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The Manolo Matrix

by Julie Kenner

Julie Kenner reloads for her second novel of high-heeled thrills as another woman gets pulled into a mysterious world of extreme gaming where she must play or die. Aspiring actress Jennifer Crane knows all about games -- the games girls play to get a guy; the games actresses play to land a part; and the good old game of credit-card roulette. (How else is a girl supposed to afford her shoes?) But she never expected to be playing a game with life-or-death consequences. Unable to successfully score an acting gig, she has, instead, been cast in the role of reluctant bodyguard to a real-life assassin's target -- a dashing FBI agent of all people! -- and must embark with him upon a scavenger hunt across Manhattan in search of the ultimate prize: survival. Before this, Jenn's definition of fighting dirty has been elbowing her way to the front of the line at a Manolo sample sale. Now, if she wants to stay alive, she's going to have to learn a few new uses for her stilettos. . . and they ain't pretty. Fast, flirty, and full of great footwear, The Manolo Matrix is another electrifying adventure in this breakout series for fashionistas who love a perfectly appointed mystery.

The Manor

by Isaac Bashevis Singer

The complex family chronicle of a Jewish family in nineteenth-century Poland showing the dispersion of that family, and the separation and hostility between generations. Calman Jacoby, a spiritual, honest man who observes his Jewish traditions, begins a new phase of his life as a wealthy business man after he takes over the management of a Polish manor. The stories of his four daughters and their husbands show different levels of keeping or rejecting the traditions instilled in each by their father.<P> Singer raises issues of capitalism and success versus maintaining the observations of Jewish tradition, and of rationalism and science versus the mysticism and superstition of the village Jewish community. Some men immerse themselves in the world of old, Talmudic scholarship, speak only Yiddish, and shun contact with outsiders, while others begin to shave, wear European clothing, eat non-kosher food, and associate with women outside the family. Singer describes tension and upheaval within families in times of rapid transition from one kind of society to another.

Manor of Death

by Leslie Caine

Erin Gilbert is paid to bring spaces to new life-not to uncover murder. But from the beginning of her job in a Victorian manor, things are totally out of control. It starts with the sighting of a ghost and leads to the discovery of a decades-old secret, a hidden dead space in the attic, and the shocking death of a beautiful young woman. Teamed with her insufferably self-confident competitor, Steve Sullivan, Erin finds herself up against the neighbors, a troubled teen, a woman communing with the dead, and one very unnerved client. The more Erin works on the house, the more manners of death she seems to find until, like peeling off layers of wallpaper, she suddenly sees it revealed all too clearly: the perfect blueprint for murder.... From the Paperback edition.


by David Kinch Christine Muhlke Eric Ripert

The long-awaited cookbook by one of the San Francisco Bay Area's star chefs, David Kinch, who has revolutionized restaurant culture with his take on the farm-to-table ethic and focus on the terroir of the Northern California coast. Since opening Manresa in Los Gatos in 2002, award-winning Chef David Kinch has done more to create a sense of place through his food--specifically that of Northern California, where the Santa Cruz Mountains meet the sea--than any other chef at his level. Rather than buy his ingredients from a network of local producers, he closed the loop between farm and table by partnering with nearby Love Apple Farms, which grows almost 100 percent of his produce year round. Kinch's interpretation of these ingredients, drawing on his 30 years in restaurants as well as his far-flung and well-fed travels, are at the heart of the Manresa experience. In Manresa, Chef Kinch details his thoughts on building a dish: the creativity, experimentation and emotion that go into developing each plate and daily menu--and how a tasting menu ultimately tells a deeper story. A literary snapshot of the restaurant, from Chef Kinch's inspirations to his techniques, this book celebrates the creativity behind the food of Manresa and its profound connection to the land and sea of Northern California.

Man's Fate

by Haakon M. Chevalier Andre Malraux

A classic Novel questioning ideologies and viewpoints.

A Man's Gotta Eat What a Man's Gotta Eat (EBK)

by Dana Fredsti

Chuck T-Bone is a private detective--A P.I. A gumshoe. A dick. He also happens to be a zombie, in a world where the zombies have taken over, and "fresh meat" is a rare commodity. Where you go into a diner to order an elbow joint with a side of toes. But nothing's really changed--the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, at least until they fall apart altogether. When a curvaceous member of a famous crime family walks into his office, he's forced to reopen a case he'd just as soon forget. It's the one that introduced him to the dame who stole his heart--and got him killed. Trouble is, if it happens again, this time it's for good.

Man's Place in Nature

by Thomas H. Huxley Stephen Jay Gould

Thomas H. Huxley was one of the first supporters of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection, and he did more than any other writer to advance its acceptance among scientists and nonscientists alike. His most famous book, Man's Place in Nature, published only five years after Darwin's The Origin of Species, offers a compelling review of primate and human paleontology, and is the first attempt to apply Darwin's theory to human beings. As compelling a piece of analysis now as it was 140 years ago, Man's Place in Nature is a must for every science lover's library.

A Man's Reach

by Elmer L. Andersen Lori Sturdevant

Autobiography of the popular Minnesota Governor in the 1950's.

A Man's Recovery from Traumatic Childhood Abuse: The Insiders

by Robert Blackburn Knight Mark Falstein

This is the author's detailed account of a series of therapies which helped him heal the effects of horrific childhood sexual abuse. During the course of his treatment he unlocks long-buried memories and discovers the presence of a host of internal personae or alters who have been created to absorb and cope with his pain. His personal story is interlaced with theoretical reflections drawn from the work of a variety of psychologists and psychotherapists.

Man's Search for Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy

by Viktor E. Frankl

Frankl developed new concepts to Freud and Adler and extended the basic concepts of modern psychology while being imprisoned in Nazi camps.

A Man's Strategy for Conquering Temptation

by Bob Vereen

Christian men are in the midst of a life-long process. They're being transformed by the renewing of their minds, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, they're crucifying the sinful nature with its passions and desires. But the world, the flesh, and the devil go to great lengths to thwart the process. Our culture is obsessed with sex. Pornography, declining morals, pervasive visual stimulation, rampant divorce, and epidemic adultery. They all reflect ungodly passions. And inflame impure thoughts. In this six-week study you'll learn that God has provided everything you need to resist temptation. Through the examples of men in Scripture-those who fell into sin and those who stood firm-you'll find hope for controlling your passions. You'll learn how to choose the path of purity. And you'll find assurance that through the power of the Holy Spirit and God's Word, you can escape the corruption of this world and one day stand before God blameless and pure. From the Trade Paperback edition.


by Jack Williamson

The project was simple in design yet grandiose in its aim: a thousand tiny ships would crawl to the stars

Mansfield Park

by Jane Austen

(Book Jacket Status: Jacketed)Introduction by Peter ConradFrom the Hardcover edition.

Mansfield Park: The Illustrated Edition

by Jane Austen

This special edition of Mansfield Park includes the famous illustrations by Henry Matthew Brock, originally created in 1898. Brock and his brothers were all successful illustrators of the day and often posed for each other using costumes, props and furniture in their Cambridge studio. Brock's older brother Charles joined him in illustrating other Jane Austen releases for this set of 1898 editions. Mansfield Park is Jane Austen's version of a Cinderella story. Fanny Price is a poor relation living with her rich uncle and aunt, Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram, and their children. Edmund, the second son, is the only one who treats her with kindness and they develop a strong bond, until the dashing Henry Crawford and his lovely sister Mary come to visit. The Crawfords are outwardly charming, but their indifferent upbringing leaves them unable to distinguish right from wrong, and Fanny must watch her beloved Edmund almost fall into Mary's trap. Fanny Price is meek and mild, and unfailingly good. When the Crawfords introduce risky activities into her social set, she tries to prevent disaster, but the production of a play leads all the members of the family astray and Edmund almost falls irretrievably in love with the beautiful Mary. Fanny watches with trepidation and much pain, until Edmund's own high sense of morality brings him to the right conclusions about which is the better woman, on the inside.

Mansfield Park Revisited

by Joan Aiken

In Aiken's sequel to Jane Austen's complex and fascinating novel, after heroine Fanny Price marries Edmund Bertram, they depart for the Caribbean, and Fanny's younger sister Susan moves to Mansfield Park as Lady Bertram's new companion. Surrounded by the familiar cast of characters from Jane Austen's original, and joined by a few charming new characters introduced by the author, Susan finds herself entangled in romance, surprise, scandal, and redemption. Aiken's diverting tale gives the reader interesting speculation on how the Crawfords, whose winning personalities were marred by an amoral upbringing, might have turned out, and Jane Austen's morality tale takes new directions with an unexpected and somewhat controversial ending."A lovely read-and you don't have to have read Mansfield Park to enjoy it."-Woman's Own"Her sense of time and place is impeccable."-Publishers Weekly"An excellent sequel...remarkably effective and very funny."-Evening Standard

The Mansion in the Mist (Anthony Monday #4)

by John Bellairs

Anthony Monday is delighted when his friend Miss Fells and her brother Emerson invite him to spend summer vacation at an old house on a desolate island. But fun soon turns to terror when Anthony finds a trunk that can transport the three of them to another world-a horrifying place where a maniacal group is plotting the destruction of the people of Earth. Can Anthony and his friends save mankind, or will their desperate struggle be the end of them?

The Mansion of Secrets (Kay Tracey Mystery #4)

by Frances K. Judd

ADVENTURE BREWING. There were all sorts of strange stories about the old Greely mansion. Some said the house was haunted. Some even said its sinister walls were lined with treasure. A mysterious map leads Kay through the mansion's hidden doors and secret passageways to a case of fabulous diamonds. Why were they hidden? Who was their rightful owner? And who was that mysterious figure prowling around the mansion?

The Mansions of Limbo

by Dominick Dunne

In a collection of his essays from Vanity Fair, the best-selling author reveals the life and times of the beautiful--and not-so-beautiful--people.


by Jeff Mac

THE ULTIMATE INTERPRETER OF GUY BEHAVIOR Why doesn't my man get me flowers? Easy - because flowers don't do anything cool. Will I scare him off if I call him first? No way. Well, not unless he's actually terrified of his phone, in which case you likely have bigger problems. Why can't he just talk to me about our relationship? Yeah . . . and how come a gazelle never waits around to see if that lion is friendly? Men sometimes seem impossible to understand. But it turns out they're about as easy to read as coloring books - if you know what you're looking for. Manslations answers all these questions and more in this hilarious - and honest - guide to what men say, who they are, and why they behave the way they do. "When that guy told you - within thirty seconds of introducing himself at the bar - that he drives a hybrid because he cares about the environment, the manslation is that he was trying to work his way into your bikini areas. "Manslations reveals the golden rule that helps you figure out what never to worry about (and what to lose sleep over), plus the two key questions that will help unlock the meaning behind even the most confusing male actions. Capped off by a man-to-woman phrasebook, this is the only relationship guide you'll ever need.

Manson in His Own Words

by Charles Manson Nuel Emmons

Charles Manson relates his version of his life and the events leading up to his ordering the brutal murders of nine people in the summer of 1969.

Manta's Gift

by Timothy Zahn

I am not a fan of science fiction, but I have to admit that this is a clever, creative and well-crafted novel. My favorite review: What if James Dean were a twin-tailed manta ray swimming in Jupiter's atmosphere? Bestselling Star Wars novelist Zahn (Angelmass) gives us a tale of teen coming-of-age angst set in the herd society of the Qanska, intelligent herbivores who inhabit the equatorial band of the gas giant. Suspecting them to be non-native life, Earth's corporate masters, the Five Hundred, send in a spy to find their hidden star drive. Facing their own disaster, the Qanska agree, hoping to gain a human perspective on the impending exhaustion of their ecology. What neither side can count on is how the person injected into the Qanskan world will react. Matt Raimey, a 22-year-old paralyzed by a skiing accident, agrees to have his brain transplanted into a Qanska fetus. Given a second chance to be mobile, he also unexpectedly gets another chance to mature. Zahn concentrates more on the psychological processes at work than on the technological. Solutions to problems arise from better emotional and intellectual integrity, not simply larger databases. While the author doesn't get as deep into his characters as they do into Jupiter's depths, his portrayal of Matt/Manta is direct and involving. Qanskan life, looking much like marine reef life on Earth, is intriguingly portrayed, even if the biology of the Qanskan problem is suspect. YA readers looking for more than the usual SF action-adventure should be well pleased. (Publisher's Weekly)

The Mantle of Kendis-Dai (Starshield #1)

by Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman

In this first book of the Starshield series, a group of astronauts from earth meet Morinda Nescot, and join her on a quest.

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