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Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex But Were Afraid to Ask

by David R. Reuben

A book of questions and answers about sex and all its myriad facets.

Glory to God: The Presbyterian Hymnal

by Westminster John Knox Press

This electronic version of the hymnal is specially adapted for use with paperless braille devices. Find a hymn quickly by adding the number sign to the hymn number. Also, refrains are repeated each time they're to be sung. This version does not have musical notation but is otherwise complete. Special proofreading was performed by Terry Gorman.

Hannah Fowler (Kentuckians #2)

by Janice Holt Giles

Hannah, a young Kentucky pioneer in the 1770s, builds a life for herself after her father dies from an axe cut. With new her husband Tice, the couple builds a cabin, starts a family, and thrives in spite of their harsh life. Hannah and Tice face almost overwhelming obstacles together that come their way, ranging from hungry wolves and a killing blizzard to skirmishes with and captivity by Native Americans fighting to retain their lands. Set in the time of Daniel Boone, the author presents an enduring story of frontier life without romanticizing the reality of hardships faced by pioneers.

On Your Toes, Susie (Susie the Young Ballerina #4)

by Lee Wyndham

"I've waited three whole years for these pink toe shoes!" No wonder Susie is excited. At last she is to dance on her toes! Surely this will be her happiest year at ballet school. Perhaps she will even win the dance scholarship! Then the new girl comes--unpleasant Mimi who is such a fine dancer. Because of Mimi and her pet monkey, everything seems to go wrong for Susie. Especially when Susie sprains her ankle--just before the big recital. There is a surprise ending to this delightful story. It proves that nothing can stop a girl who wants to dance as much as Susie does.

The Trials Of Radclyffe Hall

by Diana Souhami

Biography of the author of The Well Of Loneliness.

Apologies to the Iroquois

by Edmund Wilson

Edmund Wilson at his most lucid and thought-provoking, traveling off his usual literary track to deliver this engrossing account of life among the Iroquois in all its facets.

Somewhere to Call Home

by Patricia Lynn

Zebra romance set on a horse ranch in Montana.

The Lifeline of America: Development of the Food Industry

by Merle Wittenberg Edward C. Hampe

This book presents the development of each segment of the food industry, underscores the interdependence of all segments, and traces the development of the entire industry as it has kept pace with the population explosions of the past and present.

Bats Fly at Dusk

by A. A. Fair

[from the back cover] A COOL GIRL HUNT was what the blind man wanted. He was searching for a pretty young woman, soft-spoken and slender, whom he'd never seen but knew had vanished, and he was willing to pay Bertha Cool anything to find her. The whole thing seemed impossible and sounded suspicious, but the man's money was right--even if his motives weren't--and given the choice Bertha always followed the dollar sign. Only this time the dollar sign pointed to murder and fingered Bertha Cool as a red-hot suspect... ERLE STANLEY GARDNER creator of Perry Mason, and A. A. Fair, creator of the top detective team of Donald Lam and Bertha Cool, are one and the same. And the same exciting brand of mystery and action is to be found in every Gardner-Fair story.

Jackie Robinson: A Biography

by Arnold Rampersad

The extraordinary life of Jackie Robinson is illuminated as never before in this full-scale biography by Arnold Rampersad, who was chosen by Jack's widow, Rachel, to tell her husband's story, and was given unprecedented access to his private papers.


by Derek Ciccone

A fast-paced thriller mixed with a heartwarming story of redemption. A series of ominous incidents make Billy Harper realize there is something very different about Carolyn Whitcomb. But when a rogue organization called Operation Anesthesia learns of Carolyn's "gifts," Billy must risk everything to save the life of the little girl who taught him to live again.

Mr. Wolf's Pancakes

by Jan Fearnley

Mr Wolf cannot stop thinking about pancakes. He has a problem because he does not know how to make them, and he has trouble reading the recipe from his Wolf It Down recipe book.

How Democratic Is the American Constitution?

by Robert A. Dahl

Dahl starts with the assumption that the legitimacy of the American Constitution derives solely from its utility as an instrument of democratic governance. Dahl demonstrates that, due to the context in which it was conceived, our Constitution came to incorporate significant antidemocratic elements. Because the Framers of the Constitution had no relevant example of a democratic political system on which to model the American government, many defining aspects of our political system were implemented as a result of short-sightedness or last-minute compromise.

The Summer Queen

by Joan D. Vinge

Volume 3 in the Snow Queen Cycle The long-awaited sequel to Vinge's enormous The Snow Queen (1980), an interstellar tug-of-war between the far-from-benevolent Hegemony and the backward-but-indispensable planet Tiamat. It is now Summer on Tiamat; the Hegemony has withdrawn, leaving the planet in the hands of the Snow Queen's clone, Moon. Numerous--too numerous--subplots get underway. Moon's former lover, BZ Gundhalinu, will be sent to World's End, where a wrecked Old Empire ship has spilled semi-sentient stardrive plasma; if Gundhalinu can control the plasma, faster-than-light travel will again be possible, ending Tiamat's periodic isolation. Elsewhere, Reede Kullervo, a researcher with a rebuilt brain, addicted to his own supercharging designer drug, will be ordered by the leader of the supercriminal Brotherhood to seek the immortality elixir whose only source is Tiamat. Meanwhile, Moon struggles to control Tiamat's rebellious factions, knowing that the planet's intelligent sea-dwelling mers'' are the source of the elixir, and that the ancient computer that links the galaxy's clairvoyant sibyls in an information network lies buried under Tiamat's chief city, Carbuncle; she dares not permit the Hegemony to control either the sibyl network or the elixir. Pledged to forever end offworld exploitation and save the mers, the Lady of Tiamat, also known as Moon Dawntreader, finds her job made difficult by Summer tribes and the treacherous Winters.

Making Skills Everyone's Business: A Call to Transform Adult Learning in the United States


Skills matter. In the past year, a remarkable convergence of data, analysis, and policy informed us of just how much they matter to individuals, their families and communities, and to the economy overall. This report presents a vision for making adult skill development--upskilling--more prevalent, efficient, effective, and convenient. This vision rests on an understanding that foundation skills--the combination of literacy, numeracy, and English language as well as employability skills required for participation in modern workplaces and contemporary life--are a shared responsibility of, and value and benefit to the entire community<P><P> This report begins with a deeper look at the data before articulating seven strategies to transform adult learning in the United States, illustrated with "Innovation in Action" vignettes from around the country. It includes a section describing the efforts undertaken by ED subsequent to the OECD Survey to gather facts, analyze trends, and seek input from a broad range of stakeholders in roundtable discussions.

Ships of Merior (Wars of Light and Shadow #2)

by Janny Wurts

As the prophecy foretold, the art of power over light and dark was channeled through two princes: And the fogs that had smothered Athera's skies were dispersed. But in defeat, the Mistwraith set its two royal captors at odds under a powerful curse of vengeance. Now, locked in deadly enmity, the princes -- Lysaer, the Lord of Light, and Arithon, the Master of Shadow -- hold the fates of nations and the balance of the world's mystical powers entangled in the throes of their blood feud.


by Alice Meynell


The Mallen Girl (Mallen #2)

by Catherine Cookson

Even as a child Barbara was beaufiful. But as her beauty grew, so did the affliction which shadowed it. She was becoming more and more deaf. Yet, living in an almost silent world, Barbara was protected from the knowledge which might otherwise have destroyed her-the secret of her own origins. Her governess, Anna Brigmore, was haunted by this knowledge, and by the thought that it must one day be revealed to the girl she cherished as her own daughter. THE MALLEN GIRL is the second novel in the compelling trilogy which follows the fate of the Mallens through succeeding generations.

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