to privately owned firms. While greed and mismanagement have caused world financial and economic crises, co-ops offer another type of business for economic activities that is less exposed to aggressive capitalism. This book provides a problem-oriented overview of the development of cooperatives over the last fifty years. The worldwide study addresses the major challenges cooperatives face, such as the organizational innovations introduced in order to acquire necessary risk-capital and implement growth-related strategies, the wave of demutualization in developed nations and their ability to construct an original consumer politics. The contributors to this volume discuss the successes and failures of the cooperatives and ask whether they are an outdated model of enterprise. They document a wave of foundations of new co-ops, new forms of collaboration between them, and a growing trend toward globalization. Generally speaking they show that this special kind of business will doubtless continue to thrive and to maintain an important position in a rapidly changing world economy.

Cooperative Learning in the Classroom

by Wendy Jolliffe

'What is cooperative learning? Why should teachers use it in the classroom? What are the benefits? In eight accessible chapters, Wendy Jolliffe, lecturer in primary education at Hull University, outlines the theory and practice of cooperative learning and shows how the "outcomes and aims of Every Child Matters (2004) can be clearly mapped to the advantages of cooperative learning."... A useful resource for teachers, headteachers, trainee teachers and support staff' - Learning and Teaching Update Cooperative Learning is about structuring lesson activities to encourage pupils to work collaboratively in pairs or small groups to support each other to improve their learning. This inclusive approach to teaching is very much in tune with current initiatives such as Every Child Matters and Excellence and Enjoyment and the focus on learning styles. This book is an accessible guide to implementing cooperative learning in the classroom. It includes: " an explanation of the key factors that make cooperative learning work " a step-by-step approach to implementing cooperative learning in the classroom " advice on how to measure the effectiveness of cooperative learning " guidance for using cooperative learning to encourage effective talk " links to supporting children's emotional intelligence " ideas for practical activities " an action plan and programme for whole school professional development The book is an invaluable resource for individual teachers using cooperative learning techniques in classrooms, this book will also be of interest to headteachers, trainee teachers and learning support staff.

The Cooperman Variations: A Benny Cooperman Mystery

by Howard Engel

A Benny Cooperman mystery.

Cooper's Leather-Stocking Novels

by Geoffrey Rans

James Fenimore Cooper's Leather-Stocking tales, published between 1823 and 1841, are generally regarded as America's first major works of fiction. Here, Geoffrey Rans provides not simply a new reading of the five novels that comprise the series but also a new way of reading them.Rans analyzes each of the five novels (The Pioneers, The Last of the Mohicans, The Prairie, The Pathfinder, and The Deerslayer) in the order in which they were originally composed, an achronological sequence in terms of the stories they tell. As events in early written novels interact with those in later ones, the reader is compelled to construct political meanings different from Cooper's ideological preferences. This approach effectively precludes reading these works as Natty Bumppo's life story, or as an aspect of Cooper's. Rans presents the series as a text that faithfully reproduces the conflicts Cooper faced, both at the time when he wrote the novels and in the history that the novels contemplate.Cooper emerges as a composer of richly problematical texts for which no aesthetic resolution is possible and in which every idealization, political or poetic, is relentlessly subjected to the gaze of historical reality. The tension between potential and practice, which is apparent in the final two volumes of the tales, is present, Rans contends, from the inception of the series. Because the problems of racism and greed that Cooper addresses remained as unresolved for us as for him, Rans concludes that this reading of the Leather-Stocking tales reinforces both Cooper's central canonical position and his value as an articulator of political conflict.Originally published in 1991.A UNC Press Enduring Edition -- UNC Press Enduring Editions use the latest in digital technology to make available again books from our distinguished backlist that were previously out of print. These editions are published unaltered from the original, and are presented in affordable paperback formats, bringing readers both historical and cultural value.

Cooper's Wife

by Jillian Hart

Sheriff Braddock's Proposal Seemed Too Good To Be True A new life dawned for Anna Bauer and her daughter under the wide Montana sky. The past was finally behind them, and the future meant a home and the welcoming arms of a loving father in search of a bride. Or so Anna thought... Cooper Braddock had too many females in his life already. He hadn't arranged this marriage--his two determined little girls had. And though half the town thought that he and Anna would make the perfect couple, Cooper wasn't convinced. How convenient would it be to be married to the most beautiful woman in town!

The Cooper's Wife Is Missing: The Trials Of Bridget Cleary

by Marian Yates Joan Hoff

In 1895 twenty-six-year-old Bridget Cleary disappeared from her cottage in rural County Tipperary and remained missing for several days. At last her body was discovered, bent, broken, and badly burned in a shallow grave. Within a few days, her unimaginable story came to light: for almost a week before her death she had been confined, starved, threatened, physically and verbally abused, exorcised, and finally burned to death by her husband, father, aunt, cousins, and neighbors, who had collectively confused a simple flu with possession by the fairies. In The Cooper's Wife Is Missing, Joan Hoff and Marian Yeates try to make sense of this outlandish, unfathomable, medieval "trial" and murder. Drawing on firsthand accounts, contemporary newspaper reports, police records, trial testimony, and a rich wealth of folklore, they weave a mesmerizing fireside tale of magic, madness, and mystery. This is narrative history at its evocative best.

Cooper's Woman

by Carol Finch

Alexa Quinn wanted much more from life than a society wedding. She was determined to make her busy father see her true worth. So when secrets and lies threatened the good work he was doing, Alexa seized her chance to save not only her father, but herself as well. Enter Wyatt Cooper--ex-lawman, legendary gunslinger and a fine-looking man! He was the best in the West for stopping trouble in its tracks, but for Alexa he meant excitement, adventure and danger. Just what she was looking for. . . .

Coordinated Science for the 21st Century: An Integrated, Project-Based Approach

by John B. Southard Ruta Demery Robert Ritter Gary Freebury Michael Smith Arthur Elsenkraft

Coordinated Science for the 21st Century is an innovative core curricula assembled from four proven inquiry-based programs. This book comprises four units, viz., 1. Active Physics, 2. Active Chemistry, 3. Active Biology, and 4. Earthcomm. Each unit of this course has been designed and built on the National Science Education Standards. Each utilizes the same instructional model and the same inquiry-based approach.

The Cop

by Jan Hudson

Book 3 in a searis The Cop City Boy Moves Home For Now As Dr. Kelly Martin discovers, Cole Younger Outlaw is one ornery patient. The hard-bitten Houston cop doesn't seem happy about recovering from his gunshot wounds in Naconiche-home of his protective family, the Double Dip ice cream parlor and a police department whose biggest concern is filling people in on the latest gossip. Kelly loves this small town, but the place seems to get on Cole's nerves

The Cop

by Cara Summers

Off-duty detective Nik Angelis is the first on the scene at a wedding gone very, very wrong. The only witness is the caterer, a fiery redhead named J. C. Riley, who's eager to make her statement. So eager, in fact, Nik can't help thinking of other things she could do with her mouth--Sassy, smart-mouthed J. C. is in serious danger, and she knows it. She needs Nik's protection. But what she wants is his rock-hard body. Nik aims to be professional, but Bodyguard with Benefits? A man can take only so much. . . .

The Cop

by R. J. Ellory

The second novella in the electrifying e-book-exclusive trilogy by R.J. Ellory, "the perfect author to read late into the night" (Clive Cussler)In Three Days in Chicagoland, his most ambitious effort yet, R.J. Ellory tackles the story of a brutal murder from three radically different angles. It's 1956, and though Chicago's gangland days are long over, it remains a city drenched in violence. Its latest victim is Carole Shaw, a young woman who had no enemies--except, that is, The Killer who strangled her to death and left her body on her kitchen's cold, linoleum floor.The Cop is the sequel to The Sister, which tells the story of Carole's short life and tragic death from the perspective of Maryanne Shaw, Carole's grieving sister. The Cop is narrated by a police detective named Robert Maguire, the man who investigates Carole's murder in the hours and days that follow the discovery of her corpse. As he follows every lead and hones in on his suspect, Maguire starts to piece together the story of just what happened on that bloody night. A gritty police procedural that's gripping all the way through its final, dramatic revelations, The Cop is the brilliant second chapter of this remarkable mini-epic.

The Cop

by Jan Hudson

City Boy Moves Home- For NowAs Dr. Kelly Martin discovers, Cole Younger Outlaw is one ornery patient. The hard-bitten Houston cop doesn't seem happy about recovering from his gunshot wounds in Naconiche-home of his protective family, the Double Dip ice cream parlor and a police department whose biggest concern is filling people in on the latest gossip. Kelly loves this small town, but the place seems to get on Cole's nerves.No question there's heat between them. No question that Cole's feelings for her are genuine. But could he live here? Kelly knows she couldn't possibly move to Houston. And what are they going to do about the baby?TEXAS OUTLAWS

Cop a Feel

by Robyn Peterman

"Outrageous, profane, hilarious, sexy and all kinds of wacky!" --Michelle Rowen, national bestselling authorWhen you get time off for bad behavior, romance is the last thing on your mind--but good old-fashioned lust is a whole different story. . . Life undercover isn't exactly one big party--not when you're a DEA agent--but it sure beats a desk job. Except when you screw up big and someone has to go in and clean up after you. In that case, even paper-pushing sounds better than babysitting an erotic romance writer with as many enemies as there are euphemisms for "throbbing manhood. " I've been taking down drug dealers for so long, playing bodyguard to a woman named Shoshanna Lehump sounds like nothing more than a giant pain in my ass-- and being partnered with the gorgeous egotistical jerk I never should have slept with in the first place just makes a bad situation even harder--especially when he pursues me as diligently as we're supposed to be chasing the bad guys. . . What's a girl have to do to get a happy ending anyway? "For a good time, read Robyn Peterman!" --Michelle Rowen, national bestselling author"A zany over-the-top rompfest. " --Lexi George, author of Demon Hunting in a Dive Bar89,700 Words

Cop Killer

by Tom Philbin

A corrupt cop is murdered, and a complicated investigation follows.

Cop Killer (Martin Beck #9)

by Maj Sjöwall Per Wahlöö

The shocking ninth novel in the Martin Beck mystery series by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö finds Beck investigating parallel cases that have shocked a small rural community. In a country town, a woman is brutally murdered and left buried in a swamp. There are two main suspects: her closest neighbor and her ex-husband. Meanwhile, on a quiet suburban street a midnight shootout takes place between three cops and two teenage boys. Dead, one cop and one kid. Wounded, two cops. Escaped, one kid. Martin Beck and his partner Lenart Kollberg are called in to investigate. As Beck digs deeper into the murky waters of the young girl's murder, Kollberg scours the town for the teenager, and together they are forced to examine the changing face of crime.

The Cop Next Door

by Jenna Mills

Victoria Blake had come to Bon Terre searching for answers, but she only found more questions. What had happened that night twenty-five years ago? Why was someone trying to scare her into leaving? And, most of all, what was she going to do about her sexy neighbor, Sheriff Ian Montague? Tori didn't need an enigmatic, controlling man like Ian in her life-even if a part of her yearned for his powerful embrace. Ian had his own questions. How had the feisty beauty managed to break down the stony walls around his heart? And what would it cost him to lose her? The secrets of the past had brought them together, but would the dangerous truths they uncovered now tear them apart?

Cop Out

by Ellery Queen

To escape a manhunt, a gang of killers takes a cop's daughter hostage After years of toil for Aztec Paper Products, Thomas Howland only makes $112.90 per week. When it comes time for the company to compensate its workers, he is in charge of carrying the payroll: $24,000 in cold hard cash. Eventually, Howland is overcome by temptation. In exchange for a promised cut of the spoils, he hands the payroll over to a gang of thieves--but they reward him with 3 bullets in the heart. The heat is on, and the killers take refuge in the only thing they can: crime. Wesley Malone is a small-town cop, as tough and honest as they come. When the criminals kidnap his daughter as part of a desperate attempt to avoid the law, he feels afraid for the first time--not for himself, but for his little girl. Malone is determined to instill fear in this gang of thugs as well.

Cop Out

by Susan Dunlap

When a PI vanishes and leaves a body in his office, it's up to Jill Smith to pick up the piecesJill knows something's wrong with Herman Ott as soon as she sees him on the patio at the Claremont Hotel. A perpetually broke ex-hippie private investigator, Ott is known around town for owning a wardrobe of nothing but yellow second-hand clothes. Yet today he wears all black, and after asking Jill to meet him at Berkeley's most elegant hotel, he clams up and refuses to explain why he needsto see her. Apologizing, he asks her to call him an hour later. Jill obliges, but Ott never answers his phone. And the next day, inside Ott's office, she finds a body. Jill doesn't know what kind of trouble Ott is in, but if she doesn't find him soon, his notorious yellow suit may be marred with a dash of blood red.This ebook features an illustrated biography of Susan Dunlap including rare images from the author's personal collection.

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