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The Gluten-Free Quintessential Quinoa Cookbook

by Wendy Polisi

Get ready, get set, get gluten-free! Superfood quinoa finally gets its own gluten-free cookbook! Author of the bestselling Quintessential Quinoa Cookbook, Wendy Polisi got loads of feedback on her first beauti

Gluten-Free Recipes for People with Diabetes

by Nancy S. Hughes Lara Rondinelli-Hamilton

Recent estimates suggest that nearly one out of every 20 people with type 1 diabetes has celiac disease, a condition that renders the body unable to process the gluten protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. People with celiac disease are unable to eat any foods that contain gluten, which is found in breads, pasta, cereals, and even unexpected foods, such as canned soups, salad dressings, and deli meats. Moreover, a large number of people have shown an interest in pursuing a gluten-free diet because they are gluten intolerant.Nancy S. Hughes and Lara Rondinelli-Hamilton have created Gluten-Free Recipes for People with Diabetes, a collection of 75 gluten-free recipes specifically designed for people with diabetes. Part cookbook, part meal-planning guide, this book offers the complete package. Readers will delight in the 75 healthy recipes that are both nutritionally sound and full of taste. The meal-planning guide teaches readers how to successfully find gluten-free products and how to adapt recipes to gluten-free versions. To make things even easier, some menus are included to give readers a head start on their healthy, new, gluten-free life!

The Gluten-Free Revolution

by Caroline Shannon-Karasik

An accessible healthy lifestyle should be the rule not the exception.Who said pricey kitchen equipment and complicated recipes were necessary for leading a balanced life? Based on the premise that simple, whole foods (mixed with a bit of dessert, of course) are the building blocks of any healthy diet, The Gluten-Free Revolution is truly the ideal way to identify that place in your life where everything feels ooh là là.Shannon-Karasik doesn't preach a rigid lifestyle, but encourages those interested in feeling great to experiment and use what works best for them, providing simple exercises and easy recipes that acknowledge major allergies, sensitivities, and healthy lifestyle choices. While all the recipes are gluten-free, many also cater to vegans, vegetarians, and even nut- and soy-free diets.Contents include: Recipes for all meals Delicious desserts Smoothies Yoga Pilates Dance Meditation Simple, effective workouts And so much more!Whether you're a fitness nut looking for the latest tips, the mom of a gluten-free child looking for delicious recipes, or just the average person who wants to feel amazing every day, The Gluten-Free Revolution answers all of your questions and points you toward the pleasurable life you deserve. 135 color photographs

Gluten-Free Slow Cooker

by Adams Media

Everything© cookbooks are a popular choice for home cooks looking for fresh, original recipes that only taste like you've spent all day in the kitchen. And now we've collected 50 of the best recipes to help you serve delicious gluten-free dishes right out of your slow cooker. Here's all you need to get started making mouthwatering dishes like Hot Chicken Buffalo Bites and Polynesian Pork Chops with the ease of a slow cooker.

Gluten-free, Sugar-free Cooking

by Susan O'Brien

With millions of people suffering from food allergies, obesity, and generally less-than-perfect health, the connection between how we feel and the food we eat has never been more apparent. Now, in Gluten-free, Sugar-free Cooking, gourmet chef and food-allergy sufferer Susan O'Brien offers more than 200 great-tasting recipes -- covering everything from breakfast to dessert -- that are perfect for people with food allergies as well as for those who simply want to adopt a more healthy way of eating. Free of gluten, sugar, and usually dairy, these tasty dishes are also invaluable for people living with medical conditions such as candida, fibromyalgia, Crohn's disease, diabetes, autism, and ADHD, who must avoid certain foods to better control their symptoms. Complete with product sourcing information, substitute ingredients, dining out advice, and online resources, Gluten-free, Sugar-free Cooking makes eating healthfully and avoiding problematic foods easy and delicious.

The Gluten-Free Table

by Emeril Lagasse Jessie Lagasse Swanson Jilly Lagasse

Imagine growing up with a father known for his rich, Louisana-style cooking who instilled you with a love and appreciation of food from the very start-- the centerpiece of every memory is food. Now image literally not being able to eat his dishes anymore. This is what happened to Jessie and Jilly Lagasse. In 2001 and 2004 respectively, the girls were diagnosed with gluten allergies. They had to learn to adjust, which meant changing the way they ate, the way they cooked, learning to plan ahead, and paying attention to ingredients in new ways. For example, traditional New Orleans gumbo relies on roux-- a flour and fat base. After years of experimentation and searching, finally, Jessie and Jilly have figured out how to make this and so many other recipes gluten-free! While there are many more gluten-free products on the market now than ever before, sometimes you just want a home-cooked meal. This cookbook provides a well-balanced base of recipes that can add flavor and enjoyment to the menus of even the pickiest or most demanding of gluten-free eaters. With appetizers, soups, salads, sides, entrees, and desserts, there is something for everyone in THE GLUTEN FREE TABLE. Based equal parts on family favorites, Southern classics, and Jessie and Jilly's own adventures, recipes include: -Sweet and Sticky Chicken Drumsticks-Hearty Ham and Butterbean Soup-Jalapeno and Cheddar Cornbread-Slow Cooked Rosemary Chicken with Apples-Sweet Maple Syrup Johnycakes-and many, many more! The Lagasse girls will teach you that a Gluten-free diet is nothing to be scared of. With a little bit of inventiveness and perseverance, you can find joy and triumph in a gluten-free diet-- and you won't feel like you're missing a thing!

Gluten-Free Vegan Comfort Food

by Susan O'Brien

With at least 30 percent of Americans suffering from gluten sensitivity and the huge interest in vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, the demand for hearty recipes that are free from wheat, gluten, meat, and dairy products has never been greater. Susan O'Brien is back with the sequel to her popular Gluten-Free Vegan--this time featuring quick and easy versions of everyone's favorite comfort food recipes complemented by helpful tips to make your dishes fantastic. Recipes include Pumpkin and Pecan Waffles with Pumpkin Maple Butter, "Mac and Cheese," Stuffed Bell Peppers, Baked Bean Casserole, Molasses Cookies, Key Lime Pie, and Berry Rice Pudding.

Gluten-Free Vegan Comfort Food

by Susan O'Brien

With at least 30 percent of Americans suffering from gluten sensitivity and the huge interest in vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, the demand for hearty recipes that are free from wheat, gluten, meat, and dairy products has never been greater. Susan O'Brien is back with the sequel to her popular Gluten-Free Vegan--this time featuring quick and easy versions of everyone's favorite comfort food recipes complemented by helpful tips to make your dishes fantastic. Recipes include Pumpkin and Pecan Waffles with Pumpkin Maple Butter, "Mac and Cheese," Stuffed Bell Peppers, Baked Bean Casserole, Molasses Cookies, Key Lime Pie, and Berry Rice Pudding.

The Gluten-Free Vegetarian Kitchen

by Donna Klein

Tasty and easy-to-prepare meals-without meat, wheat, or gluten-from the author of The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen. Whether due to food allergies, celiac disease, or dietary preferences, many people want to eliminate gluten from their diet. Now it can be done without losing the zest. Limiting or cutting out grains can seem daunting, but The Gluten-Free Vegetarian Kitchenmakes good use of other vegetarian foods that don't contain gluten-like fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy, tofu, beans, oils, legumes, rice, and gluten-free flours. With appealing recipes and food options, vegetarians can maintain a satisfying, well-balanced diet. The Gluten-Free Vegetarian Kitchenprovides: - More than 225 gluten-free recipes from appetizers to desserts - Tips for successful gluten-free cooking and baking, with explanations and definitions of terms and ingredients - Nutritional analysis of calories, protein, saturated fat, total fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and sodium - Vegan and low-carb options

The Glycaemic Index: A Physiological Classification of Dietary Carbohydrate

by Thomas M. S. Wolever

The glycaemic index (GI) is a measure of the ability of a food to raise blood sugar. Written by one of the co-inventors of the term, this is a clear and balanced review of current knowledge on this controversial concept. The book explores all the key issues of the definition of the GI, how to measure the GI of a food, how to apply GI information to meals and diets, the reasons why foods have different GI values and the impact of altering a diet GI on health and disease. The book highlights the benefits and the problems surrounding the GI concept, while encouraging readers to think critically about the issues involved.

Glycemic Control in the Hospitalized Patient

by Lillian F. Lien Leonor Corsino Mark N. Feinglos Mary E. Cox

Glycemic Control in the Hospitalized Patient: A Comprehensive Clinical Guide is a unique, practical resource for health care providers dealing with hyperglycemia in the inpatient setting. Outlining a hands-on approach used by the Duke University Inpatient Diabetes Management team, the book discusses a wide range of scenarios that occur while treating patients with hyperglycemia, including challenging circumstances such as steroids and tube feeding regimens. Special emphasis is given to insulin therapy. The chapters are written by a group of health care providers with extensive, pioneering experience in hyperglycemia control in the inpatient setting at the Duke University Medical Center. The book includes the most up-to-date scientific evidence and information and is addressed to not only hospitalists and general internists but also endocrinology fellows, residents, nurse practitioners, nurses, and other primary care practitioners who treat patients in the inpatient setting. The focus is clearly on practical, patient-care topics. Glycemic Control in the Hospitalized Patient: A Comprehensive Clinical Guide is a first-of-its kind, comprehensive guide to state-of-the-art inpatient glycemic management.

Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies

by Meri Reffetto

Get proven results from this safe, effective, and easy-to-follow dietThe glycemic load is a ranking system for carbohydrate-rich food that measures the amount of carbohydrates in a serving. The glycemic index indicates how rapidly a carbohydrate is digested and released as glucose (sugar) into the bloodstream. Using the Glycemic Index is a proven method for calculating the way carbohydrates act in your body to help you lose weight, safely, quickly, and effectively.The second edition of The Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies presents this system in an easy-to-apply manner, giving you the tools and tips you need to shed unwanted pounds and improve your overall health. You'll not only discover how to apply the glycemic index to your existing diet plan, but you'll also get new and updated information on how to develop a healthy lifestyle.Recommends foods that boost metabolism, promote weight loss, and provide longer-lasting energyFeatures delicious GI recipes for glycemic-friendly cooking at homeIncludes exercises for maintaining glycemic index weight loss and promoting physical fitnessOffers guidance on shopping for food as well as eating at restaurants and away from homeGlycemic Index Diet For Dummies, 2nd Edition is for anyone looking for an easy-to-apply guide to making the switch to this healthy lifestyle.

Glynis Has Your Number

by Glynis Mccants

An accessible guide to everything the simple art of numerology can reveal about your friends, loved ones, colleagues, and--especially--yourself!Glynis McCants has gained a huge following with her on-target celebrity predictions. Now she's set to help readers lead the life they want with her simple numerology system. Using an ancient but surprisingly easy system of numbers, Glynis will show readers how to recognize their strengths, break harmful patterns, and change their lives for the better.In Glynis Has Your Number, Glynis shows us how to find the unique set of numbers that "vibrate" within each of us, and how these numbers affect every aspect of our lives. Glynis gives readers all the tools they need to test their compatibility with loved ones, better navigate the waters at work, and find success by choosing pursuits that are in sync with their numbers.

Glynis Has Your Number: Discover What Life Has in Store for You Through The Power of Numerology!

by Glynis Mccants

Glynis takes you through a step by step plan on numerology. Find your life path and what your destiny is, and the best days of the week and months of the year. Learn how to find the best countries, states, cities and even the best address to live in harmony with your numbers or how to attract love, money and family. Numerology can bring a new understanding of the people around you and with your understanding let you live your life more fully.

GM G-Body Performance Upgrades 1978-1987

by Joe Hinds

The GM G-Body is one of the manufacturer's most popular chassis. It includes cars such as Chevrolet Malibu, Monte Carlo, and El Camino; the Buick Regal, Grand National, and GNX; the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme; the Pontiac Grand Prix, and more. This traditional and affordable front engine/rear-wheel-drive design lends itself to upgrades and modifications for a wide range of high-performance applications.

The gm/ID Methodology, a sizing tool for low-voltage analog CMOS Circuits

by Paul Jespers

IC designers appraise currently MOS transistor geometries and currents to compromise objectives like gain-bandwidth, slew-rate, dynamic range, noise, non-linear distortion, etc. Making optimal choices is a difficult task. How to minimize for instance the power consumption of an operational amplifier without too much penalty regarding area while keeping the gain-bandwidth unaffected in the same time? Moderate inversion yields high gains, but the concomitant area increase adds parasitics that restrict bandwidth. Which methodology to use in order to come across the best compromise(s)? Is synthesis a mixture of design experience combined with cut and tries or is it a constrained multivariate optimization problem, or a mixture? Optimization algorithms are attractive from a system perspective of course, but what about low-voltage low-power circuits, requiring a more physical approach? The connections amid transistor physics and circuits are intricate and their interactions not always easy to describe in terms of existing software packages. The gm/ID synthesis methodology is adapted to CMOS analog circuits for the transconductance over drain current ratio combines most of the ingredients needed in order to determine transistors sizes and DC currents.

GMAT Basics

by Mark Alan Stewart

An introduction to the GMAT, score reporting, business school evaluation, and the top-10 test prep tips from experts.

The GMO Deception

by Ralph Nader Sheldon Krimsky Jeremy Gruber

Seventy-five percent of processed foods on supermarket shelves-from soda to soup, crackers to condiments-contain genetically engineered ingredients. The long-term effects of these foods on human health and ecology are still unknown, and public concern has been steadily intensifying.This new book from the Council for Responsible Genetics gathers the best, most thought-provoking essays by the leading scientists, science writers, and public health advocates. Collectively, they address such questions as:Are GM foods safe and healthy for us?Will GM food really solve world hunger?Who really controls the power structure of food production?Are GM foods ecologically safe and sustainable?Why is it so difficult to get GM foods labeled in the US?What kinds of regulations and policies should be instituted?How is seed biodiversity, of lack thereof, affecting developing countries?Should animals be genetically modified for food?How are other countries handling GM crops?Ultimately, this definitive book encourages us to think about the social, environmental, and moral ramifications of where this particular branch of biotechnology is taking us, and what we should do about it.


by Will Eno

"The marvel of Mr. Eno's new version is how closely it tracks the original while also being of the very moment and an unmistakably Will Eno play. After climbing the craggy peaks of Ibsen's daunting play, Mr. Eno has brought down from its dizzying heights a surprising crowd-pleasing (if still strange) work." - Charles Isherwood, New York Times"Gnit is classic Will Eno. By that I mean I was thrilled by it." - TimeOut Chicago"If ever a play made me want to be a better person, this is it." - Bob Fischbach, Omaha World-HeraldPeter Gnit, a funny enough, but so-so specimen of humanity, makes a lifetime of bad decisions on the search for his True Self. This is a rollicking yet cautionary tale about (among other things) how the opposite of love is laziness. Gnit is a faithful, unfaithful and willfully American misreading of Henrik Ibsen's Peer Gynt (a nineteenth-century Norwegian play), written by Will Eno, who has never been to Norway.Will Eno's most recent plays include The Open House (Signature Theatre, New York, 2014; Obie Award, Lucille Lortel Award for Best Play) and The Realistic Joneses (Yale Repertory Theatre, New Haven, 2012; Broadway, 2014). His play Middletown received the Horton Foote Prize and Thom Pain (based on nothing) was a finalist for the 2005 Pulitzer Prize. Mr. Eno lives Brooklyn.

Gnome Invasion

by Eileen Cook

In Wishes for Beginners, undercover fairy-in-training Willow gets the chance to cozy up to Miranda, the most popular girl in fourth grade, when she learns that Miranda's cousin is getting married--and Willow's mom is making the cake! But trouble brews when Miranda invites Willow to an exclusive sleepover--and doesn't include Willow's best friend, Katie. Add some wedding-related fairy magic to the mix, and Willow's in quite a fix! And in Gnome Invasion, Willow's fairy training is going remarkably well (she can talk to animals and fly!)--but when Katie discovers that fairies exist, Willow's family is put under review from the Fairy Council. And to make matters worse, Willow has sworn not to use magic for her science fair project, but a meddling garden gnome is threatening to ruin her experiment. Can she find a way to compete without using her powers?Katie, and new crush Nathan at school. And it looks like Jakob might be meddling with her human classmates' projects too! Can Willow stop the meddling gnome and still be able to compete--all without magic?

The Gnostic Gospels

by Elaine Pagels

Discussion of early church writings discovered in 1945, and of how Christianity evolved.

The Gnostic Gospels of Jesus

by Marvin Meyer

For all those readers curious to read the actual texts of the Gnostic Gospels, here is the definitive collection of all the Gnostic Gospels and Gospel-like texts. o Marvin Meyer, premier scholar of Gnostic and other Christian literature outside the New Testament, presents every Gnostic Gospel and Jesus text with a brilliant overall introduction, introductions to each text, and notes that explain everything the reader needs to know to understand the text. He includes his latest translations of not only the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Philip, the Gospel of Mary, but other texts such as the Secret Book of John, which some scholars regard as the second part of the New Testament Gospel of John. The material is largely from the discovery at Nag Hammadi, freshly translated and introduced, but also includes texts found elsewhere. The texts, especially taken together, present an image of Jesus as the ultimate wisdom teacher, a kind of mysterious Jewish Zen master, who scandalized listeners by his radical egalitarianism (regarding women, slaves, the poor, the marginalized as of equal status, or more, with establishment male believers) and his insistence on living the message, spiritual experience, vs. outer observance only. o For those wanting to learn more after reading The Da Vinci Code. This book provides the definitive next book for those looking for expert presentation of the alternative Gnostic stream of Christianity, in which there is no talk of crucifixion and Mary Magdalene is presented as the disciple that Jesus loved best. "Marv is one of the original secret gospels scholars who has done an enormous amount of work to bring these texts to light. All of his research on the Nag Hammadi texts is having an incredible impact on our knowledge of early Christian history--it is virtually redefining it." --Dr. Elaine Pagels, Princeton University

The Gnostic Jung and the Seven Sermons to the Dead

by Stephan A. Hoeller

"Gnosticism like mysticism pursues the inner way; its authority is not external but internal--a living personal experience--but without denying the outer world. Under the guise of Basilides, a second-century AD Gnostic sage, Jung wrote in 1916 the Seven Sermons to the Dead after he had received intense psychic experiences..The author [Stephan Hoeller]..has made his own translation of the sermons and sets forth a lengthy explanation and far-ranging commentary on Jung, Gnosticism, and the present condition of the Western individual."---Choice Review

Gnostic Religion in Antiquity

by Roelof van den Broek

Gnostic religion is the expression of a religious worldview which is dominated by the concept of Gnosis, an esoteric knowledge of God and the human being which grants salvation to those who possess it. Roelof van den Broek presents here a fresh approach to the Gnostic current of Late Antiquity within its historical and religious context, based on sources in Greek, Latin and Coptic, including discussions of the individual works of preserved Gnostic literature. Van den Broek explores the various Gnostic interpretations of the Christian faith that were current in the second and third centuries, whilst showing that despite its influence on early Christianity, Gnostic religion was not a typically Christian phenomenon. This book will be of interest to theologians, historians of religion, students and scholars of the history of Late Antiquity and early Christianity, as well as specialists in ancient Gnostic and hermetic traditions.


by Stephan A. Hoeller

Gnosticism developed alongside Judeo-Christianity over two thousand years ago, but with an important difference: It emphasizes, not faith, but direct perception of God--Gnosticism being derived from the Greek word gnosis, meaning "knowledge." Given the controversial premise that one can know God directly, the history of Gnosticism is an unfolding drama of passion, political intrigue, martyrdom, and mystery. Dr. Hoeller traces this fascinating story throughout time and shows how Gnosticism has inspired such great thinkers as Voltaire, Blake, Yeats, Hesse, Melville, and Jung.

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