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Treasures of Darkness

by Tara Soughers

Treasures of Darkness: Finding God When Hope Seems Hidden People generally consider dark times in life as times that are filled with pain, fear, anxiety, depression, loss, or sadness. Tara Soughers recognizes such moments in her own life. When hope seemed hidden, however, she encountered God. She tells us that she does not always recognize her times of darkness as grace-filled. "There are times when God seems absent in the darkness. There are times when I feel lost and even abandoned. But my journeys through the darkness have revealed God to me in ways that I could never have imagined." She shares personal stories about dark times in her life and how she encountered God through the experiences. She invites us to embrace the darkness as an opportunity to experience the treasure of God's love, presence, and power. Soughers invites us to explore several biblical stories in which darkness plays a major role, and each of the scripture readings offers a unique treasure in the darkness. Psalm 139:12 proclaims a powerful truth about God. "Even the darkness is not dark to you; the night is as bright as the day, for darkness is as light to you." God creates in darkness (Genesis 1). God gives us "life . . . the light of all people" in Jesus Christ (John 1:4). Abraham, Paul, Jacob, Job, Nicodemus, and Jesus encounter treasures from God in the darkness. As Soughers explores each biblical account, she offers a unique point of contact for contemporary Christians, treasures that can sustain us as we encounter darkness in our lives. Book contents contain: Prologue: Discovering Treasures in Darkness 1. Darkness is as Light to You (Psalm 139:7-12) 2. Let There Be Light: Creation and Creativity (Genesis 1:1-5) 3. Count the Stars: Hearing God's Promise (Genesis 15) 4. Who Are You? Overcoming our Blindness (Acts 9:1-19) 5. Why Have You Forsaken Me? Bringing Life Out of Death (Matthew 27:45-56) 6. Wrestling with God: Transformation (Genesis 32:22-32) 7. Listen to this Dream: Enlightenment through Dreams (Genesis 37:1-11; 41:1-36) 8. Out of the Whirlwind: God as Mystery (Job 3:1-8; 38:4-21) 9. How Can These Things Be? Being Born Again (John 3:1-10) 10. Gate of Heaven: Encountering God Where Least Expected (Genesis 28:10-22) 11. The Light Shines in the Darkness: God's Self-Revelation (John 1:1-15) 12. The Night Is as Bright as the Day (Psalm 139:7-12) Epilogue: Treasures of Darkness Each chapter includes questions for reflection and discussion.This book is ideal for use in local church book groups.

Treasures of the Snow

by Patricia St. John

Annette's little brother suffers a terrible tragedy due to Lucien the bully. Annette is out for revenge but then she finds Christ's love which sets her free.

A Treasury of Adoption Miracles

by Karen Kingsbury

#1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury delivers a collection of powerful stories which explore adoption from the perspectives of those who have experienced it from all sides. Inspiring and comforting, the greatest gift of these stories is in the encouragement they offer--through true accounts of adoption blessings--to anyone considering taking on the special role of an adoptive parent.

A Treasury of Albert Schweitzer

by Albert Schweitzer

Collected here in a single volume are the most important philosophical writings of Albert Schweitzer, one of the greatest thinkers and humanitarians of our time. Carefully chosen from among his many written works, the selections in this anthology illuminate and amplify Dr. Schweitzer's cardinal principle of belief--a reverence for life. Among the important and revealing works included are "Pilgrimage to Humanity," which outlines his philosophy of culture, the early influences in his life, and his ideal of world peace; "The Light Within Us," one of the twentieth century's most significant and beautiful statements of one man's faith in his fellow man; and "Reverence for Life," which states, with great clarity and conviction, the essence of Schweitzer's wisdom. Because of his legendary fame as a medical missionary, other equally important and outstanding aspects of Schweitzer's life are not as well known. Readers of this book will realize that Albert Schweitzer was a truly creative thinker, whose concern with the problems of the human spirit and whose methods of expressing this concern have raised him to the stature of one of the world's foremost philosophers.

Treasury of Chinese Folk Tales

by Patrick Yee Shelley Fu

Everyone is interested in China these days, and that includes kids. Tuttle Publishing's Treasury of Chinese Folk Tales is a wonderful collection of seven classic Chinese stories that make for great reading adventures. From the stories of Pan Gu and Nu Wo, creators of the world, to Bai Su-Tzin, a snake who took on human form and found true love, this mesmerizing book includes myths of creation, mortality and love.More than just a storybook, Treasury of Chinese Folk Tales also explores the historical impact and roots of each tale, inviting you and the children you love to fully enjoy the many layers of meaning contained within them. The included pronunciation guide as well as information for further reading makes this a perfect tool for educators, librarians and parents.

A Treasury of Christmas Miracles: True Stories of Gods Presence Today

by Karen Kingsbury

This collection of true stories from bestselling author Karen Kingsbury celebrates the mystery and wonder of Christmastime. A chance encounter that changes everything . . . help that appears from nowhere . . . kindness when it's least expected . . . We've all experienced miracles in our lives. Now Karen Kingsbury has collected a series of real-life stories about people whose lives were changed by the mystery and wonder of Christmastime. In each of these stories, Karen brings undeniable proof of God's presence in our lives. And with an uplifting voice, she gives us a joyous reminder of the true meaning of Christmas: the greatest miracle of all is opening our hearts to love.

A Treasury of Curious George

by Margret Rey

"He was a good little monkey and always very curious. " This is how H. A. Rey and his wife, Margret, first introduced their now beloved troublemaker-hero to young readers in 1941. In this hefty 192-page hardcover treasury, Curious George fans will find eight stories based on the popular primate, painted in Rey's original watercolor and charcoal style:Curious George Takes a Train(2002),Curious George Visits a Toy Store(2002),Curious George and the Dump Truck(1999),Curious George and the Birthday Surprise(2003),Curious George Goes Camping(1999),Curious George Goes to a Costume Party(2001),Curious George Visits the Library(2003), andCurious George in the Big City(2001). A wonderful collection for your own mischievous monkey. For more monkey fun, investigatewww. curiousgeorge. comand discover all the latest on Curious George books, promotions, games, activities, and more!

A Treasury of Japanese Folktales

by Yumi Matsunari Eiichi Mitsui Yuri Yasuda Yoshinobu Sakakura Yumi Yamaguchi

A Treasury of Japanese Folktales, presented in both English and Japanese, contains 12 of the best Japanese folk and fairy tales, told to generation after generation of Japanese children. These charming tales of rich imagination carry us, on turtle-back, to the splendors of the underwater palace of the dragon princess, to the beautiful hills where Kintaro plays with his animal friends, and to a temple where we discover a "tea kettle" that is really a cunning badger in disguise.Executed with great skill and imagination, the 98 color illustrations bring to life the charming characters of these heart-warming tales of old Japan.

A Treasury of Kahlil Gibran

by Martin L. Wolf Kahlil Gibran Anthony R. Ferris

Passionate and spiritual writings uncovering the philosophical foundations of one of the twentieth century's greatest thinkersKahlil Gibran's works are known throughout the world for their lyrical grandeur, wisdom, and insights drawn from the everyday sufferings of man. This nine-book collection captures one of modern history's titanic literary figures at his best. Texts such as "The Secret of the Heart," "Laughter and Tears," and "Song of the Flower" reveal the vivid splendor of life through Gibran's gifted similes and symbolism. Passionate and unforgettable, these verses of lyric prose impart to the reader a grand symphony of sparking joys epitomizing the qualities that have made Gibran one of the world's most eminent philosophical virtuosos.

A Treasury of Miracles for Friends

by Karen Kingsbury

#1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury's timeless collection of true stories celebrating God's presence in friendship. In this heartwarming book, the miraculous power of friendship is proven through amazing experiences in the lives of ordinary men and women. Karen Kingsbury has gathered together real-life examples of friends who are there for each other because they want to be, not because they have to be. These uplifting stories illustrate that true friendship is made of love and laughter, compassion and understanding. And when life sends a challenge that cannot be met alone, God provides a friend when one is needed most.

A Treasury of Miracles for Friends: True Stories of God's Presence Today

by Karen Kingsbury

From the bestselling author of A Treasury of Miracles forTeens comes a heartwarming collection of true stories to remind readers thatGod is present in every friendship. Outside the family circle, no one is as important as a dear friend. A friend is there throughout the years, in good times and bad. And unlike family, friends are there because they want to be and not because they have to be. In her latest collection, KarenKingsbury explores the miracle of friendship with the same unerring focus given to the previous books in this series. Included in the collection are stories about long-lost friends having miraculous reunions; conflicts in friendships that had wondrous resolutions; and life-saving situations where a friend shows up without reason at just at the right moment-all demonstrating God's role in the healing power and the hope that comes with a true and steadfast companion. H Karen Kingsbury's three previous books in this successful series, A Treasury of Miracles for Teens (Warner Faith, 5/03), A Treasury of Miracles for Women (Warner Faith, 4/02), and A Treasury of Christmas Miracles (Warner Faith, 2001), have sold nearly 140,000 combined copies. H This book will appeal to anyone who believes that miracles still happen, even in the most trying times. H Gideon's Gift (Warner Faith, 10/02), the first book in the author's successful Red Gloves series, has sold over 50,000 copies. Maggie's Miracle, the second book in the series, will be published by Warner Faith in 10/03. H Karen Kingsbury is the author of 24 books to date. She was previously a staff writer for the Los Angeles Daily News and a contributor to People. Praise for A Treasury of Miracles for Teens: 'Gives readers the assurance that God deeply cares about their lives....Karen is a master.' -Robin Jones Gunn, author of the ChristyMiller series

A Treasury of Miracles for Teens: True Stories of God's Presence Today

by Karen Kingsbury

Guardian angels do exist and God still performs miracles. In this simple yet engaging compilation, bestselling author Karen Kingsbury retells some of the incredible stories she's heard from teenagers over the years.

A Treasury of Miracles for Women: True Stories of God’s Presence in Our Lives Today

by Karen Kingsbury

A collection of amazing and touching stories that celebrates women and shows that miracles are still possible.

Treasury of Philosophy

by Dagobert D. Runes

"Treasury of Philosophy" is a catalog of famous and not so well-known philosophers the world over. Includes Hebrew, Chinese, European and North American as well as other Oriental Philosophers.

A Treasury of Russian Literature

by Bernard Guilbert Guerney

A treasury of Russian literature; being a comprehensive selection of many of the best things by numerous authors in practically every field of the rich literature of Russia from its beginnings to the present, with much material now first made available in English, and all of the accepted favorites newly translated or their current translations thoroughly revised.

A Treasury of Science Fiction

by Groff Conklin

A classic anthology of science fiction stores originally public from 1929 to about 1947

A Treasury of Synonyms and Antonyms

by Radharaman Agarwal

The principal aim of this text is to enrich the word power of all types of students and readers. The study of this text will help create a unique vocabulary and aspire the reader to master the English language.

A Treasury of the World's Great Speeches

by Houston Peterson

A compilation of some of the most memorable orations of all time, beginning with Moses and continuing to the close of the Second World War and the subsequent election of Eisenhower.

A Treasury Praise: Enjoying God Anew

by Ruth Myers Warren Myers

Inspiration for Your Daily Encounters with God Those who have discovered the secret of praise know how powerfully it deepens their experience of God. They've seen firsthand how He often works in our times of praise, releasing freedom and joy that transform struggles into blessings. Yet even when you know the delight of daily spending time with God, you may find yourself distracted by life's busyness or even reluctant to offer praise in the midst of trials. The key, writes author Ruth Myers, is to "choose to cultivate the habit of praise, taking steps to enrich your prayer life. " This inspiring collection of daily encounters will help you do exactly that. Deeply rooted in Scripture and adapted from Ruth's earlier writings,A Treasury of Praiseguides you through personalized prayer and praise, invites you to feast on the words of God, and leads you to a deeper understanding of His power and love. Through each brief reading, you can enter into God's presence. You can find Him truly sufficient to carry you through every disappointment, every challenge, and every season of life.

Treating Attachment Disorders, Second Edition

by Karl Heinz Brisch Kenneth Kronenberg

Organized around extended case illustrations-and grounded in cutting-edge theory and research-this highly regarded book shows how an attachment perspective can inform psychotherapeutic practice with patients of all ages. Karl Heinz Brisch explores the links between early experiences of separation, loss, and trauma and a range of psychological, behavioral, and psychosomatic problems. He demonstrates the basic techniques of attachment-based assessment and intervention, emphasizing the healing power of the therapeutic relationship. With a primary focus on treating infants and young children and their caregivers, the book discusses applications of attachment-based psychotherapy over the entire life course. New to This Edition Incorporates advances in research on neurobiology, genetics, and psychotraumatology. Expanded with a section on inpatient treatment for traumatized children, including in-depth cases. Describes two promising prevention programs for expectant couples, families, and young children. The latest knowledge on disorganized attachment, attachment disorders, and assessments.

Treating Explosive Kids

by Ross Greene J. Stuart Ablon

The first comprehensive presentation for clinicians of the groundbreaking approach popularized in Ross Greene's acclaimed parenting guide, The Explosive Child, this book provides a detailed framework for effective, individualized intervention with highly oppositional children and their families. Many vivid examples and Q&A sections show how to identify the specific cognitive factors that contribute to explosive and noncompliant behavior, remediate these factors, and teach children and their adult caregivers how to solve problems collaboratively. The book also describes challenges that may arise in implementing the model and provides clear and practical solutions. Two special chapters focus on intervention in schools and in therapeutic/restrictive facilities.

Treating NVLD in Children

by John M. Davis Jessica Broitman

Children with nonverbal learning disabilities (NVLD) have needs that can take many forms and may, over time, require consultation and collaboration with professionals from several fields. Given that multiple specialists may be involved in working with children with NVLD - as well as the array of treatment variables - even seasoned practitioners may find themselves in confusing situations. Treating NVLD in Children takes a developmental view of how the problems and needs of young people with nonverbal learning disabilities evolve and offers a concise guide for professionals who are likely to contribute to treatment. Expert practitioners across specialties in psychology, education, and rehabilitative therapy explain their roles in treatment, the decisions they are called on to make, and their interactions with other professionals. Collaborative interventions and teamwork are emphasized, as are transitions to higher learning, employment, and the adult world. Among the book's key features are: A new four-subtype model of NVLD, with supporting research.A brief guide to assessment, transmitting results, and treatment planning.Chapters detailing the work of psychologists, therapists, coaches, and others in helping children with NVLD.Material specific to improving reading, writing, and mathematics. Overview of issues in emotional competency and independent living. An instructive personal account of growing up with NVLD. Treating NVLD in Children: Professional Collaborations for Positive Outcomes is a key resource for a wide range of professionals working with children, including school and clinical child psychologists; educational psychologists and therapists; pediatricians; social workers and school counselors; speech and language therapists; child and adolescent psychiatrists; and marriage and family therapists.

Treating Trauma and Traumatic Grief in Children and Adolescents

by Judith Cohen Anthony Mannarino

This is one of the first books to present a systematic treatment approach, grounded in cognitive-behavioral therapy, for traumatized children and their families. Provided is a comprehensive framework for assessing posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and other symptoms; developing a flexible, individualized treatment plan; and working collaboratively with children and parents to build core skills in such areas as affect regulation and safety. Specific guidance is offered for responding to different types of traumatic events, with an entire section devoted to grief-focused components. Also addressed are ways to tailor treatment to children's varying developmental levels and cultural backgrounds. The authors' approach has been nationally recognized as an exemplary evidence-based program.

The Treatment

by Suzanne Young

Can Sloane and James survive the lies and secrets surrounding them, or will The Program claim them in the end? Find out in this sequel to The Program, which Publishers Weekly called "chilling and suspenseful."How do you stop an epidemic? Sloane and James are on the run after barely surviving the suicide epidemic and The Program. But they're not out of danger. Huge pieces of their memories are still missing, and although Sloane and James have found their way back to each other, The Program isn't ready to let them go. Escaping with a group of troubled rebels, Sloane and James will have to figure out who they can trust, and how to take down The Program. But for as far as they've come, there's still a lot Sloane and James can't remember. The key to unlocking their past lies with the Treatment--a pill that can bring back forgotten memories, but at a high cost. And there's only one dose. Ultimately when the stakes are at their highest, can Sloane and James survive the many lies and secrets surrounding them, or will The Program claim them in the end?

Treatment of Eating Disorders

by James Mitchell Carlos Grilo

Eminently practical and authoritative, this comprehensive clinical handbook brings together leading international experts on eating disorders to describe the most effective treatments and how to implement them. Coverage encompasses psychosocial, family-based, medical, and nutritional therapies for anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder, and other eating disorders and disturbances. Especially noteworthy are "mini-manuals" that present the nuts and bolts of 11 of the treatment approaches, complete with reproducible handouts and forms. The volume also provides an overview of assessment, treatment planning, and medical management issues. Special topics include psychiatric comorbidities, involuntary treatment, support for caregivers, childhood eating disorders, and new directions in treatment research and evaluation.

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