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Transformation and Healing

by Thich Nhat Hanh

The Sutra has been studied, practiced, and handed down with special care from generation to generation for 2,500 years. In these commentaries, Thich Nhat Hanh guides the reader to an understanding of the fundamental basis of the Buddhist practice and encourages application in daily life. The book describes the four methods of mindfulness: mindfulness of the body, the feelings, the mind, and the object of mind. It teaches how to deal with anger and jealousy; to nurture the best qualities in our children, spouse, and friends; and to greet death with compassion and equanimity. Three versions of the Sutra on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness are presented here, along with Thich Nhat Hanh's insightful commentary, his discussion of breathing techniques, and 23 exercises - or contemplations - to aid in the daily practice of mindfulness. Accessible to novice Buddhists as well as more advanced practitioners, this second edition features a new introduction by the author.

Transforming Microfinance Institutions: Providing Full Financial Services to the Poor

by Victoria White Joanna Ledgerwood

In response to a clear need by low-income people to gain access to the full range of financial services including savings, a growing number of microfinance NGOs are seeking guidelines to transform from credit-focused microfinance organizations to regulated deposit-taking financial intermediaries. In response to this trend, this book presents a practical 'how-to' manual for MFIs to develop the capacity to become licensed and regulated to mobilize deposits from the public. 'Transforming Microfinance Institutions' provides guidelines for regulators to license and regulate microfinance providers, and for transforming MFIs to meet the demands of two major new stakeholders-regulators and shareholders. As such, it focuses on developing the capacity of NGO MFIs to mobilize and intermediate voluntary savings. Drawing from worldwide experience, it outlines how to manage the transformation process and address major strategic and operational issues inherent in transformation including competitive positioning, business planning, accessing capital and shareholders, and how to 'transform' the MFI's human resources, financial management, MIS, internal controls, and branch operations. Case studies then provide examples of developing a new regulatory tier for microfinance, and how a Ugandan NGO transformed to become a licensed financial intermediary. This book will be invaluable to regulators and microfinance NGOs contemplating institutional transformation and will be of tremendous use to donors and technical support agencies supporting MFIs in their transformation.

Transport Beyond Oil

by John L. Renne Billy Fields

Seventy percent of the oil America uses each year goes to transportation. In Transport Beyond Oil, leading experts show how to slash that statistic and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. The authors demonstrate that smarter development and land-use decisions, paired with better transportation systems, can dramatically lower energy consumption. John Renne calculates how oil can be saved through a future with more transit-oriented development. Petra Todorovitch examines the promise of high-speed rail. Peter Newman envisions 100% oil-free cities through the development of electric-transit, renewable natural gas, and other sustainable energy sources. Additional topics include funding transit, freight transport, and nonmotorized transportation systems. Each chapter provides policy prescriptions and their measurable results. Transport Beyond Oil delivers practical solutions, based on quantitative data. This fact-based approach offers a new vision of travel that is both transformational and achievable.

The Trap

by John Smelcer

A gripping wilderness adventure and survival story. Seventeen-year-old Johnny Least-Weasel knows that his grandfather Albert is a stubborn old man and won't stop checking his own trap lines even though other men his age stopped doing so years ago. But Albert Least-Weasel has been running trap lines in the Alaskan wilderness alone for the past sixty years. Nothing has ever gone wrong on the trail he knows so well. When Albert doesn't come back from checking his traps, with the temperature steadily plummeting, Johnny must decide quickly whether to trust his grandfather or his own instincts. Written in alternating chapters that relate the parallel stories of Johnny and his grandfather, this novel poignantly addresses the hardships of life in the far north, suggesting that the most dangerous traps need not be made of steel.

Trap Door

by Sarah Graves

When Jacobia " Jake" Tiptree left behind her high-powered, high-risk career on Wall Street for the charming town of Eastport, Maine, she expected a quiet life spent fixing up her 1823 Federal-style house. But there are skeletons in her closet that may prove beyond repair. . . Suddenly the perils of the stock market pale in comparison to the murder, mayhem, and mystery of remodeling. "From the Hardcover edition. "

Trapped! (Pete The Cat)

by Peg Kehret

A new Pete the Cat mystery in paperback for the first time! Alex and his friends witness a pig falling from a speeding red truck. Working with the police and an animal rescue group, the kids get permission to keep the pig. But after a local TV station runs a story about the rescue, the angry truck driver shows up at Alex?s house, determined to take the pig to slaughter. Who is this man? What is he hiding? Pete uses his skills to solve the mystery but, as usual, his humans don?t understand. When the dangerous situation turns deadly, can Pete save himself?

Travel and Tourism

by Richard Sharpley

The SAGE Course Companion in Travel and Tourism is an accessible introduction to the subject that will help readers extend their understanding of key concepts and enhance their thinking skills in line with course requirements. It provides support on how to revise for exams, how to present calculations and how to prepare for and write assessed pieces. Readers are encouraged not only to think like a Travel and Tourism professional but also to think about the subject critically. Designed to complement existing textbooks for the course, the companion provides: - Easy access to the key themes in Travel and Tourism and an overview of its business context - Helpful summaries of the approach taken by the main textbooks on the course - Guidance on the essential study skills required to pass the course - Sample exam questions and answers, with common pitfalls to avoid - A tutor's-eye view of what course examiners are looking for - A road map for the book to help readers quickly find the information they need The SAGE Course Companion in Travel and Tourism is much more than a revision guide for undergraduates; it is an essential tool that will help readers take their course understanding to new levels and achieve success in their undergraduate course.

The Traveling Death and Resurrection Show

by Ariel Gore

Orphaned at age four and raised by her black-clad, rosary-mumbling, preoccupied grandmother, Frankka discovered the ability to perform the stigmata as a way to attract her grandmother's attention. Now twenty-eight, Frankka's still using this extraordinary talent, crisscrossing the country with "The Death and Resurrection Show," a Catholic-themed traveling freak show and cast of misfits who have quickly become her new family. But when a reporter from the Los Angeles Times shows up to review the show, Frankka finds herself on the front page of the newspaper -- the unwitting center of a religious debate. Now unsure of who she is and where she belongs, Frankka disappears in search of herself and a place to call home.

The Traveling Salesman Problem: A Computational Study

by William J. Cook Robert E. Bixby Vasek Chvatal David L. Applegate

This book presents the latest findings on one of the most intensely investigated subjects in computational mathematics--the traveling salesman problem. It sounds simple enough: given a set of cities and the cost of travel between each pair of them, the problem challenges you to find the cheapest route by which to visit all the cities and return home to where you began. Though seemingly modest, this exercise has inspired studies by mathematicians, chemists, and physicists. Teachers use it in the classroom. It has practical applications in genetics, telecommunications, and neuroscience.The authors of this book are the same pioneers who for nearly two decades have led the investigation into the traveling salesman problem. They have derived solutions to almost eighty-six thousand cities, yet a general solution to the problem has yet to be discovered. Here they describe the method and computer code they used to solve a broad range of large-scale problems, and along the way they demonstrate the interplay of applied mathematics with increasingly powerful computing platforms. They also give the fascinating history of the problem--how it developed, and why it continues to intrigue us.

Travellers' Inn

by Elizabeth Jeffrey

Bethany and her mother are left destitute following the scandalous death of her father. Forced to leave their beloved home with little more than the clothes they are wearing, their last hope is to prevail upon their only living relative, Bethany's Great Aunt Sarah, who runs a coaching inn and reluctantly agrees to let them stay. Bethany impresses Sarah with her attitude to hard work and soon manages to convince her to build up the business again. As trade at the inn improves, their future begins to look secure. But trouble lies ahead, not only in the rumours of a planned railway, but also in the form of Zachary Brown, and itinerant labourer who takes a shine to Bethany, but who is not all he seems . . .

Travis & Freddy's Adventures in Vegas

by Paul Hoppe Henry Johnson

Thirteen-year-old best friends Travis and Freddy fly to Las Vegas with a plan to save Travis's family from bankruptcy, but not everything goes as they had hoped and soon they are running from the mob.

Treasure Island

by Robert Louis Stevenson

After Jim Hawkins finds the map to a mysterious treasure, he sets sail in search of the fortune. Little does he realize he's boarded a pirate ship, and that surprises and danger await him, including a meeting with the unforgettable Long John Silver.

The Treasure of Christmas: A 3-in-1 Collection

by Melody Carlson

Heartwarming Christmas stories "The Christmas Bus," "Angels in the Snow," and "Gift of Christmas Present" from bestselling author Carlson are now available in a three-in-one value edition.

Treasure of Khan (Dirk Pitt #19)

by Clive Cussler Dirk Cussler

Genghis Khan-- the greatest conqueror of all time, who at his peak ruled an empire that stretched from the Pacific Ocean to the Caspian Sea. His conquests are the stuff of legend, his tomb a forgotten mystery. Until now. When Dirk Pitt is nearly killed rescuing an oil survey team from a freak wave on Russia's Lake Baikal, it appears a simple act of nature. But when the survey team is abducted and Pitt's research vessel nearly sinks, it's obvious there's something more sinister involved. <P> All trails lead to Mongolia, and a mysterious mogul who is conducting covert deals for supplying oil to the Chinese, while wreaking havoc on global oil markets with deadly acts of sabotage. The Mongolian harbors a dream of restoring the conquests of his ancestors, and holds a dark secret about Genghis Khan that just might give him the wealth and power to make the dream come true. <P> From the frigid lakes of Siberia to the hot sands of the Gobi Desert, Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino find intrigue, adventure, and peril while collecting clues to the mysterious treasure of Xanadu. But first, they must stop the tycoon from spreading his killing spree-- one that is about to strike very, very close to home. <P> Filled with breathtaking suspense and extraordinary imagination, his new novel is yet further proof that when it comes to adventure writing, nobody beats Clive Cussler.

Treasure Ship:

by Powers Dennis M.

Praise for Dennis M. Powers and Treasure Ship "In recounting the disastrous sinking and miraculous recovery of the S. S. Brother Jonathan, Dennis M. Powers shows his prodigious research abilities. Every time you think this story couldn''t possibly take another strange turn, Powers proves that it can, and he does so in highly entertaining fashion. " --Alison Frankel, author of Double Eagle: The Epic Story of the World''s Most Valuable Coin "A remarkable piece of nautical literature. Well researched in every detail, Treasure Ship captures the intrigue of one of the most storied ship disasters on the American West Coast. " --Jim Gibbs, author of Pacific Graveyard "Powers captures the era beautifully. Treasure Ship is a thoroughly engaging read. . . . a fine companion work to Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea. " --Kevin F. McMurray, author of Deep Descent, Dark Descent "Powers weaves his extensive research about a shipwreck in 1865 into a fascinating tale whose intrigue continues for 150 years. " --Judith A. Howard, author of Category 5: The Story of Camille "Dennis Powers brings history to life, as he relates with compelling drama this classic nautical adventure, the true story of a ship''s sinking that is as fascinating as the story of the Titanic. " --David Flohr, Director and Treasurer, Deep Sea Research, Inc. "The author recounts the last voyage of the S. S. Brother Jonathan, long shrouded in mystery, with accuracy and skill. " --William Kooiman, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park "I could not put it down! An engrossing and detailed account of a human tragedy, the near miraculous discovery of sunken treasure, and the long legal battle that followed. " --Fletcher Alford, Esq. , Partner in Gordon & Rees LLP, attorney for Deep Sea Research, Inc. Caught in tumultuous seas off the coast of northern California in 1865, the 220-foot sidewheeler S. S. Brother Jonathan skidded down the face of a massive wave and slammed into an uncharted reef. Her nine-story mast crashed through the bottom of the ship and within forty-five minutes she went under, taking with her 225 souls and millions of dollars'' worth of newly minted gold bars and coins. Only 19 people in a battered lifeboat made it to shore, and over the next several weeks, bodies and pieces of the ship washed up along a 125-mile stretch of the coast. For more than a hundred years the ship''s treasure would remain one of the Pacific''s great secrets. Countless expeditions searched for the ship and her treasure. However, storms in the area are notoriously unpredictable, and the seas are so treacherous that a 160-foot wave once blew out the top windows of the lighthouse that was erected after the tragedy. In 1942, following a monstrous storm, whiskey kegs from the ship washed ashore, yet her final resting place remained a mystery--until 1993. Based on ten years of exhaustive research into previously untapped sources, Treasure Ship tells the harrowing tale of the last voyage of the Brother Jonathan and her passengers, which included prospectors, dignitaries, card sharks, young families¯and even a notorious madam with seven of her "soiled doves. " The final moments as the ship went down were filled with acts of steadfast courage and quiet dignity, and just weeks later expeditions began to hunt for the ship and her golden cargo. Treasure Ship chronicles the epic quest of the Deep Sea Research team, whose unique thinking and application of technology led them to the ship''s ultimate resting place. They brought up well over one thousand gold coins and a lot of trouble, as descendants of the passengers, shippers, the state of California, and the salvors themselves vied for ownership of the treasure. The dispute raged all the way to the Supreme Court, where a crucial precedent was set that now governs all treasure hunters. Meanwhile, incredibly, another battle broke out over the authenticity of historic gold bars secretly recovered from the Brother Jonathan in the 1930s--a battle that still resounds among collectors and gold experts everywher...


by J. David Cooper John J. Pikulski David J. Chard

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Treasures of the Transformed Life 40 Day Reading Book

by John Ed Mathison

Help the members of your congregation begin 40 days of transformation by using this book to unify them in study. The daily readings are centered on the themes of Prayer, Presence, Gifts, & Service. Each reading helps the reader focus on discerning God's plan for them individually and how they can help live out God's plan for the church.

Treating Alcohol and Drug Problems in Psychotherapy Practice

by Arnold M. Washton Joan E. Zweben

Written specifically for the office-based psychotherapist, this practical guide describes how to detect, assess, diagnose, and treat clients presenting with a range of alcohol and drug problems. Detailed is an integrated, flexible psychotherapeutic approach that emphasizes building a strong therapeutic relationship, engaging clients "where they are," and addressing substance use within the larger context of their lives. The authors describe in very pragmatic terms how to use a combination of motivational, cognitive-behavioral, 12-step, and psychodynamic techniques with clients in different stages of change. Techniques are brought to life with numerous case vignettes, and appendices include reproducible client forms and handouts

Treating Survivors of Childhood Abuse

by Marylene Cloitre Lisa R Cohen

Meeting a key need, this book presents a modular adult psychotherapy approach grounded in extensive clinical experience and research. Provided is a flexible, empirically supported framework for helping clients manage symptoms related to past physical or sexual abuse; build emotion regulation and interpersonal skills; and process traumatic memories and their associated feelings of fear, shame, and loss. Session-by-session guidelines include many suggestions for tailoring interventions to each person's needs in the context of a safe, supportive therapeutic environment. Designed in a large, easy-to-use format, the book includes over a dozen reproducible handouts, worksheets, and other tools for clinicians and clients.

Treating Trauma and Traumatic Grief in Children and Adolescents

by Judith Cohen Anthony Mannarino

This is one of the first books to present a systematic treatment approach, grounded in cognitive-behavioral therapy, for traumatized children and their families. Provided is a comprehensive framework for assessing posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and other symptoms; developing a flexible, individualized treatment plan; and working collaboratively with children and parents to build core skills in such areas as affect regulation and safety. Specific guidance is offered for responding to different types of traumatic events, with an entire section devoted to grief-focused components. Also addressed are ways to tailor treatment to children's varying developmental levels and cultural backgrounds. The authors' approach has been nationally recognized as an exemplary evidence-based program.


by Craig Dirgo

Over a hundred years ago, Nikola Tesla created a device for transferring electricity without wires. It was supposed to be his greatest triumph. Instead, his invention spawned a nightmare so terrifying that it was hidden from the world...until now. Unusual surges of electricity are being tracked emanating from the former Yugoslavia. Special Agent John Taft of the National Intelligence Agency is dispatched to investigate the phenomenon, and uncovers a conspiracy of terror, led by a fanatical Serbian nationalist and powered by a machine capable of targeting any location on the globe-and causing apocalyptic earthquakes to strike on command. Now, as the terrorists fell cities at will with their earth-shattering weapon, Taft must fight a battle on dangerous ground, against an unstable foe whose greatest desire is to control the world--or destroy it.


by Katharine Weber

Esther Gottesfeld is the last living survivor of the notorious 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist fire and has told her story countless times in the span of her lifetime. Even so, her death at the age of 106 leaves unanswered many questions about what happened that fateful day. How did she manage to survive the fire when at least 146 workers, most of them women, her sister and fiancé among them, burned or jumped to their deaths from the sweatshop inferno? Are the discrepancies in her various accounts over the years just ordinary human fallacy, or is there a hidden story in Esther's recollections of that terrible day? Esther's granddaughter Rebecca Gottesfeld, with her partner George Botkin, an ingenious composer, seek to unravel the facts of the matter while Ruth Zion, a zealous feminist historian of the fire, bores in on them with her own mole-like agenda. A brilliant, haunting novel about one of the most terrible tragedies in early-twentieth-century America, Triangle forces us to consider how we tell our stories, how we hear them, and how history is forged from unverifiable truths.

Triangle of Terror

by Don Pendleton

STORMING THE GATESA secret intelligence task force has unleashed the rogue fury of black ops at the highest reaches of the U.S. Administration. Shrouded in lies, the group has spun its web and baited the President. Its mandate to protect him becomes a smoke screen for an insidious agenda: the overthrow of the American government.Mack Bolan has witnessed the darkest conspiracies at the heart of evil, but this is the ultimate treason. The scheme links the deaths of innocent marines, the razing of an illegal POW camp in Brazil and enough nerve agents to turn Main Street, U.S.A., into a ghost town. As the hours tick down toward anarchy, the Executioner is seeking the clues that will point the guilty fi nger at the most ruthless traitor in the history of the republic.

Triathlete Magazine's Essential Week-by-Week Training Guide: Plans, Scheduling Tips, and Workout Goals for Triathletes of All Levels

by Matt Fitzgerald

The premier magazine devoted to the increasingly popular triple-event sport presents the proven, definitive guide to boosting your fitness and getting that extra edge to do your best. Triathlete Magazine's Essential Week-by-Week Training Guide offers 42 complete training plans for every variety of triathlete, from absolute beginner to elite veteran, for every distance from sprints to Ironman. Get set to discover: How to balance and vary your workouts for peak performance, The six intensity levels, from recovery (the slowest pace) to speed (the fastest), Why tune-up races make the best workouts, Why rest is more important for the veteran than the beginner, What makes swim workouts different from bike and run workouts, How to maximize your strength in minimum time. Book jacket.

Tricks of the Podcasting Masters

by Rob Walch Mur Lafferty

This book gives detailed instructions for putting together your own podcasts. It also reviews the history of podcasting. Everything you ever wanted to know about podcasts is probably here.

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