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Treasure Island!!!

by Sara Levine

When a college graduate with a history of hapless jobs (ice cream scooper; gift wrapper; laziest ever part-time clerk at The Pet Library) reads Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island, she is dumbstruck by the timid design of her life. When had she ever dreamed a scheme? When had she ever done a foolish, overbold act? When had she ever, like Jim Hawkins, broke from her friends, raced for the beach, stolen a boat, killed a man, and eliminated an obstacle that stood in the way of her getting a hunk of gold?Convinced that Stevenson's book is cosmically intended for her, she redesigns her life according to its Core Values: boldness, resolution, independence and horn-blowing. Accompanied by her mother, her sister, and a hostile Amazon parrot that refuses to follow the script, our heroine embarks on a domestic adventure more frightening than anything she'd originally planned. Treasure Island!!! is the story of a ferocious obsession, told by an original voice-intelligent, perverse, relentlessly self- extricating, and funny. .

Treasure Island

by Robert Louis Stevenson

Perhaps the most iconic pirate story of all time, Treasure Island was written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1881. The book follows young Jim Hawkins who finds himself in possession of a treasure map and embarks on a journey to unearth the pirate booty. His adventure takes him through the turbulent waters of morality, and his subsequent coming of age has captivated generations of readers. Rousing and full of adventure, Stevenson's Treasure Island is a classic to be enjoyed by readers of all ages. Now available as part of the Word Cloud Classics series, it makes a chic and affordable addition to any library.Lexile score: 980L

Treasure Island (Treasury of Illustrated Classics)

by Robert Louis Stevenson Barbara Green

An abridged version of the classic story about a boy who boards a ship headed to an island where treasure is buried. Adapted for young readers.

Treasure Mountain

by Louis L'Amour

TREASURE MOUNTAIN In Treasure Mountain, Louis L'Amour delivers a robust story of two brothers searching to learn the fate of their missing father--and finding themselves in a struggle just to stay alive. Orrin and Tell Sackett had come to exotic New Orleans looking for answers to their father's disappearance twenty years before. To uncover the truth, the brothers enlisted the aid of a trailwise Gypsy and a mysterious voodoo priest as they sought to re-create their father's last trek. But Louisiana is a dangerous land, and with one misstep the brothers could disappear in the bayous before they even set foot on the trail--a trail that led to whatever legacy their father had left behind . . . and a secret worth killing for.From the Paperback edition.

Treasure My Heart

by Altonya Washington

The man every woman wants...wants her There are flings, and then there's real life. Minka Gerald, assistant to one of the country's top financiers, is too smart to confuse the two. But a business trip to Miami is the perfect place for a workaholic to let loose, and Oliver-brother to her boss's fiancée-is the ideal partner-in-pleasure. And with his heartbreaker reputation, that's as much as she expects. A ladies' man doesn't become a one-woman guy overnight. But once property developer Oliver Bauer has a taste of real connection, he wants more. Outwardly reserved but full of fire, Minka could hold his heart forever. Can he make her believe in him, before an old enemy's quest for revenge puts her safety and their sizzling new love in jeopardy?

The Treasure of Amelia Island

by M. C. Finotti

Our lives changed quickly in that one, single month, and in the years to follow we talked a lot about how that could happen. George believed it all started with the arrival of Gullah Jack . . . . Jack, you see, is the one who told us of the pirate's treasure buried on Amelia Island . . . . These are the ruminations of Mary Kingsley as she recounts the tumultuous events that changed her life when she was eleven years old. It is December 1813. Her family lives in La Florida, a Spanish territory under siege by Patriots from the United States of America. The Patriots want to force Spain out of the land it has ruled for nearly three hundred years. Mary is the youngest child of a former slave, Ana Jai Kingsley. Her father freed Mary and the rest of the family, but the Patriots don't care. They see no place for freed people of color in a new Florida. They want to make Mary and her family slaves again. Against these mighty events, Mary decides to search for a legendary pirate treasure with her brother George and her half-brother Diego. This treasure hunt, filled with danger, and recklessness, is compelling and unforgettable and it changes Mary Kingsley forever.

The Treasure of Death Valley (Sweet Valley High #115)

by Francine Pascal Kate William

Elizabeth has struck it rich! On a special desert survival course, she discovers real gold nuggets and a treasure map. She knows she should forget the map and stick to the trail, but how can she resist the lure of adventure and more gold? Jessica, wanting to be richer than Lila Fowler, leads the group on the treasure hunt. Little does she know that three convicted murderers are right on their heels.... Will the group abandon the temptation of gold? Or will their greed lead them into horrifying danger? Join Elizabeth and Jessica in Book One of this terrifying two-part treasure-hunt miniseries!

The Treasure of El Patron

by Gary Paulsen

Vowing to find the sunken ship of treasure that claimed his father's life, Tag Jones is unperturbed by rumors that the ship is haunted, but when he and his friend are asked to retrieve some sunken parcels, they find themselves in dangerous water.

Treasure of Green Knowe

by L. M. Boston

In this sequel to The Children of Green Knowe, nine-year-old Tolly returns to spend another vacation with his great-grandmother. This time she tells him stories about Susan, a blind girl who grew up at Green Knowe some 150 years before. Susan's mother, grandmother, and older brother treat her with a suffocating blend of pity, contempt, and overprotectiveness. Her father, however, has faith in her abilities and is determined to give her opportunities to learn and grow. On a voyage to Barbadoes he buys a lively young slave boy, Jacob, to be Susan's companion. Both children are mischievous and adventurous, and Susan blossoms as their friendship develops. This book was originally published in 1958. For its time it provides a remarkably realistic and sensitive portrait of a blind child living in the days before Braille, mlbility, or schools for the blind.

A Treasure of Love

by Margaret Ripy

FIRST HE HIRED HER. THEN HE WANTED HER. From the moment she met him, Marnie Stevens regretted signing on as Damon Wilson's underwater photographer. But with a will as steely as his penetrating gray eyes, he refused to let her break her contract ... and took her away from the glamorous New York world of her spoiled, seductive stepsister, Anita. Salvaging a long-lost galleon, Marnie faced peril in the treacherous waters off Grand Cayman . . . and in the burning embrace of her arrogant boss. Then Anita appeared with only one thing-and one man-on her mind. . . .

The Treasure of Skeleton Reef (Wishbone Mystery #1)

by Brad Strickland Thomas E. Fuller

Wishbone and his best friend Joe visit St. George Bay, a resort town on the Gulf of Mexico, for a vacation--but find themselves involved in a search for missing pirate treasure and a crusade to save a lighthouse instead.

The Treasure Principle

by Randy Alcorn

In this first book in the new LifeChange series, bestselling author Randy Alcorn introduces readers to a revolution in material freedom and radical generosity that will change lives around the world. Ninety-five percent of Christians have never come to terms with a biblical perspective on their material possessions, Alcorn writes. God has entrusted His wealth to us and called upon us to manage and invest His money. This is in everyone's best interests, including our own. When Jesus told His followers to "lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven," he intended that they discover an astounding secret: how joyful giving brings God maximum glory and his children maximum pleasure.

The Treasure Tree (A Treasure Tree Adventure #1)

by Gary Smalley John T. Trent Norma Smalley Cindy Trent

Animals teach personality traits and how to respect individuals for who they are. The four animals in this story came out of the personality section we teach in our "Love Is a Decision" seminars, based on our book The Two Sides of Love. Not only do we want children to begin to learn the different personality characteristics, but it is also our deep desire to help parents begin to recognize and highly value even their very young children's unique, God-given bents. It was our good friend Chuck Swindoll who first pointed out to us how the familiar Proverb "Train up a child in the way he should go ..." should best be translated. The way it actually reads in Hebrew is "Train up a child according to his bent ...." We hope that by using four animals to describe the four basic personality types, we have helped you to see more clearly your child's "bent." And for you to help your child learn more about his own personality strengths, we've included a brief personality checklist for the two of you to do together. Limited picture descriptions present.

Treasure Trouble (Pirate School #5)

by Brian James

They have done it!!! The pirate kids have found buried treasure!!! Too bad Rotten Tooth was there to take it away, mumbling something about scalawags.

A Treasure Worth Keeping

by Kathryn Springer

Spending the summer in tiny, idyllic Cooper's Landing sounded wonderful to play-it-safe teacher Evie McBride. She'd read, relax and run her dad's antique shop while he set out on a fishing trip. So how did she end up tutoring neighbor Sam Cutter's troubled teenaged niece? Especially since Sam's handsome face and sense of adventure didn't give her a moment's peace. Nor did the news that her dad wasn't out there looking for trout, but for a centuries-old sunken dowry with criminal ties. Ties that bound Evie and Sam to danger. . . and to each other.

A Treasure Worth Seeking

by Rachel Ryan

Erin goes to San Franscio to meet her brother but meets Lance instead who is looking for her brother because he committed a crime by stealing money from the bank.

A Treasure Worth Seeking

by Sandra Brown

Erin had found her brother's San Francisco address and stood on the doorstep - not knowing she was about to walk into a heart-wrenching drama of shocking family ties and lies, and an intriguing, infuriating man whom she suddenly needed to love.

The Treasured Age: Spirituality for Seniors

by James Finley

The beautiful writing in this book touches the heart and soul. Although the priest is talking with those who have experienced loss, disability, retirement, feelings of aloneness or loneliness, or who are being taken for granted or left behind by the changes in the church, there is much to inspire anyone who wants a richer spiritual life and church involvement. Finley challenges the worn-out, the taken for granted, the always-there to ready themselves for each church activity. And not just to be ready, to be the ready-est, as he likes to say. He encourages them to claim the active role which belongs to them. A truly marvelous set of reflections, which sometimes includes such touching prayers that the young will want to use them as models for praying for the grandmothers and grandfathers in their congregations.

The Treasured One (Dreamers #2)

by David Eddings Leigh Eddings

This fantasy tale transports us to a wondrous land where gods and mortals join together to defy the dark forces that would destroy them all. As spring ripens into summer and warm winds blow through the apple orchards, rumors abound of hooded strangers scouting the peaceful farmlands of Vash. Flush from their narrow victory over the horrific Vlagh, Longbow and his companions are drawn to this pastoral territory in south Dhrall, confident that they will thwart the next assault by their inhuman foe. But on the border of the desolate Wasteland, the Vlagh is breeding a monstrous new army of venomous bat-bugs and armored spiders. These giant, grotesque legions threaten to overwhelm the allies, who are further shocked by a prophecy delivered by the Dreamers: an invasion by a new, second army. Seduced by the prospect of limitless gold and pagans ripe for enslavement, a corrupt former priest, Jalkan, will betray his allies. Conspiring to plunder this unspoiled land, Jalkan raises a force of armed acolytes and declares a global holy war. Caught up in the clash of these vast powers, neither Longbow and his allies nor Jalkan and his troops grasp the new danger among them. A mysterious entity - neither god nor mortal - has begun to meddle with the minds of both the locals and the invaders, spinning a web of intrigue that entraps all in its path. "Farmers and hunters, soldiers and madmen, mortals and gods - all charge to a battle that will decide the fate of the world."--BOOK JACKET.

The Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibran

by Martin L. Wolf Kahlil Gibran Andrew Dib Sherfan Anthony R. Ferris

The definitive collection of works by one of the twentieth century's most acclaimed writers and philosophersKahlil Gibran produced some of the world's most remarkable poems and philosophical essays throughout his almost thirty-year career. This enriching collection of his works includes more than 150 of his stories, prose poems, verse, parables, and autobiographical essays. From The Broken Wings, about the tragic end of a first love, to A Self Portrait, revealing Gibran's greatest passions through his personal letters to friends and family, each book in this collection serves as an absorbing and comprehensive introduction to the legendary thinker.


by J. David Cooper John J. Pikulski Patricia A. Ackerman

NIMAC-sourced textbook


by J. David Cooper John J. Pikulski David J. Chard

NIMAC-sourced textbook


by Nora Roberts

Two of her previous books: Secret Star, and Treasures Lost, Treasures Found.

Treasures from the Attic

by Mirjam Pressler

The story is one that is envisioned by many: a relative, an old woman who has lived in the same home for a lifetime, passes away, her death prompting the inevitable task of sorting through her effects by her surviving family. But in the attic in this particular house, a treasure trove of historic importance is found. Rarely does this become an actuality, but when Helene Elias died, no one could put a price on what she left behind. Helene Elias was born Helene Frank, sister to Otto Frank, and therefore aunt to Anne Frank. Ensconced upstairs in the house she inherited from her mother, and eventually passed on to her son, Buddy Elias, Anne's cousin and childhood playmate, was the documented legacy of the Frank family: a vast collection of photos, letters, drawings, poems, and postcards preserved throughout decades--a cache of over 6,000 documents in all. Chronicled by Buddy's wife, Gertrude, and renowned German author Mirjam Pressler, these findings weave an indelible, engaging, and endearing portrait of the family that shaped Anne Frank. They wrote to one another voluminously; recounted summer holidays, and wrote about love and hardships. They reassured one another during the terrible years and waited anxiously for news after the war had ended. Through these letters, they rejoiced in new life, and honored the memories of those they lost. Anne's family believed themselves to ordinary members of Germany's bourgeoisie. That they were wrong is part of history, and we celebrate them here with this extraordinary account. Insert Authors' photo: © Jürgen BauerMirjam Pressler is one of Germany's most beloved authors. She was the German translator of Anne Frank's diary.

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