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A Table in the Mist: Meditations on Ecclesiastes

by Jeffrey J. Meyers

This book is a commentary on the Ecclesiastes.

Tabletop Photography

by Cyrill Harnischmacher

Imagine capturing stunning, professional-looking product shots without needing a studio filled with expensive equipment and large flash units. This book teaches all the steps for creating your own tabletop photography studio. Affordable compact flashes offer a number of creative lighting options within your tabletop studio; and the appropriate lighting and backdrop, and the creative use of your camera's features are key to a perfect image. Author Cyrill Harnischmacher guides you through a variety of exposure and lighting techniques, and covers how to achieve excellent results using compact flash units. Whether you wish to capture product images for use in print or on the web, or you want to improve your photos for personal use, this book will provide you with everything you need to know to get great results. Topics include: Lighting Setups; Reflectors, Diffusors, and Accessories; Soft Boxes and Umbrellas; Strobe Flashes; Combining Long Exposures with Flashlights; Multi-Flash Exposures; Composition and Arrangements; Creating Backdrops; Product Photography; Smoke, Fog, and Special Effects; Food Photography and much more...

Tabloid Love: Looking for Mr. Right in All the Wrong Places

by Bridget Harrison

What if Bridget Jones were alive and well and living in Manhattan? Meet Bridget Harrison, a soon-to-be-thirty Brit, newly-on-the-scene reporter for America's most famous tabloid, the New York Post. While her friends back in London are tossing their bridal bouquets, Bridget is chasing down the next big story-and her dream of becoming a topnotch journalist. But just when she's perfected the art of interviewing complete strangers about ghoulish crimes, finding a mate in the Big Apple proves downright, well, impossible. As Bridget learns (the hard way) the vexing rules of dating in the ultimate singles city, a silver lining appears in her dating cloud: She lands her very own Post column about her quest for love. Each Sunday half a million New Yorkers read about her match-ups with urban Romeos, including a man who tells her she'd be "one hot chick if she made a bit more of an effort" (even though she's wearing her Page Six pal's designer cast-offs) and another who shoves her into a cab before she can say "bugger off. " Pursuing love under deadline, however, doesn't make finding it any easier, especially when each week she has to run her copy by the very person she suspects might be the One. Wonderfully funny, poignant, smart, and gossipy, in the best sense, about the New York/Hamptons set, this tale is every woman's story of the quest to have it all: a great job, a true love-and a livable apartment. Which, after all, doesn't seem so bloody much to ask, does it?


by Casey Hill

Forensic investigator Reilly Steel, Quantico-trained and California-born and bred, imagined Dublin to be a far cry from bustling San Francisco, a sleepy backwater where she can lay past ghosts to rest and start anew. She's arrived in Ireland to drag the Garda forensics team into the 21st-century plus keep tabs on her Irish-born father who's increasingly seeking solace in the bottle after a past tragedy involving Reilly's younger sister, Jess. But a brutal serial killer soon puts paid to that. A young man and woman are found dead in a hotel room, the gunshot wounds on their naked bodies suggesting a suicide pact. But as Reilly and the team dig deeper, and more bodies are discovered, they soon realise that a twisted murderer is at work, one who seeks to upset society's norms in the most sickening way imaginable. . .


by Jon Entine

In virtually every sport in which they are given opportunity to compete, people of African descent dominate. East Africans own every distance running record. Professional sports in the Americas are dominated by men and women of West African descent. Why have blacks come to dominate sports? Are they somehow physically better? And why are we so uncomfortable when we discuss this? Drawing on the latest scientific research, journalist Jon Entine makes an irrefutable case for black athletic superiority. We learn how scientists have used numerous, bogus "scientific" methods to prove that blacks were either more or less superior physically, and how racist scientists have often equated physical prowess with intellectual deficiency. Entine recalls the long, hard road to integration, both on the field and in society. And he shows why it isn't just being black that matters-it makes a huge difference as to where in Africa your ancestors are from. Equal parts sports, science and examination of why this topic is so sensitive, Taboois a book that will spark national debate.


by Susan Johnson

Through eleven nationally bestselling books, award winner Susan Johnson has won a legion of fans for her lushly romantic historical novels. Now she delivers her most thrilling tale yet--a searing blend of rousing adventure and wild, forbidden love. . . Married against her will to the brutal Russian general who conquered her people, Countess Teo Korsakova has never known what it means to want a man. . . until now. Trapped behind enemy lines, held captive by her husband's most formidable foe, she should fear for her life. But all Teo feels in General Andre Duras's shattering presence is breathless passion. France's most victorious commander, Andre knows that he should do the honorable thing, knows too that on the eve of battle he cannot afford so luscious a distraction. Yet something about Teo lures him to do the unthinkable: to seduce his enemy's wife, and to let himself love a woman who can never be his. From the Paperback edition.

The Taboo Scarf and Other Tales of Therapy

by George Weinberg

A glimpse of the deep secrets behind the wondrous human psyche.

Tackle Without a Team

by Matthew F Christopher

Unjustly dismissed from the football team for drug possession, Scott learns that only by finding out who planted the marijuana in his duffel bag can he clear himself with his parents.

Tackling the Team

by Marco Vassi

"I suppose I should have stuck it through until graduation if I hadn't met Jeff. The only alternative was getting a job, and without a degree there weren't too many interesting possibilities. Also, on the basic level of material comfort, I didn't have anything to complain about. The campus was extremely pretty. On the night I first saw Jeff I had been without sex for almost three months, and it was making me more than a little jittery. It may say sound unladylike to put it this way, but when he asked me to the party, all I could think was . . . "Read more of Julie Ann DeWitt's scintillating tale, as told to Marco Vassi. Tackling the Team is one of Vassi's most daring works, written in the voice of Julie Ann DeWitt (as told to Marco Vassi).

Tackling Wicked Government Problems

by Jackson A. Nickerson Ronald P. Sanders

How can government leaders tackle the complex interagency and intergovernmental issues they face increasingly today? Tackling Wicked Government Problems: A Practical Guide for Developing Enterprise Leaders draws on the experience of some of the federal government's most successful executives and leadership development experts who offer proven strategies for successfully taking on the great challenges that confront our nation. Here, they point the way forward for the next generation of senior public officials. Jackson Nickerson, Ronald Sanders, and their colleagues offer several approaches for translating social network theory into practical approaches for building and employing collaborative networks. They present real solutions for developing enterprise leaders and explore how such leaders can use these networks to respond to, and eventually solve, thorny problems that span multiple agencies and disciplines.Contributors: Admiral Thad Allen, Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard (ret.); David Altman, Center for Creative Leadership--Europe, Middle East, Africa; Donna Chrobot-Mason, University of Cincinnati; Rob Cross, University of Virginia and Network Roundtable; Kristin Cullen, Center for Creative Leadership; Barry Dorn, Harvard School of Public Health and Tufts University School of Medicine; Andrew Hargadon, University of California, Davis; Leonard Marcus, Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Kennedy School; J. Michael McConnell, Booz Allen Hamilton; Laura Miller Craig, U.S. Government Accountability Office; Jessica Nierenberg, U.S. Government Accountability Office; Salvatore Parise, Babson College; Stephen T. Shih, U.S. Office of Personnel Management; Pasquale (Pat) Tamburrino Jr., U.S. Department of Defense; Jim Trinka, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs; Thomas W. Valente, University of Southern California

Tacky and the Winter Games

by Helen Lester

"A-huff-and-a-puff-and-a-huff-and-a-puff-and-a-huff-and-a-puff" "WHAT'S HAPPENING?" Tacky the penguin wants to know. The Winter Games, that's what's happening. And Tacky and his fellow penguins Goodly, Lovely, Angel, Neatly, and Perfect have to work hard to get in shape so they can represent Team Nice Icy Land in the athletic competitions. After rigorous training, they're ready - but are the games ready for Tacky? Will his antics keep Team Nice Icy Land from winning a medal? From bobsledless racing and ski jumping to speed skating, Tacky lends his unique, exuberant style to each competition. In laugh-out-loud scenes of Tacky and his fellow penguins' athletic debacles, Tacky reminds readers of the underlying joy and enthusiasm that propells athletes to greatness. So get ready to cheer for Team Nice Icy Land and let the games begin!

Tacos: Authentic, Festive and Flavorful

by Scott Wilson

Celebrate one of America's favorite family dishes in this entertaining and informative cookbook, filled with delicious recipes for tacos. From old standby dishes to taco truck favorites to more ambitious varieties like the Spicy Hot Fudge Taco, this book contains something for every fan of a dish that's both simple and soul-satisfying. Taco obsessive Scott Wilson includes such delights as tacos de cazuela (a slow-cooked filling heaped straight from the pot onto tortillas), sauted tacos, and fried tacos. Along with meat and vegetarian options, recipes include appropriate sides, salsas, drinks, and desserts. Featuring color photographs throughout, this complete cookbook also discusses how to make tortillas from scratch and contains sidebars that explore the more exotic tacos and ingredients, and a guide to creating your own taco party.

Tactical Advantage

by Julie Miller

His only job was to protect her-not to get her into bedWhen his coinvestigator was attacked just moments after Detective Nick Fensom left the scene, he swore he'd never let her get hurt again. Thanks to their tense relationship, criminologist Annie Hermann wasn't happy to have Nick as her newly appointed protector. And although Nick couldn't blame her, being together 24/7 caused him to see Annie in a whole new light. Before long, he couldn't stop picturing the beautiful brunette wrapped up in his arms-and in his sheets. But allowing unfamiliar feelings to get in the way of the job was completely unprofessional...especially once Annie discovered the evidence that could cost her her life.

Tactical Strike

by Kaylea Cross

Gunship pilot Captain Candace Bradford has worked long and hard to earn her rank and position within the male-dominated world of Air Force Special Operations. She's not about to let anything or anyone jeopardize that, let alone one sinfully tempting man who seems determined to cause her nothing but trouble. Even if she's starting to fall for him.As an elite Combat Controller, Staff Sergeant Ryan Wentworth is used to overcoming adversity in order to complete a mission. Breaking through Candace's prickly exterior and into her heart is a challenge he can't let go. But just when he's begun to gain her trust, they're thrown together in the field facing an overwhelming enemy force.Candace and Ryan find themselves on the run, searching the skies for an emergency extraction. But one dangerous enemy has an agenda in mind and he'll use whatever means necessary to achieve it, including using American forces to do his dirty work.Don't miss Deadly Descent, also by Kaylea Cross. 87,000 words

Tactics of Hope

by Wilford Welch

Tactics of Hope is Welch's call to action, driven in part by the frustration with the priorities and pace at which the current players on the world scene are addressing issues, such as extreme poverty, human rights and the environment. Out of this frustration, however, came a major gift-the gift of hope and possibility. Worldwide participants, chronicled in this book ,are inspired and inspiring, and the organizations and individuals involved are doing impressive and effective work. One business leader contributed desperately needed computers to schools in Cambodia; two individuals teamed up to teach conflict resolution in South Africa; another volunteered to fund ongoing dialogues between the Palestinians and Israelis. Presented in each chapter are new visions of what is possible and realized that global public opinion and individual initiative might indeed become the world's second super-power and help bring about change in global priorities.

Tactus, Mensuration, and Rhythm in Renaissance Music

by Ruth I. Deford

Ruth DeFord's book explores how tactus, mensuration, and rhythm were employed to articulate form and shape in the period from c. 1420 to c. 1600. Divided into two parts, the book examines the theory and practice of rhythm in relation to each other to offer new interpretations of the writings of Renaissance music theorists. In the first part, DeFord presents the theoretical evidence, introduces the manuscript sources and explains the contradictions and ambiguities in tactus theory. The second part uses theory to analyse some of the best known repertories of Renaissance music, including works by Du Fay, Ockeghem, Busnoys, Josquin, Isaac, Palestrina, and Rore, and to shed light on composers' formal and expressive uses of rhythm. DeFord's conclusions have important implications for our understanding of rhythm and for the analysis, editing, and performance of music during the Renaissance period.

Taffy and Melissa Molasses

by Carolyn Haywood

Whether riding on the school bus or playing together during vacation days, Taffy, his sister Melissa Molasses, and their friend Jonathan make a rollicking trio. Once again Carolyn Haywood writes about the children she introduced in Here Comes the Bus!, following their activities through a typical summer in Maine. Despite their good intentions, the children always seem in the middle of a mixup. Taffy, arguing that the Fourth of July is George Washington's birthday, is convinced when a man named George from a company named Washington arrives to put up the new flagpole for the flag-raising party. Melissa, told exactly what food to take on a picnic, manages to give her little brother a raw egg to eat. Jonathan has his hands full trying to keep a level head through all the amiable confusion. Miss Haywood has a special fondness for her very youngest readers, and here is a story designed expressly for them. A first book that truly makes reading fun, it will win the hearts of children from city and country alike. There are over twenty more books in the Bookshare collection about Penny, Peter and their friends at camp. Look for Carolyn Haywood to find books about Betsy, Eddie and other kids who are like you, even though they were children over 60 years ago in the middle of the twentieth century. Some of the book titles you'll find are: "B" is for Betsy, Betsy's Busy Summer, Betsy's Merry Christmas, Betsy and the Circus, Betsy and Mr. Kilpatrick, Betsy's Winterhouse, Eddie the Dog Holder, Eddie and his big Deals, Eddie's Pay Dirt, Eddie and Gardenia, Ever Ready Eddie, Eddie and the Fire Engine, Penny Goes to Camp, Here Comes the Bus, and many more! Many of these books have picture descriptions.

Taffy Sinclair Strikes Again

by Betsy Haynes

Sure, Taffy Sinclair was gorgeous, but it's time she had a little competition. That's what Jana and her 4 6th-grade friends are out to give her when they form a new club.


by Louis L'Amour

His name was Taggart and he rode with a price on his head through the bloodred canyons of Apache country. Behind him was a ruthless bounty hunter--the deadliest lawman in the West. In front of him was a fortune in gold--and a pretty young woman hell-bent on carrying that fortune to safety. Suddenly Taggart was faced with a choice. He could either keep riding and leave the stubborn lady to fate and the Apaches. Or he could stay and help her make it out alive. But for a man like Taggart the answer was simple. He would stay. Even if it meant cutting off his own escape--even if it meant doubling his chance of death.From the Paperback edition.

Tagged for Terror (Hardy Boys Casefiles #76, Ring of Evil #1)

by Franklin W. Dixon

From the back of the book: Ticketed for disaster! A sophisticated ring of luggage thieves has put a choke hold on Eddings Air, threatening to ground the young airline for good. Working undercover as baggage handlers, the Hardys agree to scope out the airline's center of operations in Atlanta. But their welcome is less than cordial-Frank and Joe discover that they too may be headed for a crash landing! From the complex of tunnels beneath the airport to the enigmatic pasts of the airline's employees, the boys are drawn into a labyrinth of sabotage and deceit. Picking up clues to a conspiracy extending far beyond a few missing suitcases, they begin to suspect that much more than the future of Eddings Air is at stake. A scheme is in place, a plot about to unfold, in which murder is only the beginning. ============ From inside the book: CAROUSEL OF CRIME Where was Frank? Joe had checked the luggage area and the security office, but there was no sign of his brother. He headed back to the baggage claim area to check once more for Frank. Joe worked his way through the crowd, searching each face for Frank's. A startled shout made Joe stop and turn. There was some kind of commotion close to the carousel. He pushed his way through the gaping onlookers to the edge of the conveyor belt. Joe expected to see a suitcase sprung open, spewing somebody's underwear on the floor. He wasn't prepared to see a limp figure in blue coveralls sprawled on the moving carousel. His eyes widened and his heart started to pound as the conveyor belt carried the body closer to him. Joe instantly recognized the lanky form even though it was facedown on the carousel. It was Frank!


by Walter Dean Myers

From Walter Dean Myers, the New York Times bestselling author of Monster, comes an all-new 20-page one-act play. Tags is a look at life and death in New York City, complete with a shocking end. Four New York City teens are shot down in the prime of life. They move through limbo, re-creating their distinctive tags in a Harlem walk-up so that they can "live" forever. But what's the point? How can you think of living forever if you're already dead? Walter Dean Myers is a New York Times bestselling author, the current National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, a Newbery Honoree, and an inaugural NYC Literary Honoree. He is considered a preeminent writer for children. He lives in Jersey City, New Jersey, with his family.

Tahiti: A Paradise Lost

by David Howarth

"WE HAVE DISCOVERED A LARGE, FERTILE, AND EXTREMELY POPULOUS ISLAND IN THE SOUTH SEAs.... 'TIS IMPOSSIBLE TO DESCRIBE THE BEAUTIFUL PROSPECTS WE BEHELD IN THIS CHARMING SPOT" When Captain Samuel Wallis of the HMS Dolphin brought news of the 1767 discovery of Tahiti back to England, the British believed that they had truly found paradise. The island's natural beauty and fecundity and its inhabitants' striking lack of envy, greed, or hatred seemed to confirm Rousseau's speculations about man's natural goodness. But in less than a hundred years, Tahiti was irrevocably transformed, from a pure, serene land to one infected by disease and afflicted with civil wars and political strife. Using as his guide the journals, ship's logs, letters, and diaries of many of the island's visitors (Herman Melville and Robert Louis Stevenson among them) David Howarth recounts Tahiti's fascinating history. A perceptive and detailed portrait of the original Tahitians and their unique culture sets the stage for this quintessential story of exploration that becomes exploitation and, finally, destruction. "With grace and sensitivity, [Howarth] tells the melancholy story of how a simple civilization crumbled under the intrusive weight of another." Washington Post Book World "David Howarth is that rarest of species, a scholar with a stylish pen." St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Tai-Pan: The Epic Novel of the Founding of Hong Kong

by James Clavell

It is the early 19th century, when European traders and adventurers first began to penetrate the forbidding Chinese mainland. And it is in this exciting time and exotic place that a giant of an Englishman, Dirk Straun, sets out to turn the desolate island of Hong Kong into an impregnable fortress of British power, and to make himself supreme ruler...Tai-Pan!From the Trade Paperback edition.

Tail Gait

by Rita Mae Brown

There's nothing like a tail well told. Rita Mae Brown and her feline co-author Sneaky Pie Brown return with an all-new mystery featuring Mary Minor "Harry" Haristeen, crime-solving cats Mrs. Murphy and Pewter, and ever-faithful Tee Tucker the corgi. TAIL GAIT Spring has sprung in Crozet, Virginia--a time for old friends to gather and bid farewell to the doldrums of winter. Harry and her husband, Fair, are enjoying a cozy dinner with some of the town's leading citizens, including beloved University of Virginia history professor Greg "Ginger" McConnell and several members of UVA's celebrated 1959 football team. But beneath the cloak of conviviality lurks a sinister specter from the distant past that threatens to put all their lives in jeopardy. When Professor McConnell is found murdered on the golf course the next day--gunned down in broad daylight by an unseen killer--no one can fathom a motive, let alone find a suspect. Just as Harry and her furry cohorts begin nosing into the case, however, a homeless UVA alum confesses to the crime. Trouble is, no one believes that the besotted former All-American could have done the foul deed--especially after Mrs. Murphy, Pewter, and Tucker make another gruesome discovery. As the questions surrounding Ginger's death pile up, Harry's search for answers takes her down the fascinating byways of Virginia's Revolutionary past. The professor was something of a sleuth himself, it seems, and the centuries-old mystery he was unraveling may well have put a target on his back. As Harry edges closer to identifying an elusive killer, her animal companions sense danger--and rally to find a way to keep Harry from disappearing into history. Praise for the Mrs. Murphy mysteries "As feline collaborators go, you couldn't ask for better than Sneaky Pie Brown."--The New York Times Book ReviewFrom the Hardcover edition.

Tailchaser's Song

by Tad Williams

Fritti Tailchaser is a hunter for his clan. His speciality is birds. Though catching mice and other rodents are also central to his repertoire. Except when he's napping in the sun or chasing butterflies - something he does rather more than he should. Or at least did, until Hushpad vanished. Now Tailchaser has been drawn into a dangerous mission to discover her fate. It is the beginning of an extraordinary journey that will take him to the court of the Queen of Cat, through the terrifying northern wilds and deep into the underground realm of the ancient and hideous cat-god Grizraz Hearteater. For what begins as a simple quest to find a lost friend is destined to become a battle to save the entire world from destruction. TAILCHASER'S SONG is a wonderful story of magic, adventure and true friendship from one of the greatest storytellers writing today.

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