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Just One Night

by Kathryn Shay

9 Months Later What a difference a nights makes Zachary Sloan was no ordinary architect. His innovative designs had earned him the reputation of rebel. The media always had a field day wondering whether Sloan's projects pushed boundaries too far. Annie Montgomery had married Zach straight out of college. At first his drive to succeed had thrilled her. But although he'd been an exciting and passionate lover, he'd been a less-than-perfect husband, and he'd wanted no part of fatherhood. Then--six years after the divorce--came a disaster that threatened to destroy Zach's world. Suddenly, only Annie could help him through the night. Now Zach wants Annie back...for a very compelling reason. She's going to have his baby.

Just One Sip (Including Dark Ones #5)

by Jennifer Ashley Katie Macalister Minda Webber

MacAlister, Minda Webber, and Jennifer Ashley present three perfect cocktails of pure paranormal fun. From a Moravian Dark one to a sunbathing vamp in Vegas to a New Orleans Supernatural Task Force, this anthology delivers loads of laughs.

Just One Taste

by Kimberly Kincaid

A little home improvement can go a long way... Jesse Oliver was a medic in Afghanistan, but back home in Pine Mountain he's happy to switch gears as the Double Shot bar's new sous chef. When his apartment floods and his old Army buddy offers the family's dilapidated lake house as temporary quarters, Jesse thinks a little remodeling on the creaky duplex sounds like a fair return favor. That's before he sets eyes on the gorgeous woman moving into the other side of the cabin--and discovers she's his buddy's kid sister, a.k.a totally off limits. Kat McMarrin has fought hard for her space, and she's not too interested in sharing it. Of course, her job as a physical therapist means she won't see much of Jesse, even if he's a few thin floorboards away--unless she seeks him out. And with his sculpted body and slow-burn gaze, she might be tempted. Maybe the fixer-upper projects she has planned for the cabin will keep her mind off him. Or maybe her instincts to strip the place down will get out of hand...

Just One Taste

by Celeste O. Norfleet

Every woman on Key West is swooning over newcomer Chase Buchanan. All except bakery owner Nikita Coles. Bad enough that he's bought the building next door, blocking Nikita's plans to expand her business. Worse, he works for a big oil company. She can't trust the man or his motivations, even if he does look good enough to eat....Convincing Nikita to sell her property will be a challenge, but Chase is ready for it. The Coles family has a rich history on Key West, but the Buchanans never give up on what they want. Seduction begins as a business strategy, and quickly becomes the most pleasurable experience of Chase's life. Yet winning the battle of wills could mean losing the love he never expected to find....

Just One Touch

by Celeste O. Norfleet

While vacationing on the Vineyard, journalist Tatiana Coles scores an exclusive interview with reclusive mogul Spencer Cage. Three years ago the two were inseparable, which made her betrayal all the more unforgivable. But with just one kiss, desire reignites. Original.

Just Past Midnight

by Amanda Stevens

THE DARKEST PART OF THE NIGHT IS THE MOST DANGEROUSStalked for years, Dr. Darian West has become an emotional recluse, a woman at the mercy of a skilled killer. Threats to her family have kept her silent, but every man who has become involved with Darian has paid the same fatal price. All but closed off from life, she lives a solitary existence until a chance meeting puts her next suitor in harm's way....Convinced his brother died at Darian's hands, Richard Berkley has vowed to avenge his death. He'll stop at nothing until he exposes the wealthy psychologist's deepest secrets...and her darkest fantasies. But as passion erupts, the killer lurks in the darkness, waiting until...Just Past strike.

Just Plain Cat

by Nancy K. Robinson

What does Chris learn about his friends and his new cat? Why is third grade so difficult?

Just Plain Fancy

by Patricia Polacco

Naomi Vlecke lives with her farming family in an Amish community in Pennsylvania. The Amish first came to Pennsylvania in the early 1700s, and to this day preserve a religious and "plain" life-style. As part of her household chores, Naomi looks after the chickens with her little sister, Ruth.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Just Plain Maggie

by Lorraine Beim

It is 12-year-old Maggie's first summer at camp. Everything is so new and strange! She has never met girls like her bunk mates, and never has she been so homesick.

Just Plain Pickled To Death

by Tamar Myers

It's another case of meals, mayhem and murder in Pennsylvania's Dutch country! Magdalena Yoder's finally getting married, but this special affair is quickly spoiling. The cook preparing the wedding feast has found a corpse in a barrel of sauerkraut--the cousin of Magdalena's bridegroom, a woman reported missing for two decades. And when Magdalena takes it upon herself to find the killer, she soon discovers that one of the key suspects is none other than her beloved!

Just Pretending

by Myrna Mackenzie

First they were partners. Then they were pretending to be engaged. FBI Agent David Hannon's plans for a quiet vacation in his hometown were overturned by a murder investigation. And officer Gretchen Neal wasn't making his nights peaceful, etiher-especially as the case had them working very closely together. . . .

Just Revenge

by Alan M. Dershowitz

One of the foremost courtroom lawyers of his generation, Alan M. Dershowitz takes controversial stands based on the principle of equal justice for all. Along the way, he has authored the #1 "New York Times" bestseller "Chutzpah; " the bestselling account of the Claus von Bulow case "Reversal of Fortune; " and the bestselling courtroom drama "The Advocate's Devil." Now Dershowitz has written a novel that is at once personal, passionate, and towering: an explosive legal thriller that pits Dershowitz's literary alter ego, attorney Abe Ringel, against the worst crime of the twentieth century -- the Holocaust.<P>What if you witnessed the most abominable deeds that human beings can inflict upon each other? What if you came face-to-face with the very man who had slaughtered your family before your eyes? That is the question confronted by a celebrated professor named Max Menuchen. Max has found the man who had killed his entire family in cold blood more than a half century before. Max, who has never before broken a law, cannot turn down his chance for revenge.<P>In 1943 Marcellus Prandus was a Lithuanian militia captain who carried out the bloodthirsty orders of his Nazi commanders during World War II. Today he is an old man living outside Boston. For Max, who has discovered Prandus's identity by chance, killing him is not enough, because Prandus is already dying of cancer. How can Max make Prandus suffer exactly as Max himself did?

Just Rewards (The Emma Harte Saga #6)

by Barbara Taylor Bradford

6th and final book in the Emma Harte series

Just Say I Do

by Lauryn Chandler

RITA Award Winning Author SUBSTITUTE GROOM SUBSTITUTE GROOM If only Annabelle were getting married... Then her nutty, but wonderful family would stop chanting "poor Annabelle" every time the once-jilted bride walked into a room. Enter one groom. Well, not exactly. Adam had convinced the entire town that he and Annabelle were heading to the altar, but she knew the man she'd once hopelessly fallen in love with as a girl would never really marry her. Adam was just being his usual Prince Charming self by coming to her rescue. But now it was Annabelle herself chanting "poor me"-hoping Adam would just say "I do" for real!

Just Sex

by Susan Kay Law

Ellen just got handed the dream of half of the wives in America-her husband told her to have an affair.<P> With her CEO husband, her kids, and her house keeping her busy, passion was never Ellen's first priority. But somehow her husband managed to make time in his schedule for it-with other women. Now he wants Ellen to believe that his reckless liaisons were nothing more than "just sex." In fact, he's so desperate to prove his point that he's challenged her to find out for herself.<P> After so many years, Ellen is hauling out her rusty flirting skills and following her free-spirited best friend into a world she thought she'd left behind at the altar. She might not have any more faith in this marriage, but she's about to find some in herself-and what starts out as "just sex" might end up being a second chance to find something better.

Just Six Numbers: The Deep Forces That Shape the Universe

by Martin Rees

From Library Journal Science writer and astronomer Rees summarizes the history of the universe, pointing out that six numbers related to basic physical constants (for example, the relative strengths of the gravitational and electromagnetic attraction) determine how the universe developed. In addition, he shows how, if these numbers were only slightly different, stars and galaxies would not form, complex chemistry would not be possible, and life could not evolve. This raises the interesting philosophical question, Why? One could dismiss the question by saying that, if it were otherwise, we wouldn't be here to ask or that there is some underlying theory as yet unknown that would show that these values must be what they are. However, Rees suggests that these numbers were set shortly after the big bang and could well have been different. Indeed, there may be a multitude of other universes, forever inaccessible to us, in which they are different. Thus, with a huge choice of possible universes, one must exist that could support intelligent beings who can observe and question. Whether one agrees or not with Rees's ideas, his book is recommended for its cogent synopsis of modern cosmologic thought. [BOMC alternate selection.]--Harold D. Shane, Baruch Coll., CUN. ---Harold D. Shane, Baruch Coll., CUNY

Just So Stories

by Rudyard Kipling Avi Shashi Deshpande

Drawn from the wondrous tales told to Kipling as a child by his Indian nurses, Just So Stories creates the magical enchantment of the dawn of the world, when animals could talk and think like people.

Just Stupid!

by Andy Griffiths

Before introducing the world to butts gone bad, Andy Griffiths unleashed the bestselling JUST books. The series continues to amuse, annoy, and totally ick out readers with this latest collection of just stupid stories. GASP as Andy careens downhill in a runaway baby carriage wearing only a diaper. . . . SQUIRM as he almost explodes searching for a bathroom in a shopping mall. . . . GROAN as he stuffs twenty marshmallows in his mouth-and then has to kiss the cutest girl in class. . . But most of all, LAUGH -- because Andy Griffiths is back with more JUST STUPID adventures!

Just Surrender...

by Kathleen O'Reilly

Straitlaced surgeon Tyler Hart hops into a cab at JFK...and goes on the ride of his life. Punky, funky, fly-by-night cabbie Edie Higgins takes him on an all-night New York City adventure involving a flat tire, a strip club and diner food. Oh, and a mind-blowing early-morning romp in a notoriously naughty hotel.So when Edie offers to become newly single Tyler's love sensei, he thinks, why not? Especially since she's a very hands-on teacher.They couldn't be more different, but they're about to learn the same lesson: to just surrender. Everything.

Just the Facts, Ma'am: The Authorized Biography of Jack Webb

by Daniel Moyer Eugene Alvarez

From his poverty-stricken childhood to his success on TV, this is the story of the creator and portrayer of Dragnet's Joe Friday.

Just the Fax, Ma'am (Molly Masters #2)

by Leslie O'Kane

Molly Masters gets her kids and husband off to school and work, pours herself a cup of coffee, and the doorbell rings. At the door is the father of her kids' favourite babysitter, bringing her a thousand-dollar check as payment for a cartoon of hers that he sold to a pornography magazine. After she throws him out of her house, a package is delivered containing dog doo and a nasty note from a womens' group against pornography. Less than five minutes later, the phone rings and Molly is summoned by a woman she doesn't like, because her husband has been murdered, the same man who sold her cartoon to the porn magazine begging for Molly's help. Thus begins Molly's search to find a killer.

Just the Husband She Chose

by Karen Rose Smith

Years ago, Hunter Coleburn hadn't been worthy of blue-blooded Eve Ruskin. But he'd risen above his humble beginnings to become a successful attorney. Yet power and wealth hadn't diminished his ardor for the vulnerable beauty. So when Eve needed to marry to keep her inheritance, Hunter couldn't resist her proposition. Though he planned to claim Eve as his wife in every way, he vowed to keep an ironclad grip on his heart. But when Eve looked at him with her shy smile and her love-lit eyes, Hunter found his resolve weakening with every passing moment....

Just the Sexiest Man Alive

by Julie James

From the New York Times bestselling Julie James comes this dazzling romance about one of Hollywood's biggest movie stars and the woman who refuses to let him capture her heart. For fans of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Rachel Gibson.COOL. CALM. COLLECTED...Nothing fazes Taylor Donovan. In the courtroom, she never lets the opposition see her sweat. In her personal life, she never lets any man rattle her--not even her cheating ex-fiancé. So when she's assigned to coach People's "Sexiest Man Alive" for his next big legal drama, she refuses to fall for the Hollywood heartthrob's charms. Even if he is the Jason Andrews.CONFIDENT. FAMOUS. IRRESISTIBLE...Jason Andrews is used to having women fall at his feet. When Taylor Donovan gives him the cold shoulder, he's thrown for a loop. She's unlike any other woman he's ever met: uninterested in the limelight, seemingly immune to his advances, and shockingly capable of saying no to him. She's the perfect challenge. And the more she rejects him, the more he begins to realize she may just be his perfect match...

Just the Three of Us

by Jennifer Mikels

SHE'D DO ANYTHING FOR FAMILY...They were worlds apart, but Matt Duran couldn't refuse high-society princess Taylor Elmhurst when she asked for pointers on raising her adorable charge. After all, Matt liked spending time with the lonely lad. But Petey and his aunt were a package deal, and Taylor's luminous simle and velvety-soft touch were wreaking havoc on his no-strings-attached resolve....AND EVERYTHING FOR LOVE!Matt brightened Taylor's life-and brought joy back into Petey's eyes. Now the single mom dreamed of linking their hearts for all time. But could she convince her beloved blue-collar bachelor that they were all meant to be together, now and forever?

Just the Two of Us (Nancy Drew on Campus # 12)

by Carolyn Keene

Doing the right thing -- it can be the toughest test of all. Making choices. That's what college is all about. True or false? A, B, C, or none of the above. But sometimes you can't find the answer in a book. You have to search your heart. Charley Stern has popped the question, and now it's up to Casey to make her decision. The future is in her hands... but what does it hold? Stephanie has her hands full, too, trying to get her father's attention. Money can't buy love, but who knows what a credit card can do? Nancy, meanwhile, has found a cause -- animal rights -- and a cause for concern. But the movement may be headed in the wrong direction, leading Nancy into a trap!

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