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The Enforcer

by Andrew Sugar

"You're A Dead Man, Jason! Death is rotting your guts, tearing you apart with pain. It's all over; there's nothing left but the funeral, and they're measuring you for the coffin now. But we can save you, Jason-we can give you a new body, a new face, a new name. You don't have to die-not yet. Maybe never. All you have to do is say the word and we'll fix all the things that are going wrong with your body, with your life, with your world. We want you, Jason. We need you-and we're going to own you! You belong to us, Jason-you're our ENFORCER!

Engaging the Disengaged

by Tarquam McKenna Marcelle Cacciattolo Mark Vicars Tarquam Mckenna Marcelle Cacciattolo

Engaging the Disengaged addresses strategies and models of immersive teaching and learning that lead to successful schooling outcomes. The new Australian Curriculum emphasises the importance of improved educational participation. This book will equip pre-service teachers with the tools and strategies they need to successfully implement these priorities. Drawing together a diverse range of experts, this book offers innovative ways of thinking about student engagement. Addressing education across early primary, middle and secondary school levels, it explores how differences in culture, sexuality and wealth can alienate students, and examines challenges faced by schools in rural, remote and high-poverty settings. It also offers new ideas for engaging students in subjects such as mathematics, physical education and the arts. Contemporary, real-life case studies help connect theory to practice. Each chapter also includes learning objectives, further reading suggestions and a reflective closure, as well as a set of strategies for invigorating disadvantaged students.

Engine Cooling Systems HP1425: Cooling System Theory, Design and Performance For Drag Racing, Road Racing,Circle Track, Street Rods, Musclecars, Imports, OEM Cars, Trucks, RVs and TowVehicle

by Ray T. Bohacz

A comprehensive guide to one of the most important, but often neglected, areas of performance: the cooling system. Includes information on basic engine cooling theory, as well as all components such as water pumps, radiators, coolant and thermostatic control.


by Natasha Mccarthy

Focusing on the impact of engineering on society and the world, McCarthy details the development of the discipline, explains what makes an engineering mind, and shows how every aspect of our lives has been engineered: from gadgets to our national infrastructure. Long considered tinkerers, problem solvers, and visionaries, engineers hold the keys to our real and virtual future.

Engineering Design

by Clive L. Dym David C. Brown

Contrary to popular mythology, the designs of favorable products and successful systems do not appear suddenly, or magically. This second edition of Engineering Design demonstrates that symbolic representation and related problem-solving methods, offer significant opportunities to clarify and articulate concepts of design to lay a better framework for design research and design education. Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides a substantial body of material concerned with understanding and modeling cognitive processes. This book adopts the vocabulary and a paradigm of AI to enhance the presentation and explanation of design. It includes concepts from AI because of their explanatory power and their utility as possible ingredients of practical design activity. This second edition has been enriched by the inclusion of recent work on design reasoning, computational design, AI in design, and design cognition, with pointers to a wide cross section of the current literature.

Engineering Design: An Introduction

by John R. Karsnitz Stephen O'Brien John P. Hutchinson

With an innovative approach that uses projects and student exploration as key learning tools, Engineering Design: An Introduction offers an overview of the basic engineering principles and concepts that shape today's modern world. These concepts are presented in a flexible, two-part format. Part I describes the process of engineering and technology product design, while Part II develops specific skill sets needed to understand and participate in the process. Opportunities to experiment and learn abound, with projects ranging from technical drawing to designing electrical systems and more. With this emphasis on project-based learning, the book is an ideal supplement to Project Lead the Way's innovative series of project-based curricula designed to increase student interest in engineering careers. Engineering Design's broad scope and sound coverage of the essential concepts and techniques used in engineering design making it the perfect addition to any curriculum.

Engineering Dynamics

by Roger F. Gans

This engineering dynamics textbook is aimed at beginning graduate students in mechanical engineering and other related engineering disciplines who need training in dynamics as applied to engineering mechanisms. It introduces the formal mathematical development of Lagrangian mechanics (and its corollaries), while solving numerous engineering applications. The author's goal is to instill an understanding of the basic physics required for engineering dynamics, while providing a recipe (algorithm) for the simulation of engineering mechanisms such as robots. The book will be reasonably self-contained so that the practicing engineer interested in this area can also make use of it. This book is made accessible to the widest possible audience by numerous, solved examples and diagrams that apply the principles to real engineering applications. * Provides an applied textbook for intermediate/advanced engineering dynamics courses; * Discusses Lagrangian mechanics in the context of numerous engineering applications; * Includes numerous, solved examples, illustrative diagrams and applied exercises in every chapter

Engineering Education Quality Assurance

by Peter Gray Arun Patil

The goal of this book is to provide a global perspective on the past, present and future of engineering education quality assurance. The objectives are to describe the history of engineering education quality assurance within a global higher education context, provide the first world-wide review of existing quality assurance schemes in engineering education and the issues related to their development and implementation, and present a generic Global Model of Engineering Quality Assurance based on the lessons learned in the past that may guide future developments in engineering education quality assurance.

The Engine's Child

by Holly Phillips

From acclaimed author Holly Phillips comes a major work of visionary fantasy in the vein of Jeff Vandermeer and China Miéville. As richly detailed as it is evocative, the vivid prose of this ambitious novel illuminates a lushly imagined world poised on the brink of revolution. Lanterns and flickering bulbs light the shadowy world of the rasnan, the island at the edge of a world-spanning ocean that harbors, in its ivory towers and mossy temples, the descendants of men and women who long ago fled a world ruined by magical and technological excess. But not all the island's inhabitants are resigned to exile. A mysterious brotherhood seeks to pry open doors that lead back to their damaged, dangerous homeland. Others risk the even greater danger of flight, seeking new lands and new freedoms in the vast, uncharted sea. Amid a web of conspiracy and betrayal, three people threaten to shatter this fragile world. Scheming Lord Ghar, faithful to lost gods and forbidden lore, plays an intricate power game; Lady Vashmarna, an iron-willed ruler, conceals a guilty secret behind her noble façade; and Moth, a poor, irreverent novice, holds perhaps the darkest power of all: a mysterious link to a shadowy force that may prove to be humanity's final hope-or its ultimate doom. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Engines of Change: The American Industrial Revolution 1790-1860

by Brooke Hindle Steven Lubar

THE MATERIAL ASPECTS OF AMERICAN LIFE UNDERWENT GREAT CHANGE in the period from 1790 to 1860, a pattern of development often referred to as the American Industrial Revolution. At the center of this transformation was a series of technological developments that were directly associated with labor, management, and organizational change. This book's discussion begins with physical survivals of technologies of that era, most of them preserved in the Smithsonian Institution. The book, like the exhibition from which it is derived (also entitled Engines of Change), endeavors to look through these artifacts to gain an understanding of the Industrial Revolution that differs significantly from popular perceptions. Specific insights can be gained from three dimensional survivals and from two dimensional views that are neither available in written accounts nor communicable through words alone. The photographs, drawings, and maps included here are, consequently, more than mere illustrations, more than a pleasant way to underline the written text. Indeed, in some ways they constitute the book's primary message. At the same time, the most obvious message conveyed by artifacts and pictures is limited by its unavoidable specificity. It must always be placed in a larger and broader context. Occasionally, observers bring enough context with them to interpret the artifacts they see, but usually extended verbal explanation is required to make objects and pictures truly meaningful. That is the purpose of the text of this book- to provide the context, to look through the physical survivals to an enriched comprehension of the technology and related aspects of the American Industrial Revolution.

England and Its Rulers: 1066-1270: Foreign Lordship and National Identity

by M. T. Clanchy

From William the Conqueror to 1270.

England: The Land

by Erinn Banting

England's landscape is rich in beauty and dotted with history. From the breathtaking Lake District to the southern downs, take a journey across England. [This text is listed as an example that meets Common Core Standards in English language arts in grades 4-5 at]


by Joan Swann Dick Leith David Graddol

A history of the English language.

English 2200 with Writing Applications: A Programmed Course in Grammar and Usage (Fourth College Edition)

by Joseph C. Blumenthal

ENGLISH 2200, ENGLISH 2600, and ENGLISH 3200 are the original programmed courses in grammar, usage, sentence-building, capitalization, and punctuation.

The English American

by Alison Larkin

When Pippa Dunn,adopted as an infant and raised terribly British, discovers that her birth parents are from the American South, she finds that "culture clash" has layers of meaning she'd never imagined. Meet The English American, a fabulously funny, deeply poignant debut novel that sprang from Larkin's autobiographical one-woman show of the same name. In many ways, Pippa Dunn is very English: she eats Marmite on toast, knows how to make a proper cup of tea, has attended a posh English boarding school, and finds it entirely familiar to discuss the crossword rather than exchange any cross words over dinner with her proper English family. Yet Pippa -- creative, disheveled, and impulsive to the core -- has always felt different from her perfectly poised, smartly coiffed sister and steady, practical parents, whose pastimes include Scottish dancing, gardening, and watching cricket. When Pippa learns at age twenty-eight that her birth parents are from the American South, she feels that lifelong questions have been answered. She meets her birth mother, an untidy, artistic, free-spirited redhead, and her birth father, a charismatic (and politically involved) businessman in Washington, D.C.; and she moves to America to be near them. At the same time, she relies on the guidance of a young man with whom she feels a mysterious connection; a man who discovered his own estranged father and who, like her birth parents, seems to understand her in a way that no one in her life has done before. Pippa feels she has found her "self" and everything she thought she wanted. But has she? Caught between two opposing cultures, two sets of parents, and two completely different men, Pippa is plunged into hilarious, heart-wrenching chaos. The birth father she adores turns out to be involved in neoconservative activities she hates; the mesmerizing mother who once abandoned her now refuses to let her go. And the man of her fantasies may be just that... With an authentic adopted heroine at its center, Larkin's compulsively readable first novel unearths universal truths about love, identity, and family with wit, warmth, and heart.

English and Western Literature

by George Kearns

This book is divided into two parts; Part One: English Literature and Part Two: Western Literature. Part One presents a chronological survey of English literature from its Anglo-Saxon beginnings in 449 to the present day.

English as a Global Language: Second Edition

by David Crystal

English as a Global Language: Second Edition

The English Assassin (Gabriel Allon #2)

by Daniel Silva

The Unlikely Spy, Daniel Silva's extraordinary debut novel, was applauded by critics as it rocketed onto national bestseller lists. Now Silva has outdone himself, with a taut, lightning-paced thriller rooted assuredly in fact: Switzerland's shameful WWII record of profiteering and collaboration with Nazi Germany.<P> When art restorer and occasional Israeli agent Gabriel Allon is sent to Zurich, Switzerland, to restore the painting of a reclusive millionaire banker, he arrives to find his would-be employer murdered at the foot of his Raphael. A secret collection of priceless, illicitly gained Impressionist masterpieces is missing. Gabriel's handlers step out of the shadows to admit the truth-the collector had been silenced-and Gabriel is put back in the high-stakes spy game, battling wits with the rogue assassin he helped to train.

The English Detective and the Rookie Agent

by Pat White

HE'D BEEN INSTRUCTED TO TEACH HER EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOKJeremy Barnes was the Blackwell Group's top investigator for one reason: he got the job done. Even while breaking in the team's new recruit, Mercedes Ramos. Their mission: find the son of a powerful computer magnate.Tracking the missing boy only grew more difficult when the investigators found themselves being tailed by someone smarter-and more dangerous. But Mercedes had something to prove and the dashing Mr. Barnes something to hide, so no one was backing down. But discovering what made each other tick was a temptation neither detective could resist-and one that might just push them over the edge.

English Doctor, Italian Bride

by Carol Marinelli

Six years ago, English consultant Hugh Armstrong was welcomed into the Azetti family when he was far from home, and he unwittingly stole the heart of their youngest daughter, Bonny. Their passion culminated in one earth-shattering kiss. Hugh, realizing that seducing their daughter was no way to repay the family for their kindness, quickly retreated to England. Now Hugh has returned to Australia, and not only is he the heartthrob of the emergency department, he is also Nurse Bonny's boss. She seems more out of bounds than ever, but his desire to help Bonny through her father's illness only makes their bond and passion stronger. Will Hugh find the courage to step out of line for the beautiful woman who has captured his heart, and finally make her his, once and for all?

The English Doctor's Baby

by Sarah Morgan

Alex Westerling is a brilliant doctor. He's committed, dedicated and has a magical touch with his patients. He's also never out of the newspapers and celebrity magazines, as he's an aristocrat with a string of women lining up behind him. . . . That's until beautiful nurse Jenny Phillips turns up on his doorstep-claiming that her late sister's baby, cradled in her arms, is his child! Alex is certain he has never, ever set eyes on Jenny or her sister before! But Jenny is sure Alex is the father-until he can prove otherwise.

English Essentials: Short Version

by John Langan

What everyone needs to know about grammar, punctuation, and usage -- College

English First Additional Language Grade 7

by Siyavula

An open source textbook for South Africa.

English for the World of Work

by Carolyn W. Knox

Welcome to English for the World of Work. Everyone needs to know how to find, get, and keep a job. There are skills you can learn to make getting a job and keeping a job easier. In this book, you will learn how to write a résumé, make telephone calls, and interview to get a job. You will also learn how to follow directions, understand written information concerning your job, and learn other skills to help you keep your job.

English Foxhound

by Chelsea Devon

A distinctive, regal breed of scenthound derived from the centuries-old packs of France, the English Foxhound is an uncommon choice as a family companion, especially when compared to that small foxhound we know as the Beagle. The English Foxhound, first and foremost, is a thoroughbred hunting dog, prized for his athletic ability and stamina. The chapter on the breed's history paints a romantic picture of the breed running ahead of British redcoats on the field as well as hunting alongside America's first president, George Washington. Deciding whether the English Foxhound is the right dog for you is the focus of the chapter on the breed's characteristics. This packhound is more biddable than his American cousin (the American Foxhound), though a bit larger, and requires a king's portion of exercise, socialization, and daily attention. Because the English Foxhound was bred to run for long distances in the company of other foxhounds, his nature cannot be changed, and potential owners must decide whether they have the inclination to share their lives with such an active scenthound. For owners who decide to add an English Foxhound to their families, they will discover a happy-go-lucky, friendly companion dog that adores the company of children and enjoys being involved in the family's activities.Inside this Comprehensive Owner's Guide, new owners will find a well-prepared chapter on locating a reputable breeder and selecting a healthy, sound puppy. Given the rarity of the breed, new owners will require patience to find an English Foxhound puppy (or adult), but all breeders attest that it's worth the wait. Chapters on puppy-proofing the home and yard, purchasing the right supplies for the puppy as well as house-training, feeding, exercise, and grooming are illustrated with photographs of handsome adults and puppies. In all, there are over 135 full-color photographs in this useful and reliable volume. The author's advice on obedience training will help the reader better mold and train into the most well-mannered dog in the neighborhood. The extensive and lavishly illustrated chapter on health provides up-to-date detailed information on selecting a qualified veterinarian, vaccinations, preventing and dealing with parasites, infectious diseases, and more. Sidebars throughout the text offer helpful hints, covering topics as diverse as historical dogs, breeders, or kennels, toxic plants, first aid, crate training, carsickness, fussy eaters, and parasite control. Fully indexed.

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