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The Best of Philip E. High

by Philip E. High

The Best of Philip E. High Welcome to the Bizarre Imagination of Philip E. High. -A world without laws where the basest criminal activity flourishes unchecked in a dog-eat-dog society -When the crew of a submarine find themselves flung millions of years into the past the consequences are devastating -The minds of the entire population of a city are infected by the thoughts of a madman, and become insane themselves - and the contagion is spreading -Mankind is facing extinction by an alien race of mind-readers who can anticipate man's every counter attack Here is the first-ever collection of the greatest short stories of one of Britain's finest-ever SF writers - Philip E. High! Already well know on both sides of the Atlantic as a writer of many exciting adventure novels, these twelve stories reveal High as a true literary craftsman. A major science fiction event that is not to be missed!

The Best of Pickering

by Sam Pickering

His writing is as unique and recognizable as the music of Mozart, the painting of Picasso, or the poetry of Dickinson. Yet most Americans likely know Sam Pickering, the University of Connecticut English professor, from the movie Dead Poets Society. In the film, Robin Williams plays an idiosyncratic instructor---based on Pickering---who employs some over-the-top teaching methods to keep his subjects fresh and his students learning. Fewer probably know that Pickering is the author of more than 16 books and nearly 200 articles, or that he's inspired thousands of university students to think in new ways. And, while Williams may have captured Pickering's madcap classroom antics, he didn't uncover the other side of the author-Sam Pickering as one of our great American men of letters. The Best of Pickering amply demonstrates Pickering's amazing powers of perception, and gives us insight into the mind of a writer nearly obsessed with turning his back on the conventional trappings of American success-a writer who seems to prefer lying squirrel's-eye-level next to a bed of daffodils in the spring or trespassing on someone else's property to pursue a jaunt through joe-pye weed and goldenrod. Indeed, Pickering's philosophy, at least on paper, may very well be "Now is the only time." If you haven't met Sam Pickering before, prepare to be surprised and delighted by these wry and sometimes self-deprecating essays that are witty and elegant and concrete yet wander widely, and include Pickering's well-trod fictional Southern town of Carthage, Tennessee, full of strange goings-on. This definitive collection of the best of Pickering is a must for Pickering fans and a fine introduction for the uninitiated to one of our greatest men of letters.

The Best Of Poe

by Edgar Allan Poe

This Prestwick House Literary Touchstone Classic includes a glossary and reader's notes to help the modern reader contend with Poe's allusions and complicated vocabulary. Edgar Allan Poe'his name conjures up thoughts of hearts beating long after their owners are dead, of disease and plague amid wealth, of love that extends beyond the grave, and of black ravens who utter only one word. The richness of Poe's writing, however, includes much more than horror, loss, and death. Alive with hypnotic sounds and mesmerizing rhythms, his poetry captures both the splendor and devastation of love, life, and death. His stories teem with irony and black humor, in addition to plot twists and surprise endings. Living by their own rules and charged with passion, Poe's characters are instantly recognizable'even though we may be appalled by their actions, we understand their motivations. The thirty-three selections in The Best of Poe highlight his unique qualities. Discover for yourself the mysterious allure and genius of Edgar Allan Poe, who remains one of America's most popular and important authors, even more than 150 years after his death.

Best of Quilting Arts

by Pokey Bolton

Celebrate the first 10 years of the groundbreaking Quilting Arts magazine with a collection of the best articles, projects, and techniques.Pokey Bolton, founder of Quilting Arts magazine, has compiled the most popular articles that have inspired quilters and artists alike to move beyond the basics of art quilting and re-explore machine and hand stitching, fabric embellishment, surface design, and more. Inside you'll find:quilt art techniques from fabric collage and appliqué to resist dyeing, stamping, and foilingmachine-stitching and thread-painting tips and tutorials from award-winning art quiltersideas and advice for the professional quilt artistan array of binding and stitching techniques to make your art quilt stand outmethods for making realistic representational art quilts, including portraits of pets and people. Whether you're making your first art quilt or are a seasoned quilt artist eager to enhance your designs, you'll find endless instruction and inspiration in The Best of Quilting Arts.

The Best of Raymond Z. Gallun

by Raymond Z. Gallun

This book contains five works by Raymond Z. Gallun. Gallun (1911-1994) was an important early sci-fi pulp writer whose works helped to popularize the genre. He published dozens of stories in the pulp magazines of the 1930s and remained popular during the post-World War II "Golden Age" of science fiction. Includes an active table of contents for easy navigation. This unexpurgated edition contains the complete text, with minor errors and omissions corrected.

The Best of Robert E. Howard Volume One: Crimson Shadows

by Robert E. Howard

Robert E. Howard is one of the most famous and influential pulp authors of the twentieth century. Though largely known as the man who invented the sword-and-sorcery genre-and for his iconic hero Conan the Cimmerian-Howard also wrote horror tales, desert adventures, detective yarns, epic poetry, and more. This spectacular volume, gorgeously illustrated by Jim and Ruth Keegan, includes some of his best and most popular works.Inside, readers will discover (or rediscover) such gems as "The Shadow Kingdom," featuring Kull of Atlantis and considered by many to be the first sword-and-sorcery story; "The Fightin'est Pair," part of one of Howard's most successful series, chronicling the travails of Steve Costigan, a merchant seaman with fists of steel and a head of wood; "The Grey God Passes," a haunting tale about the passing of an age, told against the backdrop of Irish history and legend; "Worms of the Earth," a brooding narrative featuring Bran Mak Morn, about which H. P. Lovecraft said, "Few readers will ever forget the hideous and compelling power of [this] macabre masterpiece"; a historical poem relating a momentous battle between Cimbri and the legions of Rome; and "Sharp's Gun Serenade," one of the last and funniest of the Breckinridge Elkins tales.These thrilling, eerie, compelling, swashbuckling stories and poems have been restored to their original form, presented just as the author intended. There is little doubt that after more than seven decades the voice of Robert E. Howard continues to resonate with readers around the world.From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Best of Simple

by Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes's stories about Jesse B. Simple--first composed for a weekly column in the Chicago Defender and then collected in Simple Speaks His Mind, Simple Takes a Wife, and Simple Stakes a Claim--have been read and loved by hundreds of thousands of readers. In The Best of Simple, the author picked his favorites from these earlier volumes, stories that not only have proved popular but are now part of a great and growing literary tradition. Simple might be considered an Everyman for black Americans. Hughes himself wrote: "...these tales are about a great many people--although they are stories about no specific persons as such. But it is impossible to live in Harlem and not know at least a hundred Simples, fifty Joyces, twenty-five Zaritas, and several Cousin Minnies--or reasonable facsimiles thereof." As Arnold Rampersad has written, Simple is "one of the most memorable and winning characters in the annals of American literature, justly regarded as one of Hughes's most inspired creations."

The Best of the Appalachian Trail: Day Hikes

by Leonard Adkins Frank Logue Victoria Logue

You love to backpack, but you can only get out on the trail a few weekends a year. This book was written for you. It is the first guide to cover the length of the Appalachian Trail in a single volume. It doesn't describe every mile of the trail, but offers detailed descriptions of the suggested hikes. Why sort through guidebooks looking for a good hike, when the best of the Appalachian Trail is all here in one book. Includes day hikes in all fourteen states the Appalachian Trail passes through.

The Best of the Appalachian Trail: Overnight Hikes

by Victoria Logue Leonard Adkins Frank Logue

Overnight hikes in all fourteen states the Appalachian Trail passes through are described in brief, followed by a point-by-point description of the hike and trailhead directions.

Best of the Best 500 Fast and Fabulous 5-Star 5-Ingredient Recipes

by Barbara Moseley Gwen Mckee

These five-star recipes were specifically selected and perfected by renowned cookbook authors and editors Gwen McKee and Barbara Moseley as the 500 Best of the Best 5-ingredient recipes to be found anywhere.

The Best of the Best American Mystery Stories

by Otto Penzler

This compilation collects the top twenty stories from the first decade (1997-2006) of The Best American Mystery Stories, selected and introduced by Otto Penzler. Contributors include Russell Banks, James Lee Burke, Brendan DuBois, Lou Manfredo, Ed McBain, Joyce Carol Oates, and many others.

Best of the Best from Minnesota: Selected Recipes from Minnesota's Favorite Cookbooks

by Barbara Moseley Gwen Mckee

From the Twin Cities to the Red River Valley, from the shores of Lake Superior to the Prairieland, Minnesotans from big cities to rural farms have eagerly and graciously shared some of their most treasured recipes.<p> Sixty-four of the leading cookbooks from throughout the Land of 10,000 Lakes have contributed their most popular recipes to create this remarkable collection. Not far removed from Grandma's kitchen, the memories of her cooking can come alive in your kitchen by way of over 400 classic recipes within these pages. Included are such proven favorites as No-Flop Flounder, Edelweiss Torte, Chicken Minnetonka, Pumpkin Cake in a Jar, Swedish Meatballs, and Amelia Bedelia's Raspberry Pie.<p> Best of the Best from Minnesota is one of thirty-five volumes in Quail Ridge Press' acclaimed "Best of the Best" State Cookbooks Series -- continuing the tradition of Preserving America's Food Heritage.

Best of the Best from the Pacific Rim Cookbook: Selected Recipes from the Favorite Cookbooks of Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, and Hawaii

by Barbara Moseley Gwen Mckee

Dive into the freshness of delightfully diverse Pacific cuisine. For more than 30 years, Gwen McKee and Barbara Moseley have been searching for and bringing you the best recipes from all over America. The Cookbook Ladies, Barbara Moseley and Gwen McKee. In this sixth volume of their regional series, they proudly present the special flavors of cooking in the Pacific Rim. From Icy Strait BBQ Halibut in Alaska to Fiery Pupu Wings in Hawaii, the recipes in the Pacific Rim region have one huge thing in common--the Pacific Ocean! California, Oregon, and Washington comprise the continental rim, and they, too, are brimming with outstanding recipes from fertile garden to shining sea. Best of the Best from the Pacific Rim Cookbook features: The most exceptional recipes available from Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, and Hawaii. Recipes that are easy to follow and edited for clarity. Photographs and illustrations showcasing places and attractions in the Pacific Rim region. Fascinating history and trivia about the region scattered throughout. A cross-referenced index, making it easy to find your favorite recipes.

Best of the Best from the Plains Cookbook: Selected Recipes from the Favorite Cookbooks of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas

by Barbara Moseley Gwen Mckee

In this third volume of their regional series, they proudly present the special flavors of cooking in the Plains. Here, in addition to an abundance of delicious meat, bread, and potato recipes, outdoor life brings in mountain trout, pheasant, big game, wild berries . . . and big appetites to the campfire as well as to the kitchen table. No matter the indoor or outdoor cooking methods, the results yield the finest soups, stews, salads, desserts . . . it's just plain good cooking! Best of the Best from the Plains Cookbook features: 401 of the most exceptional recipes available from Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas. Recipes that are easy to follow and edited for clarity. Photographs and illustrations showcasing places and attractions in the Plains region. Fascinating history and trivia about the region scattered throughout. A cross-referenced index, making it easy to find your favorite recipes. Other books in this series are available in this library.

Best of the Best Gay Erotica

by Richard Labonté

Presenting the best of five years of the steamiest, most provocative gay sex writing...The hottest stories from the best-selling gay erotica series in America! "Literally orgasmic." --HX Magazine "A must read." --In Touch "Full of surprises." --Bay Area Reporter "Consistently outstanding." --Lambda Book Report "An eclectic, provocative selection of stories." --Publishers Weekly

Best of the Best Lesbian Erotica

by Tristan Taormino

The Best of Best Lesbian Erotica offers the steamiest collection in the series to date, collecting the hottest, and most thought-provoking lesbian sex writing available. Contributors include Dorothy Allison, Heather Lewis, Pat Califia, and Cecilia Tan.

Best of the Best Lesbian Erotica

by Tristan Taormino

The Best of Best Lesbian Erotica offers the steamiest collection in the series to date, collecting the hottest, and most thought-provoking lesbian sex writing available. Contributors include Dorothy Allison, Heather Lewis, Pat Califia, and Cecilia Tan.

The Best of the Best of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

by Bathroom Readers' Institute

We stuffed the best stuff we've ever written into 576 glorious pages. Result: pure bathroom-reading bliss! You're just a few clicks away from the most hilarious, head-scratching material that has made Uncle John's Bathroom Reader an unparalleled publishing phenomenon. As always, the articles are divided into short, medium, and long for your sitting convenience. So treat yourself to the best of history, science, politics, and pop culture--plus the dumbest of the dumb crooks, the strangest of the strange lawsuits, and loads more, including . . .- The Barbados Tombs- The Lonely Phone Booth- The Origin of the Supermarket- The History of the IQ Test- Robots in the News- Tennessee's Body Farm- Happy Donut Day!- The Origin of Nachos- The Birth of the Submarine- A Viewer's Guide to Rainbows- How the Mosquito Changed HistoryAnd much, much more!

Best of the Best Recipe Hall of Fame: Fresh from the Farmers Market Cookbook: Winning Recipes from Hometown America

by Barbara Moseley Gwen Mckee Terresa Ray

These 400 Recipe Hall of Fame selections go beyond winners-- they are unquestionably the BEST of the Best of the Best! Buttermilk-Crusted Blackberry Cobbler Hamilton's Fried Green Tomatoes with Grilled Shrimp Caramel Apple Pecan Pie Gourmet Chicken Salad with Fresh Peaches Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast Summer Sunrise Melon and Spinach Salad Old-fashioned Oatmeal Apple Cookies Sweet Pickled Okra Ice-Box Peach Jam 44 Mardi Gras Salad with Creole Mustard Dressing, page 68 From appetizers to desserts, fresh fruits and vegetables have never tasted so good! You'll harvest a bounty of compliments every time you serve "the best." We've also included tips on how to select and store fresh produce, and interesting facts and trivia about fruits and vegetables throughout. Other books in the Best of The Best series are available in this library.

The Best of the Best (Replica #7)

by Marilyn Kaye

After lots of attention from the media -- and from other students -- everyone pretty much ignores Adrian, the 8-year-old genius in the ninth grade. He whines, he's snotty, and he's got a lousy attitude. When he runs away, Amy wonders what's up. Is Adrian too smart to be real? Is he a victim -- or the one pulling the strings? The more Amy digs for answers, the more she unearths a web of deceit and corruption.

Best of the Garrisons Box Set

by Emilie Rose Catherine Mann Brenda Jackson

Harlequin Desire brings you three sexy, emotional stories from the reader favorite series Dynasties: The Garrisons, by New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Brenda Jackson and USA TODAY bestselling authors Emilie Rose and Catherine Mann. Now available in one volume! STRANDED WITH THE TEMPTING STRANGER by Brenda Jackson Cutthroat litigator Brandon Washington isn't used to being ignored. So when Cassie Garrison--the newly discovered half sister of his firm's biggest client--refuses his repeated attempts at contact, he sets out to teach the elusive heiress a lesson. Traveling under an assumed identity to her Bahamian home, he's determined to seduce all of Cassie's secrets out of her. But will Brandon find his professional mission at war with his very personal interests? SECRETS OF THE TYCOON'S BRIDE by Emilie Rose To keep up appearances, Adam Garrison needs a perfect, respectable wife--fast! And Lauryn Lowes is the ideal candidate. A natural beauty with brains, Lauryn already works for him. But when Lauryn turns his "proposal" down flat, the bachelor billionaire suddenly becomes more determined than ever to capture her as his bride... THE EXECUTIVE'S SURPRISE BABY by Catherine Mann Telling her high-society family she is about to be an unwed mother is tough enough for Brooke Garrison. Because the baby's father is also their archenemy, Brooke plans to keep the paternity secret... But when millionaire hotel mogul Jordan Jefferies learns the truth, nothing will stop him from claiming his child...and making Brooke his wife.

The Best of the Harvard Lampoon: 140 Years of American Humor

by Harvard Lampoon

A collection of the best of The Harvard Lampoon--the spawning ground for Hollywood's elite comedy writers and New Yorker humorists--revealing the hidden gems from their 140-year history.Since its inception in 1876, The Harvard Lampoon has become a farm system for Hollywood's best and most revered comedy writers. Lampoon alumni can be found behind the scenes of sitcoms and late-night shows, including Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons, The Office, 30 Rock, The Mindy Project, and many others. The Best of the Harvard Lampoon is the first anthology of The Lampoon's extensive archives, featuring luminaries who have gone on to shape the comedy and literary landscape along with some of the best cartoons, illustrations, and satirical advertisements from over the years. Contributors include B.J. Novak, Henry Beard, Andy Borowitz, George Plimpton, Conan O'Brien, John Updike, Patricia Marx, and many others, with an introduction by New York Times bestselling author Simon Rich.

The Best of Times

by Haynes Johnson

Analysis of the 1990s.

The Best of Times: A Novel

by Penny Vincenzi

In a matter of seconds, absolutely everything can change … In this masterfully crafted page-turner, peopled with intense characters and centered on one devastating moment that involves them all, plot-twist queen Penny Vincenzi vividly captures how the actions of one person can dramatically affect many in the blink of an eye. On an ordinary Friday afternoon, on a major motorway outside of London, a trailer truck suddenly and violently swerves across fives lanes of traffic—careening cars into one another like dominoes and leaving a trail of chaos and confusion. Within the space of a minute, an astounding miles-long pileup has amassed, and, as the survivors await help, their stories unfold. Vincenzi expertly maneuvers the plot between the panic-stricken husband trapped in his car with his young mistress, his adultery sure to be discovered; the bridegroom trying frantically to get to the church on time (he won’t); the widow on her way to reunite with the love of her life after sixty years, now forced to ponder whether she’ll ever see him again; the junior doctor waiting to receive the crash victims in the ER … And at the epicenter of this field of destruction lies the truck driver, suffering from memory loss, while the mysterious hitchhiker, the only person who knows what really happened, has fled the scene. Spellbound by these intimate and evocative tales, we watch as fate takes its powerful course and the far-reaching effects of the crash ripple through the lives of hundreds of people. Written with incredible verve, candor, and wit, Penny Vincenzi reveals human behavior in all its fascinating detail as she challenges her characters to face crisis boldly—and she surprises us with the results at every turn.

The Best of Trevor Scott

by Trevor Scott

The BEST of Trevor Scott, inlcuding the Jake Adams adventures Fatal Network and Lethal Froce, the Chad Hunter thriller Hypershot, the Tony Caruso mystery Burst of Sound, and the best selling novella Fractured State.

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