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Why India Can Grow at 7 Percent a Year or More: Projections and Reflections 470777 Dani Rodrik Arvind Subramanian 9781452750231 2004 Contains images
Institutions Rule: The Primacy of Institutions over Integration and Geography in Economic Development 465527 Dani Rodrik Arvind Subramanian Francesco Trebbi 9781452749174 2002 Contains images
Financial Development and Growth in India: A Growing Tiger in a Cage? 473526 Hiroko Oura 9781452747071 2008 Contains images
Country Insurance 462929 Eduardo Levy Yeyati Tito Cordella 9781452746173 2004 Contains images
The Long-Run Relationship Between Real Exchange Rates and Real Interest Rate Differentials: A Panel Study 469523 Ronald Macdonald Jun Nagayasu 9781452743226 1999 Contains images
Interest Rate Volatility and Risk in Indian Banking 465554 Ila Patnaik Ajay Shah 9781452741222 2004 Contains images
Commodity Currencies and Empirical Exchange Rate Puzzles 462768 Kenneth Rogoff Yu-Chin Chen 9781452741215 2002 Contains images
Catch-Up Growth, Habits, Oil Depletion, and Fiscal Policy: Lessons from the Republic of Congo 462250 Daniel Leigh Mauricio Villafuerte Stéphane Carcillo 9781452740034 2007 Contains images
A Party without a Hangover? On the Effects of U.S. Government Deficits 472159 Michael Kumhof Douglas Laxton 9781452739014 2007 Contains images
Forecasting Inflation in Sudan 475949 Kenji Moriyama Abdul Naseer 9781452738970 2009 Contains images
An Econometric Analysis of the Determinants of Inflation in Turkey 461242 Laura Papi Cheng Hoon Lim 9781452738086 1997 Contains images
Why Are Canadian Banks More Resilient?1 475946 Lev Ratnovski Rocco Huang 9781452737959 2009 Contains images
Rebalancing China's Economy: What Does Growth Theory Tell Us?1 467630 Jahangir Aziz 9781452736006 2006 Contains images
Keynes, Cocoa, and Copper: In Search of Commodity Currencies1 466065 Paul Cashin Ratna Sahay Luis Céspedes 9781452734897 2002 Contains images
What Determines Long-Run Macroeconomic Stability? Democratic Institutions 470704 Arvind Subramanian Shanker Satyanath 9781452733890 2004 Contains images
Asset Mispricing Due to Cognitive Dissonance 461439 Burkhard Drees Bernhard Eckwert 9781452732015 2005 Contains images
Competition and Efficiency in Banking: Behavioral Evidence from Ghana 462794 Johan Mathisen Thierry Buchs 9781452728988 2005 Contains images
IT Framework Design Parameters 475670 Charles Freedman Douglas Laxton 9781452727875 2009 Contains images
Interest Rate Spreads in English-Speaking African Countries 465551 Joseph Crowley 9781452726915 2007 Contains images
Fiscal Deficits and Inflation 464163 Luis Catão Marco E. Terrones 9781452726052 2003 Contains images
The Pros and Cons of Full Dollarization 469629 Andrew Berg Eduardo Borensztein 9781452725055 2000 Contains images
Gender Budgeting 464471 Janet G. Stotsky 9781452722894 2006 Contains images
India's Pattern of Development: What Happened, What Follows? 465391 Raghuram Rajan Kalpana Kochhar Arvind Subramanian Utsav Kumar Ioannis Tokatlidis 9781452721903 2006 Contains images
Tanzania's Growth Process and Success in Reducing Poverty 468966 Volker Treichel 9781452720913 2005 Contains images
Gender and Its Relevance to Macroeconomic Policy: A Survey 464469 Janet G. Stotsky 9781452720876 2006 Contains images

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Showing 99,901 through 99,925 of 100,000 results