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The Uses of the University

by Clark Kerr

America's university president extraordinaire adds a new chapter and preface to The Uses of the University, probably the most important book on the modern university ever written. This summa on higher education brings the research university into the new century. The multiversity that Clark Kerr so presciently discovered now finds itself in an age of apprehension with few certainties. Leaders of institutions of higher learning can be either hedgehogs or foxes in the new age. Kerr gives five general points of advice on what kinds of attitudes universities should adopt. He then gives a blueprint for action for foxes, suggesting that a few hedgehogs need to be around to protect university autonomy and the public weal.

Usher's Passing

by Robert R. Mccammon

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's classic story "Fall of the House of Usher/' Robert R. McCammon makes a dazzling leap of imagination in this enormously entertaining and truly frightening novel. Usher's Passing asks what if the Usher story hadn't ended with the deaths of Roderick and Madeline over a century ago? What if they'd had a brother to carry the family name-and infamous legacy-into the future? Set in North Carolina in the present, Usher's Passing begins weaving its spell with the arrival of Rix Usher at the deathbed of his father. The powerful patriarch must hand over the family scepter to one of his three children. An antiwar activist, Rix wants no part of the $10 billion Usher Armaments business. His sister's drug habit and brother's gambling and drinking hardly recommend either for a position of such extraordinary wealth and influence. But whoever is chosen stands to inherit not only the lucrative business of destruction... not only the vast, opulent estate that legend says is haunted by nightmarish creatures... but all the horrifying secrets of the Usher family's mad heritage. In Usher's Passing, each of five generations has a tale to tell, and their stories move across time to lead Rix Usher into the haunted heart of Usherland, where he must face both who he is-and what he is.

Usher's Syndrome: What It Is, How to Cope, and How to Help

by Earlene Duncan Hugh T. Prickett Dan Finkelstein Mccay Vernon Toni Hollingsworth

Describes what Usher's syndrome is, how it impacts a person's life, and ways to cope with this dual disability.

Using Client Outcomes Information to Improve Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

by Donald M. Steinwachs Laurie M. Flynn Grayson S. Norquist Elizabeth A. Skinner

A new way of assessing outcomes of care is the measurement of health status across its multiple dimensions of physical, mental and social domains of functioning.

Using Drupal

by Angela Byron Addison Berry Bruno De Bondt

<p>Take advantage of Drupal&#8217;s vast collection of community-contributed modules and discover how they make this web framework unique and valuable. With this guide, you&#8217;ll learn how to combine modules in interesting ways (with minimal code-wrangling) to develop several community-driven websites&#8212; including a job posting board, photo gallery, online store, product review database, and event calendar. The second edition focuses on Drupal 7, the latest version of this open source system.</p>

Using Drupal

by Nathan Haug Jeff Robbins Angela Byron Jeff Eaton James Walker Addison Berry

With the recipes in this book, you can take full advantage of the vast collection of community-contributed modules that make the Drupal web framework useful and unique. You'll get the information you need about how to combine modules in interesting ways (with a minimum of code-wrangling) to develop a variety of community-driven websites. Each chapter describes a case study and outlines specific requirements for one of several projects included in the book -- a wiki, publishing workflow site, photo gallery, product review site, online store, user group site, and more. With Using Drupal, you will: Get an overview of Drupal concepts and key modules introduced in each chapter, with a bird's-eye view of each module's specialty and how it works Explore various solutions within Drupal that meet the requirements for the project, with details about which modules are selected and why Learn how to configure modules, with step-by-step recipes for building the precise functionality the project requires Get information on additional modules that will make the project even more powerful Be able to access the modules used in the chapter, along with other resources Newcomers will find a thorough introduction to the framework, while experienced Drupal developers will learn best practices for building powerful websites. With Using Drupal, you'll find concrete and creative solutions for developing the exact community website you have in mind.

Using English Grammar and Writing Skills, Third Course

by Adrian B. Sanford

From this textbook you can learn a great deal about how to improve your use of English. Improvement, however, requires that you apply yourself to studying the book and to using what you can learn from it.

Using Excel for Business Analysis

by Danielle Stein Fairhurst

A clear, concise, and easy-to-use guide to financial modelling suitable for practitioners at every level Using a fundamental approach to financial modelling that's accessible to both new and experienced professionals, Using Excel for Business Analysis: A Guide to Financial Modelling Fundamentals + Website offers practical guidance for anyone looking to build financial models for business proposals, to evaluate opportunities, or to craft financial reports. Comprehensive in nature, the book covers the principles and best practices of financial modelling, including the Excel tools, formulas, and functions to master, and the techniques and strategies necessary to eliminate errors. As well as explaining the essentials of financial modelling, Using Excel for Business Analysis is packed with exercises and case studies to help you practice and test your comprehension, and includes additional resources online. Provides comprehensive coverage of the principles and best practices of financial modeling, including planning, how to structure a model, layout, the anatomy of a good model, rebuilding an inherited model, and much more Demonstrates the technical Excel tools and techniques needed to build a good model successfully Outlines the skills you need to learn in order to be a good financial modeller, such as technical, design, and business and industry knowledge Illustrates successful best practice modeling techniques such as linking, formula consistency, formatting, and labeling Describes strategies for reducing errors and how to build error checks and other methods to ensure accurate and robust models A practical guide for professionals, including those who do not come from a financial background, Using Excel for Business Analysis is a fundamentals-rich approach to financial modeling.

Using French Vocabulary

by Jean H. Duffy

This textbook provides a comprehensive and structured vocabulary for all levels of undergraduate French courses. It offers a broad coverage of the concrete and abstract vocabulary relating to the physical, cultural, social, commercial and political environment, as well as exposure to commonly encountered technical terminology. The book is divided into twenty thematic sections for easy integration into modular courses. Within each section, words and phrases have been grouped into units and broadly "graded" according to likely usefulness and difficulty. There are 750 accompanying exercises for private study and classroom use.

Using Google App Engine

by Charles Severance

Build exciting, scalable web applications quickly and confidently using Google App Engine and this book, even if you have little or no experience in programming or web development. App Engine is perhaps the most appealing web technology to appear in the last year, providing an easy-to-use application framework with basic web tools. While Google's own tutorial assumes significant experience, Using Google App Engine will help anyone get started with this platform. By the end of this book, you'll know how to build complete, interactive applications and deploy them to the cloud using the same servers that power Google applications. With this book, you will: Get an overview of the technologies necessary to use Google App Engine Learn how to use Python, HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTTP, and DataStore, App Engine's database Grasp the technical aspects necessary to create sophisticated, dynamic web applications Understand what's required to deploy your applications Using Google App Engine is also an excellent resource for experienced programmers who want to acquire working knowledge of web technologies. Building web applications used to be for experts only, but with Google App Engine-and this book-anyone can create a dynamic web presence.

Using MIS, Student Value Edition (7th Edition)

by David Kroenke

For undergraduate Introductory Management Information Systems courses. This engaging introduction to how people use IS to solve business problems explains why MIS is the most important course in the business school by showing students how businesses use information systems and technology to accomplish their goals, objectives, and competitive strategy. Included are three unique Guides per chapter focusing on the themes of ethics, security, and other timely topics; plus a number of illustrative cases, exercises, projects, and other aids to ensure that students connect the knowledge in the text to everyday life. With a new edition now publishing each year, Using MIS, 4e, contains fresh, new, and current material to help keep your students up to date. Teaching and Learning Experience This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience--for you and your students. Here's how: Personalize learning with MyMISLab--the online homework, tutorial, and assessment program that fosters learning within and beyond the classroom. Focus on important themes of ethics, security, and other timely topics through text's Guides, designed to help students improve their skills as future business professionals. Connect classroom knowledge to everyday life with illustrative cases and a number of exercises and other interactive features. Note: You are purchasing a standalone product; MyMISLab does not come packaged with this content. If you would like to purchase both the physical text and MyMISLab search for ISBN-10: 0133806898/ISBN-13: 9780133806892. That package includes ISBN-10: 0133546438/ISBN-13: 9780133546439 and ISBN-10: 0133548511/ISBN-13: 9780133548518. MyMISLabis not a self-paced technology and should only be purchased when required by an instructor.

Using OpenMP: Portable Shared Memory Parallel Programming

by Barbara Chapman Gabriele Jost David J. Kuck Ruud Van Der Pas

This book should provide an excellent introduction to beginners, and the performance section should help those with some experience who want to push OpenMP to its limits.

Using Psychology in the Classroom

by Mr Stephen James Minton

Psychology can be applied to understanding a range of current issues and topics in teaching and educational practice. Starting with the question, 'what is psychology?', and a topical overview of child and adolescent development, Stephen James Minton moves on to discuss seven areas of contemporary concern in education, showing how psychological approaches can help teachers in key areas of practice. Areas covered include: - the self, self-esteem, and self-esteem enhancement - intelligence, learning styles and educational attainment - positive teaching, co-operative learning and assertive discipline - special educational needs - preventing and countering bullying and cyber-bullying - dealing with prejudice - stress and stress management This detailed text will be vital reading for all those studying psychology and applied psychology in primary and secondary teaching degree programmes. Constant links between theory and practice also make it a valuable read for practitioners reflecting on their approach to common classroom scenarios. Stephen James Minton is a lecturer in Psychology of Education at Trinity College Dublin.

Using Sources Effectively: Strengthening Your Writing and Avoiding Plagiarism (3rd Edition)

by Robert A. Harris

Using Sources Effectively is designed to assist you, the writer of a research paper, with practical and effective strategies for incorporating sources into your work. You will learn how the skillful use of sources adds strength to your argument and interest to your writing. You will also learn what you need to know to avoid plagiarism as you bring source material into your research paper. The book includes many examples and ideas to help you make your writing especially good.

Using SQLite

by Jay A. Kreibich

Application developers, take note: databases aren't just for the IS group any more. You can build database-backed applications for the desktop, Web, embedded systems, or operating systems without linking to heavy-duty client-server databases such as Oracle and MySQL. This book shows you how to use SQLite, a small and lightweight relational database engine that you can build directly into your application. With SQLite, you'll discover how to develop a database-backed application that remains manageable in size and complexity. This book guides you every step of the way. You'll get a crash course in data modeling, become familiar with SQLite's dialect of the SQL database language, and much more. Learn how to maintain localized storage in a single file that requires no configuration Build your own SQLite library or use a precompiled distribution in your application Get a primer on SQL, and learn how to use several language functions and extensions Work with SQLite using a scripting language or a C-based language such as C# or Objective-C Understand the basics of database design, and learn how to transfer what you already know to SQLite Take advantage of virtual tables and modules "Complex SQL concepts explained clearly." --D. Richard Hipp, creator of SQLite

Using the American Community Survey for the National Science Foundation's Science and Engineering Workforce Statistics Programs

by National Research Council of the National Academies

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has long collected information on the number and characteristics of individuals with education or employment in science and engineering and related fields in the United States. An important motivation for this effort is to fulfill a congressional mandate to monitor the status of women and minorities in the science and engineering workforce. Consequently, many statistics are calculated by race or ethnicity, gender, and disability status. For more than 25 years, NSF obtained a sample frame for identifying the target population for information it gathered from the list of respondents to the decennial census long-form who indicated that they had earned a bachelors or higher degree. The probability that an individual was sampled from this list was dependent on both demographic and employment characteristics. But, the source for the sample frame will no longer be available because the census long-form is being replaced as of the 2010 census with the continuous collection of detailed demographic and other information in the new American Community Survey (ACS). At the request of NSF&rsquo;s Science Resources Statistics Division, the Committee on National Statistics of the National Research Council formed a panel to conduct a workshop and study the issues involved in replacing the decennial census long-form sample with a sample from the ACS to serve as the frame for the information the NSF gathers. The workshop had the specific objective of identifying issues for the collection of field of degree information on the ACS with regard to goals, content, statistical methodology, data quality, and data products.

USN Cruiser vs IJN Cruiser

by Paul Wright Mark Stille

Although the war in the Pacific is usually considered a carrier war, it was the cruisers that dominated the early fighting. This thrilling duel presents the cruiser clashes during the crucial battles for Guadacanal in 1942, highlighting the Battle of Savo Island on the August 9 and the Battle of Cape Esperance October 11-12th , 1942. The first was an overwhelming Japanese victory that resulted in the loss of four Allied cruisers. However, in the latter, the Americans managed to successfully turn the tables despite the fact that the was fought through the night under dangerous conditions. This book presents a side-by-side view of the design and development of the opposing weapons systems, illustrated with newly commissioned digital artwork. It uses first-hand accounts to bring the desperate battles to life and explain why the American forces suffered early on, but eventually had their revenge.From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Utah Journey

by Barbara Salt Lake City Charleston . Santa Fe Santa

The Utah Journey is a brand-new 7th grade Utah Studies textbook. This book is based on the Utah State Social Studies Core Curriculum and teaches history, geography, economics, political science, sociology, psychology, and anthropology. The book places the state's historical events in the context of our nation's history. Utah, A Journey of Discovery is an older 7th grade textbook.

Utah Trivia

by Kent Powell

Utah Trivia is the who, when, what, where, and how book of the great state of Utah. Filled with interesting questions and answers about well-known and not-so-well-known facts of this colorful, historic state, Utah Trivia will provide hours of entertainment and education for use in a wide variety of settings-home, office, school, parties-it focuses on the history, culture, people, and places of the fascinating Beehive State. Utah Trivia is readily adaptable for use with trivia format games.

Utah! (Wagons West Series, Book 12)

by Dana Fuller Ross

Raw determination carried them across steep mountain trails to the lawless territory of Utah. Here brawny work gangs and rugged engineers blasted out rock-walled tunnels and laid countless miles of shining rails to link a vast continent from coast to distant coast. But soon rampaging Indians with rifles blazing joined I unscrupulous ranchers in trying to stop the iron wheels of progress from entering this virgin, untamed land. UTAH! From the West, Chinese coolies push the Central Pacific :* Railroad into this barren wilderness; from the East, ravboried Irishmen drive the rival Union Pacific closer to a historic meeting in the Mormon's land. But warpainted Shoshoni wait above the mountain passes, while below a ruthless landowner sabotages America's spectacular transcontinental plan. To Toby Holt, son of legendary wagonmaster Whip Holt, falls the challenge of keeping law and order. Beside him, his stalwart friend Rob Martin. Behind him, a sinister stranger who threatens lovely Clarissa Holt and tempestuous Beth Martin with a legacy of murder and shame... while amid the rainbow canyons and everlasting hills, brave pioneers make manifest a mighty nation's greatness.

Utmost Living: Creating and Savoring Your Best Life Now

by Tim Storey

Our promise: By the time you're finished reading this book, you will be well on your way to true freedom-living your utmost life. So say good-bye to regrets and wishes. It's time to start living your dreams. Is your life everything you want it to be? Are you fulfilling your dreams and accomplishing your goals? Do you feel energized, motivated, and eager for the new opportunities each day brings? If you didn't answer yes to all of these questions, Tim Storey can help. The man USA Today has called "the pastor to the stars," Tim Storey has served as a life coach to top athletes, business executives, and entertainers from Lee Iacocca and Quincy Jones to Deion Sanders and Dog the Bounty Hunter. He works with giants of industry and Hollywood heavyweights. Now, he's bringing his wisdom and inspiration to you. Utmost Livingis a complete guide to preparing, planning, and enjoying the most rewarding and successful life you can imagine. It includes all the tools and ideas you'll need to understand and focus on what you really want, set goals, and accomplish them. It will show you how to: * Envision the life that will truly satisfy and reward you-and make it a reality * Take control of your life and make decisions that will empower you * Overcome the challenges and fears that are holding you back * Expand the limits of your potential so that no dream is ever out of your reach With wit, understanding, and solid guidance developed through years of study and experience, Tim Storey will inspire and uplift you. It's time to take charge of the life you're living! From the Hardcover edition.


by Thomas More Clarence H. Miller

Utopia depicts a fictional island with its own unique religion and customs. Sir Thomas More introduces readers into the concept of a perfect society with utopian, or perfect, ideas and beliefs.


by Thomas More Clarence H. Miller Jerry Harp

Saint Thomas More's Utopia is one of the most important works of European humanism and serves as a key text in survey courses on Western intellectual history, the Renaissance, political theory, and many other subjects. Preeminent More scholar Clarence H. Miller does justice to the full range of More's rhetoric in this masterful translation. In a new afterword to this edition, Jerry Harp contextualizes More's life and Utopia within the wider frames of European humanism and the Renaissance."Clarence H. Miller's fine translation tracks the supple variations of More's Latin with unmatched precision, and his Introduction and notes are masterly. Jerry Harp's new Afterword adroitly places More's wonderful little book into its broader contexts in intellectual history."--George M. Logan, author of The Meaning of More's "Utopia""Sir Thomas More's Utopia is not merely one of the foundational texts of western culture, but also a book whose most fundamental concerns are as urgent now as they were in 1516 when it was written. Clarence H. Miller's wonderful translation of More's classic is now happily once again available to readers. This is the English edition that best captures the tone and texture of More's original Latin, and its notes and introduction, along with the lively afterward by Jerry Harp, graciously supply exactly the kinds of help a modern reader might desire."--David Scott Kastan, Yale University

Utopia Hunters (Inquestor Trilogy, Book 3)

by Somtow Sucharitkul

This is the third book in Inquest or Dispersal of Mankind series by Somtow Sucharitkul. Utopia hunters is the history of the Inquest as seen through the eyes of a young woman, who becomes a central figure in its evolution. Jenjen, a lightweaver from the world of Essondras is summoned by the Inquestor Ton Elloran to fashion a great lightsculpture commemorating the Inquest's crusade against false utopias. Caught in a great game played with billions of lives, she learns to see in her life, her art and in the great sweep of history itself the terrible shadow that threatens the Inquest--and the light that lies beyond the darkness. This book uses many many unusual names and makes compound words to create a "futuristic" dialect. It also has excerpts from poems in the language of the far future time of the Inquest.

The Utopia of Rules

by David Graeber

From the author of the blockbuster international bestseller Debt: The First 5,000 Years comes a revelatory account of the way bureaucracy rules our lives Where does the desire for endless rules, regulations, and bureaucracy come from? How did we come to spend so much of our time filling out forms? And just how much are our lives being ruined by all this nonstop documentation? To answer these questions, anthropologist David Graeber--one of our most important and provocative thinkers--traces the peculiar and unexpected ways we relate to bureaucracy today and reveals how it shapes our lives in ways we may not even notice. Is the inane, annoying paperwork we confront every day really a cipher for state violence? And is the capitalist promise of salvation-through-technology just a tool for the powerful to exert more control? Graeber provides a forceful, radical answer to these questions, though he also suggests that there may be something perversely appealing--even romantic--about bureaucracy. Leaping from the ascendance of right-wing economics in the second half of the twentieth century to the hidden meanings behind James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, and Batman, The Utopia of Rules is at once a powerful work of social theory in the tradition of Foucault and Marx, and an entertaining reckoning with popular culture that calls to mind Slavoj i ek at his most accessible. An essential book for our times, The Utopia of Rules is sure to start a million conversations about the institutions that rule our lives--and the better, freer world we should, perhaps, begin to imagine for ourselves.From the Hardcover edition.

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